Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2015


                “My dear child, explain to everyone that when the Virgin speaks in a place of apparition, She does not interrupt the priests who bring to you the Word of God.

                Your Loving Mother speaks to priests and to visionaries.  The priests celebrate the Mass according to the Teachings of the Church and they bring you the Word of God.

                Your Loving Mother appears and speaks through the Holy Spirit to all who want to listen in this place, which is a holy place.

                Engrave in your mind that this place is not only for this time, but forever.  This place will be remembered, not only by the people who are coming now to this apparition, but by all who will come in the future.  Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, chose this place to give Her Messages and to talk to the whole world.

                The situation in the world is serious.  Many things will occur, not only in the Middle East, but in many places.  There will be war among human beings, but all of you can prevent it through prayer.  Prayer can change everything.  Your Loving Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus will hear everyone who prays from the heart, with true faith.

                Marian apparitions will continue throughout the world.  God manifests His Glory through the apparitions of your Loving Mother.  When your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, appears somewhere, the priests come to that place and explain to everyone that the Virgin Mary is only One Person, but that She appears in different Images.  Your Loving Mother appears in order to speak to the hearts of human beings, and everyone who pays attention and receives those Messages will be blessed forever because they listened to Her Messages.

                Great events will occur in the world and you will witness everything that will happen.  The world will not be destroyed because God made it, not to destroy it, but so that man will survive and learn to love God above all things and also to love your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

                Marian apparitions will continue because your Mother calls Her children to gather them all together.  The Church, the priests, the people who come to apparitions, the visionaries―everyone should walk the Path that the Beloved Jesus and your Mother give you.

                This place is holy; it is forever and will never end.  As long as you have faith and believe in your Mother with all your heart, She will always be with you, and She will meet you at this place whenever possible.

                “Everyone who has come to this place today has received the blessing of the Well Beloved Jesus and will receive many miracles.

                Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, is the Intercessor between the Well Beloved Jesus and men.  Your Loving Mother said ‘yes’ and brought the Well Beloved Jesus to the world, and today, with the same love, She brings you Her Divine Son Jesus in Her apparitions all over the world.

                Love the Well Beloved Jesus.  Love your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  You will not need anything and nothing will disturb you, for She will be in your hearts.

                Pray for the priests.  Pray for the Church.  Pray for all priests to accept the Marian apparitions, like those who come to this place and are with My little creature [Rosa].

                Your Loving Mother tells you again that great events will occur in the world.  But if you remain in prayer nothing will happen to you, even if things happen in many places of the world.  There will be many misfortunes in many parts of the world because the world has been corrupted by anti-Christians all over the world.  

                “Everyone must pray, in season and out of season.  Pray in your homes in the evening, which is a time of prayer, and in the morning when you wake up.  This is also a time of prayer.  When you pray and petition God with your hearts, He will hear you and protect you from evil, for He will be in your hearts.

                Love the Church, as she loves you.  Pray for the priests, so that all of them believe and come to the places of apparition.  You should be happy that some priests do come to this place of apparition.

                “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”