Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

February 13, 2015

                Today, the Virgin spoke through Rosa in a locution:

                “On this day, the Lord is in this place that is small, but great in blessings.  Thank the Celestial Father for allowing your Loving Mother to appear in a small place like this, where so many creatures wait to hear the Message of your Loving Mother.  You should respect the priests who come to this place.  This place is privileged because they are here with you and with your Loving Mother.

                “The priests hardly ever go to places of apparition because they take vows of obedience.  The Virgin Mary hardly ever appears inside the churches, because She goes about in search of the scattered flock in order to bring them back to the Church.  In the Church, the priests guide the flock to the only Path the Lord left ― the Path of love, hope, and resurrection, the Path on which all of you should walk without deviating to the left, but always walking to the right.  Jesus always blesses you with miracles when you ask Him with your hearts at the apparition sites where your Mother manifests the Glory of the Well Beloved Jesus.

                Your Celestial Father brings your Loving Mother to the apparition sites throughout the world, but many people are unaware that your Mother has appeared in many places around the world for many centuries.  Many do not believe in Mary’s apparitions, up to and including many in the Church who do not believe.  That is why you should be happy that there are some priests at this place today who are offering Mass. 

                “The Mass is the Path that the Well Beloved Jesus left, and the Church is where everyone ought to go to ask forgiveness for all their sins.  You can ask forgiveness from the Celestial Father internally and be truly repentant, but you also need to go to the Celestial Father's servants in the churches so you can confess your sins and receive the Holy Eucharist.  You must always remember that you have to cleanse your hearts before you can receive Holy Communion.  Many find it difficult to confess their sins, but your Celestial Father left you His priests, and it is their obligation to listen to you and forgive you in the Name of Jesus.  God hears His children who repent and He forgives and absolves them through His servants, the priests that He left for you.

                Your Loving Mother appears everywhere in these critical moments in humanity to seek the flock that is dispersed.  Man does not care about praying for the world, which is full of evil acts, sexual aberrations, abuse of children, and aborted children.  Today, many women do not worry about starting their relationships under the blessings of God.

                Pray for women not to abort the small creatures who did not ask to come into this world.  Pray for the Church.  Pray in your room before bedtime, thanking God for every day of your life and praying for the future.  Pray the Rosary.  Open your hearts and ask forgiveness so that He will hear you.  You should devote time to God and the Virgin Mary every day.

                It hurts your Loving Mother that the Church still doubts the Marian apparitions.  Your Mother has been appearing for centuries; She appeared to Juan Diego and many others so that man would believe that the Virgin does appear.  The Lord died on the Cross and left Her as Mother of all of you, and He makes Her appear so She can guide you on the Path of faith.  God manifested His Glory on the Cross; He was crucified to save the world from so much evil.  God knows your hearts; He knows who loves Him and who does not, who believes in Him and who does not.  Many do not believe because they do not see Him, but your Mother tells you that not everyone can see.  However, the Celestial Father is confident that through your heartfelt prayers you believe that He existed, and that He still exists. 

                God sends your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, to gather the flock that is dispersed.  You should thank the priests who come to this place even though the Church does not believe in it.  They are here because they obey Jesus and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Man is full of virtues, but also of defects, because everyone is a sinner.

                When your Celestial Father chooses a creature to take His Messages to the world, that person has been chosen from the womb.  I [Rosa] believed that the Virgin appeared, but I never imagined that this could happen to me.  I was a singer, a songwriter, a model, and I never thought it could happen to me.  Why me, if there are many holy women in the world, for example, all the nuns?  Why me?  I was a woman in the arts, in entertainment.  But one day, while I was appearing on a television show (Channel 51), the Virgin appeared on the microphone and said to me, ‘I tell you that beginning today you will sing for Us, and not for the world,’ and I was astonished.  I share this with you today because the Virgin has been appearing in this place for twenty years.  I want you to know that I was like you, even though I was an artist who traveled and sang in clubs, on television, and on the radio.  I never thought that the Virgin would appear to me, and when I saw Her I cried like a baby.  I cried because no one is worthy or deserving of something as great as it is to see Them.  When God chooses you, you can tell Him yes or no.  But when God chooses you and you want the same thing, you will say yes.  He showed me when He chose me; He has taught me since I was a baby.  Jesus told me, ‘I have chosen you to be My servant, to give to everyone the Messages of the Virgin and of your Celestial Father, and to teach everyone how to respect the Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, because many people do not believe in the Marian apparitions.  Even in the Church many do not believe, and that is why She hardly ever appears in the Church; many of the priests do not believe that She appears in the world.’

                God makes the Virgin appear everywhere in the world.  If today's Church does not proclaim Him, the Well Beloved Jesus proclaims His Word through His Loving Mother, taking Her throughout the world to heal His children.  The men of today do not heal; they only study medicine so they can increase their bank accounts through every sick person.  Learn to pray, learn to ask for what you need.  Whenever there weren’t many doctors, there were priests who truly loved to serve and who were doing the Will of God.

                Jesus died on the Cross, even though He is the King of kings.  Today, the visionaries suffer from the rejection of their families, who are the first to leave them.  My family said to me, ‘How can the Virgin appear to you?  It can’t be true.’  Those who are chosen to serve Him have to endure the abandonment of their beloved ones.  You do not see my children here even though they live nearby.  However, this week God gave me a surprise when one of my children took me to visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Charity in Miami.  There, I thanked the Virgin for all of the blessings that She gives to us.

                “Following Jesus and Mary is not easy and we cannot criticize those who do not believe, because I never thought that the Virgin could appear to me.  My mother was Catholic and she spoke to us about the Virgin.  We would go to Mass, but she never talked to me about apparitions.  In Cuba, we never visited Our Lady of Charity, however here, the Virgin appears in all Her images so that I can know Her and help others who come to this little place to know Her and to hear the Message of love.

                She says, ‘I come to you so that you can believe in God.’ She manifests in Spirit and Truth to beings whom God chooses to proclaim His Word.  These days, the world is empty of love and charity, and that is why They are appearing to many creatures, not only for them to believe, but for them to be charitable toward others.  Your Father and your Mother sweeten the hearts of the creatures to whom They appear so that through those creatures, your Celestial Father and your Mother can perform charitable works everywhere They take those creatures.  I [Rosa] do not deserve to get airline tickets paid for me to go to places where I can do good works, however, I know that the Virgin Mary does deserve it, and She makes Herself known everywhere She takes me.  Wherever a visionary goes, the visionary is meant to convert human beings, to return them to believing in God and the Virgin Mary. 

                “Today, you should feel happy that these priests are coming to these apparitions, and you should thank God that He brings His Loving Mother to a place of apparition.  Even though not everyone cannot see Her, many feel Her when they are anointed in this place.  Internally, you should always say, ‘Lord, I thank You for having these Marian apparitions and for the Virgin appearing throughout the world.  I pray for all the priests and for the Church.’  Our Church, the Catholic Church, is the one that Jesus and the Virgin Mary are asking everyone to return to; that is where everyone receives forgiveness for their sins.  Every time you go to a priest to confess, they give you Absolution.

                Pray for everyone who is in the hospital; many of them are forgotten there and do not have anyone to pray for them.  Pray for those who are in nursing homes; they are abandoned by their own children who cannot take care of them or do not want to take care of them.  Pray for the children who are aborted.  Pray for the conversion of all the doctors who kill those children and also for those who work with them, because doctors study to save lives, not to kill them.  Pray for the souls in purgatory who no one remembers nowadays.  Prayer must be constant in your hearts.

                Do charity; Jesus says that you can show true faith and true love to Jesus and Mary when you see a child who has no shoes and you give them what you have.  Give clothing to the naked and feed the hungry; give food to the people who live under bridges.  Do not think about what the needy person may do with what you give them, just help them.

                Every year, some of us have been going on a mission to Ecuador, and there are many there whom I consider to be my children.  We take them shoes, clothes, and food, which is what the Lord wants everyone to do.  I share this with you not to exalt myself, but so that you may also do it according to your means. 

                “God wants everyone to do good to others and not to engage in gossip, criticism, or judgment.  I know that many criticize these apparitions because it is difficult for them to believe that the Virgin can appear to a person like me, but the Lord chooses the most imperfect persons to let them know that what He sees is the heart of every human being and not their outward appearances, which is how this world today is governed, and is why we sin. 

                “God gives many blessings to those who do what pleases Him.  He gives them the gift of hearing, or of knowing what the other person thinks and what their heart feels in order to help convert them.  I thank God for all that He has given me in this place and I do not feel worthy of what He has given me since 1995, when the Virgin began Her public appearances here.  She appeared to me privately years before and thought I was crazy; I could not believe it.  But I'm still here and I’m still bringing Their Messages to all who believe, and also to those who do not believe.  Amen.”

                Before ending today’s Message Rosa sang two songs, one of gratitude to the Virgin Mary, and the other of gratitude to our Celestial Father.


March 1, 2015

                Jesus directed Rosa to open the Bible to St. John, Chapter 7, Verses 40-52:  “Of that multitude therefore, when they had heard these words of his, some said: This is the prophet indeed. Others said: This is the Christ. But some said: Doth the Christ come out of Galilee? Doth not the scripture say: That Christ cometh of the seed of David, and from Bethlehem the town where David was? So there arose a dissension among the people because of him. And some of them would have apprehended him: but no man laid hands on him. The ministers therefore came to the chief priests and the Pharisees. And they said to them: Why have you not brought him? The ministers answered: Never did man speak like this man. The Pharisees therefore answered them: Are you also seduced? Hath any one of the rulers believed in him, or of the Pharisees? But this multitude, that knoweth not the law, are accursed. Nicodemus said to them, (he that came to him by night, who was one of them:) Doth our law judge any man, unless it first hear him, and know what he doth? They answered, and said to him: Art thou also a Galilean? Search the scriptures, and see, that out of Galilee a prophet riseth not.”

                These verses speak about divisions among the followers of Jesus―the people who believed in Him and the people who didn't.  Rosa says the same thing is happening today, and that many people still do not believe in Jesus or in the prophets of these times.