Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

July 13, 2014

                Today, there was a Mass before the apparition.

                “Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, tells you that She was happy today because the Church was with you in this place.  Blessed be the shepherds of peace who have been here with you, and give thanks that many of you had the opportunity to go to Confession and receive Communion.  Everyone was blessed by the Holy Spirit.

                “Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, is happy because Her Son manifested His Glory in this place today through His servants.  This place has been blessed by God from the first moment your Mother appeared here.  Your Celestial Father said, ‘My little one, do not be afraid.  This place is holy, because I make it holy, and it will always be holy.’

                “This place will always be visited by your Loving Mother so that with a humble heart you will receive Messages and pray to your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother with infinite love for all mankind.

                “Today, more than ever, your Loving Mother asks everyone to say a prayer every night before going to bed for Israel, so that no one will attack it.  The day that Israel is attacked will be the beginning of a third world war.  Israel has ceded land to those who asked for it, but they still want more land and they should not give them any more.  This is why you have to pray for peace in Israel and in the entire world.

                “Pray for the children so that they are not aborted, and so they will not continue to pass laws against the children.  Pray also for the children who are fleeing from violence in their countries and who, after enduring many mishaps in the desert to order to get to this country, are being returned to those countries that do nothing to help them have a better life.  You should pray that this country will give them the protection they need, as there is hunger in the countries they are leaving because their presidents only fill their own pockets with money and do nothing to help their citizens.

                “Pray so that Israel is not attacked by saying, ‘Jesus is with us, and we are with Jesus.’  Pray and say, ‘Lord, we ask you to protect Israel so that the Holy Land is not attacked.  Amen.’

                “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”




July 19, 2014

Saturday Night

                “Little creatures, today your Loving Mother gives us her blessing together with those pastors of love [two priests and a bishop] who came to this little place to exalt the Messages through the Holy Scriptures.  Remember, My little one, that you are not a theologian; you speak what your Loving Mother tells you.  Your Mother is happy; She is happy because the servants of the Lord are in this little place that is great in the miracles that God, through your little hands, makes possible for those who come to this little place that is exalted by the good health and love that your Mother gives to them.  Your Mother is happy and She gives her blessing to those creatures, the servants of God, who each day take a message of love, of peace, to all human beings who come to the church where those who are there are universal [Catholic].

                “Today your Mother gives a special tribute to those who have bent their knees to come to this place with much love and with much faith.  It has been needed for a while that the apostles of Jesus would come to this place.  They finally arrived, because your Mother is never wrong.  She told you, ‘They will come, little one, you will see.’ 

                “Your Mother says that all human beings who are aware of what is happening in the world today should say a special prayer internally every day for peace in the world.  This world is full of evil, it is filled with horror.  Many crimes are committed against the children, those creatures who should not have to suffer the pain of abuse and neglect.  We must pray a lot for those creatures who have fled the miseries of their country and have come to the borders of this great country and Mexico, because many of them have been sexually abused.  Pray for those creatures so that the pain they have felt, the martyrdom they have suffered in that land, is not a curse that will affect the rest of their lives.  Pray a lot for them, and pray for the Church.  Pray for priests, those who truly believe in your Loving Mother and go to wherever She gives the Messages of love of the Well Beloved Jesus.

                “Today this sanctuary is celebrating, as it was on the day of the apparition when the small creature [Rosa] was happy because the little servants of the Lord were here at this place.  Your Loving Mother is happy, My little ones, and She gives you Her blessing through those creatures who come to this place from far away [the priests and the bishop].  She also blesses the volunteers of this small sanctuary.  Your Loving Mother, through Jesus, gives you the miracles of healing with the small hands of the little creature [Rosa].  God created her, received her in His Arms, and taught the little one through a vision so that she would have no doubts about her mission, because she lives in a world where humans do not want to believe. 

                “Your Loving Mother is gathering Her children, the children that God gave to Her from all over the world.  The Well Beloved Jesus says to your Mother, ‘They are Your children, My Mother, they are all Your children.  Take care of them; draw them close to wherever You are.  Take them to the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, where the servants of the Lord are.  Never fail those creatures who come to this place from far away.  One day it will be called great, because it is great, because your Mother is in this little place.

                “I bless you, My little ones.  Before the prayers end, your Loving Mother wants to ask you to pray for peace in the world, and so that they don’t attack Israel.  If they attack Israel, dear children, a war with no end will be declared.  Pray for the Promised Land, which has jealous neighbors who envy it and want it for themselves, like the Palestinians.  Jesus gave to the Palestinians the land of Palestine to sow and work, but they want the land of Jesus, the Promised Land, the place where He placed His Feet and blessed forever.  Jerusalem cannot be attacked by any treacherous hands of little faith; Israel needs to survive.  Pray so that no one attacks it.

                “Pray for the Church and its servants.  Pray for all the apparitions of your Loving Mother everywhere, because She comes to gather Her children who are dispersed in order to return them to the Path that Jesus left, the Path of love, the Path of the Church where His servants serve Him at all times.

                “I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”