Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

June 13, 2014

                "Your Loving Mother never ceases to tell you all the time about the mistakes that man commits today.  The Holy Spirit takes shelter in the hearts of every human being, especially those who are hard of heart, so that they can recognize that there is a God who rewards and dispenses justice.  When you receive the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother the Virgin Mary, in your hearts, They hear you and give you what is right for you.

                Your Loving Mother comes to bring you the Message and She intercedes with Jesus for the petitions that you have in your hearts.  Your Loving Mother listens to all your prayers; there is much suffering in the hearts of everyone in the world in which you live.

                "Right now, My little ones, humanity is suffering from wars; they are insatiable wars, because they have no end.  There is a lot of abuse, especially of those creatures who do not ask to come into the world.  How many of those creatures are abused daily, how many are raped?  They don’t know how much evil there is in human beings.  The world is receiving Divine Justice for the wickedness of man.  God does not punish, but he does dispense Justice.  One way or another, God manifests His Glory in every one of you, even if you do not realize it.

                "There are many crimes being committed in humanity; men are abusing innocent creatures.  What does a five year old child know about sexual abuse?  Mothers today do not realize that they must take good care of their little ones, whether they are at school, at church, or in the care of another person.  There are many people who do not care about them and they abuse these creatures.  The people of today are only concerned about work, and they neglect their little ones.

                "Your Loving Mother suffers and weeps every time a creature is abused.  What kind of hearts do people have when they allow this to continue to happen?  Humans go to church to pray, however they don’t pray for those creatures who are abused around the world every day.  Many children leave their homes to escape the abuse they suffer in their own homes, and many children flee because of the hunger that exists in many parts of the world.

                "Men of today throw away the food they don’t consume; they don’t care enough to keep it for themselves or to give it to the needy.  They throw away so much food when there is so much misery, so much hunger.  God created nature with many benefits so that man would be able to nourish himself.  Where is the compassion of those human beings who don’t think that instead of throwing food away, they should give it to the needy who are living under bridges?  There are so many sick people, so many less fortunate people in the world who are being abused!  There are so many wars in many countries where the leaders only want power and not the welfare of their countries!  That's why God pours out His Justice over the world on those who are abusers and do evil.

                "You do not pray or give thanks daily for what God gives you.  Every day you live you need to say, 'Thank You, Lord, for this day is over and I was able to feed my body and my soul.'  You must always give thanks to God for everything.

                "Your Loving Mother appears all over the world, and She will continue to appear to bring the Divine Message of your Celestial Father to every heart who wants to listen to It.

                "You must pray with love to your Heavenly Father so that His Word can reach everywhere and so, through your prayers, there may not be so much abuse or hunger all over the world.  Whenever you throw food away, you must remember that in many parts of America there is hunger, there is malnutrition.  You have animals that need to eat and you prefer throw food away instead of giving it to them.  God gave you the animals on Noah's Ark so you would love them and so they could be companions for the elderly and the children.

                "Great events are coming to the world.  America is convulsing; anti-Christianity is trying to cross borders and enter each country.  Men do not realize that they are becoming objects of the only evil that can destroy humanity, which is anti-Christianity.  That which you call Communism is anti-Christianity.  When the bacteria of Communism enters a country, it destroys that country, it destroys households.  [Anti-Christians] are the ones who enrich themselves and want to convert the whole world into total anti-Christianity where only tyrants are the ones who can be allowed to live.  Notice what became of My little creature’s country [Cuba], and look at what they are doing to the rich and wonderful country that was Venezuela.  It is a country that God blessed with lots of benefits so that human beings could survive there without needing anything.  But today that country is being destroyed, and man still does not wake up.  Only the students are risking themselves to save the country; they try to fight that miserable government, but the rest of the people remain in their homes and do nothing.  Those students are being imprisoned or are dying every day.  Man continues to be indifferent to the evil of mankind.  That is why, My little ones, that God dispenses Justice in each country.

                "If you want anti-Christianity in your countries, you will know what hunger is, you will know what need is, what lack of food is, what lack of medicine is, you will know what it means to lack everything that is needed to heal patients who go to the hospital.  The anti-Christians seize everything, even the hearts of human beings.

                "The emergence of anti-Christianity around the entire world is written about in the Holy Scriptures.  That will be the moment when humanity will turn against itself.  Many will perish because anti-Christianity is not being stopped in those rich countries that were blessed by God.  Colombia is a wonderful country, it is full of blessings and has a lively and productive environment and a generous people, however, they are trying to take control of it just like Venezuela, Ecuador, and all those small countries that the antichrist is trying to turn into something beyond what man can imagine.

                "Each of you who are here in this place should know that when anti-Christianity triumphs everywhere, that Jesus’ return to earth will occur soon.  When all those countries are dying from hunger and basic necessities, that will be the time when Jesus will come to liberate those who failed to fight for their freedom.  It will not happen when man wants, but in God's time.  That will be the time when God will defend what He created so that every human being could live with love and have an abundance of food from the nature that He gave to you.

                "The diseases of today usually do not heal, because men are unable to acquire what they need to save the life of a sick person.  Pray a lot, because difficult times are coming for humanity such that none of you can imagine.  Nature is always rebelling, because it is through nature that God is giving each of you what you deserve.

                "I bless you, My little ones, and I invite you to pray wherever you are to invoke the Lord.  Through prayer, you will be with God and the Virgin Mary.  Whoever prays with love and faith will receive.  Those who pray to test God and the Virgin Mary, will not receive.  Pray with faith and love, because God is with each of you on the Earth.  You do not realize this, but the Sacred Heart of the Well Beloved Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary are beating in each of your hearts.  Pray with love and true faith, because the times that are coming will be very difficult and bad for humanity, for faith, and for God’s Divine creation.

                "I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


June 7, 2014

Night of the Vigil

“All of you who are gathered here have the opportunity of hearing the Message of the Well Beloved Jesus the same way the disciples did when He walked in the world.  In those days there were many who did not believe in the Well Beloved Jesus, as is happening today.  Many do not believe that the Well Beloved Jesus can manifest His Glory through apparitions in many parts of the world or make your Loving Mother appear and give you the Messages of the Well Beloved Jesus.

“Your Loving Mother speaks the Words of the Well Beloved Jesus and brings them to you at each of the Marian apparitions around the entire world.  There will be many more Marian apparitions around the world that will be calling for conversion, because the world is corrupt and full of evil, it is full of human beings who believe in nothing and are not even capable of saying a prayer for the sick in the hospitals and nursing homes.

“Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, is with each of you and She is at your side all the time.  If you only understood that your Mother walks along with you all the time, everything would be different ― men would learn to pray.

“Your Loving Mother always manifests the Glory of the Well Beloved at Marian apparitions throughout the world.  All human beings are equal in the eyes of your Loving Mother, and She can appear to any human being.  The Well Beloved Jesus tells Her, ‘Mother, manifest My Glory through the apparitions,’ and She delivers the Messages of love to Her children.  The Celestial Father gave His Mother to His children so that through Her, everyone would walk on the Path of love.

“It is very important that you understand that love is the only thing that moves the world to true faith and sacrifice toward all the people who need the help of human beings today.  Today, many need help because they have nothing to eat.  Your Mother always tells you, and will continue to say, that charity is the best Rosary that you could offer to Her.

“When you pray the Rosary, you should meditate as if you were walking through each Mystery with the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother.  The Mystery of the Annunciation was the ‘yes’ of your Loving Mother to the Celestial Father when He sent the angel, who told Her that She would have a Son whom She would name Emmanuel, which means ‘God with you.’  The Mystery of the Visitation is the Mystery of charity; it is when your Loving Mother went to visit Her cousin, Saint Elizabeth, to help her.  Your Mother walked in the desert and had to go through many difficulties and dangers to give all of you the Light of the World. 

“Your Mother taught all the prophets of the antiquity to pray the Rosary, and you should do the same.  You can say, ‘Today, I will walk with the Well Beloved Jesus on the Via Dolorosa while I am meditating on the Sorrowful Mysteries.’  It is very important for you to meditate on each Mystery and to listen to what your Loving Mother says in your heart.  In your mind, you can hold an image of yourself walking with your Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus through each Mystery.  When you meditate, you will feel the presence of the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and you will receive many miracles.

“Pray for all human beings who make mistakes without realizing it.  Pray for the abused children and for those who are abandoned and killed in their mother’s wombs, where they should be the safest.  Pray for the world that is full of evil and pain because of the abuse of the children and the elderly.

“I love you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”



The Message of June 13, 2014 Continues

            Before the Rosary began, Rosa made the Sign of the Cross, then randomly opened the Bible and read the following passage. 

            The Book of Mark, Chapter 7, Verses 24-37:  And rising from thence he went into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon: and entering into a house, he would that no man should know it, and he could not be hid. For a woman as soon as she heard of him, whose daughter had an unclean spirit, came in and fell down at his feet. For the woman was a Gentile, a Syrophenician born. And she besought him that he would cast forth the devil out of her daughter. Who said to her: Suffer first the children to be filled: for it is not good to take the bread of the children, and cast it to the dogs. But she answered and said to him: Yea, Lord; for the whelps also eat under the table of the crumbs of the children. And he said to her: For this saying go thy way, the devil is gone out of thy daughter. And when she was come into her house, she found the girl lying upon the bed, and that the devil was gone out. And again going out of the coasts of Tyre, he came by Sidon to the sea of Galilee, through the midst of the coasts of Decapolis. And they bring to him one deaf and dumb; and they besought him that he would lay his hand upon him. And taking him from the multitude apart, he put his fingers into his ears, and spitting, he touched his tongue: And looking up to heaven, he groaned, and said to him: Ephpheta, which is, Be thou opened. And immediately his ears were opened, and the string of his tongue was loosed, and he spoke right. And he charged them that they should tell no man. But the more he charged them, so much the more a great deal did they publish it. And so much the more did they wonder, saying: He hath done all things well; he hath made both the deaf to hear, and the dumb to speak.’