Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2011

                "My dear children, blessed be the Celestial Father for giving your Mother the opportunity to appear to each of your hearts, even though you do not believe it.  Your Loving Mother is in each one of you, sighing in your hearts, even though you do not listen.  Jesus speaks to many creatures to give you the Message of Love from your Mother to each of your hearts, and to truly teach you the meaning of your Mother's Rosary.   Each Mystery is the Life of the Well Beloved.  When you pray the Rosary, you are following the Well Beloved's Life in each Mystery, from His Birth, to His Death on the Cross for each of you, for all your sins and all your aberrations.

                “Jesus causes your Mother to appear because today, man denies the Virginity of Mary.  Man denies that Mary, your Mother, can intercede through the small creatures [the visionaries], even though you do not believe it, so that the Well Beloved can make miracles.  Your Mother was the first Sanctuary that God made on earth.  In the Virginal Womb of your Mother, where God the Word became Flesh so that each of you would rejoice and say, ‘I love the Beautiful Lady,’ as the little creature [Rosa] calls your Mother.  It is through your Mother that you receive great miracles, not only in your lives, but also in your homes when you have an image of Mary that you venerate.

                “Mary is One person, but She has many titles, and that is why She is dressed differently in each place that She appears.  Mary does not require you to say what you need out loud, the miracle happens in every human being’s heart when you petition Her internally.  Mary does not perform miracles on Her own; Jesus performs them through your Mother.

                “A child can never deny a plea from his or her mother, and when a child begs his or her mother, that mother cannot say ‘No.’  Mary is always willing to say ‘Yes’ to the petitions of Her children.  Therefore, little ones, Jesus cannot deny requests from Mary.  Mary holds back the Hand of Jesus so that He does not pour out His Divine Justice onto this convulsed land where you live.  Mary never tires of holding back the Hand of Jesus, and Jesus always says ‘Yes’ to the requests of your Loving Mother.

                “Your Mother appears in many places in the world so that you do not have to travel long distances to see Her.  You do not have to do that, My little ones, because Mary, like Jesus, is in each of your hearts if you truly believe.  Jesus sends Mary to gather His children at each apparition site.  Why doesn’t man believe that Mary performs miracles?  At the wedding of Cana, through whom was the first miracle requested?  God and Jesus are One; they are the same Path, My little ones.  There is only one Path, Jesus of Nazareth, the Divine Master, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world.

                “Mary went to Laria, a small town adjacent to the temple where She was to present the Child.  That is why there are apparitions of Mary as the 'Can-de-Laria,' because She went to Laria with the Light of the World, Who is Jesus, and She went to the temple to present Him as Her First Born.  The pastors the Well Beloved left to consecrate the children are in the temples, where the children are presented.  It is in those temples that God left for you, where today the Body and Blood of Jesus is sacrificed, where men often have to go and kneel before Him to ask for forgiveness of their sins, for their lack of love, their lack of faith, for not believing without seeing.

                “Jesus does not need for you to see Him.  Faith is what allows each one of you to come near to Jesus and to your Mother.  You do not need to see as Saint Thomas did in order to believe.  If you need to see to believe, it will not do you any good.  God does not give proof; He sends Signs to each of you so that through your faith you can feel the Presence of Jesus and your Mother in your hearts.  They will not deny you anything.  If you ask for a revelation with humble hearts, you will be led to the True Path, Who is God.

                “Men say that faith can move mountains.  This is true, it can move mountains, but it is true faith, not the faith that is invented by man and that is attached to the sacrifice of animals, to the reading of palms, to the reading of cards, to belief in spirits who supposedly come to take away illnesses, and you go to those places instead of believing in the Sacrifice of Jesus, who is the Lamb of God Who Sacrificed Himself so that you would be saved.  But no, you believe in the faith that man invented such as card readers, fortune-telling, wizards, witches who sacrifice animals that should serve as food, and you offer them as sacrifices to those saints that you have made up yourselves.  The true saints are in the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church, but today, many of them have been removed from the churches because of mankind, because they use them for any kind of fetishism and for beliefs that for God are not real.  God Sacrificed His Son, Who is the Lamb of God.  He Sacrificed Him to save mankind from those great sacrifices of maidens and animals that were done in ancient times, but which are being done again today.

                “Your Mother will say something very important.  She wants to tell all of you that difficult moments are coming.  Pray that the Palestinians do not attack Israel, because the day they attack Israel, where it all started, everything will end.  Many prophecies are being fulfilled for the people who live in the countries that are ruled by anti-Christians who steal the wealth from those countries for use in fetishism, such as in Africa, in the Nordic countries, and in Latin American countries.

                “I will tell you a revelation that the little one received a while ago for those who live in that beautiful country [Venezuela] where there is oil that God left so that man could use it for good things and to enrich that country.  You know about that tyrant who desecrated the grave of a patriot who died to free his people [Simon Bolivar].  He was not anti-Christian.  The anti-Christian is the man who rules that country now, where oil and gold are its wealth and its economy.  He has taken them away from his people, just as it was done in the small country of the little creature [Cuba].  Long ago, your Mother said that Castro was dead, and he is dead.  They cannot announce it, because if they did, it would be the end of that small country.

                “Today I will reveal that Chavez will not live to say anything more.  Do you know why?  He profaned the grave of the hero of that country [Simon Bolivar].  He profaned it with two other people.  He lay down in the tomb and breathed in what emanated from the skeleton and the bones, but he did not know that the hero left a curse that was written for whomever would profane his grave.  It says, ‘He who profanes my grave will be cursed.’  Three persons desecrated the tomb and two of them have already died; the only one left is Chavez.  He is sentenced to die through his own deeds.

                “The day the small country of the little creature [Cuba] announces the news that Castro is dead will be the end of all those evil people who are not announcing it so they won’t wallow in their own mud, in their own blood.  One day, your Mother said that when one of the most bloodthirsty tyrants in the world falls, the others will fall like in a chess game.  But Jesus also says, ‘If you do not want to fight for freedom in the countries that are being ruled by the antichrist, then you do not deserve to be free.’  But if men do not want to shed their blood like the great prophets in antiquity and the great rulers of those times did, they should just drop their weapons and close up all the shops that provide food, along with all the gas stations.  When there is a peaceful strike, the tyrant will not last three days.

                “Your Mother tells each of you who is in this little place that I appear everywhere to call My children to return to the only Path, which is Jesus.  It was once called the Way, and today it is known as the Catholic Church.  You must not judge the priests, who are just like you; you must pray for them.  Pray for vocations, for nuns, for religious women.  Pray for your children, little ones.  When they leave your home every day, instead of saying, ‘Lord, I consecrate them to You this day so they can return home safely’, you let them go without consecrating them, not knowing if they will return home or not.  

                “The homes are being destroyed by the little apparatus that causes men to no longer need their wives and for women to no longer need their husbands.   One day a long time ago, your Mother told you that the little apparatus that was invented to help young people to study and to bring about wisdom, would become the cause of many homes being destroyed.

                “Remember this:  One day, the Russian leaders said that they would not destroy the United States with war or weapons of any kind, but with the drug that would poison all young people in the schools and the universities, with that little apparatus where the youth and adults can have ‘sex.’

                “You must know that the world will not be flooded like it was during the time of Noah.  No, it is now reserved for fire, like what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah, because today the world has become Sodom and Gomorrah.  

                “Remember, search the Sacred Scriptures, but before opening the Bible, bless it in the Name of Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Then open it so that God will speak to you there, because not everyone is a theologian, an expert in matters of the Scriptures, which are very old.

                “For those who write the Messages that your Mother gives, remember that not even one letter can be changed of what’s written in this place, because if that is done, the change will cause their own condemnation.  

                “I love you, My little ones, I love you.  Do not look for Mary all over the place, look for Her close to your homes so that She may appear to you there.  Do not seek Her in faraway places, for all places of apparition are sanctuaries because at any given time they will become refuges from the great events that will come to mankind.

                “I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

                “Regarding those who preach about the end of the world, nobody has that truth, because God will not warn you about when He will send His Justice to the earth.  

                “Open the Sacred Scriptures in Saint Mark, Chapter 13, Verses 6-8:  ‘For many shall come in my name, saying, I am he; and they shall deceive many. And when you shall hear of wars and rumours of wars, fear ye not. For such things must needs be, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and famines. These things are the beginning of sorrows.’

                “Go to Verses 9-10:  ‘But look to yourselves. For they shall deliver you up to councils, and in the synagogues you shall be beaten, and you shall stand before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony unto them. And unto all nations the gospel must first be preached.’  Amen.”


November 5, 2011

Vigil Night

                “My little ones, I had to wait for My little one to let Me speak.  My little one is very impatient; she wants to leave this wonderful moment with you and with My new creatures who came to meet your Loving Mother.  Don’t you know that in eternity there is no time; time is measured by you, humankind, who are always in a hurry to reach the end, before you even begin.

                “My little ones, I want to say that the urgency with which you are listening to your Loving Mother today has been a long time in coming, not only for your Mother, but also for My little one, who is impatient at appearing like a stranger, even though you know her.  She made it possible for your Mother to be here, long before I thought of coming.  Many new people who came will receive what they have come looking for.

“Pray, My children.  I have always told you that before this year ends, many great things will occur.  Many things have already happened, but still more will come to pass.  You have to pray so that whatever has been prepared for the Promised Land does not occur, because when they touch that Promised Land, the Divine land of the Well Beloved, it will be the beginning of the end for many.  Pray that Jerusalem is not attacked by the anti-Christians who still persecute Jesus, even after He gave His Life so that men would be saved if you repent of the evil you are doing. 

“It is man himself who is spreading wars, who sows death everywhere, because men do not provoke wars to win them, but to take advantage of them so that others will die.  My little ones, God made the world for you to rejoice in it, but you do not understand that every time you start a war and don’t end it, many innocent persons die, leaving orphaned children and mothers without sons and wives without husbands.

“I have told you to store non-perishable food and water, because at this moment, the lives of human beings, as I am telling you, is currently suspended by the powerful Hand of God that your Loving Mother holds back so that He does not shower His Wrath upon mankind, the ones for whom Jesus, My Beloved Jesus, died on the Cross.

“Don’t look for God in different places; God is in the heart of every human being.  It is there where God listens to you.  He knows if people come here to receive or if they come to investigate, and sometimes, your Loving Mother will confront them. 

“You know that My little one is weak.  When she said yes to Jesus, she accepted her cross.

                “I have always told you, My little ones, that your countries have fallen in with anti-Christianity in order to create a single power, such as the freemasons, a single power, and that when that happens, there will be a confrontation of all peoples. 

                “Do not believe any creature who comes to whisper into your ears that the world is going to end, that the End of Times is coming.  Don’t believe it; there is still time.  Until mankind repents of all their evil deeds, you will not come before the Righteousness of God.

                “Pray for Israel, for the world, for the unfortunate ones who die from hunger, misery, and diseases.  Pray within your families, My little ones.  Praying together is powerful, it keeps families united.  Do not knock on doors in order to invite persons to a meeting that has nothing to do with Jesus, Who is the only Way, the only Path for salvation for each one of you.

                “Great conflagrations are at hand for humanity, but it is man himself who choose their own leaders.  That is why the antichrist will rule everywhere for a while, and that will be the End of Times.  It won’t be when man wants it to happen, but it will happen at God’s Command. 

                “Your Loving Mother appears in many places around the world because at each place of apparition the Well Beloved is choosing His flock, His people.  That is why He is searching in each of those places for good shepherds who can sow the seeds of prayer, conversion and love.

                “I assure you that if each one of you speaks about God’s Divine Power, you will not lack anything.  But for those who deny Him, those who don’t have the courage to justify their faith, which truly exists, know that He will not advise you when He is coming so that you can see Him; He will take you all by surprise.

“Today I say: Engrave within your hearts what I am about to say.  The earth will continue to be in turmoil.  God is nature and He will continue to collect lives, rapturing many so they will not see what is approaching.  

“Many countries will continue to wallow in the blood of their own people, but I assure you that each one of them will fall like a game of chess, and they will sink in their own blood and in their own mud.  No tyrant can survive the abuse and death that is in their countries, which are at war today, My little ones.

“I told you that a recession will come to this country and to all places, and it is arriving.  Pray that it is not a depression, but a recession.  It is emerging little by little, but is not over yet.  Men still have time to bend their knees, to ask for forgiveness for the crimes they have committed and have not been judged for.  Corrupt young people destroy not only themselves, but their families, children are aborted, kidnapped, abused, and killed, but men do nothing.  That is why God, the Just Judge, will continue to send His Divine Justice.  Do not believe that your Loving Mother appears in many places for pleasure; She is calling Her children at each place of apparition.  Every place of apparition will become a place of prayer and shelter.  That is why I put Marian apparitions everywhere, close to your homes, so you don’t have to run far to seek salvation, but you can seek it wherever God puts it.

“I shall not speak much longer, My little ones, because the one who is here is in a hurry and your Mother is impatient.  She doesn’t like for you to see the private things that have occurred in these moments.  It’s better that they stay away so they won’t interfere with the Divine Spirit, Who wants to be with each of His children.  But they can’t be private if I am to be able to snuggle up to your hearts to be able to give everything to you, especially to those who have come with love so they can receive.

“My little ones, I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”