Friday, March 22, 2013

                “My little one, I want to take away the concern you have regarding the death of the President of Venezuela.  All men today, starting with that country, who announced the death of the President, said that he was killed.  I will clear up what men in that country, Venezuela, find convenient to spread around. 

                “Little one, if it was true that he was murdered; who is the only rightful one who wanted it and to whom the life of President Chávez was a hindrance?  The presidents of Cuba.  They, like Russia, killed all those who knew, saying that they were the leaders.  The Communist body of Russia eliminated everyone who said that they had power, so they could govern that country.  They also eliminated and removed everything in the world that was an obstacle in their way.  The only one to whom Chávez was a hindrance, was Cuba and Russia. 

                The person who was writing this Message that Rosa dictated through Jesus repeated the comment by asking, ‘Chávez was a hindrance to Russia and Cuba?’  To which Rosa replied, ‘Little one, why do you ask, and why are you surprised? 

                “Communists always want to be the only ones to make all the changes in all these ignorant countries that allowed themselves to be dragged down by anti-Christianity, which is Socialism.  Socialism, My little one, as I said a long time ago, is the entryway or the prelude to the Communism of anti-Christianity.  Where did Chávez receive the medications and treatments that he was supposedly receiving?  Do you ask?  Don’t you wonder?  He received everything in Cuba.  He was killed because he was a hindrance to the government; he was murdered in Cuba.

                “They got rid of Chávez in Cuba.  He was an encumbrance to them because they wanted to keep that country [Venezuela] and hand it over to Nicolas Maduro [candidate for President of Venezuela].  I call him by his full name so there’s no mistake and no one can say it’s a trick.  The only one to whom Chávez was a barrier is Nicolas Maduro, and the only country that Chávez was a barrier to is Cuba.  Why?  Because they intended to take charge of that country [Venezuela] and rule it as they are ruling Cuba, with anti-Christianity.  Nicolas Maduro, whom I call by his own name, was a Communist starting from his mother’s womb and he was educated in Cuba, which many don't know.  

                “The corpse of Chávez was not the one that was presented where all the people went to pay their respects.  It was a mummified dummy that was made to look identical to him [Chávez].  There was only one person who discovered it, and I will tell you who it was by name – Cristina Kirchner, President of Argentina.  I tell you this so you are not fooled by people who ask you, ‘Where did Chávez die?’

                “Chávez was killed in Cuba because he was an obstacle to the Castros’ obsession to invade Venezuela; he was a nuisance to them.  These stories are not convenient for Nicolas Maduro.  He tried to hide them; he knew about them.  But your Heavenly Father, the Holy Spirit by which you were chosen, My little one, tells you the truth.  He died in Cuba.  When he was brought to Venezuela he was already dead.  They prepared a dummy in Venezuela to make it seem like it was him.   But we still don’t know where Chávez is actually buried, because if they discover where he is and they do one of those things that men invented – an autopsy – they will discover that he was murdered.  He was not killed by the Americans or by any other country; he was put to death in Cuba.  In Cuba, they inserted cancer into Chávez.  After I finish telling you this you will know it and you will publicize the Message around the world, because your Heavenly Father wants to reveal the truth. 

                “The people are to blame, as I have always have said, for the rulers they have.  Now, there are two individuals who are fighting for the leadership of that country – Nicolas Maduro, and the other young man who is struggling to bring his country to honesty, to freedom of expression, to the freedom of living in a rich country without the many miseries that exist today in Venezuela.  The young man I'm referring to is named Capriles [Henrique Capriles, candidate for President of Venezuela].  He’s the only one who has the opportunity to become President, if the people choose him with honesty.  He will be the one to lead that country; to turn it into a free and rich country, because that country has to not only to feed their own people, but also to feed other countries in America.

                “Little one, I know that you are surprised by what I have told you, but be fully assured that your Heavenly Father has not deceived you.  That man [Chávez] was killed in your small country [Cuba], because it was not convenient for them to have him as president, nor is it convenient for that young man Capriles to emerge as president elect, because he will be in the way of them carrying out Cuba’s total interference in Venezuela.  

                “Pray so that nothing terrible happens to that young man [Capriles], because this other one wants to come out as President – Nicolas Maduro.  He intends to kill him and all his words, and he will place the blame on the United States.  Do not be surprised by what I have said; everything I have said is the truth, and the world will prove it when they carry out an investigation into the death of Mr. Hugo Chávez Frías [the ex-president of Venezuela].  He went there [Cuba] to find cooperation, and what he found was death.  That man did not receive any medical care from his own country, because it was not beneficial to the Castros.  You will now see how they will strip his family of all they have ‘inherited’ for what Hugo Chávez Frías did to rob the country.

                “I love you, My little one.  Don't be afraid to speak the truth, the truth cannot be hidden, because the truth is written in the Divine Book and the Divine Book is error free, because God is the One Who wrote It.  Amen.

                “Note: My little one, you forgot a few things that I told you about Capriles.  Aside from the fact that everyone has to pray so that nothing will happen to him, you must understand that the only one who is a threat to his life is Nicolas Maduro.  It doesn't suit him for Capriles to become President, and Capriles’ life is in danger.  An attack can happen; pray for him.

                “Tell the Venezuelan people that the people choose their own rulers, not God.  God does not come down to earth to choose a ruler.  Man is the one who chooses.  It is up to Venezuela to save their country from the Communist system that exists in Cuba and in other countries such as Nicaragua and some small countries in Central and South America.  They are being governed by the political Left, not by the Right.  Always remember, the Left is a symbol of evil, and that is why Jesus walked on the right, and Judas on His left."