Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

September 13, 2013

                "My little creatures, My little ones, your Loving Mother appears so that all the people who are in this place with true faith will receive the Holy Spirit and see your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  You can take pictures with those little apparatuses and see the image of your Loving Mother. 

                “The little creature [Rosa] does not govern herself and cannot do things the way she wants.  She told you that your Loving Mother was going to give a locution.  She will give her a locution today, but She will also appear to you in this place.

                "I tell you that you have to be prepared in your hearts for many things that will happen in this troubled world in which you live today.  Man thinks he can control the Celestial Father, but the Celestial Father is universal and no human being can govern Him.  Human beings were created by God, and as children of their Creator, they must be under the authority and command of their Creator in this world that God created for people to inhabit.

                "Your Celestial Father blesses you and allows your Loving Mother to appear to you in many parts of the world on a day like today.  In many places of the world, your Celestial Father chooses creatures who are capable of sacrifice and of leaving everything behind in order to receive your Loving Mother and your Beloved Jesus of Nazareth.  Your Celestial Father says that those who receive your Loving Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus are always abandoned by their loved ones.  Their loved ones believe that the chosen ones are imagining things or are crazy.

                "I assure you that there are people in this place who ask themselves, ‘How is it possible that the Virgin can appear to that little creature?’  I say yes, My little ones, I can appear to any human being who is able to say, 'Yes, I leave everything I have to follow the Lord and the Beautiful Lady.'  Everyone who sacrifices what they have in order to give it to your Celestial Father are those who can truly receive your Loving Mother and your Celestial Father.

                "My little ones, ever since your Loving Mother has begun to appear in this little place many of the things She has been telling all of humanity about through the Messages have been happening in the world.  In this place of Marian apparitions, the same as those in other parts of the world, your Loving Mother gives you the Messages through the little creature who offers the sacrifice of receiving Her and has the glory of having Her with her.

                "Many things will happen in this troubled world, but I ask you to pray and to ask with love for Marian apparitions to continue wherever your Loving Mother looks for those children who have been separated from the only Path that Jesus left to reach Him with, which is the Church.  You must pray a great deal for the Church, which is universal.  It is the Bride that waits with Mary for Jesus to return to the world and put everything in order.

                "My little ones, it is through the Marian apparitions that your Mother warns man to convert, to return to the Church, which is the Path that Jesus left.  Return to Confession, return to prayer before the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  All those prayers are heard by the Well Beloved.  The Holy Spirit touches your hearts and brings to your homes happiness, love, and everything your Celestial Father wants to give to you.  However, He cannot reach all hearts, because many are hard, stubborn, full of pride, and they do not want to give a little of what they receive from your Celestial Father to share them with others.  Go to the places of apparition to receive the blessings that your Loving Mother brings to you through the little creatures who receive the Holy Spirit, the Well Beloved Jesus, and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

                "Many epidemics will come to humanity and you have to be very careful when purchasing your food.  Be careful where you get them from and where you get water so that you may not get any illnesses.  Man transmits diseases through the air that they themselves produce and they drop them over the countries of their enemies.

                "Who of you is pleased with the crime against humanity that was committed in Syria where they killed many children, even children who were in the wombs of their mothers?  Children were on the floor gasping for air with their mouths open, along with adults, and they died in bloody heaps from a cursed poison, as the Well Beloved Jesus calls it, that was spread by the leaders of that country.  I warn you now about something very important: Great things will happen to this country for not allowing your ruler to dispense justice and to punish the crime against humanity that was committed against those creatures in that country.  Because they did not dispense justice for this crime, this country is as guilty as the one who committed it, because they could have prevented it.  Crimes against humanity demands justice so that what was done in another country does not occur anywhere else.

                "I ask the little creatures who are gathered in this little place today and who can carry the Message of love and justice throughout the country: Why are you against this ruler dispensing the justice that he should have done with that country?  Were you in agreement with the attack on the twin towers in N.Y.?  No, it is true, but many also did not want to see justice done with those guilty ones.  You who are responsible for what happened there, shall also be responsible when tomorrow the same thing may happen in another country.  Since you were not able to bring justice for those people, neither will humanity be able to do justice for you.  And today, they also do not want justice done against the perpetrators of the crimes against humanity that are committed against innocent creatures who did not ask to come into the world.

                "Jesus says, 'It is not wrong to punish the guilty so he doesn’t do it again.  If he does not receive punishment, he will commit the same crime again, because he will not repent if nothing happens to him.  Tomorrow when this happens again anywhere in humanity you cannot say anything, because you did nothing to stop it.  You accepted the death of so many creatures who did not want to come into the world in a country where everything is evil and destruction and where they hate the humanity that surrounds them.  Many of the rulers of this country, like those in Europe and Latin America, did not condemn this act, nor did they agree with the ruler of this country about dispensing justice.  You will suffer the consequences of the acts that men have committed because atrocities will continue to occur in this world that is as troubled as it is today.’

                "Today they defame and speak poorly of the Pope who is guiding the Church.  The Pope did not say that same-sex couples can marry, as many think he did.  The Pope said that all are human beings and ought to contemplate humanity's free will.  The Church does not accept those kinds of marriages, because they are not within the order of humanity; generations would end because there would be no creation.  You can accept your family as they are without harming anyone.  But you cannot accept what is wrong and sinful in the Eyes of God.  It is sinful for a man to have a relationship with another man or a woman with another woman and if they do, they will have to suffer the consequences of their actions.  You cannot judge them, however, because only God will judge them.  Everyone should look at them and treat them as brothers.

                "Nature will make sure to do its work on the trouble humanity that you live in today.  Nature will avenge every act of evil that man does, not just those against nature but also those against humans.  Nature was made by God and He works through all that He created.  God created humanity and He created living nature to serve humanity.  You cannot destroy nature with fire, injuring the plants so you can build apartment buildings or condominiums, as you call then.  Plants serve as food for humanity.

                "You must pray in silence as Jesus taught you in the Holy Scriptures.  My little ones, the Well Beloved Jesus hears every prayer that you pray with your soul, with your heart.  The Well Beloved Jesus always listens to those who pray with love to your Celestial Father.  Pray silently with love and true sacrifice all the time, without stopping.  Pray for the aborted children; those creatures are not to blame for the beings who came together and created them.  Also pray for those children who are brought into the world and are then thrown away in the garbage with little thought about it.  The creatures who are capable of killing their own children cannot be forgiven.

                "The world is corrupt, My little ones, and there are hardly any good mothers.  They do not raise their children correctly; they allow them to go out alone at any time of day, they do not educate them in their homes, they do not teach them what is bad and what is good, and they give them everything they ask for as long as they come closer to them.  Education is very important in the homes and when a home is destroyed, the woman should give the best example to her children and not conceive more creatures who will be left again without a father.  Teach your children to love others, to give charity.  Teach your children to help their teachers, do their jobs obediently and respectfully so you can truly have a great country under God, Whom they should also learn to love.

                "Your Loving Mother will anoint you all, but She wants you to pray in your homes and to go to the temples that He left, the Church, which is the Bride that awaits Jesus of Nazareth, the Bridegroom Who will return to rescue His Church.  Always remember that there is only one Path on which to follow God, and on that Path God will know what you have in your hearts.  Go to the churches, which are the Temples of the Holy Spirit.  Learn to do good without being sorry for doing it; learn to love one another and to have homes that serve as good examples for your children.  Love your neighbors and your friends, all of whom are the family that God gives you, like all of you who are gathered here today.  All of you are My children, all of you are brethren; all who go to church, together with your priest.

                "Pray for the Pope; he has received death threats.  Learn what the Church says, that no matter who you are, whether rich or poor, white or black, tall or short, good or bad, you are all children of God, even though some may be on the wrong path because their parents did not educate them well in childhood.  Love one another as He loves you, good and bad, rich and poor, because you do not know at what moment, in what person, in whose heart, God will take shelter.

                "Pray for the deceased and offer Masses for them so they can enter the Presence of God.

                "I love you, My little ones.  Straighten your paths and follow the Path that God left for you.  Go to the places where your Mother appears and where your Celestial Father pours out His blessings and touches the hearts of His children.  Your Celestial Father pours out His blessings and makes your Loving Mother appear in this place and in many places so that you can venerate Her and love Her and so She can take you to Jesus.  There is only One God in the whole universe for all of humanity.

                "I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen."


September 7, 2013


                “You do not know how much pain the little one and your Loving Mother have endured so that the little one could give you the Message of the Beautiful Lady, as you call Her.

                “My little ones, this is a Mystery that you remember all the time, of how your Loving Mother suffered to see Her Son die on the Cross, crucified as a delinquent, as if He had been a being without compassion.  Your Celestial Father chose this moment of the Mystery of the Crucifixion of the Lord for your Loving Mother to speak to you.

                “Today, your Loving Mother suffers the same way She suffered when She saw Jesus on the Cross.  On a day like today, when you remember the death of the Well Beloved on the Cross, how many innocents have left this world, My little ones!  You should pray and remember those souls that have departed this world and arrived in Heaven to become like angels, because they were little creatures who did not ask to come into the world.

                “You are praying the Rosary as usual, but today you are doing it for those little creatures who died in that place where evil rejoices, where man celebrates evil and commits the greatest crimes that can be committed against humanity, against so many children who have now died.  On this day you remember those children and you dedicate them in this Rosary as you dedicate them at the Mass to the Eucharist, Who is Jesus on the Cross.

                “They have crucified Jesus again by killing all those creatures who did not ask to come into the world because they are innocent children, and because man is not moved by such evil.  Your Loving Mother suffers and your Well Beloved Jesus trembles on the Cross every time an innocent one is killed, aborted, or abused, because those children do not ask to come into the world and it is the parents who bring them here through the pleasure they feel in conceiving them.

                “Today's world, My little ones, should be crying because of the blood that is being shed everywhere.  Humanity should shudder because of the horrendous crime they have committed where so many creatures have died, asphyxiated by poison they should never have absorbed.  But humanity is not shaken nor do they offer any Masses for those creatures who died innocently.

                “God sends your Loving Mother to all parts of the world so that you can convert and understand that if you don’t, man will pay for the many crimes and abuses that have been committed at this moment in this world in which you live.  When an event happens like what has happened in the world, humanity must shudder so they will do justice for those miserable ones, as you call them, who kill the creatures who are not at fault for the problems facing men today, which they themselves create.

                “My little ones, you need to pray a lot for those children who die innocently, aborted in the wombs of their mothers.  This time they killed creatures with a deadly poison by only breathing it and they did not give them a chance to save their lives.  Those children were murdered, breathing the poison that man himself manufactured.  Many do not want to see justice done against those murderers and criminals so they would be punished; they don’t even deserve to die on a cross.  The Cross is sacred, because it is where Jesus of Nazareth died. 

                “Jesus sends your Loving Mother to all parts of the world.  Disasters will continue to occur and the earth will shake.  The hearts of human beings are not moved by such events, but the earth is; nature will avenge the great crimes committed against humanity in this world in which you live.

                “You have to pray for all those creatures who died and you should say Masses for those innocent creatures so they can rise up and go to where the angels are.  Man failed to take care of those creatures so that they would not be killed.

                “You will see a lot more before the End of Times.  You will not know when the moment comes, but humanity is desperately waiting for it as if it was a party.  But the Divine Justice will come at a time when you do not know and you will be surprised in whatever you are accustomed to be doing. 

                “My little ones, pray for all humanity, which is now suffering the consequences of their bad rulers, who are using humanity to make themselves great, arrogant, and powerful, and man allows it.  The people are the ones who elect their leaders and rulers, and they are following the ones who killed those innocent children without regret or compassion; the little ones were not to blame for what happened.

                “You need to be prepared in your homes, because great events will occur for mankind, My little ones.  But those who pray and grow in prayer will not be touch by evil.  Pray, make sacrifices, do charity for the less fortunate.  Pray for peace, which is in danger.  There are only a few prayers that people pray so that your Celestial Father does not let His Powerful Hand fall upon this corrupt humanity, which is all over the world. 

                “I love you, My little ones, and your Loving Mother asks you to pray for the little creature [Rosa], because it is not easy for her to be with you.  Your Loving Mother surprises the little creature so She can manifest Herself, because even though you may not believe it, the little creature is a coward about all these things she does not know and that she has ignored all her life. 

                “Do not ask for your Loving Mother to appear, because your Mother only obeys the Lord.  It is Jesus, Who chooses His children and not everyone is able to renounce everything they must in order to serve Jesus in this corrupt world in which you live.  Pray for the peace that is far from being reached by man.  The less man prays, the more he will continue to let evil dominate his mind and his heart, and the world will continue to shake from pain.  You must consecrate your homes and your children every day to God, the One Who does all and gives all.

                “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


The Message of September 13, 2013 Continues

                Before the Rosary began, Our Loving Mother guided Rosa to read the Sacred Scriptures from Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 26, Verses 4-11:  And my life indeed from my youth, which was from the beginning among my own nation in Jerusalem, all the Jews do know: Having known me from the beginning (if they will give testimony) that according to the most sure sect of our religion I lived a Pharisee. And now for the hope of the promise that was made by God to the fathers, do I stand subject to judgment: Unto which, our twelve tribes, serving night and day, hope to come. For which hope, O king, I am accused by the Jews. Why should it be thought a thing incredible, that God should raise the dead? And I indeed did formerly think, that I ought to do many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth. Which also I did at Jerusalem, and many of the saints did I shut up in prison, having received authority of the chief priests: and when they were put to death, I brought the sentence. And oftentimes punishing them, in every synagogue, I compelled them to blaspheme: and being yet more mad against them, I persecuted them even unto foreign cities.’