Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2013

“My little creatures, you do not know with how much love your Loving Mother comes to this humble place with the Holy Spirit so that each one of you may receive a special blessing on this wonderful day when your Loving Mother appears.

"Your Mother is sad, like the little creature [Rosa].  Your Mother shows you how the heart of the little creature feels so that you will know what the creatures who follow the Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother suffer.

“It is not easy; My little creatures suffer a lot, like Jesus suffered on the Cross.  Those whom He chooses suffer a lot in order to reveal the great events that are coming to humanity.  He takes over the heart of the little creature who opens it up to Him so that your Loving Mother can manifest His Glory in a place that is small and insignificant, as each of you believe this place is, but that is great in miracles.  The little one never thought that your Loving Mother would manifest Her Glory through Jesus in her heart, and with her feet and hands.

"I want to tell you, My little ones, all of you who have come for the first time, that this place is blessed for all time.  Ii is and will be a Divine sanctuary for humanity.  Even after the little one departs, the Lord will continue to do His Work in this place.  However, do not think that the little one will depart soon; your Mother is only saying that this place is Sacred, and will continue to be Sacred for all time, for all the children that I hand over to the little creature in this place.

"There will be major events in this place and in all the places where your Loving Mother appears.  Despite all the difficulties of these times, and the problems in the Church that you are well aware of, many persons do not believe in Marian apparitions; they do not want the people to believe.  They think that His children will no longer go to church, only to the places of apparition, and that is not true.

"The Church is the Bride who awaits the return of Jesus with Her children.  The Church is the Path that your Celestial Father left so that each of you can go to Confession with those great priests who are now in the Church, the place where your Father manifests His Glory every day in the small Eucharist that you consume, which is the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved.

"Always remember that in order for each of you to receive Communion, to take that Body, which is Sacred, you have to go to Confession and you have to take the Holy Eucharist in your mouth, not in your hands.  The priest will give It to you in your hands only if you put your hands out, but if you genuflect and open your mouths, then the priest will give it to you that way.  Remember that they need to be obedient to their superiors, but that you must follow your faith.

"For each of you who attends Mass and reads the Scriptures, that is where He says, ‘I am Holy, and Holy must be those who receive the Holy Eucharist, and they must take It in the mouth.’  If you take it in your hands, is like contaminating the Body of Jesus, Who is present in that little piece of Bread.  Although the priests are obliged to obey their superiors, you are under the obligation of respecting the Holy Eucharist, which is the Body and Blood of Jesus that He left when He was crucified and rose up to Heaven.

"Do not separate yourself from your place of worship, which is the Church.  It is the Path that Jesus left you.  Sometimes you twist it, and other times, you straighten it out, but you must continue on it in the faith.  If a priest tells you to open your hands, you should say, 'Father, you need to be obedient, but I owe it to my faith to receive the Body of Jesus in my mouth, because my hands are dirty from the world.’  With true humility, receive the Sacred Body that the Celestial Father left for everyone so they can be healed from the many sins that they commit with their bodies, with their minds, with their lips, and with their eyes.

"Always remember that your Beloved Jesus left you one Path, not three, not four, only one, one single Path.  To the right is Jesus, and to the left is the malignant one.  Today, many of the countries on this continent are suffering from the aberrations of anti-Christianity.  Many of the countries are embracing Socialism, which precedes the denial of everything that God gives to humanity: faith, love of the Cross, and Holy Communion.  Jesus left you only one Path, with a right turn and a left turn on it.  That's why, when you hear a man talk about the Left, it symbolizes evil; it is the path of the devil, who always walks alongside Jesus to see whether man chooses eternity or hell, which does exist, even though many don’t believe it.

"My little ones, all those whom Jesus chooses to preach His Word in His Name have to go through that hell that many people do not believe in, but which does exist.  They have to pass through it as Jesus did.  He spent three days there in that hole full of fire, lava and evil, where everyone who commits sin and does not repent will go.  Although you may not believe it, the little creature had to be in that hell for three days; she saw it and felt it, and at that moment there was no doctor who could wake her up from where she was.  She was there to see everything that Jesus had to go through to bring the Word and healing to every human being, because God, the Celestial Father, sent Him there.  Whomever He chooses to follow the Path of the Well Beloved Jesus must walk with your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and for three days, they must be embraced by the boiling lava and universal fire that leads men to that place, the place of sacrificial pain for sins.

“Jesus had no sins; however, He descended to that place to know what it is like to suffer in hell.  But some people don’t experience those things through a place like that, but through the lives they lead.  Those whom Jesus chooses have to suffer all of the same the pain and suffering that the little creature suffers through her loved ones.  Thus, anyone who walks with God must suffer the rejection of those who truly do not believe.

"God left a Path of love, and your Loving Mother is the Bride Who waits in the Church, the Temple that Jesus left, the place where He receives every one of His children with love when they repent of their sins.  You must comply with the Divine Law.  Go to Confession so that you can receive the Sacred Body in your sanctified mouths, not in your hands.  He who takes It in his hands, takes It that way for his own condemnation. 

“Follow the Path of love, the Path of bringing the lost sheep back to the sheepfold.  That is why the little creature, the visionary, as you call her, does good works in the world for the little creatures, and it is why she goes through hard times in the little home in which she lives; many of her loved ones have left her so that she would be alone.  But I have given her more than two dozen children, those who come to this place to share with her the love of your Loving Mother.

“Remember what tell you my little ones.  He who walks with Jesus and Mary will die suffering, because that is how Jesus died, and He did not turned away from the Cross.  Your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, will continue to appear with the Good Shepherd in every town, in every country, in every city, to every human being, small, big, white, black, Chinese, blonde, to lead the sheep to the sheepfold, which is the Path that God left through His Beloved Son.

"Always remember, My little ones, that the lives of men are not easy today; many things happen.  But the world will not end by water, flooded by the sea, like many people say it will.  The world will go through fire like Sodom and Gomorrah because of the aberrations that are in world of today.  The world is mixed up; people are disobedient, and they have no love for their fellow men.  Your Celestial Father made man and woman to procreate and to fill the world with His children.

"Pray for your Pope, who is kind.  You must not look down on anyone because of their way of being, you must pray for them all.  You should not despise anyone or discriminate against anyone, but you should not accept the situation of allowing same sex marriage in the Church.  The Church blesses the marriages of men and women so they will procreate and fill the world full of creatures who will serve God, even though some of them will serve the evil one.

"Pray a lot for the Pope, who has a good heart.  He is a Pope for the rich, for the poor, for the humble, for the hungry, as was St. Francis of Assisi.  Defend him with the rod of the Holy Spirit so that nothing will touch him, or those who follow the Path of love that God left to lead the flock to the sheepfold from all places; so that His children will return to the love of Jesus and your Loving Mother. 

“Always remember what I say: obey Jesus with love, holiness and obedience. 

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen."


November 9, 2013

Vigil Night

 "My little creatures, many of you are not able to sacrifice anything in order to hear the Message of your Loving Mother.  The little creatures who are here are the ones who always come to this little place to pay homage to your Loving Mother and to your Heavenly Father.

“I tell you that the people of today do not know about all the events that are coming to humanity.  The world will not end as many are saying that it is going to end, and no one knows the moment your Beloved Jesus will return to earth to exact His Justice.  The people of today only believe in their ability to work, as you call it, but you do not realize that making sacrifices in order to hear the Message of your Loving Mother at a Marian apparition is like going to Church to receive the Word of God and Communion.  God rewards those who sacrifice something in order to hear His Messages about what is happening.

“Many events are coming for humanity.  In many countries there will be much misery, even in this country.  The ruler of this country has failed to govern.  He still needs to learn a lot and he does many things that are not necessary in order to convince mankind of his plans.  To be the president of this country you must be very strong in order to be just and full of kindness for the poor of this country.

“Prepare much in prayer, because the man who prays will be able to endure the Justice that God will bring to the earth.  Many things are happening, but men close their eyes so they don’t see it.

“Your Loving Mother and your Beloved Jesus are very sad about what is happening in the Church, which is the Universal Church.  Many of today's priests want the Pope to justify homosexuality and to accept that they can marry in the Church.  But if God had wanted this, today there would be no creation, or inhabitants of the earth.  Same-sex couples cannot conceive a child; it is morally wrong and is a lewd act between them.  This does not mean that you ought to condemn these people, however.  God made man and woman to fill this world in which you live – to procreate creatures, to be men and women of impeccable conduct for humanity.  You must not accept same-sex marriage, it is a sin.  If they want to live that life, the Church should not hate them, but neither can the priests marry them.  They may go to Church to hear the Word of God so that God can help them to understand that the way they are living is not correct.

“My little creature, I know that you love all human beings equally.  That is why the Well Beloved has chosen you to take this Path that is not only one of miracles and love, but also of suffering, abandonment, sadness, and the tears that you shed.  But do not worry, My little one.  Everything in life has a beginning and an end.

“Be calm, My little one, and do not lose your temper with the man you chose for a husband.  Your parents did not want him for you, but you chose him.  You were married in the Church and you have to be with him until God takes him home.  We disagree about how he treats you, but you have to be strong, because this Divine Path that God has called you on is one of sacrifice, pain, sadness, and sometimes of defeat.  But afterwards, the triumph will be greater.  Let your loved ones continue in their unbelief.  One day they will be touched by God and they will repent of all the pain they are causing you, and not only them, but also all those who do not believe in this place, which is an immense joy for all who come here and are healed and truly become servants of Jesus.  Many who come to this place return to the Church, which is Universal. God made It so that man could bend their knees there, in front of the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  Do not be afraid; everything will turn out well.  They will not be able to destroy this shrine, and you'll be happy, because you'll be able to do many things that now you can’t do.  

“To the little creatures who walk with you in this place I say, My little ones, continue in the love of Jesus in your hearts and worship Him, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings.  Pray a prayer each day to your Loving Mother, the Beautiful Lady, as you call Her, so She can pour out all Her blessings upon your homes, upon the little one who anoints you, and upon all who come to this small shrine.

“To all who accompany you on the mission that I have entrusted you with I say, do not fear life; God is with each one of you, in your hearts.  My Little ones, as long as you receive your Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus, the King of kings, in your hearts, you will always be protected through your prayers and through your consecration to Them.  When you go to Church, pray for what you need and do not worry.  Your Mother always listens to those who pray with true faith and true love.

“Your Mother asks you not to be afraid, because if God is with you, no one will be against you.  You will always have rocks on the Path, but do not be afraid to continue onward, for your Loving Mother is with you.  The Well Beloved is the One Who guides you so that your Loving Mother can always be with you, sheltering you with Her Holy Mantle.  Pray, My little ones, because everything that your Loving Mother gives you is a reward that will surprise all who are faithful to Jesus and to your Loving Mother.

“Prepare yourselves with the little creature so that you can receive the blessings of your Loving Mother.  Your Loving Mother brings the love that each of you deserves for sacrificing the time to be in this small place.

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen."


December 1, 1013

                Jesus spoke to Rosa and asked her to open the Sacred Scriptures to Jeremiah, Chapter 1, Verses 4-16:  And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: Before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee, and made thee a prophet unto the nations. And I said: Ah, ah, ah, Lord God: behold, I cannot speak, for I am a child. And the Lord said to me: Say not: I am a child: for thou shalt go to all that I shall send thee: and whatsoever I shall command thee, thou shalt speak. Be not afraid at their presence: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord. And the Lord put forth his hand, and touched my mouth: and the Lord said to me: Behold I have given my words in thy mouth: Lo, I have set thee this day over the nations, and over the kingdoms, to root up, and pull down, and to waste, and to destroy, and to build, and to plant. And the word of the Lord came to me, saying: What seest thou, Jeremias? And I said: I see a rod watching. And the Lord said to me: Thou hast seen well: for I will watch over my word to perform it. And the word of the Lord came to me a second time, saying: What seest thou? I see a boiling caldron, and the face thereof from the face of the north. And the Lord said to me: from the north shall an evil break forth upon all the inhabitants of the land. For behold I will call together all the families of the kingdoms of the north: saith the Lord: and they shall come, and shall set every one his throne in the entrance of the gates of Jerusalem, and upon all the walls thereof round about, and upon all the cities of Juda, And I will pronounce my judgements against them, touching all their wickedness, who have forsaken me, and have sacrificed to strange gods, and have adored the work of their own hands.’  Amen.