Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

May 13, 2011

“My little creatures, today your Loving Mother is present in each of your hearts to manifest the Glory of the Well Beloved in each one of you.  Your Loving Mother always surprises the little creature because your Mother does not want her to be prepared beforehand to receive the Beautiful Lady, as She calls Her.

“Your Loving Mother says that you should not be afraid that the world is going to end, as many people are saying in the world in which you live and which the Father made for man to rejoice in.  My little ones, no one knows the place or time when Jesus will come to take those creatures who have truly straightened their paths and who were converted into people of faith, love, forgiveness and charity.

“No one knows the day or time when Jesus will come.  I tell you this because your Mother always receives the anguish of the hearts of all the children the Well Beloved left to Her.  People say that the world will end today or tomorrow, but no one knows, not even the angels, and this is written in the Sacred Scriptures at the end of the Apocalypse of Saint John.  No one knows when your Father, Who is Jesus, will appear among you to straighten the crooked path that men have taken.  They are at fault for the shedding of blood all over, in wars, in terrorist attacks, in the murdering of innocent creatures by people who have nothing to do with Jesus. 

“Jesus is a man of peace, love and truth.  He did not deceive any of the apostles who walked with Him and to whom He left all that is written of the Well Beloved.  Your Loving Mother does not deceive you either, My little ones.  The angels do not know when the world will end, because Jesus says, ‘If the owner of the house knew when the thief was going to rob him, he would wait for him and then the thief would not be able to rob him.’  If men knew when Jesus would come they would prepare themselves, and Jesus wants to find you doing what you are used to be doing.  If you are planting, He will appear to you there.  If you are doing good deeds, He will appear to you there.  If you are killing or consuming hallucinogenics that change you into monsters that kill innocents, He will find you there.  He will surprise you like a thief in the night.

“Pray, each one of you, so that when the End of Times comes, which is not now, you can be prepared.  Pray so that you will not be asleep.  No one who does evil things will be able to flee or have a place to hide.  There are many human beings who say, ‘I will flee and I will hide in the mountains where He cannot find me.’  But the Well Beloved will find you wherever you are.

“He is in each of your hearts, but men do not listen when He talks.  They do not hear Him.  Men are more interested in their own interests than in planting love, peace all over this earth that Jesus made for men to rejoice in.

“He left to you all you need to consume and to have in order to live, but men twist everything around, and in the labs, they make medicines that do not cure anything, but instead take people more rapidly to their encounter with the Celestial Father. 

“Men today plant wars and choose their own governments.  Those people are at fault for choosing the wrong governments.  Neither Jesus nor your Loving Mother will come with a Rosary in Their Hands to bring down anti-Christian governments, which are spreading everywhere.  It is men who have to fight to obtain liberty for their own people, to obtain the freedom of good values and of faith.  Those who do not know how to fight the antichrist who governs humanity today will not know how to fight for a country full of love, familiarity and peace. 

“Each human being has free will to choose the Path they want to follow.  Each one of you chooses his own Path; it is not your Loving Mother.  Your Mother guides you through your prayers.  Your Mother guides you through the Church, where Jesus is sacrificed in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, where each one of you should bend your knees to receive the Body that is represented in that small piece of bread, which is Jesus Crucified.  Many people do not believe that Jesus is there.  They do not know that when the pastors He left to guide the flock through the Path of love and peace give you Communion, the angels sing in Heaven.  He is there, waiting for each one of you to bend your knees and to receive His Sacred Body and Blood in your mouths.  Do not put out your hands, which are dirty from touching everything that surrounds you in the world.

“Jesus is not coming; it is not time yet.  There will be many raptures.  When you see destruction in many places in the world, people will say, ‘Why did God punish those innocent beings and take them?’  God will take them in a rapture of love so they will not see what is coming afterwards, which will be worse.

“Pray, My little ones, and do not believe in the fairy tales that many tell to terrorize humanity and to make them tremble.  God will manifest Himself in the hearts of every human being in the moment that Jesus comes to encounter each one of you, but it is not time.  It is not time, even though there are wars here, there and everywhere.  It is not yet time for Him to come. 

Before that happens, the celestial host will fall from Heaven.  Heaven will darken and there will be no sun.  What does each human being have to do?  Kneel down and pray.  Even though people say He will come during this time, do not believe them.  Those are false prophets who come to humanity to plant terror, fear and anguish.  They are not the ones who truly walk on the Path that Jesus left.  Jesus left the Path so that each one of you would follow it and so that He would illuminate you with the Light that He will bring for all men.

“I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


May 7, 2011

Vigil Night

                “My little creatures, your Loving Mother has surprised all of you, including My little one, otherwise she would not have let Me speak. 

                “Today, your Loving Mother is with you in spirit, in each of your hearts.  Your Mother sighs with love for every one of you, for this wonderful day that you are celebrating [the following day was Mother’s Day], although up here there is no time, My little ones.  For your Loving Mother, all times are times for mothers, for the children of the family, for the homes. 

                “My little ones, the world has been corrupted.  Today, the homes are scattered, they are filled with pain, they have been abandoned by the mothers, they are filled with abortions, and with children, little creatures who didn’t ask to come into the world through a moment of human satisfaction.  It is men in general who twist the lives of creatures who have not asked to come into the world.

                “Today is a great day.  It is great, and it should rightly be great in the hearts of every human being, but mankind turns their backs on their parents while they go through their lives, especially the mothers who conceived them and actually gave birth to the creatures they raised with love.  After they grow up they abandon their parents and run around the world through their own free will, without giving any thought to leaving behind a weeping mother, without giving any thought to the painful suffering of the martyrdom of being lonely for a child who was conceived in love and educated, but who abandoned them after they grew up.  

                “All days are Mother’s Day; there is not a single day that does not belong to mothers.  The Divine Mother conceived during a time that would have been difficult for you to understand, but She said Yes without having been touched by any man.  She was a Virgin before and after giving birth. 

                “Today, your Mother is with all mothers, not only those who are in this small place with the little creature to celebrate the day, but also with those who are sick and abandoned in their homes, suffering from neglect and being abused by those who should love and honor them.

            “My little ones, always remember that God does not punish, but that He sends His Justice to man to straighten the road and return to the sheep fold that God left for him. 

                “Your Mother is happy, My little ones, as new creatures join the small group that is committed to honor and venerate your Mother.  She is happy, very happy.  Today I want every one of you to remember what I will tell you so that you can remind the little creature, because My beloved one erases everything she says from her mind because of the ecstasy of Mary.  Tell the little one that her Mother is near God all the time because she was a Holy Woman, and even though She did not see death, She knows that the little one honors Her memory and venerates Her constantly.

                “My little ones, love one another like your Beloved Jesus told you.  Love one another without thinking, without gossiping, without talking, without saying that it cannot be that your Mother speaks through a creature who is insignificant.  No one chooses the Father, it is the Father Who chooses the child.  Afterwards, He tells all the mothers who are in this place that your Mother is in each of your hearts on this special day and on every day of your lives, you only have to hear Her Voice within your hearts. 

                “Listen and prepare; prepare your souls and your senses for the great events that are close to the world, My little ones.  Remember you that your Mother told you [about them], but you are not able to understand what is coming.  Great events are approaching that will shake the world; they will shake the earth, the earth that men abuse.  That is why there is a shortage of food in so many places.  Remember that your Mother always tells you to protect yourselves and each other.  Don’t gather in large groups where a terrorist attack may occur because of that terrorist who is finally where he belongs [Bin Laden].  They will try to avenge him and do more harm than he did when he was alive.  Remember that.

“Pray, flock to the sanctuaries where the Well Beloved is exposed in the sanctuaries all day long, and there, before the pastors I left, confess your sins.  Prepare yourselves; prepare your hearts for the great disasters that will come.  Many empires will fall, causing many deaths, My little ones.  You will ask, ‘How is it possible that the Heavenly Father takes so many innocent people?’  But you know that if He takes them it is so they will not see the other things that will come later.  This is one of the raptures when many of the creatures who are not prepared for what lies ahead for the world will be drawn up, en masse.  

“I love you, My little ones, I love you.  There are many more things I would like to tell you; there are many more things that the Father will tell you in due time.  Pray for the world, for the young people who are contaminated by that evil drug that makes them commit crimes against humanity.

“Your Mother wants to bless you before leaving; help the little creature [while she gives you My blessing].  I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


May 22, 2011

                “My daughter, it’s been a while since I have given you a Message to write down and reveal to all the children I have entrusted to My Beloved Mother, your Loving Mother, to guide them in that world that is full of human and spiritual wickedness.

                “Little one, write from Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 28, Verses 13-19.  My little one:  ‘Cursed be gossips, and the double-tongued, for they destroy the peace of many. A meddlesome tongue subverts many, and makes them refugees among the peoples; It destroys walled cities, and overthrows powerful dynasties. A meddlesome tongue can drive virtuous women from their homes and rob them of the fruit of their toil; Whoever heeds it has no rest, nor can he dwell in peace. A blow from a whip raises a welt, but a blow from the tongue smashes bones; Many have fallen by the edge of the sword, but not as many as by the tongue. Happy he who is sheltered from it, and has not endured its wrath; Who has not borne its yoke nor been fettered with its chains;…’

                “Go to Verse 23:  ‘But those who forsake the Lord will fall victims to it, as it burns among them unquenchably!...’

                “Go to Verse 26:  ‘Take care not to slip by your tongue and fall victim to your foe waiting in ambush.’  Amen.


May 23, 2011

                “Dear daughter, My little one, always remember that I, your Heavenly Father, know your soul and your heart.  Your Heavenly Father does not want you to get carried away by pain, by everything you’ve endured while living with your husband.  You know him, he will not change.  You chose him and you will have to continue to carry that same chain that you agreed to.  

                “I would like to say other things that are important for this world in which you live.  Man has not changed since Jesus walked among you, and no one will accept the fact that He was the Son of God Who came into the world so that man would act better toward all human beings, because for Him [God], you all are equal – rich, poor, sick, healthy, lame, maimed – you are all equal in your Father’s Eyes.  But what happened?  The One Who was the most innocent of all was taken to a vile death.

                “Now We will speak of the Father, God, Who sent His Son into the world to bring love, peace, unity among all men, but they could not accept Him.  Despite the miracles that Jesus performed in all of them, they took Him to the most cruel and the most painful death.  My little ones, that is why during the time you celebrate Holy Week, or whenever man does not recognize Jesus, great natural disasters occur throughout the world.

“Nature is God and man must accept it.  When Jesus died on the cross the earth trembled, the sun was darkened and the dead came out of their graves.  God will not warn you before He returns to the world to straighten the crooked path you have been on since Jesus walked among you.  Pray that it will not happen at night so some of those who have not become apostates can be saved, those who have abandoned the faith of their baptism and have left it to embrace religious cults that do not know baptism with the Holy Spirit.

“My children, God will not tell you when He will return to the world.  He will come like a thief in the night, and will surprise all of you in what you are accustomed to be doing, and then there will be the shedding of tears and the gnashing of teeth.  Amen.

“I am your Heavenly Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.”


May 25, 2011

                "My dear daughter, My little one, people want to know what is happening in the countries of Latin America; the leaders are embracing anti-Christianity in every country.  Remember that good and evil walk side by side to see who will take each one among men to hell or to eternal life.

                “My dear daughter, men are the ones who choose their own rulers, and it is men who have the power to separate them from power if they are not in compliance with the constitution that is in all the countries.

“God is a God of love and mercy.  When he brought His people out of Egypt where they were being abused and subjugated, He opened the sea and made ​​it swallow up those who persecuted them, the men along with their animals, and it was God Who did it.  He will question all those countries that are mired in poverty and hunger and are not free, because they have to untie the yoke of slavery, doing the same thing the Jews did in antiquity, and not being submissive.  Freedom is conquered, it is not begged for.  All the countries of today are losing their most valuable children who are sacrificed in a suicidal holocaust that does not interest those tyrants who misgovern their people.  Wake up, and fight for a better world where man does not take away what God gave you for your joy, for your freedom.  I repeat: The rights of man are not begged for; they are conquered with dignity and love of country.

“My little one, the dignity of a country shall not be exchanged for a monetary debt, freedom shall not be sold, it must be won with honor and the desire to be free, not slaves.  Countries are lost through the ambitions of their governments and the cowardice of their peoples.  You do not deserve to be free unless you fight for your freedom.  My little one, now the people do not want to be free, they want to be slaves.  They want God to release them without having to fight for it themselves.  God has taught you the way and has given you an education, but you have to do the rest.

“I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.”