Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

August 13, 2013


                "My little creatures, My little ones, your Loving Mother wants to give a wonderful Message to Her beautiful creatures in this little place.  My children, your Loving Mother has something very important to tell each one of you.  Your Loving Mother appears to you in any part of the world in order to choose the children on the earth who will perform a service of love, charity and hope for those who no longer have even a little bit of faith in their hearts.

                "Your Loving Mother wants to awaken in each of your hearts the hope that there is a God Who guides you in this twisted world in which you are living today.  Your Mother glorifies Her Beloved Son through all Her little creatures who are in this place, like this great pastor, the servant of Jesus, who has come here to guide a flock of many persons who have never previously heard such a beautiful Mass as the one that the little servant of Jesus gave.  [There was a priest here today who offered a Mass before the apparition.]

                "My beloved ones, your Mother is delighted today by the love of every one of you and the patience that you had in hearing the Message, but also by the patience of the creature who is feeling badly [Rosa].  For a few days now, the little creature has been feeling unwell and has been sitting around, waiting to finish the mission that she has in the world and in this place.

                "My little ones, your Mother appears everywhere to find the flock that is lost, those who have strayed from the Path that Jesus, the Well Beloved, left for you so that each one of you may have faith appear again in your hearts, which are dead in men today.  The evil in the world is great.  Young people are misguided, they are on scattered roads where their mothers cannot guide them or lead them.

                "Your Loving Mother appears here and in many places around the world to guide the flock that is scattered.  My little ones, the patience of those whom Jesus chooses to walk with along you is great and you have to know that following Jesus on that crooked road that exists today in the world is not easy.  My little ones, remember that the Well Beloved chooses all the missionaries and all the visionaries to lead the flock that is lost and to bring them back to the fold, to where the pastors are who will guide you on the Path that Jesus left you.

                "Remember that when God chooses a creature to guide the flock or to help the pastors to lead them, many people become the enemies of those creatures whom God chooses.  It is God Who chooses these creatures, not men.  God chooses them from their mothers’ wombs.  It is not easy to follow Jesus, it is difficult, but those who follow Him must love Him with all their hearts, with all their souls, with all patience and obedience.  Your Loving Mother appears so that this convulsed world will return to the fold that Jesus left for all.  There is much sacrifice for those whom the Well Beloved chooses to follow this path of love and pain.

                "None of you knows what the creatures God chooses for this path of love and pain go through.  They have to suffer; they have to leave everything to follow the Well Beloved.  Anyone who does not follow Him cannot say he is His child.  Return to the fold, My little ones.  Remember always what your Loving Mother says to you.  Always remember that it is not only with the Rosary and with prayer that you glorify the Well Beloved and venerate the Beautiful Lady; it is also through your thoughts and the feeling in your hearts to do works of charity.  The world is hungry for the little creatures who go around the world doing what the little pastor does, which is to guide a flock that is scattered and cause them to return to the fold.

                "Remember that obedience to Jesus and Mary is what makes the apparitions all around the world great, and it is what makes people venerate your Loving Mother in all the places where She appears.  The little one cannot say much at this time, but she gives you some words of love for each of the creatures who are in this place, and especially for the pastor who has devoted so much time to guiding the flock, that flock that he loves.  Love him and bless him, pray always for this great pastor so that he can continue to guide the creatures on the Path of love, renunciation, sacrifice, and doing good to those who need it.

                "Accompany the little creature who cannot speak much and who cannot walk much because she's sick as I said, with pain in her body and in her soul.  You cannot imagine what the little creature is suffering and how much she sacrifices in order to receive your Loving Mother and to give you the blessings by imposing her hands upon you.  The pastor who is here and also the volunteers who are always at the side of the little creature will help her today so that you can receive the blessings that the Well Beloved brings through your Loving Mother for each of the little creatures who are in this small place that today has been clothed with glory for your Celestial Father and the Beautiful Lady Whom you love.

                "I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”  


August 10, 2013


                “My little creatures, how happy your Loving Mother is on this evening of glory for the Lord, even though you are praying the Mystery of His sacrifice.

                “You know that your Loving Mother appears everywhere in the world.  The Well Beloved sends Her so that She can bring into the fold all the creatures who are scattered.  The Well Beloved left On Path so that each one of you could rejoice and follow the Footsteps of the Well Beloved.

                “Remember that your Loving Mother sacrificed everything and that in pain She suffered and wept the same as Jesus did on the Way of the Cross when the entire town was around Him on that road He had to travel to the place where He was crucified.

                “Today's world is floundering, My little ones, and man has not stopped offending the Well Beloved.  Every day you crucify Jesus on an invisible Cross with your sins.  Each of you bears a cross on your own backs and you must always remember that the Well Beloved never came down from His Cross.  

                “Your Mother accompanies each of the children He chooses to go through the Path that He left when He was crucified.  Each of those who follow in the Footsteps of the Well Beloved has to suffer, the same as Her Loving Son suffered.

                “Your Loving Mother appears in the world so that each of you can return to the Path, that Path that Jesus left when He walked on the Way of the Cross.  Your Loving Mother followed His Footprints, His Footsteps on the Way of the Cross, and every tear that your Celestial Father shed, your Loving Mother also shed.

                “People today don’t know what it means to love Jesus, and each of them chooses the path that best suits them.  Every day they sin more and more, without remembering that Jesus never came down from the Cross.  Each of you ought to carry the Cross with love, sacrifice, and renunciation.  Do works of charity for the less fortunate who are suffering.  Visit the sick persons who have no one to visit them.  Your Loving Mother needs Her children to pray for the people who need it most, for the sick in hospitals, for those in the nursing homes, where many are abandoned by their own children whom they love and for whom they sacrificed everything.  It is not yet time for Jesus to come to get the people on that Path that many have abandoned, because the time of Jesus is not the time of men in the world.

                “My children, man needs to return to the sheepfold.  Remember each of you that your Loving Mother accompanies the little creature in order to give you the Message of the Well Beloved every time you pray this Rosary of love that you pray each month in this place.  Your Mother thanks you and today She is happier than ever, because a beloved servant of the Lord and his companions are with you.  Today you ought to ring bells of joy because of the priest who is with you today.  Pray that God will continue to guide him and all his companions so they will not leave the Cross and that they will remain with It, sacrificing himself and going to every Marian apparition in order to glorify your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.

                “Many people are again announcing that the world is going to end or that it's the end of humanity, but that is not true.  Jesus will not warn you when He is coming, not even the angels know.  Jesus will come when each of you is the most confident and He will surprise you while you are doing whatever you are accustomed to be doing.  All of you ought to be prepared for everything that has to happen.

                “Your Loving Mother appears all over the world, sent by the Well Beloved to gather the scattered flock and unite them on the only Path that He left, the Church.  The Church will be a refuge for when the critical moments arrive.  Each Marian apparition site will also be a refuge where each of you can take shelter and receive the Well Beloved.

                “Always remember that Jesus will not warn you, in order to surprise each of His children in what they are accustomed to be doing.

                “Each of you must pray internally at every moment.  Your Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother accompany you at every step and in every place where you go, even though you do not see Them.

                “Many creatures think, ‘How is it possible that your Celestial Father chooses creatures to send you His Messages, and how is it possible that your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, or the Well Beloved Jesus, speak through a creature who has never learned about the Sacred Scriptures?’  However, little creatures, I say that humans never choose this Path and that it is Jesus Who chooses them from the wombs of their mothers to serve Him and to wear His Sandals and to help Him walk in this world of today that is full of horrible spectacles that have nothing to do with the love of Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

                “The most important thing for the sublime Beloved Heart, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, is the charity of every human being.  Everything that you have in your hearts and that God gives you ought to be shared with those who truly have nothing.  Charity is the best Rosary that you can do; it is the best prayer that you can make.

                “Go to Confession so that you can receive the Holy Eucharist, which is the true Body of Jesus.  If you stop believing that Jesus is in that small piece of Bread, then you have closed your heart to His love.  Jesus is truly in that piece of Bread that you receive after having confessed.

                “Always remember that the Path that Jesus left to you is the Church.  The priests wait for each one of you on that Path to go to Confession in order to receive the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved.

                “Today I say that this place is blessed, because one of the most beloved servants is here.  Pray a lot for this priest who has come here and who has honored this little place together with the servants who accompany him in order to give each of you the opportunity to confess and to receive Communion.  My little ones, Confession is very important for having peace in your hearts and for receiving Jesus.

                “The Beautiful Lady visits many parts of the world to unite the scattered flock.  Prepare yourselves, because the little creature will now give the anointing so that you can continue listening to this priest who is with you today.  She will touch each of you, including those who are here for the first time.

                “I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”