Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

August 13, 2015

                “Your Loving Mother suffers, but She is worshiped here and in many parts of the world because She is the Mother of God.  Your Loving Mother was happy because the Church was becoming close to the Marian apparitions of this place.

                “Great events are coming to humanity.  The Virgin is always warning you that at these critical times, you must prepare for the events that may come that may either be serious, or not too serious.

                “The world is full of ignorance, because man has closed their hearts and minds to the belief that the Marian apparitions truly exist in many parts of the world.  Your Loving Mother is coming to gather the flock that is dispersed and is away from the Church and the faith.

                “Your Loving Mother will continue to appear here, and no one will be able to stop the apparitions at this place.  There are some people who do not believe that your Mother appears, but everyone who comes here must come with faith and love, and should believe. Your Mother reads the hearts of all of Her children at this place and She knows who truly believes, and who does not believe.

                “Your Mother reveals Herself to many people so they can give testimony.  Many human beings will be able to see your Loving Mother at the End of Times, but it may be too late to repent at that time.  It will come at any moment, so you must be prepared.

                “Many people come to this small place with an infinite love.  They receive many blessings and depart with their souls restored, because the Beautiful Lady, as the little one [Rosa] calls Her, heard their prayers.

                “Today, the little creature is sad because the priests are not here.  But your Mother tells her not to worry because they will return to this place.

                “At any given moment, great events will come to humanity.  The lights will go out, and the sun will not shine.  In your homes you must have foods that do not spoil, and candles or flashlights.  Parents must take very good care of their children who attend school, because there will be many disasters and they have to be aware in order to be able to protect them.

                “Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary is always with the little creature [Rosa].  The little creature suffers a lot because of the disbelief of her family and some of the people who come to this place.  She would like her children to be here with her always, and that makes her suffer a lot. 

                “Your Loving Mother has been healing a small creature who is very sick, and even though they don’t bring her to this place very much, your Mother is hearing the prayers of the little creature.

                “I want to tell you that a Marian apparition site is not always filled with happiness.  It suffers many difficulties due to the ignorance of human beings who cause discord, because some of them believe and some of them do not believe.  Some give witness and some tell lies to try to destroy the apparition sites, but no one will be able to destroy the places of apparition.  Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, will always be at the apparition sites to wait for Her children.

                “The world is destroying itself morally and physically―there are many catastrophes and incurable diseases.  Mankind remains ignorant of their faith, despite the signs that God is sending through your Loving Mother.

                “Today, the little creature is sad because the priests are not here; she believes that they are upset.  Your Loving Mother is the One who brought the priests here, and they must venerate your Loving Mother at this place.  (They can say the Mass earlier so the Rosary can be prayed at the usual time.)

                “God is in each of your hearts.  You should not be afraid to confess that you are a Christian, that you are a believer.  A Christian is one who believes in the Cross.  A Christian is one who truly believes that Jesus dwells in his heart.  A Christian is one who believes that your Mother can appear because it is the Well Beloved Jesus Who brings Her to one of the small creatures who truly believes.

                “Always remember that venerating and honoring your Loving Mother is what will give you the strength to endure the events that lie ahead for humanity.  Pray in time and out of time that God hears your prayers and performs miracles through your Loving Mother.  This apparition is very poor, but very rich in blessings and love for all who come with faith.

                “Your Loving Mother will anoint everyone through the little creature, so open your hearts to faith and love.  Constant defense of the Marian apparitions all the over the world is what will make the world reconsider and return to the faith.

                “Your Loving Mother appears everywhere because the Well Beloved Jesus brings Her to lead His flock.

                “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”