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Date: September 11, 1998
Name: Hector M. Garcia, Jr., M.D.
City: Miami, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

About 7 months ago, I was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm in my middle cerebral artery.  When my blood pressure would go up, it would compress my optic nerve and cause me some blindness in my left eye.  After 2 different CAT scans with 2 different physicians, it was determined that it was inoperable.

On August 12, 1998, I phoned my mother to get the address of the house in Hollywood, Florida where the apparition of the Virgin Mother was taking place.  On the 13th of August 1998, I showed up at the address about one hour after the Rosary began.  When the Virgin Mother appeared all I could see was a bright white light, even though there were no lights on in the room.

The lady of the house started to heal the people in the room.  Some had cancer and others had completely different illnesses, yet she took care of each of them one by one.  I was the last one and waited patiently.  As she placed her hand on my back, my spinal cord felt like it was being closed like a zipper.  When she placed her hand on my head my headache got very intense, then it started to lessen and eventually disappeared.  The pain in my eye also increased and then disappeared. 

As I sat there, the woman told me that the Virgin was asking me what I was seeing.  With my eyes closed, I looked into the distance.  I saw Jesus Christ coming towards me in slow motion with His Arms wide open.  The light reflecting behind Him was brighter than the sun.  He touched me and I fell backwards! 

He was wearing a red mantle over a golden robe.  The tenderness in His Eyes relaxed me so much that even to this day I donít understand why this happened to me.

This occurred on Thursday, August 13th.  On the following Tuesday, August 18th, I went for another CAT scan.  The scan looks as though I had bypass surgery done, however, no one has touched me but the Hand of Christ. 

The neurosurgeon and the neurologist canít explain it or believe it, but I know itís gone; I am a doctor myself.  My faith has been restored.  I have a new faith in myself and above all in Christ.

(Signed)  Hector M. Garcia, Jr.  M.D.

Date: May 13, 2000
Name: Jenny Oliva
City: Hollywood, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

I have received a special gift at the sacred Hollywood home where the Holy Spirit resides along with His Loving Mother. I want to give thanks for my healing.

I am 38 years old, alone with two children and I have been suffering from depression and a condition called endometriosis, which causes debilitating pain. In the last two years I have had four surgeries in order to remedy this problem. The last surgery was a complete hysterectomy, as they removed my ovaries and uterus. This surgery was on March 29, 2000. During this time, my mother and father suddenly become very ill. I was left alone during my recovery and my depression became severe. I just did not have any peace in my heart or in my soul. I felt so lost that I just wanted to die.  I was so scared of my thoughts that I began to turn to God and I began to pray the Rosary. Three days later I went to Rosaís house and received a miracle.

My story begins on April 28, 2000, almost one month after my last surgery. I was so severely depressed that I went to Rosaís house. Rosa asked me why I was there. I told her that I was looking for peace and tranquility in my heart. Rosa began to bless me. I remember feeling a tingling sensation from head to toe. My knees gave out and I fell back on a chair. I remember that my breathing had become very heavy as my tears rolled down my face. I felt my heart beating very fast and I felt as if I could not get enough air. Rosa placed a Rosary on my head, but it wasnít until she placed her hand with the Rosary on my heart that I suddenly took a big gulp of air and my breathing got better as it slowed down. This is when I felt tremendous peace in my heart, a peace that I had never felt before.

That day, the Virgin Mary sent me a message through Rosa. The Virgin Mary was upset because I had turned my back and abandoned our Loving Father. I was told to confess and that I should go to church. I left this house with such energy, peace and hope.

My miracle carried over to my parents because after I got home, my mother called me to tell me that she had woken up that morning feeling great for the first time since my surgery and that my father was also finally feeling better. My parents have been feeling better ever since. What a miracle!

However, about three days later, I began to have a great deal of pelvic pain again. I went to a doctor who told me that my Endometriosis had returned and that all they could do was give me pain medicine and prepare me for another surgery. I could not believe my ears, but I continued to pray as I waited for my next doctor appointment.

Well, on Thursday, May 11, 2000, I went to Rosaís house with all my faith. I told her my problem and she blessed me again. I began to feel better and didnít take medication for pain anymore. Then on Friday, May 12, 2000, I went to my doctorís office. Well, my doctor did not find anything wrong with me. He told me that I did not have to have surgery again. I was wearing my Rosary and the first thing I did was kiss the Cross and I said, "Thank you, Jesus. Thank you for healing me."

On the way home I stopped at Rosaís house because I was excited and wanted to give her the wonderful news. This is when she asked me to tell my story to the world. Now I only turn to the Lord and I go to church. I have tremendous peace and tranquility in my life, as I am now healed from the pain of endometriosis that doctors could not control, and I do not feel depressed anymore.

Glory be to the Father, to the Son and to the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus, now and forever. Amen.

(Signed)  Jenny Oliva

Date: August 19, 1999
Name: Erick R. Ramirez
City: Miami, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

The first time I came to ask God to help me find balance in my life, it had been one year since I had found work. I didnít have peace in my home and everything was going wrong.

One day, my aunt told me to accompany her to see Rosa; that the Virgin Mary appears in that place and that She grants miracles, prayers and petitions.

I testify here about the miracle that I received: Today, I can sleep and I have peace and tranquility in my life.

When someone feels that their life doesnít have direction, that they try everything and canít lift themselves up, that they canít dream and that everything in their lives has become chaos, they need to come to see the Virgin Mary and ask Her to intercede for them before God and Her Son, Jesus.

Now my life has direction, giving me everything that I need to live with happiness.

(Signed)  Erick

Date: January 13, 1993
Name: Donald Ruth
City: Hallandale, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

I, myself, Donald Ruth, born July 8, 1935, first visited the home of Rosa Lopez on January 13, 1993. I had not attended Church all my life until that day, when a miracle happened to me. I saw the sun dance and spin side to side. Well, my life took a 90 degree turn. I was converted and attend Mass every week.

Praise the Lord and thank you, our Virgin Mary! I am also thankful to Jesus! Glory to God!

Date: June 8, 2000
Name: Luisa Garcia de Varas
City: Guayaquil, Ecuador

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

I want to give a testimony with my thanks to the Mercy of the Lord and for the intercession of His servant, Rosita Lopez, that I have received a healing of a disease which has been proven to have no cause or cure. I had scleroderma, a disease which is known in the United States as the disease that turns people into stone. This disease affects a population of between 150,000-500,000 Americans. It affects the connective tissues. The skin enlarges and becomes stiff, producing atrophy in the affected areas, which is hidden by the skin.

In October of 1998, they decided to perform a biopsy on me which would determine the progression of the disease, which was localized and had begun on my right breast. In the United States, they confirmed the disease and at the same time they told me that they had not yet discovered the cause or the cure. In November of 1998 I returned home, very depressed and hoping only in the Mercy of God.

Last week, I received a call from my sister-in-law, who asked me to go to a meeting with Rosita Lopez and I did.  On Wednesday, May 31, I received three blessings and I continued to attend, because I felt something very special and indescribable whenever I was there. I was astonished at the weakening of my soul to see so much human misery and terrible diseases, that I began to think that mine was not so serious. [Many people, rich and poor, came to see Rosa and some of them were very sick.]

However, Jesus, through the Virgin Mary and Rosita Lopez, cured me, because on the night of Thursday, June 1, I touched the area of my right breast and it felt softer where the lesions had been. One of my sons who studies medicine recommended that I not get my hopes up, but I insisted on examining myself on Friday and Saturday. When my husband asked to see the breast that had been atrophied, he also admitted that there was nothing there.

But I have received other blessings, because my husband, who is away from the Church and for whom I have asked much, brought me on Thursday, June 1, and without much pressing, he received a blessing. It has left an impression on him and I see hope of a door that the Lord has opened to me.

On the following day, Friday, June 2, I had an encounter with a lady of much faith who had gone through terrible, terrible situations. What happened could only be the Work of God, because it cannot be any other way. This lady sat near me and began to tell me about her problems and said how she recites the "Prayer of the Chain". She did this so that her husband would return to the flock of the Lord. I was felt stunned before this giant message that Jesus was sending to me, because she said to me, "You do not believe that because of a blessing, he could already have been converted. This is what you must do: Pray, pray without ceasing. Ask for prayers from as many churches and prayer groups as you can." It was a horrible coincidence that she sat next to me and entered into a conversation with me without us knowing each other, a spontaneous dialogue about a problem that was very similar to mine. She could have gone to another person, but it had to be with me the day after the only blessing my husband had ever received.

I think that I finally believe that this was another enormous blessing from the Lord. Since that day, my attitude towards my husband has changed. I am filled with patience and love and I am beginning to understand that I have to pardon him from my heart for his errors and that the Lord Jesus would touch him at the moment I least expected if I hope in Him with much prayer. Everything changed, because I already detested everything that pleased him because of his attitude, which for me was not because he was away from God, but just because he was Javeriano.

Javeriano has a dog that I detested and that had come to be the cause of many problems between us. There is another blessing here, because the first day I attended these meetings, one of the first Messages Rosita gave was related to animals and it specifically mentioned dogs.

That day I was seated on the ground at Rositaís feet and when she spoke about everything that the Lord created, mentioning the animals and giving dogs as an example, she curiously lowered her glance towards me and I felt that the Lord was saying to me, "Look, do not think that that dog is a demon. It is a creature that I Myself created. Do not take things out on it, because your husband wants it so much."

I felt so heartbroken. I have cried every day because I was there, in that place, because I feel that Jesus touched me in so many ways, for finally giving me a physical healing from my disease. He has made me undergo much, thinking that perhaps it would become systemic and stiffen some organ like the lungs, esophagus or kidneys and that it would kill me.

I will not die without giving thanks to Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Her wonderful servant, Rosita. I hope that through her and all the prayer that unfolds, that the Lord will come once more to my husbandís heart that my husband will return to Him.

Thanks to the Lord, thanks to Jesus, thanks to Our Loving Mother, thanks to Rosita.

(Signed)  Luisa Garcia de Varas

Date: September 19, 1996
Name: Jessica Munoz
City: Pembroke Pines, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

On September 10th, I had a burning in the pit of my stomach and pains in my abdomen. As the days passed, the pain spread over my entire waist. By Thursday, I was very pale from the strong pains that I had. I decided to go to the doctor, who performed blood and urine tests. The result of the urine test was negative, so my doctor sent me to have three sonograms at Memorial Hospital. He also referred me to go to a stomach specialist and a gynecologist. My appointments for all these tests were on Tuesday, September 17, but on the Sunday before that, I went to Rosaís to receive a healing.

Rosa asked me if I was suffering from either stomach pains, gas pains or gastritis. I responded, "Yes," and then she told me not to worry, that I was healed, and that I should drink tea made from the rose petals, plus the water of the Virgin. She also said that I should continue to go there once each week to continue the healing or that I could end up in a wheelchair.

On Tuesday, I kept all the appointments I had with the doctors and the hospital. The results of the three sonograms were all negative. The doctors did not understand how this could be, because of all the pain that I had. The stomach specialist had assured me that he was 100% certain that what I had was gallstones and when he called the hospital for the results of the exams, he couldnít believe that there was no problem, that the exams were all negative.

I give thanks to the Virgin and to the Lord.

Date: July 6, 1998
Name: Jacolene Morales
City: Philadelphia, PA

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

Back in December 1994, I discovered I had cancer in my uterus and 8 fibroids. I was scheduled for surgery on January 10, 1995 to have a hysterectomy performed in Maine, where my mother would be able to take care of me and my son.

Before I left for Maine and was still working in Florida, I was talking to my friend and saw a light shining thorough the clouds. I told my friend that it was amazing. I looked, and saw that it was shining on a nearby house. My friend told me that the Virgin Mary appears there on the 13th of every month. I went to the house and drank water from the fountain where the Virgin Mary is.

When I went to see the doctors in Maine, they diagnosed me with a clean bill of health. They could find nothing wrong with me. I received a healing.

I received a healing at the house of Rosa Lopez.

(Signed)  J. Morales

Name: Sylvia Montrony
City: Hallandale, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

On May 13, 1999 I went to see the Blessed Mother in Hollywood, Florida., at the home of Mrs. Rosa Lopez. Outside, there was a statue of the Blessed Mother and a fountain. Many people came and filled their glasses and bottles with water to drink and bless themselves.

We said many Rosaries and prayers. It was a very hot day. The people were talking and I kept looking at the sky.  Suddenly, my girlfriend told me that Rosa was receiving the Message and they were translating it. [Rosa receives the Messages in Spanish.]

I couldnít hear what was being said, but all of a sudden, I felt the need to kneel down and pray. I closed my eyes and saw a blue spiral going up towards Heaven. It was like the color of the mantle of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  After this, I saw a second spiral.  It looked like white marble with a mixture of a bright color with the white.  As the spiral went up towards Heaven, it turned into a Cross with Jesus on it. There was a white Crown. The light emitting from it was so soft and beautiful.

I saw Our Lady dressed in a blue mantle and white dress. She was showing us Her Bleeding Immaculate Heart. Then Jesus appeared in a yellow robe with white under it. He was also showing us His Sacred Heart. I saw the Blessed Mother with golden Arms and Hands outstretched, emitting Graces and Healing. She was bending over like She wanted to lift us up.

Then I saw a rainbow of beautiful colors with wispy clouds. After this I saw Our Lady with beautiful flowers all around Her and suddenly, I began to smell the aroma of flowers. I asked my friend Virginia if she had seen anything or if she smelled the flowers. She said no. Again, I perceived the aroma of flowers. It was so beautiful and I thought that if Our Lord took me at that moment, that my husband would be alone.  He still needs me.

Then I saw a terracotta-colored pit, like a cone that went towards the center of the earth. I felt so sad that I began to cry. I could feel that Our Lady was asking us why we would choose the pit if we could have all the splendor of Heaven.

Date: November 3, 1996
Name: Wilhelm H. Hueck
City: Davie, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

Back in July of 1996, I suffered a torn patella ligament on my left knee. After going to Memorial West Hospital in Hollywood, FL and an orthopedic doctor, I was informed that I may need surgery and may have to miss six months of work.

My wife Cathy took me to Rosaís and she rubbed holy oil on my knee. When I went to Rosa I was on crutches and a knee immobilizer and I had missed one week of work.

Later that day, I couldnít believe the fact that the pain had gone away and that the crutches were no longer a necessity. Today, November 3rd, two days after seeing Rosa, I have returned to work and my knee has not bothered me at all.

Thank you, Rosa. Thank you Mary, Mother of Jesus Our Lord.

(Signed)  William Hueck

Date: May 13, 1999
Name: Eileen Guy
City: North Miami Beach, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

I am a 72 year old woman who has had arthritis for the past 12 years. I have been on Lodine, an anti-inflammatory medication. On June 1, 1998, I started to have chest pains and pains in my stomach. I tried different antacids, but nothing helped. I called the doctor for an appointment and got it for the following week.

The doctor examined me and told me I had a stress ulcer from the Lodine, as he had seen other cases like mine from that medication. He gave me another medication to take before meals and it helped a little, but I still had the chest pains and stomach pains.

On July 13, 1998, I went to Rosaís and got there at 11:35 a.m. No sooner did I put my folding chair down, when the loudspeaker came on and announced that Our Holy Mother had arrived early, but that She was not going to give the Message yet.

Since I had 5 minutes before we were to start the Rosary, I prayed to Her and told Her about my chest pains and stomach pains and I asked Her to ask Jesus if it was Godís Holy Will that maybe I could be cured.

We started the Rosary at 11:45 a.m. We prayed the Joyful Mysteries and were in the middle of the Sorrowful Mysteries, "Jesus Crowned With Thorns", when a woman came out of the house, took the microphone and said, "Excuse me for interrupting the Rosary, but I have a special message from Our Holy Mother for the one out there with the chest pains and ulcer, that you are being cured at this very moment."

I almost fell out of my chair in shock and since that time, my chest pains and stomach pains have disappeared.

(Signed)  Eileen Guy