Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2012

                “My little creatures, your Loving Mother appears before you and tells you that when you heard the birds singing, they were announcing that the Holy Spirit was coming to you [some birds were singing loudly at the apparition site].  You do not understand how it is possible that your Heavenly Father and your Mother are Glorified by appearing to a creature like the one you're looking at now [Rosa].

                "Your Loving Mother collects many conversations, opinions and petitions through the creatures that your Father chooses to accompany your Loving Mother during these days when Jesus chose to Glorify His Name.  In this little place, He chose a creature who has no wisdom and who cannot fully understand why she was chosen to do a job that is Divine as well as painful.

                "Your Mother wishes to speak, My little ones.  Your Mother is happy, because the little creature [Rosa] talked about what it means to prevent a child who is in the womb of a woman from being born.  The little creature is not at fault, because she did not ask to come into this world that is corrupt and full of evil among all people.  In the Sacred Scriptures, your Heavenly Father says, if you search for it, that the world will not end the way many creatures announce it will end so they can scare people and take advantage of the lies they instill in the hearts of human beings.  The world, where every day many commit aberrations, is not going to end as many believe it will end. 

                “Today, young people are under the influence of drugs and alcohol, which is one of the causes of the destruction of young people at this moment in humanity.

                "You do not understand why your Mother appears and chooses simple creatures who are neither wise nor theologians.  It is because their hearts are full of love and sacrifice so they can accomplish what Jesus has written for every human being at any moment.  Your Mother will appear in many parts of the world and to many human hearts, to small creatures, to the old, to the young, to the sick, to truly carry the Word of God through Divine Messages.  Everyone at some point will recognize that your Mother or your Father is with you, in each of your hearts, if you are open to hearing them when they talk to you internally.

                "Many significant things are coming for humanity because the people of today have abandoned the Path that Jesus left to you.  They have abandoned the Path and twisted it so that they do their will, and not the Will of the Heavenly Father.  That is why I say on this day, and why I have said many times, that the world is not going to end by floods, but by eternal fire, like Sodom and Gomorrah, because of the many aberrations and extreme evil that is in humankind during these critical days that humanity is living through.  There are murders, drugs, alcohol, and destructive wars that kill many human beings, even if they are innocent.  They wage wars so they can sell weapons that don’t actually end the wars, or the evil that exists.  Today, mothers and elderly grandmothers are murdered by their own children if they don’t give them the money they need to buy the poisons that contaminate their minds [drugs].  The young people become like destructive animals, and they kill and murder their own loved ones because they don't give them the drugs they want to consume, which destroy not only their bodies, but also their hearts and souls.

                "You, My little ones, cannot see God, because He is that Brilliant Sun that comes to you every day to enlighten this world where He left a living nature so you could feed yourselves and live in a world full of love, in a world full of food that men sow and then consume.  However, today I told you that the world will not end by floods, but by the fire that will destroy everything that man has made for his own destruction.

                "Jesus is watching as each day men kill animals that should not be eaten because they are sacred animals that serve to help in the fields to sow the land that gives you the food you consume.  Domesticated animals [pets] should not be killed, because they serve as companions for the elderly and the sick. 

                “In those large conglomerates of commerce to which people are admitted to be healed [hospitals], many people are often left to die because they cannot pay what they are being charged.  Even if they receive donations to pay their bills they are often denied healing, because they don’t have banks behind them to cover their expenses.  There is a cure for everything in this world, because God gave man nature so that man would live many years like Abraham, Moses, Lot, and all those great prophets of the Old Testament.  When man opens his heart to love and not to evil, the world will be different, because your Father created everything and everyone to live together in harmony and in perpetual love for one another.

                "Great events will come to mankind because of the disobedience of those who govern your people.  Your Mother will appear to many, to the elderly, to the children, to bring the Truth.  Neither your Mother nor Jesus appears to the wise or to the powerful.  The wise would put the apparitions in those small apparatuses they invented [computers] and would tell everyone that they can be explained by science so they should not believe in the apparitions because they are not suitable for belief.  Your Mother appears to the most humble, the least wise ones, so that men can ask themselves, ‘How can Jesus and our Mother appear to a creature who did not even know how to read the Sacred Scriptures?’  In that way, the wise and the powerful are humbled.  If a powerful one received a Message, his ego would cause him to glorify himself, and the world in which you live would be poorer because faith would disappear much quicker than it already is at this moment in humanity.

                "God will not warn you before He comes to bring Justice; His Justice will find you unprepared and unsuspecting.  If a thief would let an owner know when he was planning to rob his house, the owner would be waiting for him at the house, and he would not be able to rob it.  That is how your Heavily will come, He Who is Jesus Himself.  He will come as a surprise to humanity in order to find each creature doing whatever they are accustomed to be doing.  You will not be able to say, ‘I did not know,’ because now you know. 

                “Your Mother and Jesus are everywhere crying blood.  They are also weeping oil for healing, but man does not know how to use it.

                "Today in this small place, there are some people who were healed from diseases that man did not even try to heal, either because they didn’t have a remedy, or because they said they were incurable.  This small sanctuary is poor and involves a small creature [Rosa] who used to sing songs around the world.  But when Jesus appeared to her, He told her that from now, she would sing for Him and for your Loving Mother, and she was able to give up everything to follow Jesus, the Well Beloved.  Do not be afraid to believe that a creature can bring you a Message from the Heavenly Father through your Loving Mother, because many more will be chosen to do that.  Remember that roses do not grow in the weeds; they need fertile ground.  Love is the only thing you need in your hearts in order to care for them and to help them grow so they can be used for what your Mother gives out today in this place so that everyone may be healed from all types of diseases [blessed rose tea]. 

                “The daughter that you see in this place [Rosa] is the daughter of the elderly and the mother of the youth.  That is how God, Who is Father, chose her.  Mary, Who is the Mother, will lead all of you to a better world that is full of justice, where humans love one another as Jesus loves all of you. 

                “Each one of you is doing whatever you are used to be doing.  Your Mother has been gathering everyone who opens their hearts to receive Her and who says, ‘My Lady, you can talk to me; my heart is open to receiving You.  I give up everything that binds me to the world so I can serve my Lord and follow the Path that many have now abandoned, the reason they are so lost in the dark of night and in the shifting of the earth that they cannot escape from.’  Be advised of this before I depart today.

                "Prepare your hearts for what is to come, not only to this great and powerful country, but to all who are disobedient to God's Law.  Always remember that in the temples where the Body and Blood of Jesus are consecrated, He is giving Himself to you there when you receive Communion after having confessed your sins to the pastors that He left to guide His flock.  Remember that in order to guide the flock, they have to wear the Sandals of Jesus and follow the Path that He left, without looking back. 

                “You must do charity for the most needy among you, because that is the best gift you can give to your Mother and your Heavenly Father.  Doing charity with love for any human being, for a sick person, for a hungry person, for a handicapped person, pleases your Mother more than when you pray a Rosary without knowing what it means, or what each Mystery represents.

                "I love you, My little ones, and I love this little corner where your Mother and your Heavenly Father, together with the Holy Spirit, rejoice.  I love all the creatures who share the Path of Jesus and Mary without looking back.

                "I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen."


November 10, 2012

Vigil Night

                “Today’s man has twisted his fate because he believes that Divine Justice will never come into this world that God made for you so that you would rejoice in everything that God created.  

                “The little creature [Rosa] flees often from the things that your Mother wants to tell you.  She has ‘so many problems to work on,’ as she says, that many times she avoids Me and I cannot give her the Message that your Heavenly Father wants to give to you.

                “It hurts your Loving Mother to see how few people are here on this special day, but this is how man escapes, or moves away from, everything that brings him closer to God.

                Today, man lives only by his own free will, without thinking that there is a God Who made him and Who will take him home at any moment.  When humans least expect it, Jesus will come to the earth.  Jesus is not going to warn you; Jesus will never tell anyone when He will return to this world, which is perverted, full of malice, hatred, and abuse against the elderly and the children.  How many children, My little ones, are killed in their mothers’ wombs!  The little one has spoken about this matter, about how many children are murdered piece by piece, by pulling them out of the wombs while the children are crying in their mothers’ wombs.  Those women who are capable of killing the little creatures in the womb who never asked to come into this world are condemned forever.

                “My little one, your Mother is sad, because She sees that the men of today do not attend the Call of Jesus through your Mother.  As Jesus says, your Mother will appear all over the world and She will take shelter in those hearts that truly open their doors to Her.  The Virgin Mary will enter those hearts and will rejoice by speaking to each one of you about the goodness that the Beloved has for each of you, and also about the sufferings that will come to humanity.  

                “Man does not believe that your Father, Who is Jesus Himself, the One Who was crucified on the Cross even though He was the most Innocent of all men, will one day come to demand accountability from each of His children, because you are all the children of your Celestial Father.

                “My little ones, there are many who suffer in this corrupt world.  The Virgin Mary, your Mother, cannot appear and rejoice in every heart that weeps constantly because they want your Mother to appear to them.  As the creature [Rosa] said, it is not what we want, but it is God Who chooses the persons that Jesus will come to, so He will walk with their feet.  The persons who are chosen go through many sufferings in this perverted, corrupt, and uncharitable world.

                “The least of the things that people today think about is doing charity.  Jesus rejoices in charity and asks each of His creatures to do charitable works, which are the best Rosaries that anyone can do.  You can pray the Rosary every day in your minds while you are in those machines [cars] that men use to go from one place to another.  You can pray the Rosary to your Loving Mother silently so that She can one day take shelter in your hearts without leaving anyone alone.  Today the Virgin appears everywhere, but many close the doors of their hearts and do not let Her inside.  It is so sad, My little ones, that only a few people are witnesses to something as wonderful as feeling in your heart, in your soul, and in all your senses, your Mother and Jesus talking to you.  The Virgin Mary says to the whole world, ‘Allow Me to take shelter in your hearts so that the Well Beloved can guide you and talk to you.’  But few give Her room in their hearts, and those who do make room sometimes feel sad, because they think that if they have that wonderful grace of your Mother entering their hearts, they will not be able to fulfill the real purpose that is in each Marian apparition worldwide.

                “Your Loving Mother has been appearing everywhere in this corrupt and perverted world to look for Her children, who have scattered away from that Path that Jesus left for you.  There is only One Path, One God; you must not twist It or deviate from It.  There is only One Path, One God, One Heavenly Father, one Holy Spirit, Who needs pastors to shepherd the sheep who are lost and scattered across the world and are unable to straighten their path.  Jesus left One Path so that with love, humility, and heartfelt bending of your knees, you can accept what God gives you through your Loving Mother.

                “At the previous apparition, your Mother announced that great events would occur.  She said that man did not know what was going to happen in this country that is so powerful and so kind that it opens its doors for all to enter and form new lives through hard work.  I ask each of those people who take shelter in this country, how is it possible that afterwards you come to despise it and speak badly of it, and almost always mistakenly elect leaders that your Loving Mother has warned you about?

                “The little creature knew that the one the people chose was going to be elected.  This country slips-up on its path when it chooses its leaders.  For many, it is better to speak badly of their former leaders than to accept that they don’t know what the one they have now will do when the recession that has been announced to come to this country arrives.  Many hearts will regret having elected an unsuitable leader.  Today, people walk around as if they are blind; they don’t think, and they have no insights in their hearts for knowing how to choose the best leaders.  Now you have to wait to see all the things that he said he would do and you will come to see that the ones who elected him mistakenly will regret having chosen him to lead a country as great as this one.  Not many people are capable of leading this country where many come to start new lives.  My little ones, man must sometimes stumble and fall and not be able to rise again because their hearts have been hardened against knowing where good or evil is.  God always tells you that there is only One Path, which is the Well Beloved, but that evil one walks beside Him to tempt souls and to try to confuse their paths.

                “My little ones, you are living through the great events that your Loving Mother announced, and there will be many, many more.  Remember that this time that is starting now is the time of volcanoes, earthquakes and floods of water that you cannot control.  There is one country where many are drowning in the sea because of the rains, and the people cannot be saved.  Many things are still to come for humanity, but the time is still a ways off; it has not yet arrived.  

                “No one knows when God will come to ask each of you what you have done with everything He has given you.  He will ask about what you did for all those in need, for the hungry and the disabled. 

                “Open your hearts to the love of the Well Beloved, Who was born in a manger.  The time is coming when we commemorate the Birth of the Child Jesus.  Today, many families do not put a Christmas tree or a Nativity scene in their homes or teach their children who Jesus of Nazareth is, and that He was born in a manger even though He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

                “Many events will come, many more than your Mother announced at the previous apparition.  Remember everything that your Mother is proclaiming.  Jesus needs pastors to shepherd His sheep.  He needs pastors to proclaim to those sheep that God exists and that He is the same Jesus of Nazareth, the Well Beloved Who sends your Loving Mother to gather the flock that is lost and scattered and to bring them to that Path that He left for you to walk on and not stumble over.  But if you do, you can pick yourselves up when your Father calls you and says to you, ‘Come to Me, My little ones, I am the Way and the Truth.’

                Your Loving Mother will continue to appear to touch each heart that opens its door to Her so She can enter within it.  Always remember that it is not easy to follow Jesus.  When the time comes to think about the Nativity scenes that you have in your homes and you see that Jesus was born in a manger even though He is the King of Kings, why do you think Jesus had to be born in such a poor place, among the animals?  It is because wherever the miserable ones are, the beggars, the unfortunate ones, the sick, the hungry, Jesus is there, in each of them.  When you give aid to the less fortunate, it is your Heavenly Father Who is represented in that little creature.

                “I will tell you something that perhaps you have not thought of.  Your Celestial Father is never able to lead a flock to choose a head of state.  He gives you free will, and in the same way that you have elected him, you are also capable of bringing him down for doing the things that the Celestial Father has taught that you should not to do.  There will be serious consequences for his permitting women to murder the children in their wombs.  There will be serious consequences for having passed a law that allows men to marry men and women to marry women.  God made man for woman and woman for man so they could procreate.  Creation will end if the marriage of men with men and women with women is allowed; this does not please God.

                “Your Heavenly Father assures you that major events will occur such that you can’t imagine.  If you open your hearts for your Mother to enter, She will guide you, sometimes on a narrow path, but also on a wide path, along that path that each of you has to walk every day while carrying the Cross of the Well Beloved.  Everyone is born with a cross that you cannot see and you need to carry it until the day your Heavenly Father calls you.  On that day He will ask you, ‘What have you done with all that I gave you?  Tell Me when you went to see a sick person, when you went to see a hungry person and you gave him something to eat, when you went to see a disabled person.’  

                “Everything that God created for mankind is for the joy of humanity, and so that man could live with nature that is alive so that each of you could be healed of many diseases that exist in the world.  God made the animals to accompany man and to be his friend.  You must not eat the meat of a horse or of the animals that were not made to be eaten.  In the Scriptures of the Old Testament, God named the animals that you can eat, and you cannot eat horses, donkeys, dogs, or many other animals.  Do not forget this Message, which is very important. 

                “Remember that many of the followers of Jesus abandoned Him on the Cross and that the little creature [Rosa] also has to go through the same thing.  Many people have abandoned her since your Mother has been appearing in this place because of hearing gossip that they should not listen to.  They have left her, and that is why she suffers and becomes sick.  But your Celestial Father lifts her up and says to her, ‘Get up and go, little one; I will guide you always.’

                “In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”