Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

February 13, 2012


“My little creatures, you don’t know how much joy your Mother feels every time She sees the little creatures coming to this little place to listen to the Words of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit through the intercession of your Loving Mother.  

“Jesus suffered very much the night before He went to sleep, when He instituted the office of the priesthood with His apostles so that He could truly give what the Father wanted to offer to each one of you.  Your Celestial Father is the Divine Spirit, Jesus, the One Whom your Mother gave to you in an agape of love.  That night the Well Beloved suffered when He prayed that everything that was going to occur would not happen, but then He prayed that everything would happen as God designed for Him as a man among men.  Your Mother also suffered bitterly at having to bring into the world a Creature Who would later be kneeling and suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane.

“Today, man suffers the same tortures when he’s kidnapped, violated and murdered in those countries that previously truly believed in Jesus and Mary, and which today have been handed over to the antichrist.  The governments oppress those nations and make their people’s hearts likes rocks so they will abandon the Christian faith into which they were baptized.

“Your Mother suffers from the pains that mothers experience in those countries and from the pains of mothers who are here in this small place.  If you would read the Sacred Scriptures in Deuteronomy, you will find written there everything that human beings do against their loved ones, against their children and their parents.  Their loved ones will suffer the consequences of their actions. 

“Mary was conceived without Original Sin in Her mother, Saint Anne, so that Saint Anne could bring your Loving Mother into the world to intercede with the Well Beloved for all the petitions you have in your hearts. 

“Your Mother appears all over the world, bringing a Message of love, of reconciliation, a Message that sometimes reaches your ears, but does not reach your hearts.  The hearts of men of today are made of rock.  They don’t want to hear and they don’t want to do anything for those who truly suffer. 

“When Jesus awaited the sacrifice of the scourging, the sacrifice of that tortuous agony, your Mother suffered those same pains spiritually. 

“Today the world is corrupt, full of misery, full of pain, full of crimes against humanity, full of hunger.  It is also thirsty for justice, which mankind is requesting from God, the All-Powerful Father.  But men are the ones who are responsible for what is happening in each of their countries.  Your Celestial Father sends Mary, Who always says, ‘I won’t become tired of appearing all over the world to gather together the flock of Jesus, which has become lost.’

“Mothers always suffer from the loss of their sons in wars that have nothing to do with them.  They die in the battles, but they did not foment those wars, and they have no notion of what is happening around them.

“Your Mother always says through Jesus and the Father, ‘Pray for Israel, My little ones, for the Promised Land of the Well Beloved, where He was crucified for each one of you.’  Do not believe that they were the only ones who will suffer from the consequences of having killed the Perfect Man, the Well Beloved.  Always pray so that Israel will not be touched by the evil one, who will try to destroy her, because everything started there and everything will end there if they try to destroy her.  Everything will end in a fratricidal war and nature will be unleashed.  It will be the same as when the Well Beloved was crucified on the Cross and the dead came out of their tombs.  Everything crumbled that day when Jesus, the Well Beloved, closed His Eyes for us and said, ‘Father, into Your Hands, I commend My Spirit.’  At that moment, everything stopped.

“We are not reaching the end of the world, but the End of Times, the end of the era in which man has built the world in his own way.  But for Jesus, there is only one way for it to be built – on love, forgiveness, and justice.  Today, nothing of that exists in the world, My little ones.  That is why your Celestial Father allows your Mother to appear again in each part of the world so that you will repent and say, ‘Lord, forgive us, because we don’t know what we do.’  Jesus continues to Bleed on the Cross for each one of your sins and for all of your aberrations. 

“Pray, My little ones.  Pray for your children, for your homes.  Teach your little creatures to enter into normal relationships that are blessed by God.  Today, you only look for partners and you come together like animals to have children, procreating creatures who later bother you.  Then you kill them, sexually abuse them, and also cut them into pieces, not only while they are still in the wombs of their mothers, but also after they are born.  That is why your Mother will continue to cry Blood in all places, wherever She appears. 

“In all places, She will come to gather together the creatures who come with love to make the new Jerusalem, the Promised Land of Jesus of Nazareth.  Your Mother appears all over the world, sent by God so that we will rejoice in Her Embrace.  Change your lives and your hearts so that the world will no longer be full of pain, or of old people who are abandoned and killed in places that mistreat them, where do they don’t care if they close their eyes and sleep the eternal sleep.  They treat their little ones in the same way.

“Always remember that today, on this earth on which you live and which God made with so much love, there are some creatures that have been buried and have never been found after they disappeared.  You continue to provoke the Wrath of the Lord, so instead of showering you with Mercy, He pours out the pain and death that has been provoked by mankind themselves.

“Remember that God does not want you to see His Wrath.  When someone tells you that the world will end on a certain day, do not believe it.  God will not warn you before He comes back to the earth again.  He will not warn you, and He will find you doing whatever you are accustomed to be doing. 

“Pray, My little ones, so that the End of Times will not come yet, it is the end of an era.  A new era will begin when all men will love each other as I love you.  For all of you, I became the Son, was crucified to make a better world, and I shed My Blood for all of you.

“God dispenses Justice, He does not punish.  The Blood that Jesus shed on the Cross will not be in vain.  The moment will come when each one of you will have to give an account of all of your actions. 

“Pray, because the world is full of wars and punishments.  Pray so that Mary will not cry Blood in the world where She appears, but that She will pour out perfumed roses and a smile of love for each of you who truly loves Her Beloved Son. 

Your Mother is brought by the Son and the Holy Spirit.  He will be with each one of you who comes all the time, not only to this small place, but to all the places in the world to look for faith and the love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. 

“I bless each of you who is here and also those who are dispersed around the world in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.” 


February 10, 2012

Vigil Night

                “Your Mother is happy at seeing all Her children assembled in this small place. Your Mother is happy because great miracles are occurring here that have not happened in other places.  But She is not only happy because She sees all Her children in this small place, She is also happy because you are praying the Mystery of when your Mother’s Little Creature arrived in the world, and the happiness that was felt by Mary and also by Joseph.  Joseph didn’t see the birth, because it was hidden by a cloak that was held up by the angels to prevent him from seeing the Holy Spirit enter your Loving Mother for the birth in the same way that He entered Her to make her conceive, even though many persons doubt the veracity of this sacred and wonderful Mystery. Your Mother brought a Child into the world in an agape of love so that He could save humankind.

                “Your Mother is happy when she sees Her children gathered before Her Image, praying and venerating Her, and She is glad because Her little one, despite always being feeble, always has a word of love and joy for every one of you.  She says that she is silly, but I tell her that she is not, that she is joyful at having your Mother speak through her.

                “Her heart is full of happiness, full of joy, because not everyone can see your Mother, only those who are chosen by Jesus, not because they are saints, but because they feel the love of serving others.  She is happy because this small place has grown.  It has grown, because even though many come out of curiosity, others come with real faith and love.  Little ones, for your Mother to appear to a creature and to be accepted by that creature, is not easy.  It is not easy to abandon everything that ties that person to the world in order to serve Jesus and your Loving Mother.

                “In the years to come, many things have to change in the world in this corrupt society that does not have compassion for the creatures they bring to the world.  Many creatures are murdered in the womb and others are abandoned, as the little one says.  They are abandoned in those places where they eventually die [nursing homes].

                “In heaven, the angels cry every day when they see so many crimes being committed in this world that God made for the Glory of His Name and so that you would appreciate all the joys that God gives you through your lives, through nature. Man does not believe, My little one, He is devoid of faith.

                “Before I finish today, I will anoint a creature who is accustomed to doing good works.  Jesus needs shepherds to lead the flock to the True Path, which is Jesus, people who are capable of sacrificing an hour to go to a hospital to see a sick person while wearing the Cross around their necks so no one can stop them.

                “Wherever there is a sick person, Jesus is there, and if your hearts are inclined to do good, Jesus is there also.  Jesus is here, He walks among you all, you only have to invoke Him so that He can come into each of your hearts.

                “My little one said today that she believes the Celestial Father is not listening to her.  She said, ‘I am very tired, Lord.  Let me rest tonight, Father.’  But Jesus touched her heart, and in that moment, the tiredness and sleepiness left her, and she once again began to attend to all My little creatures so they would have faith in everything they had received and heard.

                “Your daughter will be healed, and is already much better.  She only has to begin to eat again so she can walk.  The little creature will be completely healed.  You have to have faith; faith is what heals the sick and the afflicted.

                “My little one, great events lay ahead for humanity.  The world will not end.  Don’t listen to those rumors that the world will end, remember what I have always said: ‘No one will know the moment when Jesus will return to the earth that He made to delight every one of His children.  But yes, you will see major events, great earthquakes, great floods, and your Mother does not want My little ones to look through their windows at the Wrath of the Lord.  Remember that every home must have a cross of wood at the front of the house so that when the angels of darkness pass by, your homes will be spared.

                “Your Mother prepares each of you so that you will come to the temples, as Jesus calls them, which today are called churches.  The Church is all of you who are baptized.

                “I tell you, My little ones, do not receive the Holy Eucharist in your hands, but in your mouths, and receive It from one of the priests that He left to guide the flock, which today has been dispersed.  Taking Holy Communion in your hands is a sin, because your hands are dirty from everything you touch, from everything you do.  You cannot touch the Holy Eucharist because God does not want it that way.  He does not want you to take Him in your hands, and He does not want you to take Him from a woman, because if He had wanted it that way, He would have permitted His Mother to do it, She Who is the most Pure among all women.  He does not want you to take Him from a deacon either.  A deacon is not worthy of giving you the Body of the Well Beloved because there is the possibility that he may come to church after having relations with his wife.  The Eucharist must be given by a priest.  Whenever you take Communion in an incorrect manner, you take it for your own misfortune and for the misfortune of your loved ones.  Read the Sacred Scriptures, it is written there.   

                “Remember that you should only store extra food and water for one year.  If nothing has happened during that time, you should donate them to a place where there are Franciscan nuns, those who are like Saint Clara or Saint Teresa.

                “Every one of you must become followers of Christ, the Well Beloved, the One I gave to you in an agape of love.  I gave Him to you for your salvation.

                “To finish, My little creatures, your Mother is appearing everywhere in the world so She can search for the lost flock of Jesus.  Every place where your Mother appears is a refuge for the time when those things that have to happen, happen.  Always remember that.  God has placed an apparition of your Loving Mother in all places of the world. 

                “I love you, little ones.  Before you finish the Holy Rosary I will bless you, and when you return to your homes, you will carry that blessing to your loved ones.

  I love you, My little ones, in the Name of Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”