Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

January 13, 2011

“My little ones, I spoke to the heart and mind of My little one and gave her internal revelations so she could transmit the Message.  My little one thought that I was not going to come today to talk and give blessings to all My children.  I want to tell you that My little one is delicate today and has been sick for a while.

“I want to tell you that all the things My little one told you before the Rosary are true.  You have to believe that all the things are happening because God brings Justice to the world because people are always disobedient and do not believe.  It is for that reason that Jesus, Who is God and the Holy Spirit, brings Justice to everyone in the world.  Do you know why?  God wants everyone to return to the Church and to bend their knees with all the pastors I left to give you blessings. 

“My little ones, respect the Eucharist and the Church.  Respect it, because something big is coming to the entire world, and you can’t imagine when it will happen, because God does not warn you or let you see it in that small apparatus (TV).  He doesn’t say anything, and it will be a surprise for the entire world when Jesus comes to bring justice.  Be prepared, always. 

“Today I have come so that you will all believe what My little one has told you.  I have come because I want to bless all My little ones.  I do not want you to leave without receiving the blessings of your Mother.

“It is not My little one who touches you today, it is Me, with the Holy Spirit, and every time I come here I am filled with joy because My Son, Jesus says, ‘Mother, I trust in You, You are My Nurse, and I receive everyone in My Body, which is Your Body, and I want You to bless all My children with the Holy Spirit.’ 

“When My little one finishes the Rosary, be prepared, because your Loving Mother will bless everyone who is here.  Open your minds and prepare your hearts to receive.  Amen.

“Open the Sacred Scriptures to Saint Mark, Chapter 8, Verses 34-39:  ‘And calling the multitude together with his disciples, he said to them: If any man will follow me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel, shall save it. For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? For he that shall be ashamed of me, and of my words, in this adulterous and sinful generation: the Son of man also will be ashamed of him, when he shall come in the glory of his Father with the holy angels. And he said to them: Amen I say to you, that there are some of them that stand here, who shall not taste death, till they see the kingdom of God coming in power.’ ”

Before the above Message and the Rosary, Rosa received a locution from the Virgin Mary:

“Jesus was crucified on the Cross.  He did not have to die on the Cross but He did die.  He shed His Blood on the Cross to take upon Himself all your sins; one way or another, everyone sins.  If Jesus, Who is the Son of God and God, shed His Blood for you, why is it that nations cannot shed their own blood to liberate themselves from those who turn against the Church, against the Pope, and against society?  Those governments take freedom and the right to choose their own destiny away from the people. 

“Today, people believe that Jesus will come down from the Cross to defend them, to lead an army.  Jesus is not going to come down to lead an army on the earth.  Jesus says, ‘You are responsible for the governments you have and it is you who needs to defend your people, your societies, from the anti-Christianity that has been put in place all over the world.

“Communism is the anti-Christianity that swallows the ignorant ones of today.  They think that they can lead an army with only the Rosary of the Beautiful Lady.  Mary does lead an army, but it is in the hearts of human beings so that each human being fights for the freedom of their countries, for the freedom of the right to choose their leaders, for the freedom to choose what they want to eat every day, for the freedom to believe in the United States, which is practically the capital of Latin America, of Central and South America.  Latin America is composed of 21 countries and basically, the United States is its capital.  Why?  The people of the United States have the freedom of choosing their leaders; they have the freedom of choosing the type of government they want.  The poorest countries in America want to distance themselves from the United States and they embrace the hammer and the sickle, which is Communism.  They don’t embrace the Cross of Jesus and the payers of Mary.  They believe they will gain more [through Communism], but that is not the case. 

“Jesus says that you have not seen anything yet.  Your Loving Mother has been warning you all the time, all over the world.  Wherever She appears, She says, ‘Embrace the Cross of the Well Beloved.’

“You were born with the cross.  If you open your arms, join your feet together and raise your head, you form a cross.  Look in a mirror and you will see that each one of you was born with a cross.  You owe your existence to a cross, because no one has seen God; many have just heard His Voice, only Moses saw His Face and he aged 40 years. 

“Jesus makes those who obey the Divine Will hear His Voice to warn them of the things that will come to humanity if you don’t embrace and accept the Cross on which He died, if you don’t follow His Path and say, ‘My Lord, My God, forgive us for the sins we have committed.’  Today, no one asks for forgiveness or gives thanks for what they have.

“Today, Latin America sinks in the cult of anti-Christianity that God did not sow.  Man planted it.  Don’t you remember that when God took his people from Egypt, He opened the Jordan and let the Jews walk through the sea to get to the Promised Land?  Who killed those soldiers who were on carriages, horses and all sorts of instruments in order to persecute the Jews?  Who killed them?  God allowed it to happen and they reached the Promised Land.

“God does not punish, but He imposes justice, and justice is what He is sending today.  Man and society do not want to open their eyes or ears to see or hear the Messages of your Loving Mother all over the world.  Your Mother always says, ‘Pray, My little ones, pray, because I tell you that you have not seen what’s coming to mankind.’

“Nature is God.  Who is controlling nature?  God.  Mankind needs to turn their eyes back to God and to truly confess heart to heart, intimately with Him, if you can’t go to a temple where His Sacred and Eucharistic Heart is sacrificed.  He says, ‘Confess your sins.  You are not obligated to confess, but Confession is a way of humbling the prideful and powerful by forcing them to go to another human being like themselves to confess their sins.  It is a way to humble men and make them bend their knees and ask for forgiveness.’

“If you can’t go to church, close the door of your room and where no one sees you or hears you, invoke God and talk to Him.  He will listen, and in every act that you do during day or night, you will see that He listens to your pleas and resolves your problems.  But first, you need to go to the temple to confess your sins to Him through a priest.

“Today, many countries are embracing a system that takes away all freedoms, even the freedom to eat or raise your children in a good and truthful ideology.  There is only one Path, Jesus.  There are many intercessors, which are the saints that today have been taken out of the Church.  They were the first Christians who, without knowing Jesus, received revelations and followed the Path that God had formed for His Beloved Son, so that later, He would suffer and give His Life into the hands of the people of those times.  Those people are like the ones of today who shoot, persecute, incarcerate, and kill those who truly believe in Jesus Christ, Who lives in your hearts.

“Remember that Mary is the intercessor for men before Jesus.  The Holy Spirit brings Her, because He is the Divine Doctor Who truly heals when you invoke Him, the way only God can heal body and soul.  Each one of you should always look for your intercessors, the saints; they intercede before Jesus and Mary.  Today, people say, ‘Why do you kneel before the statue of the Virgin Mary?’  You should tell them, ‘It’s because that statue represents the Mother of God and She sheltered the Eucharist in Her Womb, which you take today in Holy Communion.  She walked around with Him in Her Womb while She was a Virgin.  That is why She is the Intercessor between mankind and Jesus.’ 

“Mary is always beside you, even though you don’t see Her.  You don’t need to see Mary in order to ask, ‘Intercede for me, for my children, for my grandchildren, for my generation.’  She is always beside you, even though you don’t see Her.  Jesus hears Her petitions because Mary was the temple Who carried the Sacred Eucharistic in Her Womb.  Mary did not put Her Feet on the ground, because the angels carried Her. 

“The Blood of Mary, the Water from Her Body, Her Bones, were from Jesus.  Jesus did not have anything from man.  Everything He had was from Mary, the Beautiful Lady, as the little one calls Her, the Beautiful Lady.  That is why you have to embrace the Cross through Mary, the Cross that Jesus left with His Body, His Blood, His Wounds, for everyone.

“You don’t look for Jesus by knocking on the doors of your neighbors and asking them to pray.  Jesus says in the Sacred Scriptures that when you want to pray, you should go to your room, close the door and pray in silence, because you should know that Jesus is in your heart.  That is the door where He knocks and where Mary calls to you in order to take you to Him.  He knocks and makes you hear His Voice, and He asks, ‘Where will you be when I call you?  Will you hear My Voice or will you be entertained with worldly things, not remembering that I am here and that I can call you at any moment?’

“Open your hearts, says Mary.  Always keep them ready to hear the Voice of Jesus when He calls, or the Voice of Mary when She wants to convert you, or you will never find the Path. 

“Remember that in last month’s apparition, your Mother said, ‘Prepare, because many things will happen that you can’t imagine?’  How many things have happened since the time She has been announcing this?  America is coming close to the end that has been announced, with all the floods all over the world.  Your Mother has warned you about the hunger that would come due to a lack of food.  Gather together food that does not perish.  If you read the recent Messages of your Mother, you would remember what they said.  How many animals that you cook for food have perished in the waters due to the floods that have occurred in America and Europe?  How many cows, chickens, rabbits, horses, how many animals have died?  How many fruits, vegetables have gone to waste, so that when you look for them now, they will be so expensive that you cannot afford them?

“Do you remember your Mother’s previous Message?  No, you don’t, because many of you don’t take the Messages.  You leave them on the chairs and forget to read them, or you throw them in the garbage.  Today I tell you that if anyone throws a Message from Jesus or Mary in the garbage, that Justice will fall upon him and his descendants, because the Word of God should not be thrown out or burned, It should be shared with others.  Everyone has the right to know the Truth, so don’t close your hearts to the warnings of your Celestial Father through your Mother or His Son, because you have not seen anything yet, much more is coming.  Men have to change their ways, they need to open their hearts to God, because each of them will suffer the consequences of their actions through their children and their descendants.

“You would ask, ‘Why my children, my grandchildren, if they are not at fault or have nothing to do with my actions?’  But Jesus knows that man suffers more from the loss of their children or grandchildren.  You suffer more when you lose one of your creatures.  It’s not a Punishment from God, but His Justice, because men commit many sins during their youth and they suffer their consequences when they’re old, up to the fifth generation.  It is written in the Sacred Scriptures that you will pay for the sins you committed when you were young up to the fifth generation.

                “You Mother has told you many times to put a Crucifix of wood in a place that can be seen, in the same way that the Jews put blood on their doors so that when the angel of death passed by their homes, it would not kill them.  When the angels of darkness pass by your homes, which are the great storms, the lightning, the hurricanes and the tornados, if you have the wooden Crucifix over the two main doors of your homes, even if you don’t believe it, He will protect you.  When the angels of darkness pass by, they will see the Cross know that a Christian lives there and that they can’t die.     

                “You have to forgive the little creature and be happy that your Mother is here, otherwise she would not be able to talk so much, because the little one does not have any wisdom.  All her wisdom is given to her by the Holy Spirit, Who is in your Loving Mother.  You are amazed and ask yourself, ‘Why is your Mother announcing so many disasters to humanity?’  You would also need to ask yourself, ‘Why do men commit so many sins and errors?  Why do parents today suffer the consequences of their children’s actions?’  It’s because parents spend time decorating their homes with beautiful and expensive artifacts they find in the malls that they visit daily, instead of spending time with their children to ask them, ‘What did you do in school today? Let me see your grades.  Who are the classmates that you spend time with or eat with?  When you leave the house, what do you do?  When you return and are angry with your mother, your brother or your grandparents, what drugs are you taking?’

“Today, parents don’t take care of their children, they just work and work.  God cannot do it all for them, He needs men to do their part through the Teachings He has given to everyone.  When your children are angry, look in their eyes, because they are the mirror of their soul and you will find out if they are taking drugs, alcohol, or are promiscuous.  Why is it that the elderly ones from long ago lived longer than the ones of today?  It’s because the elderly from long ago had the wisdom that was given from God.  Today, the only wisdom they get is from the ones in power, from those large schools where they study.  

“The last question that your Mother will ask is, ‘Do you think the parents of the young man that killed so many people and put so many families into mourning knew what was wrong with their son or what reactions he had?  They didn’t realize they had an abnormal son that had been taken over by drugs and witchcraft.  What if they knew what he surrounded himself with, bones taken from tombs and adored as gods?  If parents would pay more attention to their children, there wouldn’t be so many misfortunes in humanity. 

“Before I leave the mind of My little one, pray the Rosary so that I can anoint and bless each one of you.  Amen.”    


January 6, 2011

“My children, many signs will come to the world until man turns back to God.  There will be signs everywhere, but if you confide in your Loving Mother, I will not abandon you. 

“There will be signs in the world and much suffering in order to purify mankind.  There will be much disobedience in the Church and the pastors that My Beloved left will rebel against the Bride, which is the Church.  This will be one of the signs so that man will know that the time is coming.  Amen.”


January 7, 2011

"Little ones, I love you.  Your Loving Mother says to you:  I don’t want you to forget all the places that your Mother has visited, because your Mother will leave Her Footprints and Blessings in those places until the End Times and until the end of My apparitions.  I promise that I will leave much love to those who come close to Me so I can intercede before the Well Beloved for you, who are the children that Jesus gave Me when He said, ‘Mother, here is your son.  Son, behold thy Mother.’ ”


The Message of January 7, 2011 Continues

"My daughter, write from Ecclesiastes, Chapter 11, Verses 1-2:  ‘Cast thy bread upon the running waters: for after a long time thou shalt find it again. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight: for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth.’

“Continue to Verses 9-10: ‘Rejoice therefore, O young man, in thy youth, and let thy heart be in that which is good in the days of thy youth, and walk in the ways of thy heart, and in the sight of thy eyes: and know that for all these God will bring thee into judgment. Remove anger from thy heart, and put away evil from thy flesh. For youth and pleasure are vain.’

“He who has eyes will see and he who has understanding will understand.  Amen.”


Vigil Night

January 8, 2011

“My children, My little ones, your Mother is happy.  She is happy, because at this time when you come together with your Mother, you follow the path to Bethlehem.  Remember that your Mother walked with the Eucharist alive in Her Womb, with the Divine Spirit beating in your Mother’s Heart.  But the people of today don’t understand this passage, which was wonderful, when through the Holy Spirit, your Mother brought that Creature Who would come to bring the Light to this troubled but contrite world, not just at that time, but  also today.

You don’t know the anguish of your Mother when She hid Her Belly so that no one would see that She had the Light of the world growing in Her Womb, the One Who was later crucified by men so He could then take away the sins of all the creatures who, by repenting, are entitled to one day see His Face.  

“My little one, man does not know that Jesus, despite being born in a humble manger with beasts around him, with nothing to shelter Himself with, was King of the universe.  You don’t know the suffering of your Mother to see that little Creature born into poor circumstances, when it would be because of Him that one day mankind would be saved.

You don’t know what that manger means.  You must gather all your creatures around Him and worship Him, but today men have changed everything.  You are accustomed to giving gifts to all the creatures, but you have forgotten that the greatest thing is to honor Jesus in this world in which you live.  The Holy Family is always venerated during these days that you ignore completely.  You fill your children with many gifts, without explaining that Jesus is the Gift that God sent to the world so that one day, man, who repented of all his errors, could receive His Sacred Body and hope to see Him one  day.

Today, the family is separated and is looking for other places, which should be found in the home together with your loved ones, but now, everyone goes around separately, looking for their own destinies.  That is why your Mother continues to say to each one of you that God will not let you know when He sends His Divine Justice.  God gives no warning, no alert.  He will never warn you before the time comes when each one of you will feel His Justice, even in your own homes.  Unite together in the temples, in the sanctuaries, where they say Mass and continuously sacrifice the Well Beloved.  That is the temple of the Holy Spirit, where He is waiting for everyone to return and talk with Him face to face in that small piece of bread that is converted into His Flesh and Blood.  There are many who don’t believe that there are priests in whose hands it is converted into Flesh and Blood.  When you see a Host full of Blood, you feel that your hands, your heart and also your feelings are burning.  It is in the temple of the Holy Spirit where Jesus wants to see you together with the pastors He left to lead His flock so that nothing will surprise them.  

“Every day that you live you will see more shaking in the world.  Remember, when you see a sign in the sky, the entire world will shake and you won’t know where to go to take refuge.  But if you have faith and truly pray as you must pray, talking to Jesus, mindful of hearing His Voice when He calls you, will you will recognize It and follow It forever?  Seek Him within your hearts; He knocks at your door three times.  Will you respond to the Call of the Well Beloved?  Will you remember the Little One Who came into the world to bring His Divinity and Light, or will you continue on your way without acknowledging the cave where one day He brought Light into the world?

“Don’t think that the great events will end.  More of them will continue to spring up because of mankind’s disobedience.  Your Mother Mary appears everywhere, looking in your hearts, where Jesus is hidden.  He is the One to Whom you pray, the One Whom you call when the angels of the evil one make the earth and the heavens shake, letting the storms fall.  Get ready, My little ones, prepare yourselves.  I bless you.  But before your mother rises, I want to bless your souls and bodies so you are ready for the new era that awaits you.  Amen.”