Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

December 13, 2010

“My little creatures, you don’t know how happy your Mother appears on a day like you celebrate today, in an Image of your Loving Mother.  There above, there is no time; it is not the same as time is for mankind.  There are millions of Images of Mary, your Mother, just like there are of Jesus. 

“The Image of Guadalupe, Queen of America, Queen of Flowers, is a marvelous Image.  My little creatures, when you celebrate the Divine Birth, you have to know that the same Creature you adore is Jesus Himself, the Great One Who carried the Cross, dying on It for each one of you and for your sins.

“When your Loving Mother appeared to Juan Diego, that small Indian who was without education, without wisdom, without knowing anything, She presented Herself to Him and told him, ‘I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.’  The little Indian did not know what to do about those apparitions, even though he was telling the great priests of the time.  No one believed him, because he was a human being who knew nothing about anything.  Jesus manifests His Glory in the most humble, in those who have no wisdom, in those who know nothing, in those who are nothing, in order to humiliate those who know more, those who have spent their entire lives studying the Sacred Scriptures and are still incapable of understanding what they truly mean.  That little Juan Diego, who today is a saint, was humble, miserable, hungry, in need of all things, and the Virgin appeared to him under the Image of Guadalupe.  At that moment, the Virgin showed him that She carried the Divine Child in Her Womb.  Remember that She wore a sash over her Womb.  That sash meant that Mary was pregnant, carrying in Her Womb the little Giant, Who is Jesus.

“In the world, you celebrate many things, My children.  You celebrate the Birth of the Little Giant, but you don’t teach your children that there, in that little manger where He was laying, in that grotto that was only for beasts, cattle, horses, donkeys, the King of kings was born.  You, the people of today, don’t teach your children the meaning of the humility of the King of kings being in a manger for beasts.  The children of today don’t know the significance of it.  Many people put a manger in their homes, but they don’t explain what it means, that Jesus was born in the world to bring the Light, the Light for each one of you so that you would know that in that manger God was found in Jesus, the same Divine Spirit Who would manifest His Glory one day when He was scourged, carrying the crosses of your sins.  He would manifest in that form to teach each one in the world that no one is innocent, because everyone is a sinner, they are people who don’t believe in what was happening in that place, at that time.  You don’t know the story from Sacred Scriptures, you don’t search the Sacred Scriptures, you don’t listen to the Word of the Celestial Father when He Speaks to warn us of the things that are coming to the world because of the incompetence of each one of you who don’t know the meaning of the Light that arrived at that moment for men who were in darkness, adoring gods of sticks, iron, rock, when there was a God Who became a creature born in the world to bring Light to men who lived in total darkness.

“My little ones, today man embraces cults that Jesus did not form.  Jesus made only one Path so that you could walk on it and would be able one day to encounter Jesus face to face when He calls you.  On this day, your Mother asks you, ‘When Jesus calls you, My little ones, would you listen to the Voice of Jesus?  Would you recognize His Voice when He calls, or would you be in different places, doing things you shouldn’t be doing?’

“God, Who is Jesus, the same Child Who was born in the manger, will send, and will continue to send, His Justice to humanity.  Remember Noah’s Ark.  When the ocean overflowed, it grew and swallowed the earth at that moment.  You are not capable of understanding that Jesus is the same God Who will send to men even more disasters until men understand that Jesus is in the poor, the miserable, the ignorant.  Each one of you who says they have faith and continually go to the temples to confess, to go to Communion and do not truly have Jesus in your hearts, He touches each of your hearts so you will understand how much misery there is in the world, how much misfortune man causes.  Follow God, Who is the same Jesus Who died on the Cross, the Holy Spirit Who will come to earth with fire blazing, because the world will not be flooded again, it is reserved for fire.  Imagine where you are at a time like this when Jesus sends His Justice to the earth with His Powerful Hand to each one of you in the same way that each of you destroys it.  I left medicines in the world through nature so that men could live like Abraham lived.  He lived nine hundred years, and he had his son at that age, his first born.  In an act of faith, he was going to sacrifice him to tell God that he was with Him and that he obeyed Him.

“Each of you ask yourselves, why are there things that are happening in the world?  Today, in America, which is embracing the antichrist, God is sending His Justice through water.  You are living in a part of the Apocalypse, the part of the flood, and you are not aware of it.  Until man turns his eyes to God and repents of all the evil that covers his heart, he will not be able to liberate the people, because God does not take shelter in wicked hearts.  Men do not fight to liberate their people from the claws of the antichrist.  That is why they will continue to suffer the consequences of their errors, because there is no war without blood, nor birth without pain, like the little one always says.

“Mary comes fighting against evil in the entire world, appearing in all places.  But you don’t open your hearts to let Her come in to each one of you.  No one is aware of what is happening when Mary appears and brings a Message of love or of war, war against evil, war against addiction, war against homosexuality, war against abortion, war against hunger, war against misery, war against the governments that fill their arks with the denarii of their people and leave them to die of hunger.

“Until men turn their eyes to God, more misfortunes will continue to occur, because you will see Signs in the sky, and when that occurs, you will tremble, because many misfortunes will come to the earth.  When there are Signs in the sky, the world trembles and none of you knows when God will call you.  That is why, My little ones, you have to truly repent, and if you have true faith and love, if you share what you don’t need with those poor people of the earth who do have needs, the eyes of the world will turn toward them.  The homes are all destroyed because the children are addicted to alcohol and drugs.  Many marriages are destroyed because of men’s infidelity.  No one knows how to pray like Jesus told us, enclose yourself in a room in your home and pray, ask and speak to Jesus.  He will listen to you there.  You don’t have to jump around or dance for Jesus to listen to you.  It is in speaking to Him heart to heart where He will say one day, ‘I am here with you and will be with you.’

“Pay attention, because great events will occur for humanity.  That man that is speaking and giving revelations about secret security will be the promoter of the great events that will occur in humanity, the many changes that will come and the natural disasters that will accompany those adversities that will come to the world.  Food will be scarce.  Water has destroyed all the crops of many countries [South America and Europe] and there will be hunger like you cannot imagine.  Prepare yourselves in prayer; prepare yourselves with food that doesn’t perish.

“I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


 November 18, 2010


“My little creatures, My little ones, you don’t know how much joy your Loving Mother feels to be in this small place [Ecuador] where the little creature comes every so often to receive the Message from your Mother.

“There are many people, My little ones, who come here out of mental curiosity, trying to ask My little one, is it true that your Mother can visit us through the creature who is present among you? It is true.  Your Mother takes her thoughts and her heart to Jesus in order to visit you, but the little one has been through many obstacles before she could come here to do the work of your Mother and your Celestial Father.

“I bless you, My little ones, for having been in this place.  And I say that you have to be prepared with food, be prepared in the Light [sanctifying grace] so that you can survive the great events that are at hand for mankind, and which are already approaching. 

“You don’t know when your Heavenly Father will send the angels to prepare those who truly walk in the Light and to set aside those who haven’t been capable of being obedient to the Divine Laws of the Beloved Father.  Your Mother is everywhere in the world; She chooses creatures who don’t know anything so Jesus can lead them to the right path, the Path of Light, so She can use the tongues, minds, and hearts of those who are chosen to take the Glorious Mysteries to you, which My little one is offering to you today.

“This is how you can pray the Rosary that your Mother left so that wherever it is prayed, the place will always be blessed and dedicated to the Well Beloved and your Loving Mother.  Your Mother will continue to appear everywhere; our Beloved Jesus needs to save you all who come here with true love and with hearts open to the Truth, to the sublimity of a Divine Message for everyone.

“Difficult times are approaching, very difficult times for this place that is dedicated to the Good Shepherd and which has now deviated from the Path.  That is why Jesus sends Divine Justice upon those who deviate from the Path they had known and who abandon Him to embrace other dogmas that have nothing to do with the Well Beloved.

“Your Mother says, if you walk in the Light, you will sparkle in the Light forever, because when the Beloved returns, you will be placed on His Right Hand.  And those who left the Path, those who desecrate and profane the Name of the Well Beloved every day, who desecrate it every day in the temples where they crucify the Well Beloved every day, everyone who desecrates the Heavenly Father through the Son will be condemned hopelessly to hell, where they won’t be able to leave.

“I promised the little creature that she would recover [she had been sick] so that she could continue the Path that the Well Beloved designed, and here she is and will be, until she closes her eyes.  She loves this place, even down to its plants, and she is trying to accomplish the commands that Jesus imposed upon her:  To walk with the poor of My earth, as I walked with you so long ago.

“Everything the little one gives to you is holy and everything will be used for the healing and salvation of everyone who comes to wherever she is with true love.  Everything is being sent by the Well Beloved and those who hesitate will not receive.  Those who have faith will be chosen to be healed.  Have no fear, the little one’s hands are being used by the Well Beloved and your Loving Mother, so that through the Divine Physician, which is the Holy Spirit, He will bring salvation of body and soul to all the creatures who today accompany her on the Path, this Path of pain, of disappointment.  Everyone will see the Light of the Well Beloved.

“Pray, always pray for the temple where they sacrifice the Well Beloved, because they continue to desecrate the Sanctuary of the Lord.  Don’t take the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved in your hands.  May your Mother offer each of you an agape of love so that you can walk behind Him, following in His Footsteps and in His Footprints, and so that you can defend yourselves from any evil, here and in many other places.

“Great event are approaching and will occur, because volcanoes will erupt and earthquakes will occur and many days of darkness will come to mankind. Remember, many will see glory, but others will be taken in the rapture so they will not see what's coming.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


November 20, 2010


“My little ones, God is God.  God did not have a face.  In ancient times, God was a Divine Eye Who moved through the clouds. The first things God created were the angels, and every one of you and every baby who is conceived has an angel.  If you don’t allow them [the babies] to live [through abortion], you will lose glory and will go to hell.  Hell exists, because either Jesus or Mary teaches the chosen ones about hell.  Hell exists, it's big and immense and none of you can imagine it.  It is mankind who makes it possible for the Celestial Father to allow all of His Divine Justice to fall upon mankind, according to what is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  

“Your Mother is not the one who is speaking to you.  Your Celestial Father is talking to you right now.

“Each of you is responsible for the lives of the children who are conceived in your wombs, and you are guilty of the acts that man commits against humanity without mercy, without love, without anything.  

“Difficult times are approaching for humanity, and mankind is to blame for what is coming.

“You must pray for this great country that is consecrated to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.  You cannot imagine what lies ahead for humanity.  God will not warn you before He allows His Justice to fall.  He will find you asleep in your faith.  That is why your Father makes your Mother appear all over the world, to bring everyone into the fold.  That is the only place where you are going to find Jesus again.  

“You cannot go through life without doing any works of charity.  You have to help those who are hungry, those who have nowhere to take refuge, nowhere to take shelter from the rain, the sun, or the open air.

“You must be farmers and collect the harvest that is sown and that Jesus has planted for all of you.  You can feed people with the natural world that God gave you.

“This place is sacred because your dreams and your desires are made happy here.  Great miracles are expected in this place, but His Justice is also great for anyone who comes here to test God.

“The little one will continue to walk in the Sandals of your Heavenly Father, Who is Jesus Himself, and the Holy Spirit.  She will continue to walk hand in hand with the Virgin Mary, your Mother, Whom I gave to you to guide you on the True Path, which is the Path of Jesus.  Your Mother will guide you on all Paths, because there is still time to do justice.  Everyone who intends to do it, like the group that has met the little one, will continue to walk without rest, stumbling along on their feet and exhausting their bodies, because this country is blessed by God and the Virgin, your Mother.

           “This country [Ecuador] cannot crawl around with the malignant one.  It has to rise up, because God chose it to Glorify Himself and to Glorify your Loving Mother and little Narcisa, the little one the Celestial Father chose for this country.  [Narcisa De Jesús was recently elevated to sainthood.]  Her heart was immense.  That is why Jesus put it in His Hands and said these words that you don’t know, ‘Here, I put My Heart, My little one, to be Glorified in your own hands.  Wherever you touch a sick person, that is where I give My Heart.’

“This is through the little one who is here now and who is going through the miracle of hearing My Voice.  Through that Divine, Immaculate Heart, she receives the blessings that Narcisa gives to ensure that this country will always be with God, with Jesus and Mary, so that everyone with the desire can approach not only your Mother, but also Narcisa.  You have to honor her, you have to make requests of her, because she appears before the Sanctuary of your Mother, where the little one dwells.  It is there where she brings her [Rosa] and where she urges Mary's servants to accompany her [here].

“Today you have a great blessing in your hearts because your Loving Mother is here.  Every time My little one comes here, your Loving Mother comes with her to announce that you must pray, that you have to pray because great misfortunes are coming for humanity, and this country will touched by them.  

“The dark nights are not only three nights, there are many of them.  Every time the Divine Justice touches mankind, there are many days of darkness, there are many days of pain.  But when God takes innocent children, innocent people, it will be the rapture during which He comes to collect them so they won’t see what's coming at the End of Times.  Many will be raptured, but many will be left to continue to guide the flock onto the True Path.  

“Pray, pray in your homes.  Pray, the Holy Spirit is here in this place.  Pray, My little ones, so that God will bless you and so the little one will anoint you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

“Pray, pray, My little ones.  The remedies that your Loving Mother gives you through Jesus, My little ones, are what God has done to heal your bodies and your souls.

“I love you and I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


December 4, 2010

Vigil Night

               "My children, My little ones, blessed be God for letting your Loving Mother be here with each of you during these days that you are celebrating and which are so special.

“Your Mother is happy because what I gave to you has been fulfilled.  The little one was able to complete the mission the Well Beloved gave her.  She was able to make everything possible with the help of the angels, those who accompany her and guard her all the time. 

“Your Mother rejoices at seeing the little one walking.  She can do what she says she wants to do, to be a servant and not to be served.  You don’t know what your Mother keeps in Her Heart for all Her children, for all who approach the Little Infant, the One Who came into the world to bring Light to man who lived in darkness, the darkness of faith, worshiping idols that had nothing to do with the Well Beloved.

Your Mother suffered in the depths of Her Heart during that Advent of Joy, which also marked the Path of Sorrow, the Way of the Cross.  No one but your Mother experienced that Spiritual Birth, because She was prepared to follow a path of love, pain and redemption for what She knew She was carrying, the Eucharist, the Holy Eucharist.  She was carrying Him in Her Womb, knowing that in the end, She would have to give Him to all men for their own salvation.

“Mary and the Divine Eucharist.  That was your Mother, a Tabernacle of Love, Who conceived the Father to become man and the Word Incarnate, to become flesh for every one of you who are here today in this small place.  But man still does not understand why Mary had to suffer the consequences of an infinite love to allow the Celestial Father be conceived in Her in order to give Him a Face that He didn’t have.  You don’t understand; the Celestial Father didn’t have a face, He had to be conceived in Mary.  Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, Tabernacle of Love on earth, where God became flesh in order to bring Light to the world that was living in darkness.  

“Every time you celebrate this time of Advent and Hope for the Coming of that Little Giant Who was Jesus from His infancy, whenever you adore the Infant Child, the angels sing all around you full of grace for the coming of the Good Shepherd, the Little One.  They sing out of happiness for those who give babies the right to be born and not to cut short their lives, killing them in pieces, removing them from the wombs where they should be protected so they could bring love to a home, to a life.  You don’t know how your Mother suffers when a child is abused, abandoned, sick. 

“This is a time of hope, because the King of kings, the Lord of lords was born, bringing as a gift a Cross that mankind forced Him to carry, that dragged Him along and left His Skin on the desert sand.  The Cross was one of love, forgiveness, and justice

“This is a time for making children happy, whenever you do something for those creatures who don’t have anyone around to care for them or for those who are refugees in places where they are not loved, where they are neglected, abused, and suffer from the errors of foolish mothers who conceived them as unwelcome creatures in their wombs.

“Remember, My little creatures, that Jesus and Mary are shedding Blood all over the world.  It's the same Blood that is spilled in the world for the mistakes that man commits daily, for looking for life in other places where they don’t belong when on earth there are millions of creatures who are starving, thirsty, or sick because man is irresponsible and does not feed his own people.

“Great things lie ahead for humanity.  Famine is approaching in many areas and there will be catastrophic illnesses caused by contaminated food and water.  Humanity is in pursuit of its own destruction.

“There is a revelation that your Mother gave to the little one that she has still not written in her book of revelations.  He who has ears will hear and he who has a tongue will speak.  They will try to assassinate the president of Colombia, they will try to assassinate him.  Give him this warning from your Mother.  The wolves around him will try to kill him and the one with whom he now joins hands.

“There is much hope for this country, but great events are approaching.  The earth will tremble in many places, causing many dormant volcanoes to awaken from their slumber.  In your homes, each of you must prepare food and water, which must be rotated from time to time.  When you have something that you don’t need, take it to the homes where the poor are waiting.

“I bless you.  I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”