Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

July 13, 2012

“My little creatures, it is with so much love that your Loving Mother comes on this day when you keep the little creature company.  This is a small place, but it is great in mercy, love, blessings and healings for those who come with love to venerate your Mother.  Say your prayers, which for your Mother, are songs of love, and when they reach Her Heart, She intercedes for each one of you before the Well Beloved.

“Your Mother has selected this moment to appear in a marvelous Mystery for human beings, the Ascension of the Well Beloved.  You do not know the significance of this Mystery of the Rosary of your Loving Mother, and I am going to explain it so that each one of you, every time you pray that Mystery, can say that it is the Mystery of the Mystical Rose.

“The Image of the Virgin Mary under the title of the Mystical Rose has three roses in Her Heart, red, yellow and white.  They came out of Her Heart when She suffered immense pain in Her Chest, in Her Soul, and in her Heart.  Why, you may ask?  It was because the Well Beloved ascended to Heaven and left your Mother behind.  She had to guide the flock that was lost, as it is also lost today.  The Well Beloved left your Mother for each one of you in this world in which you live.

“Your Mother wanted to rise with Jesus so She wouldn’t be left behind, but the Well Beloved said, ‘Mother, this is not Your time to rise up to Heaven.  You have to guide My flock on the Path that I left to them, one Path, the Path of love, renunciation, self-denial, sacrifice, and charity.  It is not yet Your time, Mother.  You have to teach those apostles who have been true followers of Your Well Beloved and of You, Mother.  You have to bless them and consecrate them so that the Holy Spirit will touch them and they will become the bearers of good health for when they touch those creatures who will go to them in love to receive that charity from them.’

“Your Loving Mother does the same for all the creatures that Jesus selects for Himself to help Him in this world that is full of malice, envy and pain, and full of abuses against newborn creatures who do not ask to be born, and also against the elderly persons whose children are not willing to take care of them like they were taken care of when they were little.  Those three roses that came out of the Heart of your Loving Mother are symbols of pain.  The red one is for the Blood of Jesus, the white one is for the Holy Spirit, and the yellow one is a symbol of the Church that He left so that you can take the Holy Eucharist in your mouths, not in your hands.  If you take It in your hands, it will be for your condemnation.  You have to genuflect, but many of the pastors I left to guide the flock do not allow you to bend your knees before Him. 

“You are living in the New Age, and almost no one believes in the apparitions of your Loving Mother.  She comes to you, bringing a Message of love, so that each one of you will speak with your hearts before Jesus and confess all those errors that you have committed in your lives to enable you to walk on the same Path that He left for you.  That Path is sometimes full of thorns, but it is also full of love, sacrifice, and sweetness, like the honey that Jesus ate to feed His Body when He was small.

“Today, man has truly separated himself from all that the Well Beloved left.  Don’ you know that at the End of Times, your Celestial Father will come, asking for an account from everyone who transgressed the Law that He left? He died on the Cross for each one of you.  Today, man manufactures weapons in order to sell them, not to fight for those freedoms that many want to live with.  They use the weapons to make more wars in order to acquire great quantities of those coins that you rejoice in.  Men are becoming criminals, and they have become capable of killing others who don’t believe in the same things they do.  They have plunged humanity into the anti-christianism that wants to dominate everyone.  Today, no one believes in anything or anyone.  Now, the scientists are looking for the cornerstone of matter that God made man with, and when they believe they have found it, that will be the moment when He will come to govern the world, and He will give to each one of you what you have sown.

“Your Loving Mother will always be at the side of each of the hearts that are truly humble of heart and of love for Him, Who is the Well Beloved of your Loving Mother.  Your Mother, like the little creature [Rosa] says, is the Nurse of Jesus.  She takes care of all who are ill and She guides them onto His Path.  At the Marian apparitions, your Mother will always bring Messages of love and Messages of warning so that you will not fall into that bottomless well that you can stumble into at every step along the Path that you are on.

“Engrave this in your hearts and in your minds:  Children don’t ask to come into the world, they are conceived by God, Who makes it possible for men and women to procreate, and the Spirit of God manifests His Glory in each baby’s first breath.

“Great events are coming to the world.  The world is involved in war; they are destroying the nature that God left so that you could live.  Men are involved in war so they can buy and sell weapons that can cause massive destruction.  Men give themselves over to the evil that is in the world, but God made the world so that you could fill it with love and with the Divine Work of planting and harvesting from the earth all the food that you need to live on and to survive all the catastrophes that are coming. 

“Remember that God is the only One Who can rescue this humanity that is empty of love and full of evil.  Man abuses children and murders them, and drugs are taking over the youth.  God made everything with love, but the world has those little apparatuses that are now being misused, so that instead of teaching the children, they are now being used to poison their minds.  Today, men use drugs and alcohol, and they abuse the children and the elderly.

“Great disasters are coming to humanity.  Those who come to the love of God through conversion should confess before a priest and receive Communion from a priest, not from any other man or woman.  The Father left the priests so that you could go to Confession and remove the sorrows from your hearts.  You should not talk about your sorrows only with other people, because they will distort what you say and spread it around everywhere.  But the priests will die with the secrets that you confess to them, and they will give you Absolution and the right to take Communion to receive the Body of Jesus, Who is truly there in the little piece of Bread.

“During every Mass, the angels are present every time the priest elevates the Host.  Your Loving Mother is also present and She tries to penetrate the hearts of the people so they will kneel or genuflect every time they receive the Body of the Well Beloved, which will help them to take care of their families, their children, and not allow them to wander through the world filled with drugs and wickedness.

“Remember that when the seven hills join together, which are the seven churches, that will be the moment when Jesus will shed His Divine Justice over the world.

“I love you, My little ones, and your Celestial Father also loves each one of you and He gives you His Blessing, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

“Note:  Pray, so that this country will change its government, or it will sink.  Also, remember that all the hospitals, schools, churches and places of apparition must prepare to become places of refuge for everyone who will need to take shelter during the times of tribulation.”


July 4, 2012

My little one, your Loving Mother is on vacation all over the world, as you say, even though you do not believe it.   I allow My children to relax a bit, as you say, so you can be calm and find your true selves.  When I'm not with you, guiding you at all times, sometimes I leave you to rest so that I can see if you remember the knowledge that I give you and to see if you live it accordingly.  Your Heavenly Father is with all the children all the time, but sometimes man gets tired of listening and does not put into practice the knowledge that He wants you to engrave in your minds so you will never fail.  Man stumbles all the time, he slips and falls; sometimes it is inevitable.  Jesus walked a long time with a traitor at His side, and He knew since childhood that Judas Iscariot would be tormented.  When Jesus was young, He had a little dog that He loved, and Judas killed it.  Jesus could have revived it, but He did not, in order to suffer the consequences of man's wickedness and to be ready for the time when the one who killed His dog would also be an accomplice to His death.

“My little one, the man of today does not have any interest in preserving in their memories the great events that occurred in humanity over 2,000 years ago, when Jesus began to do His Work.  The people of those times did not recognize Him and He had to go through pain, treason, and moral and physical aberrations, so that man would understand that dying on the cross was not a privilege, but a sacrifice, and so that man would understand that with His death, He loved and forgave all.  Forgiveness is very important to God and the Well Beloved, Who is God Himself. Forgiveness, love, sacrifice, the gift of giving and receiving, are very important, because they are the true charity of the Well Beloved.

“Your Loving Mother is the one Who is speaking to you.   Within Her own Body, She suffered the pain of losing Her Son.  She dedicated Her Life to sheltering in Her Womb the Body of Jesus, God Made Flesh, the One Who would in time become the Eucharist that you consume when you go to the temples, confess and receive Communion.  In that little piece of Bread is the entire sacrifice of the Well Beloved, but men still do not recognize Him.  You do not recognize that He is Present in that little piece of Bread, and that is why you must not profane Him by receiving Him in your hands; you should only receive Him in your mouths.  In the Eucharist, men find forgiveness.  Jesus sacrificed Himself on the Cross for all of you so that you would be able to forgive those who mistreat you and hurt you.

Today, there is hardly any charity, because people have lost the Path, and that is why your Mother appears everywhere in the world, trying to gather together all the people who believe in the reality of an apparition, because that is where you will find the True Path.  Today, you won’t find that True Path in the temples, where you go for only a short period of time to find the charity that Jesus performed with His sacrifice on the Cross, even though He is truly Present there all the time.  It is at the Marian apparition sites where man truly finds the Path.  Today, many of the shepherds that I left to guide the flock have strayed, and they have scattered the sheep, because they do not guide them to the True Path, which is Jesus.  That Path cannot be twisted or changed, because it's the Path that the Well Beloved left, and it is through that Path that your Mother bitterly suffered the torture and disdain of many.  Even today, many people attack your Mother, saying that She was not a Virgin and that She should not be venerated.  I speak of those brothers who have separated from the True Path to choose the one they think suits them best.

Today, no one can have the privilege that your Mother has in Heaven and on earth, and that's why many people deny Her.  But your Mother will always be attentive to the pain of each child, attentive to the fall of every human being, in order to lift them up to so they can find the Path that the Well Beloved left.  Do not think that your Heavenly Father, Who is Jesus and the Divine Holy Spirit, ignores what happens in the heart of every human being today.  Today, man has dedicated himself to doing the worst evils, the same as men did thousands of years ago.  They used to throw the Christians to the lions, but today, many are sacrificing the children in their wombs, the place where they should be the safest, but after conceiving them, they don’t allow them to be born.  Others abandon them; they are not capable of taking care of them and of teaching them to love God as He loves them and will always love them.

Many events are occurring in humanity.  Your Mother has been warning you for a long time about the things that would come to pass in this world where you live, which is full of bitterness, pain, crimes, and lack of faith.  Faith is what could save you from the great events that are happening.

Many human beings die every day – children, women, the elderly – killed because of a false belief, an anti-Christianity that has taken over the world of today.  In the Middle East and in Asia, they are truly denying that God exists and that God dispenses Justice.  Today, man is dedicated to murder, to creating wars that afterwards they are not able to end.  Listen well, My little ones, today, man creates wars and manufactures weapons.  It is not convenient for them to end the wars, because otherwise, who would they sell the weapons to?

You need to straighten your Paths and choose the Path that He left to save yourselves and to save your little creatures, those you conceive after a carnal desire and bring into the world, not knowing how to raise and guide them through the world.  This world is full of evil and selfishness; hunger and misery are everywhere, and there are many sick people, because it does not in the interest of many to heal them or to stop their hunger.

Remember that your Mother is everywhere, warning of what will happen and what is to come for humanity.  Will man become tired of listening to your Mother? Will man choose the Path that your Mother Teaches about so that when the time of the Divine Justice comes, will man be able to accept it?  I don’t believe so, because man is full of envy and hatred toward humanity.  God gave you life so you would learn to live in difficult times and in good times, but man is not taking advantage of these times.  Your Mother brings you the Message of all the things that will happen before Jesus comes to bring His Justice.  Always remember that your Heavenly Father does not punish, but that He brings His Justice.  It is a true Justice, a Justice that your Mother suffers when She sees Her children suffer.  

“Pray, but not in those groups that you like to attend.  There are two groups that your Heavenly Father has taught you, one is the Path of the temple where Jesus is sacrificed – the Mass – and the other is at the Marian apparition sites throughout the world, which will be the places of shelter for all the people who will seek protection in difficult times.

“Today, this country is still not suffering what other countries are suffering in the world with their thousands of deaths.  God has preserved you from all of that to see how long you will be capable of continuing to pray, so that everything will come in its own time and not out of time, as many of you think.  Pray that you do not let the president that is governing this country continue to govern it, because I told you one day that he is one of the antichrists who are in the world.  He is an anti-Christian, and the least thing he wants to do is to govern this country with true love or with true generosity so that everyone could have rights and could receive what each one builds for themselves.  This is a great country because it is a country where men can truly develop their own societies and have true opportunities to work in order to bring food into their homes.  The anti-Christians want to destroy it and to create a universal government, a completely anti-Christian government.

Man is infatuated with destroying humanity, and yes, destruction will come.  But those who walk truly on the Path will be saved, because they have heard the Word of your Father.  Many are dominated by the rock that is placed before them to make them stumble and fall, but they do not realize it, because they don’t see; they are blind, deaf, and mute.  

“Pray, each one of you, in the places that you are used to going to – the temples to attend Mass where Jesus really is Present, and to the Marian sanctuaries where your Loving Mother is announcing the events that will come to mankind if they don’t straighten their ways and follow the Path that He left for you.

“Don’t be amazed, your Mother is everywhere.  As the little one says, She is on vacation, but since your Mother does not believe in that, She is with you at this time, speaking in a locution to the little one.  Each of you can change your ways so that you don’t become accomplices of those who gossip, of those who don’t do charity, of those who are not capable of giving a hand to lift those who have fallen, of those who are not capable of praying for a sick person who needs much prayer.

“Today, many of the shepherds He left don’t go to hospitals where many die every day without having the privilege of trusting themselves to God in their last moments.  Give thanks to the little one who is receiving this Message.  She is one of the most beloved of your Loving Mother’s little creatures.  

“Everyone slips up and falls, My little ones, don’t worry.  Learn to do good deeds and don’t worry, because God is with each one of you.  He is with the ones who fall, with the ones who raise themselves up, with the ones who help to lift the fallen, with the ones who pray for those who don’t know the True Path that He left so that everyone will love one another as He loves you, as He showed when He gave all of you to your Loving Mother.

“I love you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


July 22, 2012

“Remember that I will always be the Good Shepherd Who guides the sheep, which is each one of you, and the Shepherd Who chooses the pastors who can lead My sheep in this country where you live, and which today is contaminated by evil.  Good shepherds are those who can guide the flock while not allowing them to disperse, and who are always aware of the difficulties they may have and when they trip and fall.  The good shepherds always come in time to help those who lead the flock, but they must be careful:  the good shepherds always have people around them who are posing as helpers, but who betray the Word, they betray the good examples that Jesus gives so that you can share them with all the other creatures in this troubled world in which you live.

“Around the shepherds whom I have chosen to lead my flock are snakes; they are not snakes in body, but in soul, with evil feelings and desires that cause each of the pastors I choose to stumble and fall and become unable to continue to guide My flock.  That is why today many of My children are scattered; they roam throughout the world, but do not find the Path.  The shepherds that I left have dispersed the flock, they don’t know how to guide them, because many of them are guided by the evil thoughts and instincts of others who say they are going to work for God, but instead do the work of the evil one.

“The shepherds are those who leave everything behind – family, work – to labor freely in the service of Jesus.  Jesus left everything to lead the flock that the Heavenly Father gave to Him in order to give up His life for them.  Despite that, the men of today continue to stumble from evil things and they do not dare to stand up and correct their ways.  Go to where the shepherds are in the church; confess with those who are the true shepherds of today and who are leading the flock through prayer and through the Eucharist.  Anyone who does not take the Eucharist, which is the Body of the Well Beloved, is not prepared against evil and will not be able to fight against all the obstacles or rocks that the malignant will put in front of everyone to make them stumble and fall.  Anyone who cannot get up and straighten his ways must go to the shepherds to confess and receive the Eucharist.  I repeat this, because today, men do not walk on the Path that the Well Beloved left, but they walk down the crooked path that leads to evil and to making the big mistakes that are committed today.  That's why today, God is sending His Justice through nature.

                “Always remember that nature is God.  God made nature; He made the water, He made everything that you enjoy today so that you would lead a healthy life and have a clean soul.  He gave you everything.  He left the Holy Eucharist so that after you confessed your sins with the shepherds that He left, you could receive Communion.  He left the shepherds so that you would cleanse your souls and be able to walk on the Path that He left.

                “Your Heavenly Father left you a Path through your Loving Mother and the Good Shepherd, Who is Jesus, but you deviate from it.  Instead, you prefer to be in your homes, feeding the spirit of wicked ideas, bad-mouthing your neighbors and not doing the deeds that really please the Lord.  Jesus left you a Path full of victory, triumph and love, but you betray that Path and choose the one that makes you do evil things, such as being envious, being selfish, gossiping, and not going to the shepherds that I left to cleanse your souls.  Your Mother surrendered Herself to a life of not knowing man so that She could bring the Good Shepherd to the world to leave a clean Path that you should walk on.  Instead, you deviate from that Path and make the greatest mistakes that can be imagined in humanity.  That is why God sheds His Justice all over the world through the living nature that He created for you.

                “Straighten your path and guide the flock, not toward injustice, but toward the Path of love, renunciation, sacrifice, contemplation, and charity.  Nothing is greater for God and the Well Beloved than charity.  Today, man is not governing the world with the love that He left, but with evil.  Infinite numbers of creatures are dying of hunger and from treatable diseases that are not cured, because men take advantage of those who can afford to go to a doctor or a hospital, as you call those places where you should receive care and healing from diseases.  God gives man the wisdom to work in laboratories to make medicines so that men can live for many years, but man has twisted the Path and many people die without reaching old age.  Many are born and die in misery due to disease, with no one to help them.  

                “God will come to the earth to straighten the Path that He left through Jesus, the Well Beloved, Who died on the Cross for each one of you.  Today, you still betray and crucify Him every day with your errors, with your actions, with your lesbianism, with your homosexuality, with all the things you do that do not please God.  But if you ask forgiveness from God through the shepherds who are waiting for you in the temples, you will be forgiven, and you can straighten out your path.

“My little ones, great events are awaiting humanity, and man will not have the strength to overcome them.  God has always said that He does not give you a date for when His Divine Justice will come; it will be like when a storm comes without you expecting it.  That is how Jesus will come.  Always remember that wherever you live, you are not alone; there are heavenly creatures all around you that one day will become the warriors that will save the world in which you live.

“I love you and I bless you.  Always listen to the Word of your Heavenly Father.  Do not twist your path; follow a straight path where He can find you and take you by the hand and raise you up.

“I love you and I bless you.  Prepare yourselves for everything that will come to mankind.  Many of you will see these things, but others will not.  Have patience and faith.  Pray for everyone who never prays, and simply enjoy yourselves.  Amen.”