Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

January 13, 2015

                “Today, the Virgin did not give a long Message, but through a locution to Rosa, She gives this short Message for all who were wondering whether She would give a Message or not.

                “When the priests do not have the opportunity to come here to proclaim the Gospel and to give you the Holy Eucharist, then your Loving Mother gives the Message.  But when the priests are here, She respects the servants of the Lord.  The priests are the servants of the Lord that your Celestial Father has sent into the world to build the Church.  The Blessed Virgin does not interrupt the priests, and for that reason, She remained silent during today’s Mass.

                “She tells you today that at this time you should pray for peace, not only for peace in the Middle East, but also in this country.  Many countries are provoking the United States so that it will enter into a war, but that would be a catastrophe for the whole world.  You should pray that there will be peace in all countries.  Pray for peace in the Middle East, which is in revolt.  Many do not believe in Christ and want to take possession of other countries, like Palestine, in order to impose their own laws.  Pray for Jerusalem, which is in the beloved land of the Well Beloved Jesus.

                “Pray that the Well Beloved Jesus continues to send you Messages through the Virgin Mary.  Your Mother does not interrupt the priests who give the Gospel and the Eucharist, the true Body and Blood of the Well Beloved Jesus.

                “You should be happy, because priests are coming to a Marian Apparition to give Confession and to offer Mass.  Pray for the priests.  Pray for the Church.  Give thanks to God for sending the priests to a place of apparition in order to offer Mass.  You should thank the Well Beloved Jesus, because He sends the Virgin Mary to give you the Messages, not when you want them, but when God gives your Mother the opportunity to talk to you.  The Virgin is always at this place.  The Virgin is the servant of Well Beloved Jesus and She is obedient to the Will of God.

                “Many have asked about the Message, but because the priests are here today, they are the ones who give the Word of the Well Beloved Jesus through the Gospel.

                “Your Mother is in your hearts, hearing your petitions, so don’t worry that She will abandon you; She is always at this place. 

                “Today, your Mother will anoint you through my hands [the hands of Rosa] like She always does, and those who truly believe will receive.  Amen.”


January 12, 2015

                When Rosa opened the Bible, she read from 1 Saint John, Chapter 2, Verses 18-29:  “The Truth and the Lie:  Children, it is the last hour. You have heard of the one who comes and who is the enemy of Christ; so now many enemies of Christ have appeared. So we know that it is the last hour. They came out from within us; so they were not really one of ours, because if they had been, they would have remained with us. But it occurred this way so it clearly can be seen that not all are of our number. Christ has given you the Holy Spirit, and you all have knowledge. I write, therefore, not because you do not know the truth, but because you know it; and you know that no lie can come from the truth. Who is the liar? It is precisely the one that says that Jesus is not the Messiah. That’s the enemy of Christ, as it denies the father and the son. Anyone who denies the son does not have the father; but whoever declares in favor of the son, has the father as well. For this reason, keep in your heart the message you heard from the beginning; and if what you heard from the beginning remains in your heart, you will also remain united with the Son and the Father. This is precisely what Jesus Christ has promised us: eternal life. I am writing to you about those who seek to deceive you. But you have the Holy Spirit that Jesus Christ has given you, and do not need anyone to teach you, because the same Spirit teaches you everything, and his teachings are truth and not lies. Remain united to Christ, in accordance with what the spirit has taught you. Now, children, remain united to Christ, so that we can have confidence when he appears and we do not feel ashamed in front of him when he comes. Since you know that Jesus Christ is just, so also know that all who do what is right and just are children of God.”