Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
April 13, 2012

“My little ones, how beautiful is it for your Loving Mother, temple of the Divine Holy Spirit, to be with you and the Resurrected Well Beloved, instead of the Sorrowful Jesus.  Your Mother had to see Him martyred, dying a slow death on the Cross, and suffering from the pain of the treasons of the human beings of that time.  They walked with the Well Beloved Made Man since He was little, but they always had bad intentions toward Him.  For the Loving Mother it is always a glorious day when She celebrates with you the Resurrection of the Lord, when the Well Beloved was re-born to life.  He is the Way.  He was sheltered in the Womb of your Loving Mother and He is the Way that guides creatures to behaving better than those humans who were accomplices at His Crucifixion and Death.

“Your Mother is happy because during this time you remember the Death and Resurrection of Her Son, Who lives in your hearts.  Jesus, My little ones, was the Way and is the Way, the only Way that will guide the flock to His Love.  He guides the flock and returns those who are dispersed to the sheepfold, the sheepfold of the Loving Will of the Well Beloved and your Loving Mother.

“Your Mother rejoices eternally in Heaven every time She sees each one of you who, with love and sacrifice, remembers the Suffering of the Well Beloved and shares the joy of the Resurrection.  All of you, remember that the Womb of your Mother served as a Sanctuary, served as a Tabernacle.  There, the Eucharist was sheltered, which would become for you the nourishment of the Divine Spirit of God through the little piece of bread that is given to you in your temples each time your pastors celebrate the Life of your Lord Jesus Christ in the Mass.

“Remember that Jesus sends your Loving Mother throughout the world so that you could follow the Path that He left.  Always remember, My little ones, that your Celestial Father is with you, and that when you walk on that Path of Light, you will be converted.  Jesus came through the Womb of your Mother.  During the Mass, He converts Himself into a little piece of bread when the Crucifixion of the Well Beloved, Who is My Loving Son, is celebrated.   You should go to Confession with the pastors that He left so that you could receive the Eucharist.  The pastors are always waiting for the creatures to return once more to their encounter with Him in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.

“Remember that Jesus, as God, is a Divine Spirit, and as a Divine Spirit, He was conceived in the Womb of your Mother and came into the world.  Your Mother was a virgin before and after giving birth.  Your Father chose your Loving Mother to conceive Himself in Her.  That little Divine Human Being grew up on the Path that He left to you so that each one of you could find Truth and Love, many times through sacrifice and abandonment.

“Do not worry, because today you are receiving the Holy Water that Jesus is sending to you.  [It began to rain.]  Many of you who are here in this place will be healed by this Water that you are receiving today.  Do not be afraid, My little ones, because your Celestial Father is speaking to you through her [Rosa] and you are receiving that Divine blessing that is falling from the sky to heal many of the infirmities that you have brought with you.

“Jesus left only one Path, which is Truth, Love, and Sacrifice.  The other path is wickedness, crime, and betrayal.  Jesus, God Himself, gave man the gift of choosing the Path that each one of you could follow during your lives.  Mothers should consecrate their children to Jesus when they leave their homes, then Mary can take them by the hand wherever they go to guide them onto the Path of Love that God left to them.

“Parents should guide their creatures to the Path that Jesus left.  That Path should be traveled with their children during their lives so that each of them would be good men and women.  Many women of today choose partners like the animals do, they only come together as partners and do not choose spouses, which would enable them to become part of the Church that God left to bless your marriages.  How is it possible, then, that the children of today could believe and guide themselves onto the Path that is Jesus, if they don’t walk with Him?  Jesus died on the Cross to guide you throughout your lives to follow and do the Will of the Father.  From time to time, your Loving Mother, through Jesus, brings you the Messages that He gives you so that you will straighten the Path that will guide you to Him, instead of twisting it.  One day, He will ask each one of you for an account of your actions.  The Path of the Well Beloved is sacrifice, pain, renunciation.  Many want to choose that Path, but they abandon it halfway.  [It began to rain harder.]

“I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


April 7, 2012
Vigil Message

                “Today, My daughter, I give the Message to the children that I brought here with the infinite love of the Holy Spirit.  This Mystery of the Birth of Jesus is a wonderful Mystery. 

                “Today, women conceive and bring forth creatures that they often do not love.  Many women do not want to care for their small creatures and they leave them in the arms of others, who later take the lives of these creatures by torturing them and hurting them.

                “Your Celestial Father sent His Beloved Son to the earth to sacrifice Himself for each one of you.  Today, man abuses the wombs of women who conceive by killing their creatures in an abortion, which unfortunately for them, may prevent them from conceiving other creatures.  Children today are conceived not through love, but through the vice of sex that many practice in humanity.

                “During these times, your Celestial Father and your Loving Mother warn you that this generation will end at a determined moment because man has disobeyed the Law that they have had to obey since the time of Adam and Eve, which is to conceive and multiply.  Not today.  People today don’t want to have children; women don’t want to conceive.

                “Jesus came to the earth at a time when if they found out that your Blessed Mother had conceived by the Holy Spirit, no one would have believed it.  Today, many don’t believe in the apparitions of your Mother, just like in those times when they couldn’t believe that a virgin could have a baby.  Your Father had ordained it to be so, in order for your Mother to have the privilege of bringing a creature into the world who would save humanity from all the major events that would occur.  Major events continue to occur because man does not understand that there is one God, and that God is Jesus of Nazareth, your Divine Mercy, Who at all times, accompanies everyone who prays the Rosary with love and true devotion, and those who unite themselves in joyful thoughts with your Father and Mother.

                “During these times, your Mother continues to shed the Tears that She shed when Jesus gave His Life to save man, and so he would believe.  Jesus sacrificed His Life for humanity, and your Mother asks you, was it worth it?  Today, creatures live in a humanity that is dehumanized.

                “Your Mother suffered at seeing Her Beloved Son endure His Calvary, from the Garden of Gethsemane to everything that happened during the Way of the Cross.  She knew that He was going to be Crucified on the Cross even though He was innocent, and your Mother accepted this with infinite love.  Those men slaughtered Him; they slapped Him, spit at Him, offended Him, and whipped and crucified Him on the Cross, where they crucified only vile thieves and those who committed the most serious crimes of that time.

                “With an infinite love, your Mother accepted that surrender of the Well Beloved in an agape of love so that man would be saved.  Those who truly repent of all their miserable works and ask forgiveness will be forgiven.  Your Celestial Father says that if Judas Iscariot had repented of having handed over the Well Beloved to the thieves and criminals, He would have forgiven him.  Thus was and is the Heart of Jesus.  He forgives everyone who bends their knees before Him and asks forgiveness for all their bad deeds in the world.

                “Jesus is always a Being of Love, a Being of True Justice, a Being Who, if anyone bends their knees before Him and repents, He will grant them an infinite pardon that on a given day will get them to Heaven.  Today, men do not ask forgiveness because they believe that they do not have sins, that they don’t make mistakes, that they don’t kill.

                “Every day there are crimes in the society in which you live, not only against the innocent creatures that women conceive today, which your Loving Mother cannot understand, but also against those unfortunate ones who flee from their countries.  They seek a land where they can procreate, where they can work to give food to their families, and they are being killed in the deserts.  I speak of the unhappy Mexicans who are fleeing from their land and also of the many others from Central and South American countries who are seeking a place to regain what they should have had in their own countries. The crimes being committed today are as great as those that were committed against the Well Beloved.  Your Mother gave Jesus to the man as a Gift of love to save you from evil and to forgive you if you repent.

                “My little ones, your Loving Mother tells you not to worry so much about material things, because what’s important is what you have in your hearts.

                “Pray all the time to ask God through your Loving Mother and the Divine Mercy to lead the Eyes of your Heavenly Father to this troubled world where ferocious wars do not end and where many people kill each other like wild beasts.  They destroy the nature that God gave to everyone and there will come a time when there will be nothing left to bring to your mouths as food.  You are destroying everything that the Heavenly Father gave to humanity.  

                “Catastrophes will continue to occur throughout the world.  Earthquakes and floods will continue to occur throughout the world.  Those rulers who govern today and mistreat their people, leading them to a tyranny more cruel and criminal than human eyes have ever seen, will receive their punishment very soon.  They have already condemned themselves and they will be called to give an account to the Father of what they have done to humanity.  

                “You, My children, have to prepare and pray so that the Middle East, the Promised Land that your Heavenly Father loves greatly through Jesus, will not be touched.  God made everything there for the joy of humanity.  Make sure that the little Garden that God made for Jesus when He came to the world, the one in Jerusalem, in Israel, is not touched by the enemy, because if that happens, it will be the beginning of the end, not of all of humanity, but of much of it.

                “Always remember what your Mother has told you about storing food and water for one year.  Your Father does not give dates; time in Heaven is not the same as time on the earth on which you live.  Remember that from year to year you may gather food, and that if what has to happen does not happen, you should distribute that food to the needy who walk through this world without having anything to put in their mouths.  While there is abundance for some, for others there is nothing.  

                “Large earthquakes and major floods will scourge mankind.  Remember that the world will not end as those prophets who walk around filling the ears of the little creatures with stories say, and nothing will happen until Jesus returns to fix the earth that He formed.  Remember that God is Jesus, and Jesus is God.

                “This day is important for each one of you.  You have to receive the anointing that the little creature will give you with love, and if you ask, you will receive, and if you pray, the Father and the Son, Who are One, will hear you.  Amen.”