Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

July 13, 2011

“My little creatures, your Loving Mother has told you all the time that She appears all over the world to take the little creatures to the sheep fold because the sheep have been dispersed and there are not enough shepherds to take the creatures to the True Path of the Well Beloved.

“Your Mother knows about the sacrifices you make to be in the places where your Mother brings you the Sacred Mysteries of the Well Beloved [through the Rosary], which many of you don’t understand. 

“Sometimes, your Mother asks Herself why the men of today dedicate themselves to criminalizing the little creatures.  On a day such as today, your Mother brought the Infant Jesus into the world because She said yes.  She said yes, even though She did not know any man; She did not have any marital relations with any man.  Mary confronted all the circumstances that She would undergo to have Him and She confronted all those who would not believe in the miracle that a small creature like Mary could have a child without having intercourse with a man.

“Today, women are not like Mary, Who sacrificed everything She could so that this creature in Her Womb could be born.  After their creatures are born, they should have the love and caresses of a mother Who feeds them with her breast milk so they can live and become healthy.

“There are so many crimes today and your Mother sheds so many tears all over the world!  Many times She sheds oil in order to bless and heal the illnesses that man cannot cure.  Mary is able to shed tears of oil and of blood, and when the tears of Mary are of blood, it is because there will be much blood shed in the world because of the wars that man makes and never wins.

“Mary says to everyone on this terrestrial globe that God made man so that everyone could be happy, rejoice, and multiply.  If man had not gone forth and multiplied through Adam and Eve, humanity would not exist today.

“Today, humanity has become apostates, they are incredulous and deniers of everything that brings man closer to God.  God the Father made the world to Glorify Himself and to rejoice in man so that man would procreate and fill this world that He created and so that in obedience to God, man would have a holy, good and blessed marriage at the Altar in the Church. 

“The Church is one Path, says Jesus, one Law that can’t be changed, and one Baptism.  When a creature is Baptized, it is exorcized and cleansed of Original Sin.  Mary did not have to do that because He had no sin, but in obedience, She took Him to the Altar.

“The Well Beloved left the pastors to bless the creatures, to Baptize them, and to cleanse them of Original Sin so they can be holy men dedicated to God and the Holy Mother.  But today, not many people do this.  Very few children are Baptized, and some of them who were Baptized, later deny it and turn to other cults that have nothing to do with Jesus.

Your Mother left the Rosary so that everyone can pray with their families so that the families can remain united.  It is a sacrifice to pray the Rosary, because at that moment, it makes you travel on the Path that Jesus and Mary traveled and to carry the cross.  At any moment, the Rosary will become a cross that you will carry with Him, and traveling through the Rosary is a prayer with Jesus and Mary.  How many households today pray the Rosary?  There are many, but few of them understand the meaning of each Mystery of the Rosary.  Many don’t know them, even though many years ago, Mary revealed it to Saint Dominic.  Not even a dot should be changed of the Rosary, but today, they have profaned it by changing the Mysteries and the days it is prayed.  That is why, My little ones, that the world will have to suffer Divine Justice.  God does not punish, but he pours His Justice out upon mankind.

“Mankind destroys the maternity of women.  Two people bring children into the world, but afterwards, through the fault of the vices of alcohol and drugs, they kill them.  Many times, families are not supported on one side or the other because of the abuses of men against women.  They mistreat them, they abuse them, they offend them and they punish them as if they were boxers in a ring where people go to watch, laugh and enjoy seeing two people mistreat each other.  That is how marriages are today, My little ones.  Many don’t say this is happening because they fear no one would believe them, but God knows what they are going through.

“When a man raises his hand to hit a woman, it is as if he is hitting Mary; he is giving a strong blow to the Heart of your Loving Mother.  That is why your Mother suffers and cries all over the world.  Your Mother only smiles and is happy when She heals a creature through the Divine Spirit.  She heals all creatures – grown ups and little ones, men and women.

“Today, your Mother is in each of your hearts and in the hearts of all human beings who are abused – children, women and the elderly.  Wherever there is alcohol and drugs, parents and grandparents are abused.

“Today, men and women are promiscuous and perform sexual acts that separate all families.  Today, men do not believe that a man and a woman should marry and that the marriage should last until death.  Today, people are promiscuous in their cars or with those small apparatuses that they carry around with them.  They lock themselves up with those machines and they have sexual relations that not only destroy themselves, but their homes and their families.  One day, I told you that those little apparatuses would destroy the homes if men continued in promiscuity.  They are promiscuous with small children, the youth and with men.  They abuse them and they cannot be forgiven.

“Today, I, your Mother, assure you that those who profane the body of a child cannot be forgiven here or above, and that everyone will have to give an account of their actions to the Celestial Father at the end of the tunnel where each of you will say goodbye to this terrestrial globe and give an account of your actions.  Jesus is at the end of that tunnel with your Mother Mary, waiting to ask you what you have done with everything He gave you and with all your abundance, and about what evil you have done.  That is when there will be pain and the crying of each one of you, and the gnashing of teeth.

“Even though Jesus and Mary appear everywhere, man continues to be promiscuous in their homes, killing the people they’re supposed to love the most, crucifying Jesus again, the One Who died for each of us.  No one goes to the Church that your Father left for you so you could repent and confess all your sins, all the evil that you have committed, so you would be able to receive Communion. 

“Millions of times your Mother and Jesus have cried because each of you profane His Sacred Body in the Sanctuary where His Body is consecrated every day, by taking Him in your hands, instead of opening your mouths and genuflecting, as you should take Him, that Marvelous Body of the Well Beloved.  He gave Himself to everyone so we would be happy in this world that He left for all of us.  He is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

“You become tired of asking for many blessings from the Father, but you should not be like the ten lepers who were healed and only one returned to give thanks.  He asked, ‘Where are the other nine who were also healed?’  In the same way, your Mother may asks, ‘Where are the Messages that I have given you, where it says that you need to kneel to receive the Body of the Well Beloved so you can be saved?  Where will you be when He calls you?’  You will be doing the same things you are accustomed to be doing.  Many people are immoral all over the world, and that is where Jesus will find you when He calls you, but you will not recognize the Voice of the Well Beloved.  There is so much disobedience, and that is why God will continue to pour out His Justice upon the earth.

“God is nature.  God is in the trees, in the rocks, in the volcanoes, in the earthquakes, in the tsunamis; God is in everything.  When you see that water is overflowing all over the place without having time to escape, it is God Who is pouring out His Justice on man.  God does not punish, but He sends down His Justice.

“It has been said that you should store water and food that can last for a year.  If the Divine Justice does not come during that time, you should give the collected items to the poor who have nothing to eat.  You should continue to store what you need, because if you have money to buy drugs that you don’t need, you also have the money to store the foods that you will need when the time comes that you will have to give an account to God.  He will know where to find you, and then you can tell Him that you went to Church, that you went to Confession and that you received the Communion of the Lord, and you can ask Him to forgive you if you failed, because you did not know what you did.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


July 9, 2011

Vigil Night

                “My little creatures, on this day when every one of you is waiting for the events that occurred when Jesus was born, Jesus is presented in the temple by your Mother, then the Child is lost, but was found by your Loving Mother,

                “Your Mother rejoices when She sees Her children gathered together to hear what I say through the little creature and what I repeat all the time.  But very often, some of you don’t pay any attention to what your Mother tells you about all the events that will come to mankind if man does not change his approach to humanity.  Men and women have become beasts; Jesus is speaking generally.  Men, women and children do not want to understand everything that is happening in this world that God gave to you so that at any time you may rejoice in understanding everything your Mother tells you through the little creature.

  Many of you don’t believe; many of you come here out of curiosity, but your Mother always receives all of you with marvelous Words that sweeten the hearts of the little creatures.  Many of you are here today for the first time.  Your Mother knows that; you cannot fool Her.  Many of you have come for the first time in order to take shelter under the Mantle of the Virgin Mary, and even if you don’t believe what is happening, your Mother is speaking to you and is covering each of your hearts so that when you are away from this place you can say, ‘I really was in a holy place.’  But it’s not because the little one makes it holy.  She is not holy; she is a woman of the world, just like you.

                But My child, My beloved Jesus chose her, from the womb of her mother.  Jesus chose her there, so she could speak to you.  So for anyone who wants to listen to her, I will give you teachings that have never been found in your hearts before now.  

                “Your Mother is happy to see you all of you together, waiting for what your Mother wants to say on this day, but She is also sad, because many of the women of this time have become murderers of their own children.  Your Mother is sad, because a criminal who brought her child into the world and allowed it to live for two years, then killed the child and is now free.  No one found her guilty, except God; God will be the judge.  He will judge this creature who murdered her infant daughter without pity, without mercy.

                “Today, man has forgotten about piety, about love.  You are living in a time of crimes, wars, alcohol, drugs, sex and sexual aberrations between two men (homosexuality).  Imagine, each of you, what will happen when mankind legalizes marriage between two men (it should be forbidden), when they become a couple.  Two men who form a relationship can’t procreate, so creation would stop in the world and there would be no more children born.  For those of you who are listening, you can become one of those devices that repeat what you hear; you can arrange to listen to the Voices of your Father and your Mother.

  God does not punish, My little ones, God imposes Justice, and the Justice of God is infinite, no one can prevent it.  When He drops His Powerful Hand upon humanity, everything shakes, everything trembles, everything floods.  God makes the world shudder through nature, because man has become the enemy of what God has created.  That is why in many places where your Mother appears, She is crying blood or crying oil.  When She is content, She cries oil for healing of the sick, when She is sad, She cries blood so that men will learn to love each other as if they were blood brothers.

                “Your Mother appears everywhere.  Wherever there is an apparition, She unites Her children so they can be healed, so many of them can be saved, so that many of them will have the right to be born and the right to live.  

                “Know that the world will not end.  No one knows when the Heavenly Father will drop His Mighty Hand over all of mankind, but that will not be the end of the world.  God did not make the world to destroy it, but that time will be the end of this generation of men and women who live without knowing who that they are dying through drugs, alcohol, and lust.

                “Great things are coming to humanity and your Mother has been warning you about this for a while.  Store food that does not spoil, My little ones.  A great recession is approaching humanity and the world will fall if they do not cooperate.

                “My little ones, store food for one year, and if it is not consumed, you can donate it during that time to the poor who have nothing to put in their mouths.  Remember that there are no warnings of when major disasters are approaching.  Pray that they never occur during the night, so that many can be saved.  

                “God does not want man to witness His Justice.  Do not look out of the windows of your homes so that evil will not drag you along with it.  Pray a lot for your families, for your children, for the elderly.  Nowadays, they are abused in the places where you leave them so they won’t disturb anyone, and in those places, they are abused and humiliated.  No one pays attention to their moans or their cries.  Make time to do charity.  Those who love Jesus and Mary do charity out of faith, and there is no faith without charity.

                “Today, I will tell you something very important.  Keep an eye on the rulers in the Americas.  One of them is not as ill as he says he is.  He is doing things to take advantage of the circumstances he has created, but God will punish him.  He has created those circumstances in order to re-gain his country, in order to continue to be an anti-Christian tyrant, like the others in many parts of the Americas.

                “Remember that the food you eat should be well cooked in order to kill any bacteria.  Wash your fruit very well before eating it.  

                “Mary continues to appear in all parts of the world to bring you the love that My Beloved Jesus gives you in each of the places where She appears.  She brings the love that your Mother offers for many of you who are here and are occupied not only by sicknesses of the body, but also of the soul.  

                “You will see how many things are going to happen before the little one has to return to her mission.  She thinks she won’t go, but when she goes, she won’t be in charge.  It is the Heavenly Father Who guides her, and she can’t escape from Him, because she loves the Well Beloved and lives for Him.  That is why your Loving Mother loves her.  She says she won’t go, but Jesus says she will.

                “My children, pray for the priests, for the Church, because the columns are swaying and Jesus counts on those columns to continue to pray and help His children on the path of love and justice.  Pray for peace, pray for the many aborted children.  All of them go into the hands of Abraham, and Abraham takes the ones who were not baptized and puts them into the Hands of your mother and Jesus.  

                “Your Mother reminds you that you must save water and non-perishable food because these are critical times, not only for America, but for the entire world.  You're in a big recession; you are entering into a recession so huge that you can’t imagine it.  Many will lose their jobs.  

                “Pray in each of your homes and in the temples where I left the pastors to guide the flock.  Strive to make everyone pay attention to events in the world.  The people have to pray in every country where there is an apparition.  Wherever that occurs is where Jesus will come to unite His flock.  The Good Shepherd will gather the sheep everywhere He finds them.

                “I bless you, My little ones.  Stand up; I will bless each of you.  Amen.”


July 15, 2011

            “Little one, write from Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 28, Verse 15-18:  ‘The whisperer and the double tongued is accursed: for he hath troubled many that were at peace. The tongue of a third person hath disquieted many, and scattered them from nation to nation. It hath destroyed the strong cities of the rich, and hath overthrown the houses of great men. It hath cut in pieces the forces of people, and undone strong nations.’

                “In the same Chapter, go to Verse 19:  ‘The tongue of a third person hath cast out valiant women, and deprived them of their labours. He that hearkeneth to it, shall never have rest, neither shall he have a friend in whom he may repose.’

                “Continue to Verse 23:  ‘Blessed is he that is defended from a wicked tongue…’

            “Go to Verse 27:  ‘They that forsake God shall fall into it, and it shall burn in them, and shall not be quenched…’

            “Go to Verse 28:  ‘Hedge in thy ears with thorns, hear not a wicked tongue, and make doors and bars to thy mouth.’

                “In Chapter 34, Verse 4, I say:  ‘What can be made clean by the unclean? and what truth can come from that which is false?’

            “Go to Chapter 4, Verses 1-2:  ‘Son, defraud not the poor of alms, and turn not away thy eyes from the poor. Despise not the hungry soul: and provoke not the poor in his want.’



July 25, 2011

                My dear daughter, how is it that you want to stop the Heart of your Loving Mother from crying blood in many images when She sees the crimes that are committed by people in the world?  How can I not cry through the images in the world as I watch the young people kill their parents when they, mainly the mothers who gave them life, scold them and disagree with the things their children are doing?  Mothers who reprimand with their words are trying to guide them through life and away from the path of vice, drugs and alcohol.  No, little one, today, men don’t believe in the family or in the values of the society in which you live, they only believe in their vices, in pornography, in sex and in criminality.

                Wretched are the families of today, where the parents die at the hands of their most beloved children.  Little one, you live in a corrupt world worse than Sodom and Gomorrah, where the everyday bread is sex, drugs, alcohol and death.  Young people of today die at an early age without having reached maturity, because they do not have time to live under the protection of parents and family values.  There is jealousy between siblings, just like between Cain and Abel.  Cain could not tolerate the love and recognition that God had for Abel and he killed him, because the goodness of Abel filled him with envy.  My little one, this is the way human beings are acting today.  It is just like the way Cain could not tolerate the success of others.  They are turning themselves into monsters, who walk around with the desire of doing evil in the world, whatever evil they can do.

                “That is why, little one, that the youth of today are trying to do more evil and why they rejoice when they abuse their parents, primarily their mothers, which precipitates the further expectation of them being recognized worldwide as a true enemy of the society in which they live.  They earn the respect of their gangs for doing horrific things in the eyes of man’s and God's laws.  Remember that in Sodom and Gomorrah, everyone turned their backs on the Law.  But one day, God told those who turned their backs on God that He would send the angels to them to test their behavior toward others.  Because of their perversity in wanting to violate the angels, they did not pass the test and God ordered His Divine Justice upon them and erased them from the face of the earth.  Amen

                Seek God in charity, sacrifice, love, tolerance.  My little ones, choose the path of sacrifice and tolerance.  Choose the path of sacrifice for others, and thus you will find Jesus in everything you do.  Amen.”


July 27, 2011

                “Daughter, I want you to write from the Letter to the Ephesians, Chapter 2, Verses 7-10:  That he might shew in the ages to come the abundant riches of his grace, in his bounty towards us in Christ Jesus. For by grace you are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves, for it is the gift of God; Not of works, that no man may glory. For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus in good works, which God hath prepared that we should walk in them.’

            “My little one, I have spoken to you in a revelation.  I, your Heavenly Father, wish that anyone who desires to serve others, should do it with the love of serving without any recompense, because in order to serve God, you only have to have goodwill and love toward those in need without imposing conditions, neither from those whom you will be serving or from God.  My children, how many human beings need someone to sacrifice a bit of time for them, to attend to the sick, or to give to the poor who have nothing? 

                “Amen.  I love you and I bless you.  Amen.”