Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

June 13, 2010

“My little ones, your Mother is tired of working, but not like you.  Your Mother is only tired of holding back the Hand of Her Little Child, the Celestial Father, so He will not pour out over the world the consequences of the evil of mankind. 

“Men only think about celebrations, such as birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, and they don’t have time to pray at their homes with their families.  Pray for the world, because people are making many mistakes all over the world.  There are criminals who kill children and also the elderly.  Your Mother is tired of telling all the little creatures to pray.  Pray at your homes with your families.  Pray the Rosary.  Your Mother hears your prayers wherever you are praying the Rosary with your families. 

“Great events are coming to the world, many catastrophes, punishments from God.  Do you think that what’s happening now in the ocean was an accident?  No, My little children, it was not an accident.  It was a terrorist attack to hurt the economy of this country and the entire world.  The consequence of the oil leak in the ocean is that it is killing the fish.  Many people cannot eat the fish.  Everything that God has created for humanity in nature has been contaminated. 

“Man fears what nature is capable of doing, and what is happening now is damaging the nature that God has made for the world, which is good, not bad.  Everything that you bring or that you put into your mouths must be well cooked so that all the bacteria that it can contain will be killed.  There are many epidemics in the world, and there are many more to come, which you can’t imagine.  Only a few have already occurred, but there are more to come to come for humanity.  Terrorism is all over, wherever evil can destroy human beings or animals, nature will be destroyed by fire or poison, with the excuse that they will be killing animals that can damage agriculture.  They will destroy nature so that man will not have anything to put into their mouths.  Today, men throw food away.  They throw into the garbage everything they can’t or don’t want to eat, instead of giving it to the poor, who die daily of hunger.  Every minute, a creature dies in the world from lack of food such as water or milk.

“People go around the world whenever they have an opportunity with the excuse of visiting the great apparitions such as Lourdes or Fatima, but they don’t go to the apparitions that exist all over the world near their own homes.  They are really going on vacation, but they say they are visiting your Loving Mother.  All My children have the right to go on vacation, as you say, but they should not use your Mother as an excuse to do this.  Those are great apparitions that are identified by great cathedrals and great sanctuaries.  But don’t ask yourselves whether Lourdes , Guadalupe and Fatima are the only apparitions in the world.  They are not the only ones, because your Mother appears everywhere, wherever there are poor creatures who are not able to take an airplane to go to those faraway places to venerate and honor your Loving Mother.  Your Mother is in the heart of every human being.  Jesus and Mary are in each one of you, so the place where you can truly find them is within your hearts.  It is not necessary for you to go all over the place, because when your Father calls, where will He find you?

“My little ones run all over the place to all the apparitions in the world, but Jesus will not run to look for you.  He will only call and you will hear His Voice and will recognize It.  Remember what I say, the Father makes your Mother appear all over the world so that everyone can see Her, but you should also go to Church.  Your Mother is the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and She is awaiting the Return of Jesus so He can open the eyes and hearts of all His children.  At this time, you are waiting for that moment when you will recognize your Mother and Jesus, but they are in the world right now.

“You all have the opportunity of making a chapel in your homes that contains an image of Jesus and Mary in order to pray together with your families.  Teach your children to pray the Rosary, because Jesus and Mary will hear your prayers.  Pray to your Mother with your hearts, for Her intercession before Jesus.  Pray, the Virgin will listen.  Your Mother and Jesus cry for all the creatures. 

“The Rosary is a beautiful instrument for your Mother.  When you pray with your hearts, you should say, ‘Mother, please listen to me.  Make a miracle in my heart, give me the faith to believe.’  Jesus and Mary will hear you.

“Many families in the world have problems.  Many of the youth are involved in drugs that make them crazy, in lust, and they kill themselves and many people, including children and adults.  Pray for the families of the world.  Many mothers in the world cry for their children who act crazy and disappear for many days without knowing where they are, and that’s why the mothers cry.  Many families in the world are crying because drugs are destroying their homes and the hearts of human beings.  Your Mother appears to all the people, calling them from within their hearts so they will be open to listening to Her Call.

“Pray with your hearts.   Do not gossip, because your Father hears all that gossip.  Spend the time that you have by talking to your Celestial Father, because He is waiting for your call. Pray for the priests, for the Church, which is all of you that have been baptized.  Pray for the Pope.  Remember that when a priest confesses before a Bishop or one higher than that, the confession is a  secret and no one can talk about it.  Do not judge the pastors that I left.  Not all of them are at fault.  Always remember that the secrets of confession may not be revealed.  Pray for your pastors, because soon there will be less of them to pray for each one of you.   

“Make chapels in your homes, small chapels where you have a small statue of Jesus and Mary in any image, because they are all the same Person.  Pray for all the children in the world, pray for all the victims of crimes of this homicidal society in which you live.

“Remember, great rains will fall over this continent.  There will be many floods, mudslides and tornadoes.  Pray for the world that you live in and rejoice in all the good that God gives you, because you don’t know how much longer you will have it.  Perform charitable works; charity is what brings you closer to your Father.  Faith without charity is not faith.  There are many places where you can perform charitable works for those who need it the most.  You can give to those who don’t have anything from what you have in excess.

“I love you, I bless you in the Name of the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

“Note:  Your Celestial Father says the following to us about justice in Isaiah, Chapter 59, Verses 17-18:  ‘He put on justice as his breastplate, salvation, as the helmet on his head; he clothed himself in a mantle of zeal.  He repays his enemies their deserts, and requites his foes with wrath.’”


June 4, 2010
Vigil Night

                "My little creatures, as you know, your Loving Mother rejoiced upon seeing that Child of Her Womb Who was conceived in Her, Who was a Virgin, because He was God, the same God Who descended as Spirit from Heaven and was conceived in Her Womb as the Marvelous Creature that your Loving Mother carried within Her.  She is the most virginal of all women.  Mary, your Mother, carried in Her small Womb that Creature which She knew She would have to give as a gift of love to all the human beings in the entire world.

                "The little creature is stubborn and hard-headed, as Padre Pio, one of My beloved sons, used to call her.  She doesn't want to stop talking to your Mother, because of the fatigue in her body.  She is full of invisible pain and floggings.  She has to suffer in order to carry the cross that My Beloved chose for her from the womb of her mother, so He could talk to each one of you.  Even though many come here out of curiosity, they are looking for a truth that they have to find within their hearts, because that is where He is.  He is knocking, so you will open the doors of your hearts and make room for the Truth that your Mother brings to you each time in this small place. 

                "Wherever My little one is, Jesus is there also, My Beloved Jesus.  He walks with her small feet, with her feet, because He goes within her, walking and seeking His true creatures to form the New Jerusalem that will come to the world.  No one can stop it, because He is there where you do not see Him and where you cannot touch Him.  Jesus is there, walking among each of you, having taken on a human body.  Your Celestial Father is leading that lost flock, first through the desert, and later, with the ones who remained, He lead the true nation of Israel to true love of that path that you distort at every single moment by seeking a truth that you cannot find within your hearts, because many are empty of faith and of love toward all that He left. 

                "They left Him to be crucified on that Cross that today many are ashamed of wearing around their necks.  You conceal It and you don't venerate It as you really should.  Each of you should seal your miseries and your requests for healing in It, in every drop of Blood the Well Beloved shed for you. 

                "My dear ones, your Father also trembled there, on the Cross of His Son.  He was tied up, offended, insulted, scourged and pierced, shedding His Blood over that nation that was lacking true love and faith in the One Who had come down to offer Himself at the Last Supper.  Today He is offended and insulted when you touch Him with hands that are also collecting the small crumbs, the particles of the Eucharist, because you don't know how to receive what the Well Beloved offered to you.  Take It and eat It, because It is the Body that you are delivering up to be crucified anew.

                "How many of you would have wanted to walk with Jesus, Who was full of Blood, but also full of love and a feeling that no one knows, even today?  Every day He is crucified in many places, His Body is profaned in a piece of bread that the Holy Spirit took to become the salvation of the world and of every man who walks with their own cross but doesn't know how to carry it.

                "In your hearts, you carry the cross the Lord gave to you.  He gave it to you at the moment of His crucifixion, but not everyone knows how to receive Him in their hearts.  You don't know how to walk with the Cross, you don't understand when He said, 'Women of Jerusalem , do not weep for Me, but for your children, your loved ones, because one day you are going to mourn like your Mother wept at the foot of the Cross.'  She could not do anything to save Him, so that you would be able to eat that piece of Bread, which is the Blessed and Mutilated One, at every Mass on the altars of your chapels all over the world, as you crucify Him every day when the pastor prays and destroys that Cross on the Body of the Well Beloved.  It falls apart, because that is where He forgives all your sins and your aberrations in that world that He created with love, but where today, everyone is guilty of the vile death of Well Beloved on the Cross.  Whenever you offend your fellow man, whenever you have bad intentions towards others, you crucify the Well Beloved on the Cross.  He walks with each one of you, carrying your crosses, obliging each of you to bear the cross that is yours to carry because of your actions.  He is there, waiting in your hearts for you to admit your mistakes and say, 'Lord, have I sinned,' to the priests, who are waiting for your reconciliation with Jesus.  When you admit your mistakes and say, 'Forgive me, I have failed You,' you are asking pardon for the crimes that are being committed at every moment, which are the worst ways of destroying the portrayal of the Almighty.

                "Every day, you also continue to offend Him even more when you take the Body of the Well Beloved in your hands.  If you could see how the Cross trembled in Jerusalem where He was crucified!  That is where the Cross trembled, that is where Jesus prayed in the garden.  You still put conditions on believing in that moment when He offered Himself as a Gift of Love in an Agape to be given to all of you, to your ancestors and to your loved ones in the future.  They will also feel the pain of having contributed in some way or another to crucifying Him in the world through each of your sins.  First, you don't confess them, and second, upon leaving the Confessional after opening your hearts, you still carry around many hidden things, says your Father, Who is listening at that moment through one of the pastors  that Jesus left to you at the Last Supper.

                "If you are capable of making a good confession in front of those pastors, the Father can hear your groans, your moans, your sorrow, your painful howls for each of your sins.

                "Your Mother is tired, very, very tired, of knocking on the doors of the hearts of every human being so you can understand a little of all those intercessions She makes before your Celestial Father.  Every time He knocked on Her Door, [He said,] 'Little one, My little one, I'm here.  Speak to Me so I can listen to you.'  Every one of you can do the same thing, not only in the sanctuaries where your Mother is appearing, or where the Beloved Jesus is in the Flesh.

                "Jesus is listening.  Speak in time and out of time to the little creatures on the pilgrimage.  Look for them, for the flock that is lost.  At each apparition, your Mother encounters some of that flock that has been dispersed, [but] they go away and pass by like the clouds.  Where will you be when your Father calls you?  Where you will be when you hear the Voice of the Lord, the Voice of your Father or of the Son?  Where will you be found?  You want to search in all places for the Well Beloved.

                "Travel the Path that He has always prepared for you, so you can take the Word and speak It to the flock, so that when He returns, He will find good works.

                "I love you and I bless you.  Amen."

  June 15, 2010

"Dear daughter, I want to talk to the children that the Well Beloved gave to Me who always wanted to seek comfort in the pain of Jesus, those who always meditate on the Wounds of the Well Beloved where your pain will find relief.

 "My daughter, is not easy to find gratitude among the people in this world for the good they receive.  The Well Beloved is very pleased that man takes refuge in Him and seeks His comfort.  In seeking consolation and meditating on the suffering of Jesus on the Cross, each of you find your spiritual support.

"Meditate, My little ones.  Each time you meditate on the suffering He endured, your hearts will be rewarded.  That's why when you console a sick person, My Beloved Jesus is there, when you suffer because of the hunger of others, because of his indifference, his helplessness, My Beloved is there.  The most important thing for the Heart of your Loving Mother is that you receive comfort by meditating on the sufferings of Jesus, and that you suffer with Him when you remember them.  Always remember that He suffered for all of you.  Always be grateful to Him.  Amen."


June 23, 2010

Dear daughter write.  No human being is sure of what he can do at any given time, which is why man should be prepared to appear before the Divine Majesty, which is God.  Why do you wait to appear before Him without being prepared?  That is the most terrible thing for a person who is living in sin all the time.  God forgives mortal sin when it's confessed.  Even though you may feel a deep pain, confession makes forgiveness possible.

"Living in God's grace is good, because death can come suddenly, when no one expects it.  That's why you should be ready, because it may come as a thief in the night.

"My dear daughter, there is a very efficient means for a human being to win the mercy of the Lord:  First, don't look at the faults of others without looking at yours first.  Do charity to others with love, with true generosity, that is how you show God that you love Him as you love your neighbor, so God will love you.  If you obey God's mercy to others, you will receive a reward in Heaven.  God will love you very much if you do works of mercy.  He who wants to receive mercy and love must practice both.  Amen.

"I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary."

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                On January 31, 1998 , Jesus said:  "Pray, pray, pray for the pope, for the Church and that the sea may not be tainted with red."  On September 13, 2000 , the Virgin Mary said:  "You will see how the waters of the oceans will become poisonous to marine life." [On April 20, 2010 , the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico , killing 11 platform workers and injuring 17 others.  The oil and gas that began to gush out of the ruptured well continues to taint the waters of Gulf of Mexico a reddish color and deplete the water of oxygen, killing much marine life, damaging beaches and strangling coastal economies.]