Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

August 13, 2014

“Your Loving Mother is very happy about the events in this little place.  Your Loving Mother rejoices when She hears your prayers and petitions and She takes them to the Celestial Father.  I want to remind you that today is a wonderful day for your Loving Mother and for the Church that created.  The Well Beloved Jesus walks with each one of you in your hearts.  Today, there is joy in this place because your Loving Mother was able to bring some priests here [there was a Mass at the apparition site today].  Your Loving Mother is very happy and there is joy in Heaven and on Earth.  Each of you will find in your hearts the answer that your Loving Mother will give to each of the petitions that you make at this moment.  The Holy Spirit rejoices in this place together with your Loving Mother.

“Your Loving Mother is not going to give a long Message, because today your Celestial Father illuminated the hearts of the shepherds so they would come here and be in a place such as this.  There are only a few shepherds from the Church who celebrate Mass where your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, appears.  There are only a few, My little ones, but they are here with the little creature [Rosa], who feels very small, like a little ant, for having them here.  I tell you that she is not as small as an ant; she is like a shepherd who gathers the flock that the Well Beloved Jesus gives her so you can all say that you are Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman.

“Your Loving Mother blesses all who have come to this place today.  Every month, all of you rejoice when you receive the blessings that your Loving Mother brings.  As I told you, I am not going to speak very much, because the shepherds gave the message of love through the Gospel to each of you, to all the Church.

“Now all the little creatures who have come today will receive Divine anointing through the hands of the little creature and you will receive the healing that you ask for. 

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


August 9, 2014


            “My little creatures, I was not going to talk to you because the little creature has not been feeling well.  The little creatures that have offered Mass today have spoken enough and have taught you a lot about the Word of God.  Your Loving Mother prefers to let them talk so that they can continue to teach the community of people who comes to this little place.

            “My little ones, the little one [Rosa] is naughty and was not listening to what your Loving Mother wanted to tell all the little creatures in this place.

            “The Well Beloved Jesus always brings a Message of love to all who are here visiting this small place, and also to all who bring the Message of His Word through the Holy Scriptures [today there was a Mass at the apparition site].  The Well Beloved Jesus left one Path, the Church, where all of you must walk to be in the Truth and to be able to discern all the things that are happening to humanity during these times.  

            “Your Mother reveals everything that is happening so that you can prepare yourselves in prayer.  Each of you should to pray in your homes, with your families; you don’t need to form groups that can become places of gossip.  

            “Your Loving Mother appears all over the world and in this little place so you can receive the blessings She brings to you full of love and compassion.  Your Loving Mother intercedes for all of you before the Well Beloved Jesus because of all the events that are happening in the world.  Today, men have no compassion, not even for the little creatures who are dying in many countries in the world.

            “Pray for the country of Israel, because the day they attack that country will be the beginning of much sufferings, not only for this country, but for the entire world, because it will be the start of World War III.  Pray that they do not touch God's people in the place where the Beloved Jesus took His first steps.

            “Pray for all the people who are destroying each other in fratricidal wars that have no end in sight.  Pray for the creatures who are fleeing from their homes because of mistreatment from their parents and lack of food in their countries.  Pray because this country cares for all humanity, although in doing so, the rest of the world hates it.

            “The Celestial Father made this world and gave you everything you need so that you could rejoice and live in peace.  You must always keep in your minds and hearts that the Divine Power of God is stronger than any evil that exists in the world.  Pray, My little ones, in season and out of season.

            “My little ones, your Loving Mother thanks all of you who are here for sacrificing your time to come to this little place to hear the Messages that She brings to you with much love.  This place is small, but great in miracles and love.  Your Loving Mother thanks the priests who have come here, because it is your Celestial Father Who moves your hearts so that you want to come to this little place.

            “This place will always be holy, and it will not end when the little creature departs, as the little one sometimes thinks, for it will be greater than it is now.  The little one does not understand many things, because she always had trouble understanding Divine things, but the Celestial Father chose her from the womb of her mother for this special mission.  She [Rosa] was born to sing, as many of you know, but the Celestial Father made her change the types of her songs into prayers.

            “I bless each one of you, although many of you do need not Divine anointing because you have already received it through the shepherds when you received the Holy Eucharist.  But if you still want your Loving Mother to touch you through the hands of the little one [Rosa], She will gladly touch you.  Prepare yourselves to receive the love of the Well Beloved Heart of Jesus through the anointing of your Loving Mother.

            “I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”