Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

September 13, 2010

"My little creatures, blessed is the Celestial Father, Who makes it possible for your Loving Mother to come on this day and bring the Message that your Celestial Father communicates to each one of you through your Loving Mother.  You are surprised and do not know exactly what all the prayers of the Rosary of your Loving Mother signify, those that She left so that you would meditate on them and walk together with Jesus when He was tortured, sacrificed, whipped, and crowned for all the sins of everyone who walked in this world full of malice.

“The Mysteries of your Loving Mother are coordinated one with the other so you would suffer with Him through the Mysteries, His life, His happiness, His pain, His passion.  That is why everyone who recites the Rosary has to do it by meditating on each of those Mysteries as if they were walking with Him.  If you are happy with the Resurrection, be happy with Him, if He is being tortured or whipped, suffer with Him while thinking that you are there, at His side, and suffering the torments that the Well Beloved suffered for us.

“Forgive the little creature.  You know how hard it is for her to walk with Jesus and to carry the Cross.  She accepted this and said yes, in order to help the Well Beloved carry that Cross, which is weighed down by all the pain, abandonment, sicknesses and each of the scourges of the Well Beloved. 

“Your Mother has to appear throughout the world to call Her children to the Path of Jesus, that Path that He left so that each one of you would imagine yourselves hunched over as if you were carrying the Cross that He carried for you.

“Much pain, much suffering are in these moments for humanity because of so many events that your Mother has been mentioning each day throughout the world wherever She has appeared, through the miracle of love of the Well Beloved, in order to always bring you the events that will occur in the world.

“The world will not end, My little ones.  The generation of apostates, unbelievers and deniers will end.  That is the generation that will end, but the world will not end.  When you hear that the world is going to end, close your ears.  It is the gossip of creatures who want to torment man with fear of what will come.  No one knows when it will come, no one knows.  Not even the angels, says the Celestial Father, know the moment when Jesus will return again to the earth and when the trumpets of love or chastisement will sound for those who have committed so many errors and crimes against that poor humanity that is dispossessed and dehumanized, which today no one worries about.

“Great events will continue to occur until man turns his eyes to God and asks for forgiveness.  Remember that Jesus, the Well Beloved, died in order to resurrect.  That death of the Well Beloved occurred in order for Him to clean all your errors with His Blood, the sins that each one of you commit every day.  You not only sin when you murder, but also when you lie, when you slander someone, when you attack an innocent person, when you see a crime being committed and you don’t say anything about it, when you offend the Church.  The Church is each one of you when you are baptized.  You are wandering churches who are walking around with an obligation to evangelize and convert into true churches those who don’t go to Her [the true Church].  Share with each human being the blessings, the marvels that are in the Sacred Scriptures.

“Remember that the apostles were prepared by Jesus to go throughout the world imposing their hands, healing, and forming churches.  You do not know what forming churches means.  It means to baptize.  Every time a child, a youth, is baptized, he becomes a church, because he carries the Holy Spirit of God within his heart, which was united to Him through baptism by the priest for the Celestial Father.

“Always remember that the priests of today, the pastors that the Well Beloved left, instead send out representatives, unlike when Jesus sent out His apostles to evangelize and to heal.  They fulfilled that commandment that God, through Jesus, left them.  Today, man has to do the same.  The priests are the evangelizers that Jesus left.  The priests should go to the homes, but today, they do not.  In disobedience, they don’t go.  Instead, they send representatives.  Today, the sick are almost never visited by a friend or a priest, who is blessed by God, one of the pastors the Well Beloved left.  He does not call them priests, He calls them the pastors He left to guide His flock.  They sit at the altars of their churches, in their sanctuaries, in their places of prayer, and they send representatives to visit the sick; they don’t go themselves.  Jesus cries on the Cross when a sick person dies and does not have a priest to give him Extreme Unction.  Jesus cries on the Cross when a woman takes the Holy Eucharist out of her purse, which is full of things that no one needs to see, and gives It to a dying person in the mouth. 

“My children, the priests are those the Well Beloved left so they would give Holy Eucharist and Extreme Unction and so they would give Holy Communion in an act of true reverence and respect in the sanctuary where the Crucified One is exposed.  Each time you open your hands for the pastor to give you the Eucharist in your hands, you sin, and you make the pastor I left to guide the flock, sin, and sin twice.

“Jesus did not give Communion in the mouth because He had not yet died, He was not Spirit.  The Spirit of God walked with Him, because He was God.

“There will come a time when each one of you will go to the temples in a never ending race to pray to the Celestial Father so that He would return the lost faith to humanity.  Each one of you should open your hearts so that He could touch you and so you could allow Him to enter there and truly listen within your minds to His Voice, Who will ask, ‘What have you done with everything I have given you?  Where is the charity that you should have done?  Where is your faith?’

“The Rosary of your Mother is for uniting the families.  You should dedicate a certain time to your family and pray together so that together, you will walk with Him.  But today, this is not done.  Everyone forgets.  Your Mother, sent by the Celestial Father, will never abandon those who have faith and who believe.  Faith is what saves man from falling into promiscuity, crime, lies, adultery, and abandoning the homes where your children are.

“Remember that if you commit a sin, but if you truly repent and confess your sins to one of the pastors I left, your sins will be forgiven.  Do not leave anything hidden in your hearts.  Speak with Jesus and with the pastor and He will guide you at every moment.  Do not think that you can receive forgiveness for your sins on your own, because there is no direct line like those apparatuses that you use to communicate with.  The direct line is the Church and the pastors My Well Beloved left.  There are bad pastors, but there are many good ones.  Pray for the bad ones as much as for the good ones.

“Remember that faith walks jointly with charity, and charity with faith.  Do not be so preoccupied with all the things that you have for show.  Many things that you do not need should be given to places where charity is done daily. 

“You will pass through a tunnel at the end of your lives and He will be waiting there, and He will ask, ‘Where is everything that I gave to you?  What did you do with everything I gave to you?’  That is when there will be the shedding of tears and the gnashing of teeth.

“There are many sick persons in the hospitals.  The harvest is great, but the workers are few; there are hardly any workers.  There is no one who will sacrifice a little of what He gave them.  Convert yourselves into missionaries.  There is no need to receive recognition or honor, be missionaries.  Bring what is necessary to those in need.  Do not throw away food that others need.  Do not give money to the drug addicts, take food to them.  Wherever there is a beggar, give them some food, and do not contribute to the misery of others.

“There is much to say, My dear ones, but today, the little one is suffering for her son [who is in the hospital].  But she is here, like the Sacred Scriptures say, ‘He who does not leave all he loves to follow Him, cannot be called a son of the Well Beloved.’  She is here, but her heart is with her son.  We pray here for everyone like him.

“I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


September 4, 2010

Vigil Night

                "My little ones, My little ones, this Mystery that you are offering to your Loving Mother is very wonderful.  It is rejoicing in the Light that came into the world to enlighten even those who were living in darkness, the darkness of faith, while they embraced cults that were foreign to the events they celebrated at that time for the Well Beloved, the Celestial Father.  It is important, because it speaks about the meaning of the circumcision of creatures at that time.  It is very important, because it was done to fulfill the Law of Moses.  Jesus did not come to the world to break that protocol the was used in that epoch, but to enforce the Law.

                "The Church is important for all My little creatures because that is where they celebrate and sacrifice the Body and Blood of Jesus three times every day.  It is important for every creature who comes to a sacred place, because your Mother is there all the time, gathering up each of your thoughts, and also gathering up all the ideas for remaining on this Path of Love that is necessary for men to be saved from all the misfortunes that are approaching mankind.

                "For you, My little ones, today has been a special day for everyone, because in one way or another, you love the little creature who is mischievous, happy, a singer, a dancer.  This is how she was was born and this is how the Well Beloved chose her from the womb of her momma, that lady who is in glory because she was a holy woman.

                "Many, many will pass through terrible moments because mankind has twisted everything in order to destroy humanity.   That is why My Well Beloved will come to rescue the creatures who truly walk with the Well Beloved, following the path He left to advise you.  That is the path you should walk on.  

                "The Church is powerful, but it is not as charitable as your Celestial Father wanted it to be, because the great hierarchy always treasures denarii and doesn't use those charities to do what truly pleases the Well Beloved.  

                "Pardon the little creature.  Your Loving Mother has always told you that she would regain her way of walking and serving the Lord, and it is being fulfilled little by little.  She undergoes much suffering, but the suffering is noble, it exalts her in the Eyes of the Father, and also each one of you, who, like her, are on the Path of Love, which will be for all your lives.

                "This will not be destroyed when the My little one goes.  No, it will continue on, and you will be the protagonists who will teach those who want to listen that the Celestial Father rejoices here, because He chose this place.  It has been more than two hundred years since this place was chosen to be the house of the Lord, your God.  Your Mother is happy today because the children I gave to Her to help Me lead the flock of the Well Beloved are celebrating.

                "It is the obligation of every one of you to preach everything you learn, and you must not fall in with religious fanatics, because they are capable of anything, do not forget it.  Don't allow yourselves to be penetrated by the evil one, who makes you do things that you shouldn't do.  

                "I'm going to tell you something very important.  The man who is destroying this beautiful country will not be elected again.  He will lose and be lost in history, like everything that is not good.

                "I want to say to each of you that your Mother will do many things in the lives of those who suffer from a misunderstanding between couples.  They will be touched by the Divine Spirit, so that true love will travel along with them as a couple, the gift that God has given to you and will [continue to] give to you.  Everyone receives great blessings in this place, which for many go unnoticed, but which for you have a significance that you cannot imagine.  

                "The little one will continue to do charitable works as usual.  She can't stop because of her pains, because the Well Beloved suffered much more from the Cross He carried for each one of you.

                "You must always have food in your homes for a time of crisis, because the Father will not give dates to you or to anyone, to anyone.  Those who give dates will be deceiving you, because He will come at night like a thief in order to surprise everyone in what you are accustomed to be doing.  If you walk in the Light you don't have to be afraid because the angels who are put on either side of you will protect you.  

                "The little one will take questions from you if you want to know something, without going beyond what you should know.  My little one will receive a locution in order to take care of your needs in this place.  Don't be afraid of anything, because when you leave you will be under the protection of the Divine Spirit of God, Who is with each of you, but you don't see Him.

                "I love you, My little ones.  Remember that whenever something is not correct, your Mother cries somewhere in the world, trying to prevent Her Son from letting justice fall on those who commit evil, those who lie, those who slander, those who insult the little one.  But she does not suffer, she smiles about everything.  

                "Your Mother will bless you with the Hand of Jesus.  Continue with the Rosary, which cheers up your Mother and makes Her dance in Heaven.  

                "Don't abandon the idea of storing foods for a certain time, because you don't know when you will be touched by misfortune.  What you gathered together for previous events should be given away, because there is much hunger in the world.  Collect what you can, things that might be useful.  You have to remember that Jesus does not like you to watch His Wrath from the windows of your rooms.  Kneel down when you see some event that is expected for humanity and light the candles that you have had blessed in the churches where you go.  Pray for your priests and for the Church, which will collapse at a certain time.  When the seven hills are united, will be the moment of sorrows.  You must be attentive.  

                "I love you, My little ones, I love you.  In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen."


September 21, 2010

                "Dear daughter, My little one, men are generally full of distrust and anguish, because the hope they had in their future has been turned into poverty, misery and dissatisfaction.  Men built their happiness on material things, and did not want to return their eyes to the things that love gives, the grace that God gives to each human being.  Men do not understand that earthly goods are not eternal and that they disappear like smoke.  They don't think that the most important thing is to live in peace with God and with each other.  The ambition of mankind continually threatens them; they are always watching what they have and they don't worry about those who have nothing.

                "How easy it would be for man to be filled with love, to share what they have in excess with those who suffer by not having even a [small] piece of bread to eat.  Man loses earthly happiness and eternal happiness by the manner in which he lives today.

                "I love you.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen.

                "Dear daughter, you are calling Me the Light and Morning Sun.  You are looking for your Mother to help you and to guide you on the Path that leads to some earthly being who needs to be cured of some illness of body or soul.  Dear daughter, I come to everyone who prays to ask for My help, making the Divine Spirit illuminate your souls and taking your heart to the Light and Love of Jesus.  Amen.

                "I love you, My little ones.


September 22, 2010

                "My little one, there are diseases of the soul and others of the body.  You know them, My little one, but until they arrive with severity, you can't imagine them.  When you are sick in body or soul, they are like defects that no one can avoid or be exempt from. 

                "For you, My little one, love of your neighbor is your mission and Mine.  Surrender to the Will of God Himself, always being ready to help all human beings in all their troubles and needs.

                "My little one, I want you to consider Me to be a Samaritan Who will walk with you to cure sores of the soul and body and to give consolation to all who need it.  When you see a patient in your house or in the hospital, take Me by the hand in your prayer to where the patient is.  I will accompany you and together we will give him the strength to fight for his moral and or corporal health.  You will speak through My Teachings, infusing in them the relief of their physical and spiritual pain.  Always call on Me so I will be with you like a Divine and Celestial nurse.  If you invoke Me when you see a patient, I cannot be deaf to your pleadings, and that is where the miracles can happen.  

                "I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  Amen."


September 25, 2010

                "Men often pray to Me to request physical health, and when they have it, they forget the precious gift they have received and they badly use the blessing that the Lord granted to them.  They forget to thank God for all the good that comes from Him.  They are thankful to others for the miracle or say they healed themselves.

                "Dear daughter, a person who is sick in spirit is a traveling corpse.  That is why I go to them to save their souls; they are prisoners of the evil one.  It is for that reason that I try to save them for the Glory of My Beloved Son, Jesus.

                "Dear daughter, your Loving Mother has children whom I love very much.  They will have good lives and will enjoy blessings that will be eternal.  Allow yourselves to be guided by a Good Star, Who is your Loving Mother, to be guided by My Beloved Son, Who is Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  Amen.

                "I love you, My little ones.  Amen."