Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

June 13, 2015

                Today, Rosa received a locution, and she talked to the crowd about what the Virgin told her.

                “The Virgin Mary tells you today that She is very patient with all of Her children, and that She is also very happy because the servants of the Lord are here. [Today, there was a Mass at the apparition site.]

                “The Virgin Mary appears in all parts of the world to bring a Message of love and peace to all people, to all homes, to all the parents who have children scattered everywhere so they don’t abandon them.

                “You should be happy for the blessing of having a Marian shrine in this place.  I [Rosa] never thought that I would be part of a Marian apparition, and it that it would be at my house.  I belonged to the world of art; I'm a songwriter and a singer.  When the Virgin and Jesus appeared to me, the Virgin said, ‘Beginning today, you will sing for Us, and you will be Our servant.’  She asked me if I agreed with this, and I said ‘yes’.  Wherever the Virgin appears there is spiritual tranquility for everyone who visits Her.

                “Many people find it hard to believe that the Virgin can appear in a home.  When this happens, the first ones who find it hard to believe is the family.  Many say, ‘How is it possible for the Virgin to appear to her if she sang on television and in night clubs?’  When your Mother appears in a home, She has the patience to convert all the human beings of the home who are too worldly so that they can truly believe that the Virgin Mary is appearing there.

                “Your Loving Mother began appearing here privately in 1993, and publicly in 1994.  It has been very difficult, and I didn’t think I was going to be with you today, because I was in the hospital yesterday.  When I was in the hospital I asked the Beautiful Lady to allow me to be with you, and She said, ‘Do not worry, My little one, you will go home.’  Thank God that I'm fine now.  Visionaries go through much suffering wherever the Virgin appears, but through their faith, God helps them to withstand all the pain, the anguish, the mishaps and setbacks they have to deal with.

                “Today, the Virgin says that She is happy to see all who are at this place of apparition.  The Loving Mother appears everywhere, because She wants Her children to return to the fold.  Your Loving Mother wants everyone to regain their faith and to return to the Church, but also to go to the places of apparition.  There are many places where your Mother is appearing.  When the Virgin appears She causes much pain to the persons who receive Her, but She also gives them a lot of happiness.  As I said before, I was sick in the hospital yesterday, but the Virgin brought me home and today I am here with you.  I am still suffering, however, because my children are not here with me to share this beautiful gift of God.  But even though there are moments of suffering because many have separated from me, the Virgin helps me to endure everything.

                “Your Loving Mother is appearing to bring peace to the world of today, because many are disconnected from reality.  Many things are happening to humanity.  There are many wars and revolutions because many human beings have lost their faith.  Today when you go to church, you find it empty, because many do not have faith.  Many also do not go to the apparition sites of the Virgin Mary, but your Mother says that She will appear in this place for a long time to come.

                “Your Loving Mother says that you are Her little creatures and that She is in your hearts so that you will to return to the fold and believe that your Loving Mother does appear.  Your Loving Mother brings you Messages of happiness and wants everyone to return to the Church.

                “Many who come to this place have stopped going to church, and your Mother tells you to return to the fold, which is the Church, to receive Her Beloved Son in the Holy Eucharist.

                “Your Loving Mother is happy that you are here and She tells you that you will never regret coming to this place of apparition.  Your Loving Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus will give each of you a blessing through the hands of the little creature [Rosa].  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

                While Rosa was anointing, she received a message that something big would happen in the world that will surprise many.