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Date:   October 12, 1998
Name: Michelle Flexer
City:    Surfside, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

In 1993, I had an operation for cancer of the base of my tongue. I could not eat; I wanted to die. I started to come to see Rosa and she gave me the desire to live. I came to see her on the 13th of each month and I saw so many miracles it gave me hope.

Now I feel much better spiritually and physically. It has been almost 5 years and I am cancer free and I am sure that God is taking care of me. Since I have visited Rosa, my faith has gotten stronger.

I believe in her [Rosa’s] help. Thank you to the Virgin Mary.

Date:   August 1999
Name: Ana Cristina Díaz
City:    Hallandale, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

In 1998, I was diagnosed with a fatal and mortal sickness called Lupus. I began to go to the apparitions of the Virgin and I also went also on days when there were no apparitions. I began to drink the tea of blessed roses, which was provided by said place and I also received the anointings that the lady Rosa, owner of the house of apparitions, gave to me.

I drank a lot of tea and had a lot of certainty that I would be healed through the great kindness of the Virgin and Jesus. It was in this condition that I was sent to have some blood tests in order to see how I was doing. I was very happy to discover that the results were negative.

Since then, I live in great gratitude to Mama Mary and my Sweet Jesus.

I was healed!!  Amen.

(Signed)  Ana Cristina Díaz

Date:   1999
Name: Joaquín M. Delgado
City:    Miami, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

I, Maria del Pilar Delgado, am the mother of Joaquín Manuel Delgado. I want to give my testimony of the great miracle that God, Our Lord and His Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, gave to our son, Joaquín.

In the beginning of 1997, Joaquín began to feel bad with terrible colds and a very high fever. He improved with antibiotics, but when he stopped taking them, his fever returned. This continued for about three months, until the clinic Dr. sent him for x-rays of his lungs.

The x-rays revealed that there were nodules on his lungs. Immediately, the Dr. sent him to the hospital for a "scan." The result of the scan was that there were many nodules in both lungs and the possibility was cancer. Then they ordered a biopsy of the nodules. The result of the biopsy was lymphoma (in the form of cancerous tumors) in his lungs. My son immediately began weekly chemotherapy treatments in the oncologist’s office, which lasted for several months. The tumors were only reduced by 50%, which is not what was expected. The symptoms of the lymphoma, which were coughs and colds, continued. Then the Dr. decided to send him to the hospital to give him a chemotherapy drip, which is more effective.

As parents, the world was obscured to us, as our only thoughts were that our only son, who was nineteen years old, had a disease such as this. As a mother, I cried a lot and often protested to God, asking "Why?" One day we were watching the news and we saw Mrs. Rosa Lopez speaking of the apparitions of the Virgin in her house. Immediately, I told my husband that I wanted to go there and we found the address and the telephone number. The following day, I called to see if we could take Joaquín there on the day of the apparition and they told us that we could.

On the May 13, 1998, we took Joaquín to Rosa Lopez’ house for the first time. They put him in the apparition room with all of the other sick people. When the Virgin appeared to Rosa, one of the people said that someone there who had a lung disease was going to be healed. My son was the only person in the room that day who had a lung problem.

When they did the next scan on Joaquín in the hospital, the spots of lymphoma still appeared in his lungs. He decided to discontinue chemotherapy treatments for four months, against the Dr.’s. opinion.

Another scan was done later on and everything was just as before -- nothing had grown and nothing had been reduced. The Dr. advised us to continue with the chemotherapy drips and following the advice of my sister-in-law, we did.

Although we were somewhat disillusioned, we returned another time for the apparition on the 13th. On that occasion, we arrived a little late because we had to release Joaquín from the hospital to take him directly to Rosa Lopez’ house.

That day, the Virgin called to Joaquín from among all the other sick persons. Rosa, who was taken over by the Spirit of the Virgin Mary, told him to kneel down in front of the Virgin, who said to him, "Hold onto My Hands, look into My Eyes, and tell Me what you see." Joaquín says that when he took Rosa’s hand, his heart skipped a beat and he was very frightened because he thought he was going to die. Once more, the Virgin repeated through Rosa, "But look into My Eyes and tell Me what you see." Joaquín saw the Virgin in Rosa’s eyes.

When they took the next scan, the spots of lymphoma were still there without any reduction. The Dr. no longer knew what to do. Another biopsy was done at the request of my husband. When the results arrived, everything was dead tissue, scarred by the lymphoma. The nodules did not reduce because there was nothing left to reduce.

We know that the Virgin Mary cured Joaquín. Until now my husband, who is skeptical, has not expressed any opinion against the matter. The oncologist says that my son is very well and that the lymphoma is no longer growing. He thinks he is in remission.

On April 6, 1999, we took Joaquín to the oncologist for a routine checkup. The Dr. told us that everything was very good, that the lungs and the bronchial tubes sounded clear. I asked him if Joaquín was cured. He repeated to me that he was very well and added that when chemotherapy is suspended during treatment, the lymphomas generally grow more rapidly. The last chemotherapy occurred in September of 1998.

Besides lymphoma, my son had chronic bronchitis since he was a child. With this problem [the lymphoma], it had gotten worse. Now, the bronchitis has disappeared.

With this testimony, I want to say that this a holy place, a dwelling of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary. I do not have any doubts about it.

If anyone would like to speak to us, we would be very happy to do so.

-- Maria del Pilar Delgado

Date:   April 6, 1998
Name: Maria Alicia Cruz
City:    Boca Raton, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

Seven months ago, when my daughter introduced me to Rosa, I was suffering from two lumbar hernias, along with pain in my legs, hip and spinal cord. We visited her several times and on one of those visits, when we were praying the Rosary, Rosa said the Blessed Virgin Mary was healing people with lumbar hernias.

Since that moment, I feel better. Day by day, I’m feeling ever better and today, April 6, 1998, I certify that I am OK, thanks to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Amen.

Date:   January 13, 2000
Name: Teresa Lynn Clark
City:    Hollywood, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

For two weeks, I had a cyst in my left eye. My eyes were hurting and burning. I wore regular eye glasses.

I went to Rosa Lopez’ home, hoping for a miracle. Rosa put Holy Oil in both my eyes and immediately, my eyes felt better. I looked in a mirror at my eyes and they were clear and healed, with no cyst.

I went to Nova University and had a three-hour exam. Two doctors and three students examined my eyes. They were amazed at the health of my eyes. I no longer need regular eye glasses. They are making bifocals for whenever I want to use them.

Thank you, Lord Jesus, and Mary, Our Loving Mother.

(Signed)  Teresa Lynn Clark

Date:   April 16, 1999
Name: Rocio Cedeño
City:    Coconut Creek, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

My testimony deals with my son Alexander, who now is four years old. When Alexander was a year and a half years old, the pediatrician found that he had Hydroencephalitis, which is accumulation of water in the brain. Because of this problem, he could not eat or sleep well because of the headaches caused by the pressure. His physical and mental development was being affected and he was about ten months behind.

He had an operation and thank God, everything came out well, but he still did not have the same abilities as other children his age. When he walked, he stumbled and fell. He did not speak much and only pointed to things and he was very nervous.

Well, one day I decided to go to Rosa’s because my mother had told me that the Virgin appeared there. I went, but I was a little pessimistic because I did not understand why I had to go to Her and not directly to God.

Rosa put oil on my son’s head and gave him blessed water. Also, while I was holding him in my arms, I received the Holy Spirit.

Rosa explained that the important and significant thing is that I should come close to the Holy Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, and that I should begin to come frequently to her house with Alexander.

In a few months, Alexander began to show a very great change. Little by little, he began to walk without stumbling and he began to speak normally. I know that God and the Virgin helped me to find a special program that the state offers in particular schools. This was pure chance, because I was looking in the telephone directory for a special day care program for very intelligent children. She surprises us all the time with all kinds of tricks.

I am always full of emotion when I tell this story, because this miracle is from the Hand of God by the intercession of our Holy Mother. Today, I continue to tell everyone about the miracles and the Messages of our Holy Mother. When they say they want to know for themselves and to pray, I take them there with much pleasure.

Thanks to you, Lord, and to Your Holy Mother and to you, Rosa, for helping me to understand many things through your Messages from the Virgin Mary every month. I know that I have been slow in giving this testimony, but it is never too late. Hopefully, it will serve to guide someone towards God.

The miracle that was given to my son Alexander was received in the city of Hollywood, Florida, in the residence of Mrs. Rosa Lopez where every 13th of the month, the Virgin Mary appears in the company of Her Son Jesus. Amen.

(Signed)  Rocio Cedeño

Date:   November 10, 1997
Name: Humberto S. Carrillo
City:    Miami, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

I want to attest to a miracle that happened to me the first time I visited the apparition of the Holy Virgin Mary at the house of Mrs. Rosa Lopez in the city of Hollywood, Florida on November 13, 1994. I had worn around my neck a transparent crystal Rosary that I had bought the year before. When I bought it I wanted white, but they didn’t have it, so I chose this one, that I liked even more.

When I left the apparition, my Rosary had changed and had become as white as pearls. This was a great surprise, since I had not requested a miracle because I do not have to see the Virgin Mary in order to believe in Her.

I have just recently remembered that now my Rosary looks like the one I originally wanted to buy.

Thank you, Blessed Mother, from your son.

(Signed)  Humberto S. Carrillo

Date:   May 14, 1999
Name: Denise Bozzelli
City:    North Lauderdale, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

My daughter and I began going to Rosa Lopez’s home in October 1997. We heard of the Blessed Mother’s visits on the 13th of each month and we wished to become a part of the adoration of the Virgin Mary.

Since attending these apparitions, we have witnessed many miracles and have seen many signs of Her Presence. My daughter has had severe allergies since she was three years old. These allergies required her to receive as many as three shots of medication per week. Since going to Rosa’s home and participating in the prayers to Jesus and His Mother, my daughter has not had to go for even one allergy needle. She appears to be cured.

We have witnessed many other miracles during our visits on the 13th of each month. Some of these have been visions of the Virgin Mary, Jesus and Padre Pio. Others have involved individuals who could not walk prior to the Blessed Mother’s appearance, but were able to do so afterward.

When the Blessed Virgin appears each month, the scent of roses in the air is unmistakable. Since we began to pray to Her and say our Rosary daily, we have continually had the scent of roses at our home, also. Through our prayers we have also been blessed personally in many ways over the last six months. We can only attribute these blessings to our renewed faith, which is a direct result of the monthly apparitions.

Date:   July 30, 2005
Name: Carlos Vargas
City:    Miami, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

In December of 2003, I was diagnosed with B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (large cell lymphoma).  I was treated and pronounced cured (or in remission).  

In September of 2004, it relapsed and I started on a treatment of high doses of chemotherapy and radiation.  In January of 2005, my doctors told me that there was nothing they could do, that none of the medicines were having any effect and that I would die in one year.

I was supposed to go to Seattle (Washington) to take part in a clinical trial.  I came to the house of Mrs. Rosa Lopez in Hollywood, FL.  I prayed and she imposed her hands on me and prayed for me.  

In April 2005, after they took a biopsy, I was told that all that was found was scar tissue in the place where the tumor had been.  

I have returned to my normal life, although I’m still under observation.  But what’s most important is that I’m still alive.

(Signed)  Carlos Vargas