Messages About the Smoke of Satan
and the Schism in the Church


1/13/03 Mary:  Be attentive to the Church, which has been dividing since 1962, when they opened the doors to convert Protestants.  The Church is universal, but those Protestants were not converted because they are the ones who have changed the Church.  The smoke of satan is inside the Vatican with the Masons who are in charge there, but not with the pope, because he is a saint.

“You Catholics should not be part of the destruction of the Church.  The pillars of the Church are falling.  You parishioners should come to Her rescue instead of abandoning Her by praying for Pope John Paul II and for your priests.  Your Catholic religion is the legacy that Jesus left through the Sacred Scriptures which you can’t change, because they were written not only for your ancestors, but for all times.

“Pray that the Church will return to the original teachings, to the traditional vernacular Mass [Latin] where no women with menstrual periods are permitted to enter the sanctuary of the Lord or distribute Holy Eucharist in the hand.

“The day that you do not believe in the True Presence of My Well Beloved Son Jesus in the Sacred Eucharist, you will be like the salt of the earth when it loses its saltiness.  In the same way, a godless country without faith is a country without a soul.  Amen.”


2/13/03 Vision:  Rosa had a vision of the Pope.  At one moment she saw him seated on his chair and at the next moment, she saw the chair move away from him. 

Rosa gave us the significance of this crucial moment for the Church.  The vision means one of the following three things:  Holy Pope John Paul II will leave the Vatican in exile or he will die, there is a government behind the Pope that is governing the Church, or the schism will come to the Church if the New Age is accepted.

The schism of the Church will occur when they try to impose the New Age on us. 


            5/18/03 Vision:  During the celebration of the 8 a.m. Latin Mass at St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Miami, Our Loving Mother became visible to Rosa at the altar during the Homily.  While Rosa watched, black angels suddenly appeared disguised in white garments.  They surrounded the priest and tried to push him and distract him at the precise moment that he was talking about the Coronation of Our Loving Mother and about the procession that would proceed immediately after the solemn Mass. 

During the Consecration of the Host, Rosa saw many bishops and cardinals dressed in brown tunics and beige chasubles try to impede the solemn and proper Consecration.  She saw them push the priest, and by their faces, she understood that they were against the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in Latin.

             Blessed Virgin Mary: “My little one, you are witnessing the schism that is happening within the temple and that will completely divide the Church that My Well Beloved left.”      


            6/29/03 Vision:  During 8 a.m. Holy Mass today at Our Lady of Victory Church, Rosa said to one of the volunteers, “I am having a vision of Jesus Crucified, where the Feet of Jesus are changing position.”  [The left Foot was moving over the right and vice versa.] 

            Rosa put on her eyeglasses to see if the vision that she was having was really true and not her imagination, and then the movements increased.  At that moment Rosa said, “I am not going to receive Holy Communion, because I do not understand what Jesus is trying to tell me.” 

            But in an interior locution, Jesus said to her, “Eat My Bread, because it is Me giving Myself to you, not My shepherd.”

            After Rosa returned home, she asked Jesus silently about the meaning of the movements of His Feet. 

            Jesus replied, “It signifies the confusion within My Church, the great schism that is forthcoming, which is the denial of what it is written.” 


8/9/03 Vision:  Rosa saw a large object bobbing up and down in the waves.  It was a capsule that was shaped like a hexagon, with a flat top and a flat bottom.  Rosa saw symbols on the capsule:  three on the top, three on the bottom and a larger one in the middle.  Rosa was made to understand that the capsule would explode.


            8/10/03 Vision Explained:  Rosa attended the Latin Mass at St. Robert Bellarmine Church in Miami.  After Holy Communion, Jesus gave her an explanation of the vision she had the day before.

            Jesus:  “My little one, the Cup of My Just Wrath has overflowed.  Little one, the capsule in your vision signifies the schism that the Church I left is going through, although it has not reached its limit.  For the finite minds of My creatures, this is incomprehensible.”

Rosa was made to understand that the symbols on the capsule were Hebrew letters that signify the seven churches that are listed in Chapter 1, Verse 11 of the Book of the Apocalypse.  She also understood that when the capsule explodes, it would symbolize the events that would divide the churches [all the Christian denominations].


8/29/03 Jesus:  “Pray for the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II and for the priests, as the schism has already started and the walls of My Temple will tremble.”


10/10/03 Jesus:  “Masons are within the Church now, only to destroy It.  The smoke of satan in the Vatican comes from Masons being at the head of the Church.  Whenever a new pope is elected, the Masons try to make sure he is connected to Masonry. 

“The Catholic Church can’t be destroyed, so they can’t do everything they want, but they always try to cause trouble.  Catholicism is the unique and True religion founded by Christ, therefore, it is irreconcilable with Masonry.”


2/13/04 Jesus:  “Pray, My little ones, pray for the Holy Father and for the great schism that is approaching the faith of the Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church, because the truth will penetrate your hearts without you knowing it. 

“Prepare your hearts for what is to come.  You will have to recognize that there is only One Way, One Truth and One Light and that anyone who wants to be saved will have to run to be covered by that Light that will illuminate the way for those who are lost.”


3/30/04 Mary:  “Good priests who have dedicated their lives to doing good works are noticeable by their absence and priestly vocations are scarce.  Do you know why?  Because the smoke of satan has penetrated the Temple and he is now seated at the throne behind the chosen one [the pope], waiting for him to fail so he can usurp his position.”


7/13/04 Mary:  “Pray, My little ones, pray for the crisis, for the schism that is and will be in the Church, which is all of you…Pray for the Holy Father, who is a saint who walks with you on earth, the same way that Mother Teresa of Calcutta did.”


9/10/04 Mary:  “My little ones, people are still waiting for the ‘good Pope.’  Indeed, I tell you that so-called ‘good’ one has already come.  He was the one who came to destroy, to twist the dogma of the faith and to destroy the pillars [the priests].  The Church’s foundation is trembling and when the one you have now departs from his flesh, the one who will then take control will viciously demolish whatever is left to be destroyed.  He will trample down on the small faith of My creatures, because satan’s smoke has infiltrated every podium of that Church which you still attend, so he will be adored.

“Do not fall into the snares of the evil one.  Question your priests; see how My Beloved sons behave, how they are disobedient to My Well Beloved.  You have to be brave to lift the banner of true Faith, Hope and Charity.

“Ask your pastors to explain that if what is written in the Sacred Scriptures is the truth that they preach at the altars, why then have they changed the Scriptures so much.  I spoke the truth to each one of you through the Sacred Scriptures.  Write from the Book of the Apocalypse, Chapter 22, Verses 18-19:  ‘For I testify to every one that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book:  If any man shall add to these things, God shall add unto him the plagues written in this book.  And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from these things that are written in this book.’ ”