Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

December 13, 2015


            “My little creatures, at this moment, your Loving Mother wants to tell you that She is very grateful for all the creatures who are here and waiting for Her Message, which is full of love for all of you.

            “Your Loving Mother will continue to appear all over the world.  She comes to bring a Message of love and peace for everyone, but She also comes so that you will be careful and not fail to pray with love to try to prevent all the evil that have been prepared to happen in many places.  Many events will occur in Latin America and parts of North America, but nothing will happen in this little place.

            “Pray that peace will last forever and that the creatures who believe and pray for this place and all the places of Marian apparitions in the world are not threatened.

            “Your Loving Mother appears to bring Messages of love and caution for all.  Prayer can secure peace for the whole world.  Pray with love.  Pray with true faith.  Your Loving Mother will always intercede for each of the requests you make in this little place.

            “This place is small, but big in miracles.  Human beings believe in their own ways, but none of them truly knows everything that has been prepared for you, and this is why you must always remain in prayer.  Prayer will always protect you from any event that may happen anywhere in the world.  The evil in the world is out of control and wants to destroy everyone who believes in God.

            “No one can destroy God.  He is Almighty, and only those who believe in Him will receive what they ask for with true love.  That is why all who come to this place and pray with love will receive what they ask for.

            “Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, will continue to appear, not only in this place but throughout the world so that man will believe again in God and in your Mother, the Virgin Mary.  The Well Beloved Jesus brings your Loving Mother to gather His children.  Your Loving Mother is the Mother of all human beings and everyone should always honor and venerate Her with love.  You should not criticize those who go to Marian apparitions, because they are places of hope for those who believe and who go there with love and sacrifice.  Pray with love so that God will hear the petitions that you have in your hearts.

            “Your Loving Mother will continue to bring you Messages of love and to give you blessings. 

            “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”