Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
May 13, 2010

“My little ones, your Loving Mother tells you today that the little creatures receive all the problems that Her children bring to the places of Marian apparition throughout the world.  The visionaries, the ones who speak through the Father’s Divine, Holy Spirit, are given the gift of receiving all the pains that you bring.  The little one receives all those pains and later they go away.  But she suffers like you and like our Mother when She saw Jesus carrying the Cross of all the sins of each of the creatures who live in this small universe, which is the world that God created for each one of you.

“Imagine each of you carrying the Cross that My Beloved carried for each one of you.  Imagine in your minds that you are carrying a visible cross, that you are dragging your feet due to its weight and that you are falling and rising again.  He [Jesus] was the gift that your Loving Mother gave to each one of you.  With the Cross, the Beloved carries all your errors, all the sins from all the times you have fallen.  Jesus helps you rise up again.  Imagine each one of you with the Cross that Jesus carried.  How many of you carry the cross of abandonment, of suffering, of solitude?  How many of you carry the cross of sin, of the errors that each of you commit every hour and every instant, not only with your intentions, but with your imagination and your acts?  That is the Cross that Jesus carries, the Cross that He still carries, because man does not truly turn his eyes to Him, the One Who sacrificed everything for each one of you.  That is why your Mother appears throughout the world and will continue to appear until Her children follow the Path the Well Beloved left.

“You probably ask in your minds, why does Jesus take over the body of a person in order to bring Messages through the Virgin, through your Mother?   She gave everything; She suffered the same as Jesus did on the Cross, while He carried It, while He was crucified on It, and She dragged Herself along with Him at every moment.

“Jesus needs apostles on the earth.  Jesus needs spiritual doctors who walk with Him, carrying the cross of each one of you to test your faith, your true faith.  Jesus needs missionaries who will take the Word through the Divine Spirit to go to the hospitals to pray for the people who have no one to pray for them, for the incapacitated ones and for the poor of the earth.  Jesus needs missionaries, apostles, not religious fanatics, which are wherever there is an apparition.  There are fanatics go to apparitions all over the world and to all the churches, and your Loving Mother asks, like Jesus says, where will you be when Jesus calls?  Where will you be, if you’re everywhere?  Your Loving Mother is similar to Jesus, Who is One being, but She multiplies Herself and will appear anywhere, appearing in many forms in order to test your faith, your kindness and your charity. 

“Jesus knows the hearts of His children; He reads them like an open book.  He reads the intentions that each one of you carries, not only in the places of Marian apparitions, but also in the temples, the sanctuaries, and everywhere, and He knows your intentions.  Your Mother says that the Image through which you receive healing is the Image that you should venerate.  It is that Image that you should venerate and it is an Image of your Loving Mother.  She gives us blessings and She gives us healings through the Divine Spirit that moves among us in the wind, through the leaves.  Always remember that your Mother says that you should venerate the Image through which you receive a miracle.  Your Mother is only one Being. 

“During the time when you are in this place that is small, but full of miracles, you should come full of faith and love towards your Loving Mother in Fatima [May 13th].  God provides Marian apparitions everywhere, so the people don’t have to go from one place to another to look for them.  He places your Mother in each location under different Images so that you will pray and make petitions through the Image of your Mother in which She is appearing and receive the blessings and healings that you are looking for. 

“Look for Jesus in your hearts; He is knocking there, at your door.  He is the Good Shepherd, looking for His flock.  Open your hearts to Jesus.  Ask and you will receive, look and you will find, says your Father.  Your Mother is one Being.  A mistake that you commit is to look for Her here, there and everywhere, even though you have Her nearby.  Don’t look for Her in different places.  Arrive [wherever you find Her] with love and faith. 

“Human beings receive what they are looking for in their faith because of having that faith.  My little creatures, if you don’t have faith, you won’t receive anything in this place or in any other place where you go.  That is what Jesus means when He speaks of being lukewarm.  ‘Jealousy consumes Me,’ says Jesus.  The jealousy of Jesus is when He sees that you’re walking around blindly, looking for Him in many places, the same way you do for your Mother.  The Virgin who appears in this place is the One who appears in all other places.  God put the great prophets of the antiquity in many separate places; they were not together in the same place. 

“Each one of you, enjoy the love of Jesus through Mary, wherever She is.  He puts Her nearby, because when the days of tribulation come, you will have to look for the closest place [where She is].  Mary has been announcing for a long time that great events will occur in the world, and many of the events that your Mother has told you about in all places to prepare you have already occurred.  Today I tell you again that My little one received the revelation that the Father gave her.  Remember that what is occurring and that what has already occurred in the ocean, in this great sea that God made so that each one of you would rejoice, was not a coincidence, it was an act of terrorism.  But man does not say this; he can’t, because then he would lose all the profits that he is looking for.  Your Mother says that the moment will come when there will be no fish to eat in the sea, where you now have them.  The contamination of all that food that you eat for your nourishment was a terrorist attack, My little ones, and many more of them will occur in many places, because the antichrist wants to govern the whole world.  He is hiding and is waiting for the right moment to cause many deaths. 

“You should be prepared in prayer in your homes and in all the churches that My Beloved Jesus left.  There, before the Most Holy Sacrament, kneel down and ask Him to listen to you.  He is Present there, kneel before Him.  You have to have chapels in your homes, little ones, because the moment will come when you won’t be able to go to those churches, which are formed by all of you when you are baptized.  You have to pray.  There won’t be any pastors to guide the flock, because man himself wants to get rid of those pastors and those sacred places where you adore the Well Beloved.  

“Remember that being lukewarm does not mean that you don’t believe, but that you believe in everything and nothing.   Faith is not created; it is born in your hearts.  Look for Jesus and the Virgin Mary in your hearts.  Accept the apparitions like a Divine blessing that Jesus gives so that your Loving Mother will bring the flock back to the sheepfold and to the Path of Love of the Well Beloved.

“Pray for the pastors I left to guide the flock, they are being vilely attacked by the malignant one and by the antichrist, who wants to govern the world and wants to get rid of those pastors that He left to guide His flock.

“Pray, pray, My little ones.  Prayer changes any Message that the Father sends through your Mother and the Holy Spirit.  Rejoice while your Mother appears in many places, but go to the ones [the apparitions] that are near and that you can attend.  Pray for the family, which is being destroyed.  Many who have come today will receive healing through the Holy Spirit, which moves through this place. 

“Your Mother will give you a blessing as always, without you moving from your seats, and later, anyone who wants to ask a question will receive a reply from your Mother, through the little one.  

“I love you, My little ones.  Surrender what you have brought in your hearts and don’t do like the others, who come and ask, ‘Why doesn’t the Mother speak in English, if many who come here speak English?’  Jesus tests the faith of each one of you, and each one will receive in this place according to your intentions.  You will be able to give testimony that your Mother is here even though many of you don’t believe in the little creature, who knows nothing about anything.  

“Always remember that God, your Celestial Father, will not give proof to anyone who comes to look for it.  He exalts Himself in the smallest ones, those who don’t know anything.  The wise ones will be humiliated and the small ones will be lifted up.

“I love you.  I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


June 1, 2010
Guayaquil, Ecuador

                 While Rosa was on a mission to Guayaquil , Ecuador , Our Mother and Jesus said the following to her in a locution.

                "My little one, as usual, I have told you that My Beloved Jesus chose you from the Womb of your Mother, and that's where He knew you.  He knew your character well, and formed you thus.  

                "Do not offend anyone.  The important thing is what you do with My small creatures, the homeless [ Rosa sobbed]. Do not suffer.  You will be able to do more than you think, and what bothers you will not last, it is fleeting, it had to happen like that.  Pray for the person who caused it and for the consequences of her criminal act.

                "This country [ Ecuador ] is not composed of only one person, there are many, and the Heart of your Mother suffers for this small country, My little one.  But I know that through your prayers, it will rise up from the ashes like a bird.  Remember this always.  Do not be afraid to laugh or to sing like the angels and saints in Heaven.

                "Your Mother assures you that this country will be able to shake off the chains that bind it and that want to drown it in misery, neglect and pain.  Through you, My little one, your Loving Mother will not only perform the miracles you have seen, but many more.

               "You suffer because even though your Mother is with you, you detest the illness that you have.  But My little one, everything passes, only God remains.  The small creatures who walk with you will see the blessings that your Father will give to you for their families, if they carry out with true love what has been chosen for them and for you.  

                "You were chosen by the prayers of Narcisa [Saint Narcisa de Jesús Martillo], which have been overheard.  That small, gigantic daughter of this country which your Mother has also chosen, was much like you - she was cheerful, she liked to sing, she was mischievous and she loved animals.  That's why we have brought you here.  You don't think you will come here again, but you are wrong.  If any of those who are accompanying you leaves you, others will take their place.  Your Mother expects you to continue on this Path of Love that you have chosen.

                "Many things will occur in this country, but it will be saved because it is consecrated to the Hearts of the Well Beloved Jesus and your Loving Mother.  Have no fear about your home; your loved ones have been graced by the Presence of your Mother and the Divine Spirit of God, Who are there.  

                "You will return here.  The road will unfold for you to continue to bring peace and love to this place and to the small creatures who receive you here.  You will see the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and your Celestial Father in this small country.

                "I bless you, My children.  I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen."