Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

May 13, 2012

“My little ones, I surprised you on this day, because it is a special day.  Today, the people celebrate Mother’s Day.  Jesus says to all the mothers of the world that you should accept the children in your wombs when you are pregnant.  When you receive a child in your arms, you receive the most beautiful gift that God wants to give to the women of the world.

“My beautiful little one, My pretty little one, I have caught you at the marvelous moment that you are celebrating.  Your Mother is here from Heaven.

“Your Loving Mother, your Heavenly Mother, received a Precious Gift without knowing man.  I conceived a Small Creature in My Womb so that afterwards, in an Agape of Love, I could give Him to mankind so they could be saved from their sins when He died on the Cross like a lamb.  I did not breastfeed the Well Beloved; your Mother fed Him with goat’s milk and pure honey.  Remember that until Jesus was sixteen years old, your Mother fed Him with goat‘s milk and pure honey, which is a natural antibiotic.

“Your Loving Mother is happy, because I see My children, those whom Jesus gave to Me to guide into the fold of the True Path of the Well Beloved.  After being with Me, I gave Him to mankind as a Gift of Love, so that with His Sacrifice, He could save the souls of many of the persons during that time who lived only for evil.  Those times have returned to humanity.  The children who are born today, are born with a mark on their foreheads, the mark of a man who is probably not their father, or who really is their father, but who has vices that are not being controlled, and after the creature is born, they make them suffer through the worst sufferings and the worst abuses that they could inflict upon a child.  Thousands, thousands of children disappear from their homes because of abuse by their fathers, by their grandparents, by their relatives, and they are never seen again.  You don’t know how much your Mother suffers at seeing a creature dead in the desert or at the bank of a river after being born, without having asked to come into the world.

“Man should plant foods so that he can feed the needy of the world.

“Today, your Mother wants you to understand the meaning of when you have a child, a boy or a girl, in your hands.  Your Mother is happy, but that little creature doesn’t know the destiny that awaits him or her today, in these times, when man profanes what God made for the joy of each one of you.  How many children suffer mistreatment, sexual abuse, because no child knows when they are being abused sexually, they don’t know what’s being done to them, and man does not rehabilitate himself, he doesn’t think, and the mothers come together with their partners like animals, not like human beings who select partners to be blessed by God in matrimony in the Church.  You don’t know that you are temples of the Holy Spirit; you do not allow yourselves to be blessed by the Celestial Father in Holy Matrimony.  Your Mother conceived a Child as a Gift from God.  Your Mother did not know man, but She gave Her Womb to your Heavenly Father so that as a Spirit, He would be conceived in Her and made Man so that each one of you could walk with their heads held high after receiving the Sacred Body of Jesus in a little piece of Bread without leaven, which is the Eucharist.

“My little ones, before the Divine Justice arrives, you will see more abuses by mankind.  Jesus cries, My little ones, Jesus cries all around the world and your Mother suffers with you for each one of the creatures that you see today in those little apparatuses that show the abuse of the little creatures [child pornography].

“Your Mother says today that you have not seen anything yet, because the Divine Justice is arriving for mankind.  It comes closer every day, because even though you are not in Sodom and Gomorrah , where those small towns were contaminated and they committed the greatest sins, today you are committing the same sins in the world.  That is why I tell you, little ones, the ground where you walk will not be flooded, because the Divine Justice will come as fire, the fire that cannot be extinguished, the fire that will burn out the injustices and abuses, the misery, the avarice, the evil, the selfishness in each human being.  Whenever there is a group that prays intensely for peace and the well being of men, there are others who use weapons of mass destruction to wipe out cities that contain many people who are not guilty of arriving in this corrupt world.  It is like Jesus says, these times are damned.

“You still haven’t seen everything that will happen in the world.  When you don’t see anything happening, Justice will arrive, and it will be big.  You will not be warned, you will not be told to wake up, that Jesus is here.  No, Jesus will not warn you, He will find each one of the abusers, all those who commit injustices, those who kill their parents for a packet of drugs.  You are not capable of imagining what is coming for humanity.  It is not far away, it is not very far away. 

“Prepare yourselves at all times.  Your Mother appears all around the world crying blood because of hunger, misery.  While some have excess, others are in need.  If each one of you goes to the places of apparition of your Loving Mother where She has been talking at all times about what is coming for humanity, you will be converted into apostles.  Each one of you could be an apostle of Jesus by taking the Words of the Sacred Scriptures wherever you go, but not from the papers that are written from false scriptures that are not the true ones.  The True Scriptures that were written many years ago were written by the great apostles of the antiquity.  Be apostles of men, apostles of abortion, apostles of misery, apostles of the sick.  Pray for the sick, visit them in the hospitals, carry a prayer to each of them so that if they do not live, they will die in peace, with the blessing of God.  Many look for relief from all their ills, but they don’t look at their pasts in order to become aware of all the errors they have committed in this corrupt world in which you live.  Not everyone is corrupt, but they are ignorant, they are silent about abuses, they are silent about crimes, they are silent about hungry persons and throw away excess food and do not take it to misfortunate ones.  You do not know when Jesus will disguise Himself as a beggar or when Mary will disguise Herself as a decrepit old lady and appear to you to test your charity.

“I come today to all My little creatures who come during this time to honor your Loving Mother and the Well Beloved Jesus, to do whatever is possible to convert you into missionaries of love.  When you see a creature who is pregnant, speak to her about the Divine Justice that comes to each human being who kills their creatures in the womb or after birth.  If she kills her child, she would be converted into a miserable murderer, because there, in that womb, is where their little ones should be the safest.  You must cover the feet of the children who are barefoot, and those who malnourished, whose mothers crawl around begging for alms so they could feed their children.  Become the apostles of today so that you will see that everyone who converts into an apostle of love of Jesus will be blessed, not only in Heaven, but also on the earth in which you live, that you should be taking care of.

“Remember always that your Mother is in all places of the world and that each one of you carries Her in your hearts, and that you only have to ask for what you need and remember that She and Jesus are there.  Your Mother comes to these small places of apparition, because Jesus was born in a manger like one of the most miserable of the poor so that each one of you in the world will see that wherever there is poverty, wherever there is hunger, wherever there is illness, wherever there are handicapped persons [the disabled], that is where Jesus is.  If you don’t see, it’s because you are blind; you have eyes, but you don’t see, you have ears, but you don’t hear, you have a tongue, but you don’t give testimony.  Your Mother will continue to walk with you in all places to see if you will stop and think, ‘Lord, make me an instrument of Your love and peace.  Make me a restaurant, those places where you consume food, a walking restaurant to kill the hunger of those who don’t diet in order to lose weight, but lose weight because they have nothing to eat.’

“I love you, My little ones, I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”