Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

July 13, 2013

                "My little creatures, My little ones, open the Sacred Scriptures and go to the Letter to the Hebrews, Chapter 13, Verses 20-21:  ‘May the God of peace, who brought up from the dead the great shepherd of the sheep by the blood of the eternal covenant, Jesus Our Lord, furnish you with all that is good, that you may do his will.  May he carry out in you what is pleasing to him through Jesus Christ, to whom be glory forever [and ever]. Amen.’

                “My little creatures, today I surprised My little one.  I want to say to you that if you have faith, you will resurrect.  Jesus resurrected in order to give the opportunity to everyone to resurrect, if you repent of your sins.  Jesus ascended into Heaven so that you might have hope that one day you can resurrect.  You will confront the Just Tribunal of God where no one can lie, where no one can remain silent, without accepting everything that happens in the world where many people make the mistake of not repenting.

"The forgiveness of the Well Beloved is a Divine forgiveness.  One day you will be purified through the Father's Divine Anointing, when He will only need to breathe upon you, and you will be lifted up from that tomb into which you were placed one day.  The resurrection exists, My little ones.  The forgiveness of God exists.  You will pass through a tunnel, and you cannot even imagine it, or the time left of the life of every human being, but at the end, Jesus waits for you with His Loving Mother at His right hand side.

“If those who have made a mistake in the world in which you live and where you walk repent, they can have hope of a new day, a new life, a resurrection for each one of you.

"Mary, your Loving Mother, appears all over the world.  The world will not end, but the era will end.  The era will end and another era of love, justice and charity will begin among all men of good will.  Mary is the instrument Jesus uses to bring all His children into the fold through the places where your Loving Mother appears so that human beings can recapture their true gift of charity and love for all human beings.  Jesus teaches you to love everyone who truly comes with love to wherever there is an apparition.  Your Loving Mother comes looking for all of Her children who have abandoned the Path, the only Path that Jesus left so that every one of you can repent and regain the forgiveness and love of the Well Beloved, and so that one day you can say, 'I am the work of God.  I am a work of the Lord through our Loving Mother.’  All over the world there are Marian apparitions where your Loving Mother is warning humanity that one day Jesus will call to account those who have twisted the Path.  He left you one Path, the Universal Church, the Catholic Church, for each one of you.  That is where He is, where your Celestial Father is sacrificed every day so that one day you will have the chance to be able to see His Face.

"Jesus, the Well Beloved, appears everywhere with your Loving Mother.  She does not come alone, nor does He come alone.  He appears while bringing your Mother, Who comes with Her Hands lifted upward and looking for Her children, those who have not abandoned Him and who have not abandoned His Path, and who are able to bring to that Path others who have twisted It and turned away from It.

“Today, there are many human beings who do not believe in your Mother or in Jesus, the One who died on the Cross and Who never abandoned the Cross in order to rest and say, 'I'm going to take off the weight of that Cross that I have carried for a long time.'  Jesus never abandoned His Cross; He did not have It when He was born, but God gave It to Him.  If one day each one of you accepts Jesus' Cross, you can either abandon It, or you must follow that Path that Jesus gives to everyone whom He chooses to give peace, love, healing, in the world of today that is corrupted.

“Instead of looking for husbands, the women of today seek partners, acting like animals.  Animals are the only ones who seek partners, because they don’t have the common sense that man has.  Today, women have chosen to seek partners and not husbands in order to avoid stepping into the Church that God left for you.  They won’t believe anyone, even if someone tells them, 'Jesus appeared at a certain place and destroyed all the evil in the world.’

“Jesus will come clear as water, but with a burning fire.  He will dispense Justice in this corrupt world of today, where each one of you does what suits you best, where you don’t look behind yourself or to either side of yourself, so that you won’t see the needs of others.

"Your Loving Mother gathers Her children in order to straighten their Paths and She heals those who are sick so they can say, 'I was healed by the Well Beloved through the intercession of Mary.' 

“The world will not end as many people say it will.  This era will end, and it will end through fire, purifying fire.  One era will end and another will begin.

"Today there is no pity for the poor, no pity for the sick, no charity for the disabled, to whom many say, ‘Go away, go away; stay away from me.’  Jesus will say to those who have no love in their hearts for any human being, 'I have never seen you, I have never known you.  Woe to you, race of vipers, whitewashed sepulchers!’

“Your Mother comes announcing that one day Jesus will come, but not when you expect it.  He will surprise everyone and find you doing whatever you are accustomed to be doing; that is where He will find you.  He will find you either doing charity, or committing those crimes against humanity which make the world shake and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate, the most Kind Heart of Mary, tremble.

“Every time there is an abuse, Heaven trembles and the stars shake.  You will see signs in the sky, and when you see them, major disasters will occur, just as your Mother has warned you would happen during this time.

"Do not think that the world is going to end through a flood.  It will be a fire that will consume the wicked hearts, those that are accustomed to abuse the less fortunate, the neediest, those who are in most need of charity from your hearts.  Walk straight on the Path that Jesus left for you, on that Path that many abandon to do anything but to follow Jesus on the Path of love, sacrifice, and kindness.

“You do not know that your Celestial Father, from the womb of the mother, chooses a creature to serve Him in this world.  If you read the Sacred Scriptures, you will find that those whom He chooses to follow Him are the people who truly walk with Jesus and Mary, but they are mistreated, considered to be schizophrenic or crazy, or said to have become forgetful; they are humiliated by those who are supposed to love, respect, and honor them the most.  They do not understand what that sublime love is, that sacred love, that love that Jesus gives to you; many times you do not understand it.  Those who walk in the footsteps of Jesus will be trampled upon, shunned, abused, humiliated with all kinds of lies in order to make them appear lower in the eyes of others by saying, ‘They are crazy, Jesus cannot appear to them or to anyone.’  But yes, Jesus and Mary can appear, because those creatures He chooses have the Well Beloved in their hearts and they were born for this mission.  Jesus receives them in His Hands, My little ones, to mold them so that when He says, 'There you have your Mother, follow Her and do as She says,’ instead of crying tears of blood, they can always be happy through the Divine Heart that God gives them, even if others dislike or despise them.  Walk with Jesus.  Those who truly have the will to make a change in their lives must not look back; they must never look back.  Always look forward, and every time you have the chance to lift up someone who has fallen, you must raise him up, because in that same way Jesus will raise you up when you meet Him.

"For Jesus, the most important thing in the world is you, His children.  Do not abandon the cross that God gives to you.  Walk with it and say, 'Lord, thank you for this cross, thank you.  You never come down from it and I will also never come down from it.  I will follow You on the Way of Calvary, the Way of the Cross, the Way of Thorns, the Way of crying, of suffering, of the contempt of others, but I will always be graced by Your Divine Spirit, Heavenly Father.  Guide me with Your Hands, with Your Feet, so I can continue to fulfill everything You have asked of me, and at the same time I pray that everyone will receive the gift of contemplating Your Face before they depart to join You.'

"My little ones, pray for all the visionaries in the world who are persecuted, shunned, psychologically abused, made to be seen as if they are crazy or that they have lost their minds, because it suits people better to think they are crazy than to have to accept that it is true that Jesus can appear at any time, and to any human being.  Jesus never leaves anyone who walks with Him; He never leaves him.  Jesus will always be with each of you who goes to a Marian apparition; He hears your cries, your tears, and your requests, even if you do not believe it.

"Pray for each visionary who is in the world, those who bring you the message of love from that Being who gave His Life on the Cross to save you and to give you the right to walk in this world of today.  Today, the world is corrupt; the people are turning against the Virgin Mary and the Celestial Father in order to follow anti-Christianity and to establish a corruption of theft, crime, and lack of freedom in their countries.  All of those countries are not embracing the Cross, but the rope that raised the Cross on which Jesus was nailed.  Pray for all those countries that do not embrace the Cross but instead embrace the martyrdom of all their people in order to turn them against the Being Who gave you the chance of living on this earth that you live on today.

"Love one another as He loves you; love each other.  Ask for forgiveness intimately; He listens every time you go to Him.  My little ones, I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

“The little one will anoint each of you, and those who truly believe, will receive.  Those who come out of curiosity will receive nothing, but those who come with love, not to see the little creature, but to see if Jesus will give them the opportunity of seeing Him or the Virgin Mary in her eyes, will receive.

“I love you, My little ones, and I give a loving thought to all who come here voluntarily and to those who work with true love at a Marian sanctuary.  It is the same here as in any place where I call them together for the special blessings that Jesus has reserved for each one of His children.  Amen.”


July 6, 2013

Night of the Vigil

                “Your Loving Mother has surprised the naughty creature who is in front of you today.  Her enthusiasm in following Jesus and your Loving Mother is so great that sometimes she jokes around so that you do not become tired of being in this place that is small, but great in blessings for those who come here.

                “You do not you know the sacrifice the little one has made at this moment so that she could lead every one of you on this journey of love, which is the Path of your Loving Mother.

                “The little creature has made a long journey [Rosa went on her mission to Ecuador], where she served with much love and did many things that she likes to do and that please Jesus and your Loving Mother, but she is always thinking about this little place, which is in danger of disappearing.  It is in danger because many times those who follow your Loving Mother and your Celestial Father, the people who are dearest to Them, separate themselves from Them and do not believe.

                “Many seek to destroy the shrine, but they will not accomplish it, because your Celestial Father is here with the little one.  You have to pray for the little creature so that she can overcome whatever comes to her on her path and that has been written that she has to endure.  Pray, because this place is holy and will remain holy for all who come at this time and at all the times since your Loving Mother started to appear at this small shrine that She chose.

                “Pray for this place.  Pray for the little creature to have strength to bear all that she will suffer.  In this place, your Loving Mother has given her children, who are each one of you.  Each person who comes to this place is a child whom Jesus has given to the small creature in order to create the large family that God wants to make out of each of the beings of this world in which you live.  In each Marian apparition, Jesus chooses the children who follow Him and who are the servants of the Celestial Father.

                “My little ones many things are going to happen in this world.  You can see that the Middle East is burning because they have overthrown a leader.  They will not forgive that; there will be wars and blood will shed in many parts of the world.

                “Remember always that he who walks with God will always encounter a rock to stumble upon, but he will also know how to rise up again.  The world is full of evil and pain; it is full of abuses against children, of abuses against the elderly, who are abused in the places where they have been left. 

                “Your Loving Mother warns you that you should have a lot of patience and that you should pray a lot for the Church so that they do not continue to bring people into It who want to destroy the Church, which is Holy and Catholic, meaning universal.

                “South America is still wrapped up in anti-Christianism and there will be wars in many Latin American countries.  You have to pray a great deal for those countries that want to leave the Cross to embrace the evil one, who is the one who wants to govern America.  The evil one wants to rule all those small countries so they will have problems with the larger countries that help, feed and care for them.  You must pray for peace, because there is a war brewing in the Middle East that may touch Latin America, in those countries that are against freedom of expression and the love of Jesus.  They want to abandon the Cross and Christ in order to allow anti-Christianity to enter throughout Central and South America.  Pray a great deal for those Latin American countries that need much prayer and much conversion so that there will be no war among them.

                “Venezuela is being destroyed and anti-Christianity will continue to advance and will drag down Ecuador, Honduras and Panama; they will be wrapped up in the anti-Christianity that wants to rule the world.  At the End of Times, the anti-Christians will destroy those countries.  They will ruin them just as they ruined the small country of the little creature [Cuba].

                “Pray a great deal for My little one, who is involved in a rather difficult situation; but you shall be the rock on which she can lay her head.  God is always with her and will not allow evil to triumph in this small place.  This little place will be a shrine forever and no one can destroy it, even if they wanted to.  Help My little one and tell her not to be afraid, that her Celestial Father is with her.  Your Loving Mother will continue to do what She has been doing in this place, saving souls and bodies in order to conduct them onto the Path of God, to give the hope of faith and the love of Christ to the world.  You must always turn to Him.  He never came down from the Cross, and the little one will not come down from it either, neither will anyone who truly believes in the love of Jesus Christ.  Your Loving Mother will continue to appear in the world to bring into the fold all the souls who are lost and who have left the Path.

                “My little ones, pray a lot for the Pope.  He is one of the greatest Popes in the history of the world.  Pray, because they want to remove him, they will probably make an attempt against his life.  Pray a lot for Pope Francis so that He may continue to do the work of Saint Francis of Assisi.

                “I love you and I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


August 3, 2013

Special Message from the Celestial Father to Rosa

“My little creature, I always have the patience to wait for you to hear the Message I want to give you.  I want to tell you something very important.  Listen patiently; do not suffer or get upset about what you are going to hear, because the same way that you suffer is how your Celestial Father suffers for everything people do and have done to make this place disappear.

“Remember, My little one, that your family does not agree with what is happening in this small place.  God chose this little place to prove that evil never triumphs and so that God's Name is pronounced and glorified in this place all the time.  This place is sacred and no one can make it disappear, only God can, and He will not do it because He chose it with so much love through you.  You will continue to do the work of the Lord with much love and much patience, and I do not want you to suffer.

“Your loved ones hurt you so much by wanting this place to close so they can dispose of it as they want to.  They do not realize that God wanted to create a Divine Sanctuary to glorify God and to venerate your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

“My little creature, man will not be able to hurt you, because the Well Beloved will not allow it and your Loving Mother will crush the evil one.  They will not be able to do what they are trying to do, because your Heavenly Father is always with you and you have at your side people like the one who accompanies you today – Elizabeth.  She will not fail you, and neither will Pilar, the Spanish lady, as you call her, or Betty Caiza, who is always at your side.

“Do not worry about what happened to you during this time when you have been very ill.  It was all because of the pain caused by your family, but you also need to watch what you eat.  They are the ones who should love you the most, but they do not understand you.  They treat you badly and betray you, but you have endured and will continue to endure everything with so much love. [The Message was interrupted at this point because someone came into the apparition room.  The Celestial Father told the little one to attend to that person and that He would give them a blessing in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and that he would continue the Message later.]

“Beloved daughter, My little one, do not think that what I said is a false alarm, because it is not; everything is true.  You love your husband, but he does not love you.  He is selfish and hurts you very much.  He does not approve of this place and he wants it to close, but do not worry, My little one.  The Well Beloved is with you and will not allow him to hurt you. 

“There is so much evil in the world, My little one.  They want it to seem as if you're becoming forgetful so that you won’t be able to continue with the beautiful work that the Lord has given to you.  Evil wants to destroy all the good that you do for others in this small place.  My little one, never kneel before any man, even your husband.  The only one you have to kneel before is your Celestial Father.

“My little one, do what you have to do to keep this place going and do not worry, you will continue to do the work of your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother in this place and in all the places your Celestial Father sends you.  Your Celestial Father is also hurt by what those who should love you the most do.  They betray you, even though you give them so much love.  Do not worry; your Celestial Father is always with you.  [Rosa began to cry a lot and Elizabeth noticed that she had become very weak, because she had been sick for most of the week.] 

“Your Celestial Father wants you to be very careful with your family.  [Rosa cries again.]  My little one, you will not die of the anguish and pain that your family causes you, and they will suffer the consequences of their actions.  He who sows evil will reap evil, and he who sows goodness will reap kindness.  Don’t worry; no one can hurt you.  Remember that your body and mind belong to your Celestial Father and that you have at your side many people who love you and who follow your Celestial Father, Jesus, and who come to this small place.

“My dear child, My little one, do not suffer any more; leave everything to Me.  I have returned to tell you not to fear, My little one.  Your Celestial Father is always at your side, together with the angels of the Heavenly Court and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  The only thing I ask of those who accompany you is that they have the will and the firmness to help you and not to let you down.  Remember, when you fall I will raise you up, so do not be afraid and do not suffer.  Those who will suffer are those who hurt you and are mean to you, because your Celestial Father will ask for an account of their actions.  I know that you suffer when I say that those who hurt you will suffer, but you know that what they sow is what they will reap.

“This little sanctuary belongs to your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother, My little one, and is forever.  All who walk with you and who are faithful to your Celestial Father in this place are like the holy disciples who accompanied Jesus on earth and the angels who accompanied Him as He ascended to Heaven, and they will be like them.  The volunteers who have been faithful to your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and to your Celestial Father will be with them in Heaven, and the angels will always accompany them and their loved ones.

“Your Celestial Father wants to repeat this to you, so forgive Me, but I have to say again that your husband does not want this work to continue.  He tells the people that you are not well and that you are losing your sanity so that no one will come to the shrine to receive the blessings of your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother.  He tells the same thing to your children and they believe him.  To My little ones, I say do not believe him, and to My little one, I say that your heart is pure and filled with goodness and that your Celestial Father blesses many people in this small place. 

“My little creature takes many people who had been lost by the hand and leads them back into the fold.  My little one, your Celestial Father will continue to accompany you so don’t be afraid that they will make this place disappear, but you have to be very careful.  Your husband will have to suffer the consequences of his actions and he should give an account to your Celestial Father for all the pain he has caused you.  Be calm, My little one, and continue to do the work on this path of triumph and pain with faith and much love, as always. 

“I love you, My little one, and to the creatures who accompany you I give My blessing in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”