Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

September 13, 2014

“My dear creatures, on this day you have greatly glorified the Lord with your prayers and those of the servants of the Lord who are visiting this place.  Today, they have come to that each one of you will have faith and pray together for the conversion of all sinners through the intercession of your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  The Well Beloved Jesus permits your Loving Mother to appear everywhere in the world to gather the children that He left to Her.

“The little creature [Rosa] was chosen for this great mission when she was very young.  At one time she belonged to the world and was dedicated to singing, but your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the Well Beloved Jesus, took shelter in her heart.  The little creature never thought that this could happen, but since that moment, she has given up everything to serve the children of your Loving Mother.

“Remember that the Well Beloved Jesus allows your Loving Mother to appear in the world to gather all the children who are scattered, the children who are scattered far away from the Church, from Confession, from Communion, from receiving the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved through the Sacred Eucharist.

“Your Celestial Father allows your Loving Mother to appear in many places of the world, even though many people do not believe in Her apparitions.  You should remember that the first miracle the Well Beloved Jesus made was through the intercession of your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, at the wedding at Cana.  She said, ‘Do whatever He tells you,’ and the Well Beloved Jesus changed the water into wine.

“Your Loving Mother is in the heart of each human being, and the only thing that you need to do is to speak to Her heart to heart.  Your Mother will demonstrate how much She loves you and how much She loves the world, even though many of you leave the Church, the priests, and your Loving Mother.  Those who open their hearts and receive your Mother are receiving the Well Beloved Jesus, because it is He Who brings Her to the world.  Your Loving Mother is the Universal Mother, the Mother of all humanity. 

“Your Mother calls you to the apparitions so that you will leave behind a little of what you do daily and come to Her Call to glorify the Well Beloved Jesus.  Your Mother asks you to go to Church to receive the Body and Blood of Her Son in the Eucharist.  Always remember that the Body that you consume, the Sacred Eucharist, which is your Well Beloved Jesus, will become your spiritual food.

“Your Mother dances with joy when She sees each one of you go to Confession and receive the Eucharist with those priests whom God prepared so they could bring all His children to the Church.  Today, your Loving Mother is very happy to see the servants of the Lord at this place of apparition.  Your little creature [Rosa] is also happy, because they have come to this place that is small, but great in miracles and love.

“Today, your Celestial Father and the Holy Spirit will anoint you through your Loving Mother.  Your Mother is very happy to see the servants of the Lord saying Mass at a place of apparition, when there are not many priests who go to the places of apparition.

“The little creature gets emotional because she never thought that your Celestial Father would choose her for this special mission.  When a small creature is chosen for something so great many people leave her, especially those she loves the most.  They cannot believe that God could manifest in such a way, to a creature like her.  They cannot believe it.  They cannot believe that she can see your Mother and speak what your Celestial Father says to her.

“You should give thanks to God, because in this small place that is humble in every meaning of the word, your Mother glorifies the Well Beloved Jesus.  Today, everyone will receive many blessings, and the servants of God who are here will also receive them.  Your Mother thanks all who are here in this place for attending Her Call of Love.

“The Holy Spirit is in this place and you are blessed when you hear Mass at this place of the Virgin Mary’s apparitions.

“Always pray for the Church.  Remember that there are many who have abandoned the Church, even though that is where the Body and Blood of Christ are in the Sacred Eucharist.  Do not forget that the Well Beloved Jesus is in that little piece of Bread.  If you receive It with love, true devotion, and respect, He will always be with you.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


September 6, 2014


                “Your Loving Mother is happy to come on this special day when the servants of the Lord are in this place [there was a Mass at the apparition site].  You wanted to hear your Loving Mother, but you know that they [the priests] are the servants of the Well Beloved Jesus and they are fulfilling their duty as sons of your Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother.

                “Your Loving Mother is very happy to see that all Her children render honor and glory to Her Well Beloved Son Jesus in this small place.  Today, I have come to bless each of you with the Holy Spirit.

                “All of you should pray because you are living with moments of confusion and war everywhere.  Pray for Israel so that the land so loved by God is not attacked.  Pray so that Palestine, nor any other land, begins a war against Israel, the Promised Land, where the Well Beloved Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

                “The Well Beloved Jesus is the Son of your Loving Mother and She dearly loves all who love Her Son.  The Well Beloved Jesus dwells in the hearts of all human beings who love Him.

                “Your Loving Mother will always be close to each of you who come to this little place where your Mother manifests the Glory of the Well Beloved Jesus to all whose hearts are open to God.  Do not think that if you do not hear your Mother speak that you will not receive blessings.  You will receive the blessings, and so will the servants of the Lord.  Just as your Loving Mother waits and is silent at a certain time [during Mass], so are they silent while they hear the Message in the presence of your Loving Mother and the Holy Spirit.

                “The little creature [Rosa] is happy, not because you are celebrating her birthday, as you say [a few days ago it was Rosa’s birthday], but because you are also celebrating the birthday of your Loving Mother.  Your Loving Mother rejoices with everyone who is here on this day.

                “The priests who are here will touch you, and along with them, the Holy Spirit will touch each one of you so you can receive the Power of the Holy Spirit in your hearts.

                “My little one, learn to detach yourself from those you love the most so that if you live a life full of goodness and love following the Commands of God, you will receive the reward of being with Him and your Loving Mother in Heaven.

                “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”