Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
April 13, 2010

“Mary and Jesus don’t speak about politics, but they do speak about governments, because the governments are composed of men.  God sends His Justice to each country because they all want to walk hand in hand with the evil one.  Nations don’t want to believe in Jesus or Mary.  All the governments are antichristian and all the people accept it and no one rebels, supposedly to maintain the peace.  But peace does not come to the world if men don’t look for peace.  Mary and Jesus don’t promote wars.  The wicked actions of men bring consequences to the world.  The cruel consequences that are occurring all over the world are because you are living in a cruel way.

“God is Just.  He took His people from Egypt and the enemies that were following them all drowned in the sea.  When Core disobeyed Moses in the desert while Moses was on the mountain with God for forty days, they made a golden calf and worshipped it as if it was God.  What did the Celestial Father do to Core?  He said to Moses, ‘Come down from the mountain and take Core and his tribe and make them stand before the tent.’  Moses asked Him not to punish the man and to forgive him.  God made lightning fall from the sky and consume all who were there, except Core.  He was allowed to live, wandering in the desert without having any place to rest his head.  Therefore, God does send Justice to men, even though men don’t want to believe it. 

“Today, God sends His servants to speak in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, like the little one is speaking today.  She is not the one who is speaking, but it is the Divine Spirit Who blows in her ear so that she will tell men, ‘Walk on the Path that Jesus, the One Who died on the Cross, left.  Don’t bend it, because when I return to the world again, I want to gather all My children and create a new Jerusalem.’

“Today, I ask all the people who are here, ‘Do you believe that Jesus will come for a second time?  Then gather your children, your families for the new Jerusalem.’  If you accept all that Jesus says in all the Messages throughout the world you will walk again with Jesus.  Jesus will not come to the earth to be crucified a second time, but to reign like the Only King.  That is why I say, ‘Don’t leave the Church, don’t abandon the priests, because all human beings are sinners from the wombs of their mothers.  They all make mistakes, it is human.  As Jesus says, ‘He who is free of sin can throw the first stone.’  Everyone is a sinner.

“Everything that is written to occur during these times will be fulfilled.  There will be a great attack in the United States , because the one who is governing is like a child playing with a new toy that he never thought he would have in his hands.  He is playing with the lives of all humanity. 

“Pray all the time.  Terrorists will come to the United States and will kill many people.  They will kill them not only in the United States , but in many places in the world.  The governments of the Latin American countries are very dangerous.  They are killing their people with hunger and they are leading them into misery, like the small country that has been governed by the antichrist for a long time, and which has poisoned the hearts of the other countries that are in the rest of America .  The Virgin does not speak about politics, but about governing. 

“All the murderous and criminal governments in America will fall when the people stop working and close their businesses, declaring a strike so they can be truly free in each country.  Since people don’t want to fight in another way, they have to fight with their arms down [a strike from work] so the truth can triumph and the great tyrants who kill the creatures with hunger will definitively fall and won’t have the desire to return to power.

“A volunteer who has been walking with the little one in this place for many years was talking with his wife about food, when at that instant, your Mother revealed Herself to the little one and told her, ‘Speak this day about those great businesses that throw food away in the trash and are not willing to send it to the nursing homes, to those places that take care of abandoned children in the countries of Central and South America.  Many suffer from hunger because they don’t have anything to eat, while men in those great restaurants are disobedient to God and throw away food that could be given to the creatures who go to bed with empty stomachs.  That is why Jesus is punishing men.  Every time we throw away food in the trash and it’s not given to those in need, the Cross trembles with Jesus on It.  Every time they take Communion in the hand, Jesus bleeds on the Cross all over the world, and Mary bleeds.  Remember this, My little ones, remember this. 

“Pray for all the sick throughout the world.  Pray for the ones who have died, that they are now giving an account of themselves to God, before the Judge.  Pray for those who go to bed without having any food.  Pray for the fall of the anti-Christian countries and for the Pope, so that he won’t be condemned.  Pray for him.  Pray for all of the Church, which is all of you who walk with Jesus and Mary.  Pray, prayer can change any prophecy.  Pray for the Virgin Mary, our Mother, so She will continue to appear in all places and will continue to gather the flock to Jesus once more.  The sheep are lost, but many times Jesus makes His Loving Mother appear to those sheep and bring them back to the fold.

“In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


April 9, 2010

                "My children, My little creatures, the joy of your Mother’s heart on this day is great when I see the flock of the Well Beloved meeting in this small place, when I listen to the voices of your hearts that are humbled.  Many are thinking and trying to guess, wanting to see beyond what your Heavenly Father wants to give. Your Mother is not the little child, your Mother is in her, in her feet, in her eyes, when she looks at you to read your attitude, to read whether you see that your Mother is truly present among you in Spirit and Truth.

                "Your Mother is in each of your hearts at this moment to receive the warmth, the intoxication of Mary's perfume that can radiate at any moment between each of you if you open your hearts with true love and without any curiosity, only with the love that you bring when you come to this little place that is blessed by God, Who is the only one who can do that.

                "Your Mother sees each one of the anxieties that you bring within your hearts.  I tell you that I came in this Mystery of Love, where with love, your Mother brought into the world the little Child, the Light that would illuminate the entire world because mankind was living in darkness, worshipping gods in artifacts that were manufactured to adore a god that no one knew.

                "Your Loving Mother brought you the true God, the only One Who would illuminate the world and mankind.  He was then handed over on a gloomy early morning by a traitor from His own flock.  There are many like him everywhere, they are wolves in sheep's clothing, they who walk within the flock of Jesus, sowing suffering and death all over the world.

                "Your Mother brought you a Being Who was conceived God in Her Virginal Body through the Divine Spirit and became Flesh in Her Womb to serve as the Eucharist after He Died on the Cross and Rose again.  Remember how Jesus offered Himself to all His apostles at the Last Supper:  'Drink and eat,' He said of Jesus Himself, 'because this is My Body, which is given for all of you.'  And so it was.  You always celebrate that moment when Jesus was sacrificed as a Lamb on the Cross after guiding His flock into the sheepfold and leaving the promise of His Resurrection and Love to you all.

                "My little ones, Jesus, gave Himself for each of you with love for humanity.  But you continue to be scattered, each o\in his own way.  You don't invent anything that can free man from a sentence of death from major diseases, but you produce weapons of mass destruction and wars to kill each other.  You don't eradicate cancer and major diseases that destroy humanity.

                "Through power and wickedness, people starve to death while their rulers live like the great kings of old, hoarding denarii [silver coins] in their coffers, trampling people underfoot, murdering, rejoicing in the deaths of every human being. 

                "This is why, My little ones, you now suffer the consequences of the evil of men who failed to understand that God is a God of Love for all men in the world.  He is a God of Forgiveness for those who repent and guide their people to an ocean of true happiness with true justice. 

                "Because God made man in Jesus, He left you weapons of love in nature.  You can use the medicines that are in the forests in all your countries.  Seek them and find them.  Don't trust men who study and are full of ambition, as they do nothing now to save bodies, but instead, they fill their own coffers.

                "At this time, mankind remembers the sacrifice of the Well Beloved and the Sorrow of Mary, but then you forget about everything and you return to the same twisted path.  My little ones, God says, 'The Good Shepherd knows His sheep and He will gather them from all places.'

                "Be attentive to the signs that God gives you.  Remember that God will not let you know when He will lower His Powerful Hand and His Justice over mankind.  Be prepared.  Prepare food and natural medicines that you can take to heal your bodies.  Be prepared in prayer and meditation.  Pray in time and out of time, little ones.  Difficult times are coming for humanity and you will see it.  Many of those who are in this little place will see the consequences of the evil and hatred of man in humanity.  Don't think that your Mother is lying to you.  Many of you who are here will see the events that are approaching.

                "There will be moments of great trial for each of you, but those in the flock whose hearts were touched by Jesus will be prepared in prayer and will be ready to change their destinies.

            "There are immense things that humanity does today with their thoughts, the way they look or act against humanity, against the children or against the youths.  No one prays for the young people who are making diabolical medicine in order to engulf other young people in drugs.  Then they become murderers, killing innocent children, their own colleagues, in the schools.

                "Pray for the Church.  This is always necessary, because Jesus Himself made His Church for everyone, One God for every generation.  There aren’t two gods, there is only One God with the priests who consecrate the Body on the Altar of Sacrifice every day. 

                "Today, mankind does not believe in that small Sacrifice of Love.  They don't go to the temples to receive Communion, and if they do go, it is to receive Him unworthily, because they no longer believe in Him.  If they take Him unworthily, they take Him for their own condemnation.

                "Your Celestial Father tells you all the time: Remember that Jesus' Body cannot be received in your hands, which are full of the vices of the world.  Jesus' Blood is shed on a Cross somewhere in the world each time you take Communion in your hands, which are dirty from worldly things.  Your Celestial Father continually says this to each of you through all the apparitions of your Mother in all places.  She continues to appear, proclaiming the purity of the consecration and the taking of the Sacred Body the Well Beloved left for each you.  Your Father says: All that you sacrifice is an act of love, truly adoring Jesus, honoring your Loving Mother, Who appears all over the world to bring Her children to the True Path that is Him, the God of Israel, the God of all mankind, Jesus Christ, Crucified for every one of you.  Rejoice when you can take that Spiritual Body on your lips.  

                "Your Mother will continue to appear in many places to save all the scattered flock of Jesus.  Pray, pray for My little one, because the wickedness of man touched her.  She is walking in the Sandals of the Well Beloved, falling and rising up again.  Like the one who betrayed Him, so too will the person who did the great damage suffer.  She suffers, but the person who did it will receive Divine Justice.  My children, God does not punish, but He does impose Justice when He lets His Powerful Hand fall over the ones who do evil.  Amen, amen.  

                "I love you and I bless you."


April 28, 2010

                "Dear daughter, I, your Celestial Father, tell you:  I am your Father, Who chose your Loving Mother to receive the Messages that through all times I have sent to you through your Mother.  When I sent the angel to her to say, Hail full of grace, the Lord has chosen You to have a Son Whom He would give the name Emmanuel, which means, God is with you.  Even though Mary did not know man, as the angel told Her, She believed and said yes.

                "Since that moment She was supported wherever She walked by the angels who surrounded Her wherever She had to go, because God had been conceived in Her in order to bring Faith and Light to mankind, who lived in darkness.  Mankind worshipped other gods and calves of gold or bronze to whom they offered young, virgin maidens who died with an outdated belief and without fear, because they did not know a true faith based on love, faith and charity towards others.

                "That is why God, in a gesture of human interest, wanted to be conceived as a child in a virginal womb to become a man, to live with them and be slaughtered like a lamb, to know pain, humiliation, death, and to then be resurrected and become known as the Divine Spirit of God in order to judge mankind and give them what each one has planted.  If you have sown roses, that is what you will receive.  If you have sown hate or envy or if you have behaved badly, that is what you will receive, because God the Father gave Him the mission of sowing love as He walked among you in the world.  

                "Your Loving Mother suffered the same Calvary , the same pain and sacrifice, as Her Son.  That is why in Her apparitions, She takes men who believe to salvation.  That is the mission.  Amen.

                "I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen."