Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

May 13, 2014

“With you today is one of the pastors whose heart was sweetened by your Loving Mother so that he could come and be in this place today and speak to you in a pastoral voice.  All the little creatures today have heard the Word of God [from the Bible].  [A priest said Mass today at the apparition site.] 

“Today, your Loving Mother wants you to know that She honors the little creature, this good shepherd who is here to guide the sheep.  He has left the parish where he works in order to offer the Holy Sacrifice in this small place.  Every day, he takes the Word of the Well Beloved Jesus to everyone.  Today, the Well Beloved Jesus has given you a good shepherd [the priest] to guide the flock in this place of apparition.  Today, your Loving Mother is silent so She can listen to the words of this shepherd.  He loves the Virgin, and all of you should also love Her with all of your heart.

“Your Loving Mother is the mother all the human beings in the world.  The Well Beloved Jesus gave all His children to His Loving Mother.  Today, your Loving Mother gathers all Her children in this small place and gives Her children to the little creature to replace the children the little creature loves and who have abandoned her.

“Today, your Loving Mother rejoices in the hearts of all Her children who are here.  This place of apparition is small and humble, but great in miracles and in love, the love that all of you have for the Well Beloved.

“The Well Beloved Jesus was born of a Virginal Womb; your Loving Mother did not know sin.  God chose Her to be the Mother of each one of you.  Every time you go to the places of apparition, your Mother gives you many blessings and today in this place, She will give you a special blessing through a servant of the Well Beloved Jesus.

“I love all My creatures who are at this place, especially this good pastor.  He is with you today to make your hearts rejoice with the Word of God.  Today is a special day for your Loving Mother because you are celebrating the anniversary of the apparitions in Fatima, and that is why it’s also a special day for all of you. 

“My little creatures, prepare to receive anointing with the holy oil and holy water through the little creature.  You will receive the blessed love that your Loving Mother gives to you through the little creature, who always says that she is no one and that it is the Lord and the Loving Mother who bless you through her hands. 

“Your Loving Mother comes to each apparition to gather Her children to follow the only Path, which is the Church, and so that you will never separate yourselves from Her.  Pray, My little ones, so that God will continue to manifest His Glory in every place and to every innocent creature who is willing to serve God and your Loving Mother.  Your Loving Mother will rejoice in your hearts when you receive Her today with love, faith, and hope. 

“Your Loving Mother gives a special blessing to this small creature [the priest] who came today to bring the Blessed Word and the love that God has for everyone who loves your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

“I love you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


April 8, 2014


"My little creature, do not suffer, you have many children around you, and they are the children that your Heavenly Father has put by your side.  Let people talk about you; they will not stain the image of love that you have for Jesus and your Loving Mother.  Continue moving forward and do not let yourself fall, because I am always with you. 

“Many do not believe in the Messages, because they do not believe in Me.  Your husband will return as usual; you know him, My little one, do not suffer any more.  Feel the strong embrace of your Heavenly Father and your Loving Mother holding you, and do not think anymore more about those who make you suffer.  Tell the little creatures that are with you to help you.  They will prosper and have more useful lives.  All those creatures are the children that your Loving Mother gives to you.  Do not cry anymore, My little one.  The Path is difficult, little one, but I did not come down from the Cross, and neither did I leave the Path the Heavenly Father placed before Me on the day I was born.  Here are your children, those whom God has given to you.  Always take refuge in each one of them; they will be by your side and will not leave you alone.  Anyone who stumbles, who falls and abandons you, is also separated from Me.  Anyone who agrees to walk with Jesus has to follow the Path with Him.

“Your Loving Mother, My little ones, has come today with the desire to speak to each one of you.  Your Loving Mother tells you to prepare yourselves, because very great things are coming to humanity due to their lack of faith and their lack of love for your Heavenly Father, and because human beings are not going to those places where there are the priests that God prepared for them to give them the Word of God and to offer the Holy Sacrifice in the Church, which is the Path that Jesus left for you.  Remember that there is only one Path and there is no other, and that you should not separate yourselves from that Path, which is the Church.

“Remember that to be chosen by God for something as great as spreading the Messages from the Heavenly Father to all of you is a path of suffering, pain, and persecution.  They are persecuted for doing the work of Jesus on Earth.  This world is tainted by evil, by drugs that are destroying the youth and that in these days have been legalized in parts of this country.  They do not realize that many years ago Russia said that with drugs, they would destroy this wonderful country that is the United States.  In these times, drug addiction is everywhere, even in this beautiful country.  God made this country with great love so that everyone could enjoy it and have a place to work and earn their daily bread.

“The little creature [Rosa] is going through a very difficult time in her life, and those who work with her are the support that God placed by her side so that she is not alone.  She is going through many hardships, because some people want her to stop doing the Lord's work.  But no one can stop the work of the Lord.  The flesh is weak, humans are weak; they may fail and cause damage to a creature who only has been dedicated to only serving God and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Today I have hastened to speak to you, because My little one is going through a lot and she needs the support of all the people who come to this place.

“There are many who have received miracles from your Heavenly Father through your Loving Mother in this place.  But many do not return, not even to give thanks to your Loving Mother.  The little one feels lonely in this home, but your Mother keeps her company with the Holy Spirit, Who guides her.  Those who accompany her need to be aware that the Well Beloved Jesus is always with you in this place, which is holy and sacred forever.  When the little one passes away, the Church should continue the Lord's Work in this place.  There needs to be many volunteers to help, especially those who have always helped with the Lord's Work.  Do not think that I am telling you all this to scare you into thinking that the little one will be leaving, it is not like that; the little one has not finished the Work of the Lord.  She has to continue to call more humans to return to the Path that the Well Beloved Jesus left you, which is the Church.  Your Loving Mother calls Her children at the Marian shrines in all parts of the world to return to the Path that Jesus left.

“In an act of love, your Heavenly Father gave up His Only Son, Who died on the Cross for all of you.  I ask you to stand by the little creature and do not abandon her.  Pray for her and for all the visionaries around the world who are all being attacked.  Pray that they can continue with the mission that the Lord has given them.  The little one is strong, but she should be even stronger, because many things will happen and she should have by her side creatures who have the strength to continue on the Path of Jesus and who love Jesus as much as she loves Him and the human beings who come near her.

“There are new creatures who have come to this place who work at their jobs and still come to help the little one during the difficult times that she is facing because of the abandonment of her loved ones.  [The Virgin named some of the small creatures in this place who help her.]  All who come to the shrine and leave their petitions are also support for the little one.  She prays for all the petitions that the little creatures leave at this place.  Your Loving Mother is happy that the little one is surrounded by people who love her and who love the Well Beloved Jesus.

“Your Loving Mother thanks all the little creatures who are here and who pray with love for those who have no faith.  This place will always be sacred, little ones, do not be afraid.  However, you must help and take good care of the little creature, who suffers a lot.

“Your Heavenly Father and Loving Mother will continue to give Messages through the little creature in this place that is small, but great in miracles and in the healings that the men of today do not find convenient to heal.  Many things will happen, not only here, but throughout the world.  Man must return to the faith, to believing in God, in order for the world to move forward and so that many events do not take you by surprise. 

“The little creatures who visit the Marian shrines and go to church must always be in prayer.  You must be patient and pray so that the catastrophe that is supposed to come to the world does not happen.  Prayer makes it possible to have less of the catastrophes in the world that are currently taking place in many parts of the world.  They are due to the wickedness of man that wants to win and move forward.  This Message that I give to you through locutions is not so that you will be afraid, but so that you will be prepared through prayer.  The world is reeling because man's wickedness is great.  Men must protect their homes and their creatures and they should not allow them to fill their heads with the evil of the world, which is drugs.  Today, many want to destroy this country through drugs.  Young people take these hallucinogens and will not be able to work on anything that serves to move this country forward, and they will not even be able to govern this country.

“Pray for Venezuela, since many want to turn that country into an anti-Christian country in the same way they converted the country of the little creature [Cuba].

“I love you, My little ones, and your Loving Mother will anoint you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

                The Virgin answered many questions from the people who were praying.  She told them that their households should contain an image of the Holy Family.  The Virgin said that the world is about to suffer a recession and that everyone should continue to pray.


May 8, 2014

“To all the small creatures present in this holy place, I want to say that your Loving Mother is not only appearing in this place, but in many parts of the world, and I will continue to appear in many more places.  The situation in the world is becoming critical, and you don’t understand that when there is a crisis in a country, everything shakes, including all the homes and families.  All of you need to pray very much, not only for this country, but for the entire world, which is sinking because man does not want to accept that God exists and that your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, is appearing.

                “Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, appears to give you the Message of hope and to tell you what can occur so that you are prepared with all the things that you may need at any given moment.  [The Virgin told one of the sick volunteers that he is going to feel better.]  God is with all of you and He needs him [the sick volunteer], as he is the little creature’s helper.  That volunteer must move on and not be afraid of anything that he may have to face.

“I want to tell you, My little ones, that the little creature is experiencing difficult times, but each of you who is here is helping her overcome this pain.  You are a great support for her in continuing her mission.  At this time, the little creature receives great help from one of the volunteers who is at her side.  This creature is faithful, sincere, honest, and helpful.  Many of the people who are here help the little one and make it possible for this small place to continue its mission.  You should not allow anyone to destroy this place, because some want to destroy it; they want it to disappear.  You are the soldiers who will keep watch over everything that happens here and will therefore not allow this place to be destroyed.

“The Well Beloved Jesus relies on all of you, and you must take care of the little creature so that nothing happens to her.  Your Loving Mother will continue to appear in this place in spite of all who are against it.  All of you shall be soldiers in this place so that it can move forward and not fall into the destruction that some want for it.  You should always pray for this place and for the little creature.  Pray also for her family members so that one day they will be able to understand her and support her.  The little one always prays for everyone; her heart is full of God's love.

“There are many new soldiers here and all of you must be prepared so that nothing happens to the little creature in this place.  Pray for the doctors who the little one is going to so that they may always tell the truth.  Pray at all times so that the enemy does not get away with wanting to destroy this small place.

“Your Heavenly Father and your Loving Mother will be watching all the events that are coming to this small place.  I warn you now so that you are aware of what can happen, and not leave the little one alone.  She is in danger, but the little one is very kind and does not believe that those whom she loves could want to harm her.  That's why I warn not to listen to any rumors that may be told about this small place or about the little creature.

“You should understand that your Loving Mother trusts each and every one of you and that She always asks you to support the little creature.  The enemy is cunning and uses people who are weak in their faith to attack this place in a very subtle way, thinking that they are doing good, but in reality, they are not.  Your Heavenly Father is the One Who is warning you so that you will always defend this small place.

“Evil lurks everywhere in order to attack the Work of your Heavenly Father and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary; it attacks in any place, and through many different people, including through your loved ones.

“Man is not interested in knowing that your Heavenly Father and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, are appearing in all parts of the world to bring you the Messages about what is truly happening in the world.  They come to warn their children, because many things are coming to the world and you have to be prepared.  You must be prepared in prayer and with the things in your homes that will help you get through those difficult times, such as candles, water, and canned food.  The situation in this country will become much worse, therefore you must keep your jobs.  Pray so that in the places that your Loving Mother appears, humans beings will learn to listen to and imitate the goodness of your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, as well as the love of the Well Beloved Jesus, with all other human beings,.

“The situation will be very difficult for this country and for many countries.  The countries in South and Central America need this country’s help.  Great events will occur in many countries of Latin America.  Russia is involved in many of the situations that occur in many parts of the world.  They want to hurt this country through the drugs that have been exported to this country in large quantities.  This country will have to change its laws and not continue to allow young people to have free access to drugs, because they will destroy the youth. 

“Mankind abuses nature and does not know how to care for it, therefore, they will suffer the consequences of their actions.  Mankind must learn to pray, because they don’t know how to pray.  They only pray when they need to, and afterwards they forget about God.

                “I love all of you and I wish the best for each one of you.  The little one needs a lot of prayer and support.  Your Loving Mother loves this place and you will be the soldiers who will guard this place.

                “I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


May 10, 2014

Night of the Vigil

“For a while now, your Loving Mother has been with you listening to the Rosary that you are praying.  With her hard head, the little naughty one [Rosa], would not let Me speak.  The little one wants to remember the Message, and that is why I am giving the Message through a locution.

“This day is a very special day for your Loving Mother.  She wants you to understand the importance of the Mystery that you are meditating on – the Annunciation.  The conception of a child is very important for God and for your Loving Mother.

“Today, man does not truly understand the meaning of the birth of a child.  The little ones do not ask to come into the world, and many people conceive them without caring about what will happen to those babies.  This month is important for your Loving Mother, because you are celebrating Mother’s Day tomorrow.  Don’t forget to also celebrate the day of the Annunciation of your Loving Mother.  Your Loving Mother accepted the announcement without knowing man.  Through the Holy Spirit, She conceived the Well Beloved Jesus.  Today, women conceive children only to kill them later in their wombs.

“Today, your Loving Mother tells you that your Heavenly Father does not punish, but He dispenses Justice.  He teaches you that killing a child in its mother’s womb, where it should be the safest, is one of the greatest and most difficult crimes to forgive.  Human beings must love their children the same way I loved the Well Beloved Jesus.  Children come into the world to bring joy into the home and so that through that child, men and women will have the joy of being parents.

“Your Mother suffers when a woman creates a child in her womb and then lets it die or lets the child be murdered in her womb.  Your Mother comes to warn mankind that every child who comes into the world comes with the hope of being in a happy home, in a home where he or she will be loved, cared for, and educated.

“Through Rosa, the Loving Mother greeted a married couple who was praying the Rosary at this place and She let them know that She loves them, as well as everyone who gathers to pray the Rosary at this place.  She said they will have a special place in Heaven.

“Your Loving Mother loves all mothers who grieve the loss of their children, all mothers who suffer the abandonment of those who should love them the most, and all mothers who suffer abuse by their children.

“Tomorrow you are celebrating Mother's Day and it is a special day for you on earth, but for your Loving Mother, every day is special.  Your Mother does not forget all the mothers who suffer abandonment, abuse, insults.  She hopes everyone will repent from that, and if they do it from the heart, She will obtain forgiveness for them.  Rejoice with your Mother, all of you whose mother is alive, and for those whose mother has departed, pray that they are in happy in Heaven with the Well Beloved Jesus.

“Before she came into the world, your Heavenly Father chose the little creature [Rosa] to serve Jesus and your Loving Mother in this special place.  Her children have abandoned her because they do not believe in what she represents in this place.  However, the little one continues onward with the Beloved Jesus, carrying her cross.  The little creature will be happy when she has the honor of seeing the Well Beloved Jesus face to face and telling Him that she fulfilled her mission in this world.  Today, her family does not understand her and she suffers their rejection for living a life of love for your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the Well Beloved Jesus.  

“Mother's Day is a very difficult day, not only for the little creature, but for many mothers who are abandoned by children who are involved in drugs and alcohol.  They forget that they were born from the womb of their mother who loves them, and that there is always forgiveness in her heart for her children.

“Many difficult things are coming to the world, and for that reason, your Mother appears in all parts of the world.  She comes announcing that one day there will be a Divine encounter with the Well Beloved Jesus, and that that day will be too late for those who do not repent of making mistakes in this world in which you live.  Many difficult things will come for all those countries that are embracing the antichrist and that are abusing all the human beings who believe in God.

“Pray for the Church, which is the only Path that was left for you by the Well Beloved Jesus.  Those who truly embrace the Well Beloved’s Cross will be rewarded, but those who abandon It will suffer the consequences of their mistakes.

“Your Loving Mother rejoiced when the little creature, Rosa, said yes to the mission that she will have to fulfill, no matter what happens.  Your Mother is always here; She is waiting for Her children in all the places of apparition, and She asks you to pray for all the places of apparition.

“The Well Beloved Jesus said to His Mother, ‘Behold Your son.’  And to little John, He said, ‘Behold your Mother.’  That is when the Well Beloved Jesus gave His Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, to all of you as your Mother.

“All of you have to carry your own cross, and some are heavier than others.  Those who are able to carry their cross will receive a very special place [in Heaven] for persevering along with the Well Beloved Jesus.

“Your Loving Mother loves all the creatures who come to this place.  Each of you has a special place in the heart of the little one, and also in the Heart of your Loving Mother.  Those of you who are leaving now will always have the protection of your Loving Mother for having come to this place, and those who stay will continue to smell the perfume of your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary wherever they are, and they will continue to have Her Heart beating in their hearts.

“The little creature, Rosa, suffers, but when I come, all her pain goes away.  Your Loving Mother loves all the creatures who accompany the little one on days like today.  Do not worry, because your Mother is always with all of you, and She thanks you for always being faithful.  Pray for all the people who come to this place.

“Your Loving Mother asks you to create a place in your homes where you can pray.  Many things are going to happen in the world.  It is not going to end like many think it will, but there will be great events that will shake mankind.

“Pray for the Holy Father, who is in danger.  Pray for Venezuela and for all countries that are embracing Communism, which is the antichrist who is trying to sink humanity.  Your Loving Mother appears everywhere so that everyone can gather together in the love of the Well Beloved Jesus.  

                “I love you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”