Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
September 13, 2009

                 Rosa received a locution from the Virgin:  “Our lady chose this Mystery of the Crucifixion because it is necessary for men to realize that Jesus died on the Cross so everyone could receive salvation through their faith, if they truly believe.  Our Lady says that men have totally forgotten Jesus on the Cross and that there are a few people who wear the Crucifix on their chests and are embarrassed by It.

                “Jesus says that in the antiquity, your Celestial Father performed the miracles that He does in this small place that He chose so that man can come to His Eucharistic Heart.  He suffered on the Cross for each one of you and He says that if you don’t give testimony of Him before men, He will not give testimony of you to the Father. 

                “The Virgin Mary comes to bring a Message of love and repentance for all the hearts that come to this place. Keep in mind that the creature God chose to give the Messages [ Rosa ] did not know anything about the Bible.  She was a Catholic as many are, but she did not know or understand the Bible.  Jesus says, “I chose the smallest one, the most ignorant one, so the pastors I left to guide the flock would not have any doubt that it is I Who am here.”

                “He is here in this small sanctuary that was built by the sacrifices of those who have received miracles in this place.  Your Mother won’t leave, She will always be here.  When the small creature [ Rosa ] closes her eyes, this place will continue as a sanctuary, and everyone who believes will continue to receive blessings.  This is a small place, but in the Heart of My Beloved Jesus it is large, because this is where the humble ones are, those who don’t know anything, and they receive from someone who also did not know anything.  She receives everything from your Mother, Who for a long time has given a Message about the events that are coming to humanity.  Men have to open their eyes; innumerable catastrophes are coming.  Men must bow their heads before Jesus and the Celestial Father.  God asks for sacrifices from His children because He suffered and died for each one of you.  But He remains alive, in Spirit.  He can take the appearance of anyone to try the hearts of His children.

                “Men have dedicated themselves to war, drugs, and alcohol.  The youth become lost because their parents are separated or because they are involved in other things and don’t notice what they’re doing.  This is why the malignant one attacks the youth through drugs, alcohol and free sex, preventing them from realizing they can contract a disease and infect their entire families.

                “Your Loving Mother wants to bring you a Message of love, conversion and humility, a Message for each one of you during these critical times.  You must share it with all your brothers in the faith.  Share some of what you have, what you can spare. 

                “Very difficult times are coming.  Great events are coming for this country and the entire world.  Men don’t want to believe that Jesus sends His Divine Justice, that He lets His Powerful Hand fall upon each nation, each country, each family.  But remember that there are seven years of abundance and seven years of poverty.  There are seven years of pain for everything your Father suffered on the Cross, for everything He suffered on Calvary , for everything He suffered in the Garden of Gethsemane , for everything your Loving Mother had to endure to bring to the world the Son of God made Flesh in Her Virginal Womb.  With Her agreement He entered as Spirit and He was born as Spirit so that the Virgin did not lose Her Virginity. 

                “Men need to understand that marriage has been lost.  Today, women look for partners, not for men to marry.  If they are not convenient for them any longer they leave them or get divorced, without thinking about the children they have conceived. 

                “Events are coming that will shake humanity.  There is a well known tyrant who is governing a country that was once rich and abundant in wisdom, and that country is Venezuela .  That man will fall like a rock that is carried away by hurricane or rain.  Remember that time in Heaven is not the same as on the earth.  That man will make all the other tyrants who are under his lead also fall [from power].  He will not be in power for as long as that antichrist who governed that small Caribbean island.  He thinks he will, but he will not, because no one is more powerful than God.  All the countries that are being governed by the antichrist are leading their countries towards evil, hunger, perdition of the youth, drugs and alcohol all over the world, and they all will have to pay for this.  Watch, and you will see. 

                “This country [the United States ] will also suffer from so many events that man cannot imagine, because they want to form a one world government.  When that happens, it will be the time that Jesus will come to gather His flock.  Everyone needs to be prepared for that time.

                “Today, your Loving Mother is not speaking; She is directing the little one [giving a locution].  She [Rosa] is weak, but she will resist.  Everyone who walks in the Sandals of Jesus needs to work and suffer; she needs to become used to those sufferings and works that are sent by God. 

                “Everything that has been written will be fulfilled.  Many of the prophecies will be fulfilled.  Jesus advised you through your Mother that many of the churches, which are each one of you, would close.  Your Mother says there is no need to close the sanctuaries, but the priests My Beloved left are at fault for what is happening to the Church through all the torments, through everything they concealed, through not revealing the [Third] Secret, which they did not reveal because of cowardice.  They have not revealed the [Third] Secret in the temples; it has not been revealed in Fatima , which has been made to keep quiet.  It was revealed in here; you will be able to read it again, so men will know what’s coming for the world.  Fathers will become enemies of their sons and sons will become enemies of their fathers, mothers will become enemies of their daughters and daughters will become enemies of their mothers. 

                “You must walk with the Light, because you do not yet believe that what is written in the Sacred Scriptures will be fulfilled.  If you read The Apocalypse, at the end of it you will find everything that is supposed to happen during these times. 

                “Great natural catastrophes are coming for humanity and they are happening now.  These are the times of catastrophes, but man is not prepared, they don’t go to the sanctuaries, they don’t go to the churches, they don’t respect the priests, they don’t take Communion in the mouth, they take It in their hands, My little ones, as if It was a piece of bread.  I tell you through the little one that anyone who is hungry because he did not have enough time for breakfast before going to Communion should stay home and eat regular bread, not the special bread that is the Body of Jesus.  The Church must return obligatorily to the Old Rite (Latin), where the Truth that is written in the Sacred Scriptures is located, that which has been hidden in the New Rite.  In the New Rite everything is distorted and all the prophecies have been changed, everything that Jesus said to you during that time.

                “Those who are here believe they haven’t seen anything, that nothing will be fulfilled.  Jesus says to you, yes, everything is fulfilled.  Everything is written, thus, everything will occur.

                “Today, men do not have compassion for their neighbors, not even in the Church.  The priests are the only ones who wash their hands in order to give out the Eucharist, but nevertheless, they permit women who have their periods to be on the Altar of the Lord and to give out the Eucharist, and they also give It to men who have had sexual relations with their women the previous night.  They are profaning everything that is sacred in the Mysteries of the Gospels that Jesus left to the apostles.

                “Please, My little ones, your Mother and Jesus cry Blood around the world.  Do you know why?  Because when men remain silent, the Images speak.  The Images cry Blood because man is silent.  The Virgin will speak to man all over the world through Her Images.  Prepare yourselves.  Prepare your hearts, because difficult times are coming.  Pray so that this President will change his mind about not spending money on the elderly who are in the hospitals and in a coma.  They are going to sign a law that will let them die, shut off their machines and remove them from the hospitals because they generate too many expenses.  That will come, that will come for humanity.  The epidemic that currently exists will continue to spread.  It is a plague, a plague that will dominate many parts of the world.  It is a pandemic because it will spread to many places.  

                “Our Lady says that the priests, Her shepherds, the ones She chooses through the Call of Jesus, do not fulfill what they promise, which is to tell the Truth in the Church that God left to guide His people.  Today, they are dispersing them.  They don’t tell them the Truth.  They have changed the Our Father, they have changed the Rosary.  They have changed everything, and now they even want to change the priesthood, because they want to force them to un-do celibacy.  It is an obligation because Jesus was celibate, and He says to you, ‘I am Holy and only men who are holy can serve on the Altar of the Lord.’  The apostles had relations with their women before following Christ, but after they followed Jesus they no longer did, because the Holy Spirit killed their desire, their desire for sex and for everything that is in humanity, the desire for everything they shouldn’t do.  Today, they don’t fulfill on the Holy Sacrament of the Altar what was done during the early times – kneeling before Jesus, Who is the Good Shepherd, the Good Samaritan, the Beloved Father, and worthy of being called the Lord of lords, the King of kings.  Nowadays, no one kneels to take Communion; you receive It standing and in your hands.  Today, they say your hands are contaminated by the current virus.  Tell those priests who do not want to give Communion in the mouth, ‘You don’t believe that when you consecrate the Sacred Eucharist, the Holy Spirit comes down and kills all germs.’  They must give It to you in the mouth.  They must respect the Sacred Eucharist and they must respect the Gospels, which cannot be changed, not even one dot of them, and they must respect the Rosary.

                “Nothing of what is written in the Old and New Testaments can be changed, none of It can be changed.  But It has been changed and that is why everything is changed in the world.  Everything is misery, everything is pain, and money does not please the children.  Many of the husbands who provide for their homes have lost their jobs and everyone is going crazy.  Divorces are the order of the day in that world in which you live and it is because of the evil that exists that you don’t want to admit that the churches cannot be closed, that the Words that are written in the Sacred Scriptures cannot be changed, that the priests have become materialistic, that there are no nuns, that they have removed their habits and don’t have time for anything, not even for going to church. 

“The Church should not charge for the Sacraments.  Remember this well and tell it to your priests.   The churches are becoming rich and are building expensive sanctuaries, but there is no humility.  Some priests are not humble.  They should greet their parishioners, bless them and impose their hands upon them, but they do not.  They give the collections to their relatives, and this is why priests cannot marry.  They cannot serve two Gods, they cannot serve the Church of God and serve the world.  That is why they need to be celibate.  There should be a dining room in the churches to feed the poor and a place to care for the children of widows.  Jesus says that He was the most humble, that He was born in a manger so the priests would know that everything they collect should be shared with the poor.  That is the why this sanctuary will be governed by a priest who is full of love and charity when My little Rosa departs.  But this place will continue to be a sanctuary so that everything that is collected will continue to be distributed among the poor. 

                “Since the first day your Loving Mother appeared in this place, She has told the little creature [Rosa], ‘My Beloved Son has known your heart since you were in the womb of your mother, that you would dedicate yourself to do works of charity, even though you are dragging yourself around.  With a little and with a lot, you will gather what is needed and be able to fill stomachs, to cover the naked, to provide shoes for the barefoot.  That is what God wants for men and this is why the Church is losing all its wealth, because they want to keep everything and live the good life.  Padre Pio collected everything for the sanctuary, for the poor, for his hospital.  

                “As I say to you today, My children, those who are here, those who come every month, I am your Loving Mother, little ones.  I came to bless you all and to bring you all the Eucharistic Heart of the Well Beloved.  Take kindness, love and charity in each of your hearts and go to see the patients in the hospitals, even though you don’t know them.  Bring them a Rosary of the Virgin and pray near each patient.  Make small chapels in your homes where you have the Sacred Heart, a Crucifix, an Image of the Virgin Mary, and also blessed candles for the difficult times.

                “I say you, My little ones, that you will receive great blessings, because every time you cover the feet of the needy, every time you feed the hungry, especially a child or an elderly person, you will be blessed in your life, and the charity you do will multiply the blessings you receive.

Pray, the time is short, but there is still time.  Pray for the families, pray for the priests.  Pray for the Pope so he does not collapse, so that the antichrist does not triumph through all the masons who are surrounding him.  Pray for the Church so that the priests will begin to tell the Truth about what’s written in the Gospels to warn men about what is coming to the world during these times.  Pray so that people do not leave to follow other religious cults and abandon the shepherds I left to guide the flock.  The door that everyone has to walk through is narrow, but the exit is wide, wide enough for all who not only see what’s in front of them, but also what’s around them, such as pain, hunger, prisoners, and the kidnapped and tortured.  Pray for the people who are kidnapped in Colombia , Mexico , Peru and Venezuela .  Pray for those who are aborted, assassinated, abandoned.  Pray for the people who are in the military, all those who are fighting in a war that does not belong to them. 

                “I love you, My little ones.  I am your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary, and I give you My blessings in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

 September 5, 2009
Vigil Night

                “My little ones, I have spoken and I have advised you of the great events that are approaching mankind.  Jesus says that He does not chastise men.  His Justice is Divine and men easily forget what your Loving Mother warns you about through the Well Beloved.

                “Men don’t want to obey or to read the Sacred Scriptures, where what is approaching mankind at the End Times is written, where you will witness great disasters:  volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, mudslides, hurricanes, tornadoes.  My little ones, that is the prelude of what is coming for mankind at the End Times, not the end of the world.  I repeat, My little ones:  God will not destroy what the Father has created with love.  He gave humanity the resources to be saved from any disaster, from any epidemic, from catastrophic illnesses.  He gave knowledge to mankind so they could search for the way to survive with what God left on the earth.

                “Men of today say, as they used to say in ancient times, where is God, Who is Love?  He doesn’t punish; He will not allow His creatures to die.  My little ones, I say that God is Love, but He is also Justice.  My little ones, I tell you that in Heaven, there is no time.  Time in Heaven is not the same as time on the earth.  When I say that great events are approaching, I don’t give a date or a time, because I will surprise you like a thief in the night.  Thus, the one who is accustomed to doing evil will continue to do evil, the one who is accustomed to lie will continue to utter falsehoods, the one who is accustomed to stealing will continue to steal.  In this way I will surprise you.  That is why I tell you, My little ones, that in Heaven there is no time; that is why I don’t give dates.  When My little creature [ Rosa ] responds to the Messages that I give her, she dates them to be recorded in history, but for God, there is no time.

                “Great events are approaching in huge steps that you will always remember.  The little creature [ Rosa ] will not always be here with you, but many sprouts will remain, and your Loving Mother will continue to appear to guide humanity and to advise you each time those catastrophes occur.

                “Now, your Loving Mother says that catastrophes provoked by men are approaching.  Moments are approaching that you will remember, because great governments will disappear like smoke; I will mention them by name: the Venezuelan president will have only a short time to continue doing evil to his people and to all of humanity, also the chief executive in Ecuador, who is misleading his people, will also fall when the other one falls, and the one in Nicaragua will be not tolerated for another term.  Evo Morales has no knowledge of how to guide his people, but he is being helped by the other wicked ones.  When the government of Chavez falls, there will be great sorrow throughout all the countries of Central and South America .  The great tyrants of humanity believe that they can always abuse their people, but a moment will come when man’s natural sense will not tolerate the abuses that those great tyrants have written in the history of humanity. 

                “God will not exterminate humanity; men are the ones who will exterminate themselves, when they should instead be governing with love and charity and when all the riches of the earth that I provided should be shared with the poorest ones, with the most humble ones, so you could survive in that great paradise that I left for you. 

                “When I transformed Myself in the Womb of your Mother, I Made Myself into Flesh.  I closed My Eyes as a man on the Cross in order to become the Word and Spirit so I could guide all of you to take advantage of everything I left so you would serve one another as good brethren in the faith.

                “You will witness how mankind is approaching a massive destruction, where those who remain behind and all generations who are born afterwards will glorify God.  But if men continue in their efforts to destroy themselves, contaminating themselves, men marrying men and women marrying women, then a generation will come when they won’t be able to procreate.  God made woman because through her, humanity could multiply, but if they don’t do this, then the generations will end. 

                “But that is not the only way humanity could be destroyed.  Great inventions have been made that contribute to the destruction of the world, instead of being salvation for the sick or the hungry or the needy.

                “Your Celestial Father has always spoken to you through your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Who comes as the Consolatrix to bring Her children into the flock, calling those who have been dispersed to return to the sheep fold. 

                “Remember that the One Who died on the Cross is the same One Who calls you, the One Who was made Flesh.  Many listen to My Voice, but no one responds to the call.  That is why the pillars of the sanctuary are falling down and why few will remain to guide the flock to the Path of Light, Love and Wisdom.

                “Those countries that are misleading their people today and enriching themselves with everything that God left to live in a happy world, a world of abundance, are delivering their people into the hands of the accomplices who are far from this world, the enemies of this country.  You will see the consequences of having elected an anti-Christian to govern this great country.  You will see that all the promises that he has made will fall away, because he has become an accomplice of the enemies of this country, this great country.  

                “The little one [ Rosa ] knows that she is feeble, but it is not her time yet.  She will have to crawl in order to continue to advise My little creatures about what each of you has to do in order not to fall into the claws of the one who wants to control each of your hearts, which belongs to God and the Well Beloved.  The Divine Spirit is moving in many places, wherever the hearts of men allow Him to enter.  You only have to say to Me, ‘Here I am, to serve You, to become one more member of Your flock.’

                “When each of you gives testimony of what you are listening to, your blessings will be multiplied, but those who remain silent will be rewarded with the pains of a woman in labor or the pains of a man who is contaminated with a deadly sickness.  The hearts of those who abandon the truth and are not capable of giving testimony of salvation of body or soul will suffer in the same way.

                “This little place, My little ones, will be great, it will not crumble.  It will continue helping men, teaching them about the Path on which each of you should walk. 

                “You will see how there will be more scandals in the sanctuaries, where the pillars that are there to guide the flock, disperse it instead.

                “When your Mother began to appear in this place, She said, ‘Each family should make a chapel in their homes, a little chapel where you can pray.’  This is because the great temples will be left without pastors; therefore, you will have the opportunity of praying in your own homes, with your own families.  Pray for the broken families of the world so they can uphold the foundations of their homes.

                “Many will not witness the great events before the end, and those who will be left behind will tremble as a leaf that is being shaken by the wind.  Observe all the nations that are at war with Christianity in order to create hate and to deliver you to the Antichrist.  But you will witness how the mountain on which they lean will collapse.  You will see how a small country will triumph against the evil one, but they will want to destroy it.

                “Pray, asking your Loving Mother to continue to hold up the Powerful Hand of the Celestial Father.  Pray, because prayer purifies the soul and the spirit.  Don’t be afraid, because everyone who walks in the Light will be saved. 

                “I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  May the blessing of God descend upon you and your loved ones so you will continue to embrace the Cross and the Mystery of His Love through the Blessed Virgin, Who is your Loving Mother.  Amen.”


                On June 3rd of 2008, I was diagnosed with cancer in my mouth and throat.  Shortly after that, my wife and I went to see Rosa at her home.  I was having difficulty swallowing food and my throat was swollen.  I was not feeling well.  Rosa suggested a drink mixture of aloe and honey that helped with the infection and made it easier to swallow.  Through her prayers, positive thinking and energy, my recovery has been fairly remarkable.  I am starting to gain my weight back and I am eating normally again. 

                My recent tests have all come back clean and I am very optimistic about my continued good health.  I believe that God is answering my prayers and healing me with the help of all those in my life who are supporting me.  I would like to thank Rosa for her kindness and her help and may God bless her for all the good she brings into the world. 

Many thanks,
T. J. Lally