Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

April 13, 2014

"My little ones, today, with lots of difficulty, your Loving Mother brings you the Message of love of the Well Beloved Jesus.  You know the story of Jesus of Nazareth; when He was crucified he was beaten and He suffered all of the pains that exist and that can happen to a human being.  The Beloved Jesus was totally abused over His entire Body.  He was crucified and tortured for each one of you in the presence of your Loving Mother, Who could not do anything.  The Well Beloved Jesus did not abandon the Cross; He was crucified and He showed the world that He resurrected on the third day.  

“My little ones, your Loving Mother appears all over the world looking for the children who are scattered, the children who have separated from the only Path the Well Beloved Jesus left.  The Church is the Temple of the Holy Spirit that the Well Beloved Jesus left so that you can receive His Body in a small piece of Bread and receive salvation of body and soul.  You do not understand the Mysteries of the Holy Eucharist, which is His Body and Blood.  Whenever you consume It, you're consuming the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved Jesus.  The Well Beloved Jesus triumphed over death and defeated it.  He defeated His suffering, mistreatment and abuse.

“The Well Beloved Jesus is God Himself, Who became man so He could be in the hearts of every one of His creatures.  The Well Beloved Jesus dwells in every heart and mind that is open to Him and receives Him.  You are now present at a place where Jesus wants to manifest Himself to a creature who is small in size, but gigantic in works on behalf of the Well Beloved and all His children.

“Those who go to Church and hear the Word of God through the priest are His children.  That is where you can talk to God before consuming the Eucharist and ask Him, ‘Lord, I pray that when I take this Eucharist You will heal my soul and my body.  Lord, heal everyone who is here and receives You at this moment.’ 

“That little piece of Bread is the Body and Blood of your Celestial Father and It will accompany all who truly receive Him with love – in their mouths and while bending their knees before Him, because every head must bow and every knee must bend.  Today, many take Him the way they want, in the hands, and they are not interested in bending their knees before Him, Who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  Your Loving Mother comes to teach each of Her children, those given to Her by the Well Beloved Jesus, to honor, glorify and bless the Celestial Father by bending their knees before the Sacred Body that you consume.

“Your Loving Mother comes today in a lot of pain, because the little creature is suffering the same persecutions as the Well Beloved Jesus.  But they will not be able to crucify her.  Many would like to do it, but they won’t be able to.  The way they want to crucify her is to endanger her health.  My little children, you must pray very much for the little one so that the malignant one does not touch her or threaten her life.  The Well Beloved Jesus walks with the feet of the little creature, and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, speaks in her heart to bring the Message of the Well Beloved Jesus to all of you.  

“My little ones, you must always receive the Holy Eucharist with respect, and after you have confessed your sins to a priest.

“Bad times are coming to the world because of the lack of faith of men who don’t know how to truly love God, the One Who made the world for His Glory and for all who love Him.  Pray, My little ones, because difficult times are coming to humanity.  When the antichrist triumphs throughout the world, it will be the moment of the End Times, not the end of the world.  Always remember that those who say the world will end are not speaking the truth.  God will not destroy the world that He made with so much love for humanity.

“Pray for all the Marian apparitions around the world.  It is your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, Who is coming to gather Her children.  Remember that on the Cross, Jesus said, ‘Mother, behold Your son.  Son, behold your Mother.’  Jesus gave all His children in the world to your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  You are all the children of your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Today and until the end of time, your Loving Mother will gather all the children who are scattered across the earth at all of the apparition sites around the world, all who are lost in drugs, in alcohol, in aberrations, those who threaten their own lives and the lives of their parents.

“Pray so that the wicked drug that dominates the world today does not continue to advance and destroy the country in which you live; now they are giving it away for free.  The rulers do not understand the damage it does to those who consume it freely.  The ruler of this country is allowing this and does not understand that it is an evil drug that will destroy many families, not only here, but around the entire world.  That drug also destroys the lives of many creatures who did not ask to come into the world.  They are sacrificed in the wombs of their mothers; their parents kill them because they don’t have the courage to raise them and love them.  Drugs and alcohol are destroying humanity all over the world.

“Pray for the Church, which is Holy, Catholic and Apostolic.  It is the Path the Well Beloved left so that each of you can nourish your spirit by taking the Holy Eucharist and the Blood.  But today, they no longer give the Blood, the wine.  Pray for all the people in the world who offer their hearts to your Loving Mother so that She can talk through them and give you the Message so you can straighten your paths, the paths that many of you today have twisted around and strayed from.

“Pray for nature, which man is destroying today.  Nature is the work that God left so that in every nation, every human being can be fed by everything that is produced in the earth, which is holy.  Do not open your ears to the news that the world is going to end, because I repeat, God did not make the world to destroy it.  

“Your Loving Mother appears everywhere through the Divine Spirit and She walks with the humans who open their hearts to bring you the Messages that the Well Beloved Jesus gives.

“My little ones, pray for the families and for the Church.  Pray also for the Holy Father, who has a heart full of love and charity for all the less fortunate of the earth; his life is being threatened.  Pray so that does not happen, because if it does, the Justice of God will come pouring out in the heart of every human being who has done something evil without having thought or said at some point, ‘I should not do this evil thing, because it is a crime.’

“The Marian apparitions around the world will not stop, even though man wants them to.  God sends His Loving Mother to gather all human beings together as one family to love each other as He loves you.  

“Pray for the little one; she needs much prayer.  She prays for the whole world, and now you have an opportunity to pray for her – to take away her suffering, to take away the hate of the people she loves the most and to whom she has given all the love that is in her heart.  Pray so that she can continue with her mission and that she will not let evil stop her.  Evil walks next to the Well Beloved Jesus trying to take away souls so they don’t go to glory.  

“When you hear about the political left, it represents evil; the evil one always walks on the left side and love walks on the right side.  You must always walk on the right side, in the love of the Well Beloved Jesus.  

“The little one will anoint everyone, so prepare yourselves to receive the love of the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.


Information about the Marian apparitions in Hollywood, FL:

Recently, the visionary Rosa Lopez has been in danger of dying.

Those who serve the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, are always persecuted by the evil one.  As a faithful servant of the Lord, she is suffering from emotional abuse at the hands of her loved ones, who are also being attacked by the evil one.  They do not believe in what is happening here, and they want to close the shrine.  

Do not allow evil to triumph.  Continue to visit the shrine, and pray very much for the little creature, Rosa; do not abandon her.  

Through the Well Beloved Jesus, your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, will continue to bless you, and many of you will be healed in this place if you truly believe in the Well Beloved Jesus.  Amen.