Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

February 13, 2014

“My little creatures, your Loving Mother feels great joy at this moment when She sees Her children, the ones the Well Beloved gave Me in this world in which you live.  I'm here, My little ones, but not everyone cannot see your Mother, it is a grace that God gives to certain persons.  The Well Beloved chooses them to bring the Message of love to each of you through His Mother.

"The Well Beloved Jesus needs many pastors in this world in which you live, pastors to guide the flock and to bring them back to the Path that He left, and where one day He will come to find you all.  If your Mother could pull your little ears, She would do it, and She would take you to Church, which is the Path that your Celestial Father left for you.

"You do not know the meaning of the Marian apparitions throughout the world.  The Well Beloved Jesus is sounding the trumpets to awaken the faith in each of your hearts.  There are many who believe in this place, but there are others who only come out of curiosity.  Your Mother is happy anyway, because even if some come out of curiosity, they can realize that what they are seeing is true.

"The Well Beloved Jesus tells you through your Loving Mother that He would like all of you to be His chosen ones, but, many of you would not be very happy to be chosen, because in order to serve Jesus, man must give up the pleasures of this world.  Your Heavenly Father cannot choose those with small children and large obligations to meet, because your husbands would not forgive Jesus for taking their wives, their women, because they could not have any more sex.  Jesus says, 'I am Holy, and Holy must be the ones who serve at the altar of the Lord.  Men of today would say, 'How can I allow my wife to marry a spirit?'

"When The Well Beloved Jesus chooses a creature, He manifests Himself to that creature all the time and the creature can see Him all the time.  That creature must renounce carnal desires, even though this may surprise you.  But the reality is that the body of the creature cannot be tainted by sexual relations.  The person who receives the holiness of the Well Beloved Jesus and the holiness of your Loving Mother has to be a holy man, a holy woman.  Holy is the word, but in today's world there are almost no saints.  To serve the Lord on the altar, one must be holy.  The Church is the Bride that awaits the Well Beloved Jesus.  Your Loving Mother teaches that today you cannot have sex and then serve at the altar of the Lord or do the anointing of your Celestial Father with your hands.

“Today, the little creature spoke about aborted children, about children who are raped and killed, those for whom the men of today do not dispense the justice they deserve.  Today, you need a leader like Moses to dispense justice.  My little ones remember, the Well Beloved Jesus does not punish, He dispenses justice.

“Each of the creatures who serves the Well Beloved must be holy, although it is difficult for a married person to accept this command, more so for the men of today, because they are not like the ones from the antiquity.

“Today, those little devices that you watch [televisions] try to damage the real mission that the Well Beloved Jesus brought into the world, He Who is Holy, the Son of God.  He was begotten in your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and not made.  Today, many offend your Loving Mother.  They mock Her and say, 'How can She have a child without having sex with Her husband?'  But yes, your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, was holy from Her mother's womb.  Saint Ann had no sexual relations with her husband, and while her husband was in the desert, she conceived your Mother through the Holy Spirit.

“People today do not understand the Path of the Well Beloved Jesus.  It is tenderness, love, mercy; it is giving oneself up to serve the Well Beloved.  You have to understand that those who serve your Loving Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus must wear the Sandals of Jesus or the tiny Sandals of Mary.  It is a holy man or a holy woman who serves Him; they renounce their carnal appetites because the Holy Spirit removes those desires.  In ancient times, the prophets, and today the visionaries, leave their husbands, their wives, their children to follow the Well Beloved Jesus.  You may wonder, why?  Why do you have to renounce love in order to devote yourself to the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary?  My little ones, it is not a renunciation of love; it is an encounter with the most profound love, the love of your Celestial Father in each of your hearts.

“Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, appears today in all parts of the world.  Many of you ask, why don’ I see Her?  It’s because you do not open your eyes to faith.  She does appear and you can see Her dancing in the sun with those little devices that you can take a picture with, and many can see Her through them, like the little one has done.  They are the miracles of Marian apparitions.

“Your Mother suffered a lot in the antiquity when She said yes to having Her Son, because everyone judged Her because of it.  Today, your Celestial Father sends Her with the Beloved Jesus to appear everywhere in order to gather the flock that is scattered and separated from the Church.  The Church is universal; it is where the Well Beloved Jesus is sacrificed every day in the Holy Eucharist.  Many people offend the priests, who sometimes are not to blame for making mistakes, because today the women don’t dress with respect when receiving the Eucharist.  The Priests give you blessings and they must give you the Eucharist in your mouths.  Always remember that you must not take the Body of the Well Beloved in your hands, but in your mouths, and on bended knees.

“Today, the little creature talked a lot and gave many teachings, but it was your Mother who spoke to you to convince the people of today that the Well Beloved Jesus walks with each of you, even though you don’t realize it.  Your Loving Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus walk in an old man, in a person of color, in a young mother, and you don’t realize it.  Wherever you go, your Mother is there to see how you behave towards human misery.

“Today, not only in this country, but around the world, those who have wealth have forgotten the poor.  Many of them abuse their employees and do not give them what they truly deserve, nor share their profits.  Today, I am speaking about the state of human nature.

“Your Loving Mother can appear anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.  Those to whom She appears must sacrifice their own desires in order to give the Word of your Celestial Father through the Beloved Son and the Beautiful Lady with dignity and love.

“Today, I want to congratulate those who have come to this place with such bad weather, and your Loving Mother also wants to recognize the volunteers of this place.  Some of them don’t go to work on apparition days and they sacrifice their salaries.  They say, 'I went to see the Virgin Mary, and I do not regret it.'  I greet with love those who are by my side, all the volunteers [Rosa mentioned some names].  The little creature forgets some names, but I will give a special blessing to all of them.  Your Mother fills the hearts of every one of you for honoring Her Beloved Son at this apparition site.  Very few people stay for so long at a place of apparition [Rosa mentioned more names, some of whom were not present]. 

“Today, My little ones, I want to greet everyone, and especially those who are present, for always honoring your Loving Mother in your hearts.  She is the Mother of everyone.  Do not think that when you go to a place of apparition that you are going only because you are driven by the faith that each of you have in your hearts.  Instead, you are moved by the Divine Spirit of God, which brings you to the place of apparition.  Each of you who is here with true love can hear the Word of the Well Beloved through your Loving Mother. 

“I want to give a special greeting through the little one to two other volunteers.  One of them is sick, but your Mother says that he will need to continue to serve.  He will need to continue to be at Feet of the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother Mary.  They are the ones who accompany the little one to the place where she goes on her mission, and your Mother asks you, who else would accompany her?

“Each of you who is in this place when the little one touches you, will receive the Divine Spirit that penetrates your heart and makes you say, 'Blessed be the Lord of the universe, Blessed Jesus, Blessed be His Holy Mother!'  Your Loving Mother gives you the opportunity of receiving a special blessing at this apparition site.

“Pray for the little creature.  Everyone she loves the most leaves her.  You are the children of Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  You accompany her and help her to continue on this Path of suffering with your faith and your love.  Her family is good, but they do not believe.  God sent the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother to this place to take refuge in the heart of the little creature who said yes and who gives herself up totally to serve in this little place.

“A little creature, the American, as the little one calls her, helped her so the little one would not lose this sanctuary.  The little one needs your prayers so she can continue going forward.  Your Loving Mother will continue to appear, but you must pray a lot for this and for all the places of apparition.

“Your Loving Mother is with all the children who are mistreated and abused.  Today, the justice of Moses is needed sometimes in the world.  You cannot kill a creature who did not ask to come into the world, but who was conceived in a moment of pleasure.  Do not continue to allow the abortion of creatures who did not ask to come into the world.

“Pray for the Holy Father, who is being threatened and is in danger.  Pray that the love of the Well Beloved Jesus continues to pour out blessings through the Divine Spirit over all the places where your Loving Mother appears, and especially over the Path that the Well Beloved Jesus left, which is the Universal Church.  Pray for all of the priests of today, and for all of those who have departed.  Pray with love, My little ones, because for those who pray with true generosity, the Well Beloved Jesus will multiply His love and experiences in each of your homes.

“I love you and I bless you with Divine Spirit, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


February 8, 2014


                “Today is a wonderful day for your Loving Mother, because She sees the little creatures who had been lost and have returned back to the fold, Who is the Well Beloved Jesus.  He wants you to walk with Him in this Rosary that you pray together, united in true love, and full of wisdom.  Each Mystery, My little ones, is a wonderful Mystery of your Loving Mother, and every time you pray the Rosary you walk with the little Virgin Mary, as you call Her, Who is your Loving Mother.  Even though you do not see Her, She always is with you and with everyone who goes to Mass to hear the priest read the True Word, which is in the Sacred Scriptures.

                “Every time you gather to pray the Rosary to your Loving Mother, She accompanies you with these wonderful prayers that the angel said to your Loving Mother.  Everyone who truly prays walks with Her in all the Mysteries.

                “Can you imagine when the Child Jesus was born in a manger, even though He is the King of kings?  How the angels sang around that grotto!  All the animals that were there rejoiced at the moment the Well Beloved was born.  Your Loving Mother feels very happy when She sees all Her children gathered together.  All of you are Her children, although some do not believe it.  Your Mother is the Mother of all human beings who walk through life.  Many of them invoke Her and ask for Her intercession, but others do not agree that She exists and they don’t believe that She can appear in many places.  The Well Beloved is the One Who brings Her.  Your Loving Mother comes to gather petitions from each of Her children, from the good ones and the bad ones, from everyone who asks Her to grant them a miracle of love in their lives, their homes, their marriages.

                “My little ones, the world of today is not like the world in which the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother walked [when people took more care of each other].  This world is full of evil, abuse, and scarcity.  While many are dying of starvation, others are living like kings who are ruling over herds of calves.  God sends your Loving Mother to humanity so that you can find true love in your Loving Mother.  Your Loving Mother guides the flock of Well Beloved Jesus through the Path on which each one belongs. 

                “The little creature [Rosa] is tired today; it was a tiresome day for her and for the little creature who always accompanies her.  Tell her [the person who helps Rosa] that your Mother is happy with the work that she is doing in this little place.  She is also happy with everyone who always does something for this place that is small, but great in miracles and love.

                “You will not regret whatever each one of you does for this place.  When the little one departs from this place and leaves you, you may feel abandoned, without anyone to teach the Word of God in this place.  My little ones, you should not feel that way, because a person will remain here to attend to the flock that will continue to come to this place.  Everyone will receive the love that your Loving Mother brings to you every day and every moment.  Do not separate yourselves from the sublime love that your Loving Mother gives to you through the Well Beloved Jesus.

                “My little one, the Well Beloved Jesus is great.  He was killed on a Cross and suffered what no one in the world has ever suffered.  He never came down from the Cross, even though He could have done it to save the world from what is happening now and from what is still to come.  The Well Beloved Jesus had to suffer for each one of you.  Many persons do not believe that God exists or that one day Jesus will come to ask each of you what you have done for humanity.  Do not be guided by those who say that He will come on such and such a day, because Jesus will never tell anyone when He will return.  Not even the angels know when the King of kings will come to the world.

                “God sent the Well Beloved Jesus, His only Son, to save humanity from so much misery, so much pain, and He taught you to cultivate the land so you can nourish yourselves and live in peace.  The trees are important, My little creatures; they carry out their mission of refreshing and purifying the air.  You must take care of nature, which your Heavenly Father created.  You must teach the little creatures to love the Path that the Well Beloved Jesus left for you, the Path that is filled with love, sacrifice, and pain, and also with surprises.

                “The Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, are with all of the sick at all times.  If it is the Will of God that a sick person is healed in order to serve Him, the Well Beloved Jesus will raise up and guide that person.

                “Always remember that your Loving Mother appears throughout the world to gather the flock of Well Beloved Jesus and to take everyone to the Path that He left for you.  At the Marian apparitions, that flock gathers together and returns to the Path, which is the Church that the Well Beloved left for you.  The Catholic Church, which means the Universal Church, is the only one that the Well Beloved Jesus left.  When you go to the Church where the apostles of today [the priests] consecrate the Eucharist, you should to receive It with love, with reverence, with true dignity, because It is the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved Jesus.  Each person who takes the Eucharist should receive It in the mouth, because no one can touch It, except for the priest who is giving It.

                “I will explain something that many of you are not aware of.  Why do you think a woman cannot give Communion?  Do you want to know why?  A woman cannot take the Eucharist in her hands because It is the Blood of Well Beloved Jesus, and His Blood cannot be mixed with the blood of the woman, because it is a sin [the woman has a period].  Only the priest can give It, and he should give It in the mouth, not in the hand.  If a priest wants to give It to you in your hand, you should say to him, ‘Forgive me, Father, but I receive It in my mouth.’  If he says to you, ‘I am meeting my obligation of obedience,’ you should say to him, ‘Forgive me, Father, but I adhere to the faith and to the Word that is written in the Holy Scriptures.’  Although you may believe that your hands are clean, they are really filled with the dust of everything that you touch.  You must not touch the Body that the Well Beloved left for each one of you; you must to take It with true reverence, without sin, and in your mouth.

                “I say in all the places where you go to worship the Well Beloved Jesus that everything is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  The great prophets of the antiquity left everything written down for each of you in that Book of love that the Well Beloved Jesus left for you with your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and the apostles. 

                “Pray always; pray for the souls in Purgatory, for those who die each day in accidents of all kinds, for the people who die of terminal diseases, for everyone who suffers, for abandoned children, and for aborted children.  They cut their hands and their little feet so they can reach their little bodies and kill them cruelly.  One day, when they meet Him in the tunnel that everyone must pass through, they will have to answer to God for their actions.  The Well Beloved Jesus will remind them of everything they have done, and He will say that they cannot go into glory, but into hell for killing a creature who did not ask to come into the world.  You, the parents, are the ones who have to teach your children to love God above all things, and to love your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, the holiest of all women.  I warn each woman that they must love the little creatures that God intended for them to procreate from the moment they are in their womb and that they must not to kill them in the place where they should be the safest.

                “Parents, remember that you must honor your children and not abuse them.  You must love your children from the time they are in the womb.  Do not abuse your children when they are in their mother’s womb, or after they are born.  Parents need to love, educate, and guide their children in the Truth and Love of God.  Lies, abuse, and psychological torture can lead a creature to death by suicide.  Honor and love your creatures, both the born and unborn. 

                “When you encounter the Well Beloved Jesus one day, you will glorify Him in Heaven.  The Well Beloved Jesus will lead you to Eden, where everyone who has been a good son, a good father, a good mother, a good brother, a good family member, will receive their reward in Heaven.

                “Divine Justice is not only received here, but also in Heaven.  When you cross through the tunnel, the Well Beloved Jesus will teach you where you will go if you do not repent, even though you’ve made only the smallest mistake.  Always honor your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Call Her ‘my Beautiful Lady’ as the little one does, which She likes.  Tell Her, ‘My Beautiful Lady, help me out of this turmoil that torments me and does not let me live.  Help me, my Beautiful Lady.’  You will see how the Well Beloved Jesus will attend to the sighs that you give to your Loving Mother and how He will liberate you when He sees your love and your faith when you pray.

                “I bless you, My little ones, and I ask you to always walk on the Path that the Well Beloved Jesus left for you.  Take shelter, as your Loving Mother did when She gave birth to the Well Beloved Jesus in the grotto.  You can live as if you were in a cave, gathered into your homes to pray the family Rosary.  Live the fullness of the life of your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, Who will always accompany each one of you.  Do not be abusive toward anyone, not even the animals.  God put them in the ark of Noah, and some of them are here to keep the elderly and the children company.  What you are capable of doing to an animal, you will do to a human being.  If you cut down a tree that gives fruit, tomorrow you will lack the food that the tree would have given you. 

                “Prepare to receive the blessing, and help the little one.  I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


The Message of February 13, 2014 Continues

                Before praying the Rosary today, Our Loving Mother asked Rosa to read from Jeremiah, Chapter 31, Verses 10-14:  ‘Hear the word of the Lord, O ye nations, and declare it in the islands that are afar off, and say: He that scattered Israel will gather him: and he will keep him as the shepherd doth his flock. For the Lord hath redeemed Jacob, and delivered him out of the hand of one that was mightier than he. And they shall come, and shall give praise in mount Sion: and they shall flow together to the good things of the Lord, for the corn, and wine, and oil, and the increase of cattle and herds, and their soul shall be as a watered garden, and they shall be hungry no more. Then shall the virgin rejoice in the dance, the young men and old men together: and I will turn their mourning into joy, and will comfort them, and make them joyful after their sorrow. And I will fill the soul of the priests with fatness: and my people shall be filled with my good things, saith the Lord.’



Date:    February 13, 2014
Name:  Elaine Rebochak
City:     Cooper City, FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

I have been coming to Rosa for years.  I was diagnosed with liver cancer, with my enzymes at 299.  Today I got new results and my tests came out clean; my enzymes are normal – no cancer!  I was also diagnosed with throat and thyroid cancer, but when the tests came back, they again showed no cancer!