Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
October 13, 2009

                My little ones, many creatures don’t come on this day, because for them it is not a holy day; for many, it is a day for evil.  For your Loving Mother, there is no time in the heavens, there are no hours, there is no time to choose the moment that for your Mother to speak to you. 

                “Your Mother is happy because you are here in this place that is small, but at the same time is large because of all the miracles that the Well Beloved grants through your Mother.  But your Mother wished that more people would have come.  She wants many creatures of this small world to be saved through the Messages that your Mother brings through Her Son and the Holy Spirit. 

                “The Holy Spirit rejoices when your Mother is close to each one of you.  You do not see Her, but She is next to each one of you, pouring out Her mercy on each of the petitions that you bring hidden in your hearts, where no one can see them.  She knows that each of you brings an immense love in order to receive what your Mother wants to bring to you in the Message of your Celestial Father.  He is seated on the throne, observing each of His creatures with open Arms so that each of you would convert and walk in the Light that Jesus Christ brought to the world with His birth.  He receives you and passes throughout the entire world with all His angels. 

                “Your Mother is sad and happy.  She is sad because not all the people that She would have liked to be here are here.  She is happy because those who are here have contrite and humble hearts before your Celestial Father.  He wants to speak; He wants to participate with the words through which your Mother brings the Message of Lord through Her Beloved Son.  Your Mother never thought this would happen when She walked among you in the world.  She was a small, humble person and did not think that the Celestial Father would manifest His Glory through Her by bringing the Savior to the world.

                “Prepare your hearts, My little ones, because great events are coming to the world.  Men are stubbornly involved in evil ways.  They have sent a missile towards that great light in the sky, the moon, which does not belong to man, but to the Lord.  Your Celestial Father makes the stars, the moon and the sun to manifest His Glory.  Man wants to get water from the moon, but he doesn’t get it from the earth to give it to all who are dying of thirst and hunger.  Men spend great quantities of denarii to study a planet [the moon] that does not belong to them but only to the Divine Majesty.  Millions of denarii [dollars] are destined for the destruction of the world instead of man using them to feed the hungry and help the sick and the handicapped, of which there are many throughout the world. 

                “Men are afraid of faith and separate themselves from it.  They are afraid of believing and that is why many today suffer from many of the shepherds I left to guide the flock separating themselves from the Church.  Many are dispersed and that is why the sanctuaries [temples] are left empty, because there are few pastors to guide the flock and because many more will leave to follow idols that don’t exist. 

                “Man does not think that God manifests His Glory to the world through nature, which He created and which is alive.  My little one has spoken to you many times about how the Glory of God is manifested in this world that is large for men, but small for God, because His Divine Majesty is so immense that no one can image it.  His Glory is great but so is His Justice, and He will send His Justice to men through nature.

                “Every time that the sky is illuminated by the stars, the moon and the sun give Divine manifestations [eclipses, meteors], and every time there is a sign in heaven the earth trembles, governments destroy themselves, men kill each other like fierce animals, and men are capable of believing that there is a God Who rewards and also shows His Justice. 

                “Today there are struggles between families and the world, between the children and those who want to destroy them.  Today, men are only interested in diversions and other gods that have nothing to do with the One Who came to bring the Light to the world and Whom men crucified.  Wars have been started between countries and there are terrorists who kill in the name of a god that does not exist because the true God is love, goodness and mercy and He wants peace for all men, not war.  Man creates war with the weapons he builds to kill and destroy.  So many men, soldiers, die in wars they did not start.  There are so many orphans, so many widows, so much pain in the world. 

                “Many governments are filled with wealth while their people die of hunger, thirst and lack of clothing.  They don’t have anything with which to cover their bodies or their feet from the cold.  The great governments are taking their countries into ruin, destruction, misery to become dehumanized by not believing in a God Who rewards and punishes, Who is always vigilant and observes your actions.  This is why He says. ‘I will find you doing whatever you are accustomed to be doing.  I will not warn you when I comes like a thief in the night,’ says the Well Beloved through the Father.  ‘There will be no warning for anyone.’ 

                “Pray, each of you, so that what’s written in the Sacred Scriptures is not fulfilled, that He does not find you asleep in faith and in love of Jesus, Who died for each one of you in an agape of love. 

                “Your eyes will witness many things; much blood will be shed.  In this great country, something will happen that has never happened before, because the deaths that occurred in the attack that the entire world remembers [9-11] will be small in comparison to it.  There will be so many more and there won’t be anywhere to hide or to run, because the sanctuaries will be closed and the pastors will be dispersed.  This is why I have told you that each of you must make a grand, small chapel in your homes.  It should be grand due to what it represents, and small because you can’t make a large sanctuary in your homes.  It should be a sanctuary that honors the Master, the Shepherd, the Lamb of God Who takes away each of your sins when you go to Confession to be able to receive Communion.  Remember I told you that many of the temples would close, but you should go to them to confess and receive Communion in your mouths, not in your hands. 

                “Every time one of you takes the Eucharist in your hands it is as if you are crucifying Jesus again.  Your hands are contaminated by the world and all the daily work you do and you don’t realize that when you put your hands out to receive the Sacred Eucharist, your hands have also touched the donations that you give.  Everything that comes from the world is touched by your hands and then you put them out for the shepherd I left to place the Eucharist in your hands instead of your mouths.

                “Remember that every time you take the Sacred Eucharist, the Body of the Well Beloved, in your hands, the Cross trembles and Jesus bleeds.  He sheds His Blood somewhere in the world and your Mother does, too, not for their sufferings but for your sufferings and the offenses that each of you commit against the Father. 

                “I love you, My little ones.  Now is the time when you need to pray the most.  Go to your rooms and when you are by yourselves, ask the Father for that peace that is not in your hearts or in any home in the world today.  The youth are involved in drugs and alcohol and are contaminated by evil.  The prisons are filled with delinquent youths because there is no time to educate them at home.  Pray, My little ones, pray.  Prayer may be the path that will save each of you.   

                “I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


October 9, 2009
Vigil Night

                “My little creatures, My Well Beloved carries the crosses of all My little creatures, and of the crosses of those destined to depart, He carries those of the ones chosen to receive the blessings of the Well Beloved.

                “Today, My little ones, the society in which you are living is lacking in love towards its own creatures, towards abandoned or abused children, towards people who are kidnapped.  What you do not know is that when you commit a sin, your Mother and your Father cry in many places around the world, and even though men remain silent, the Images will speak.

                “My little ones, I ask you to pray, to pray for your loved ones, but you have to pray in time and out of time, you have to pray for those who don’t pray, for those who don’t ask to be pardoned, for those who don’t repent, for those who don’t know how to love one another as the Well Beloved said, ‘Love one another as I love you.’  My little creatures, you easily forget the Commandments that the Well Beloved brought to each one of you through His martyrdom and His suffering.

                “Your Mother suffers for each one of Her children, for those the Well Beloved gave to His Loving Mother as the children of all who inhabit the earth.

                “Many events that you can’t even imagine are coming to humanity.  Great and catastrophic illnesses are coming that will have no cure because of the incompetence of men through those little machines that are supposed to save lives but instead contaminate whatever they touch and don’t save them.  The real purpose [of those men] is to fill their treasure chests with denarii’s [money].  But before they die they will not be able to use it all, because they will have accumulated too much.  That is why your Mother always says, ‘Pray, My little ones.’  As the little creature [Rosa] says, you don't have to take the Rosary or the Sacred Scriptures with you all the time, but wherever you are, pray within the intimacy of your hearts so only God can hear you, or so your Mother can take your prayers to the Well Beloved.

                “Not everyone is prepared for the events that are coming to the world, but those who truly justify the Father and the Son before others will also be justified.  My little ones, remember that I have told you, ‘Great events are approaching the world in which you are living.’ 

                “No one can detain the Powerful Hand of the Celestial Father.  You can be saved only through repentance and on bended knees.  Many things are coming for humanity; there is no time, no day nor hour; He will surprise you in each of the things that you usually do.  Your Mother is interceding for each of Her creatures.   She is holding back the Hand of Jesus so that the Power of His Justice won’t fall upon you.  But your Loving Mother sometimes moves aside, because many of My creatures in the world don’t repent or ask for pardon through prayers or confession.  Many don’t believe in those who wear the cassock, which distinguishes them from the rest of the people.  Many don't believe in them anymore, and many of them [the priests] hang up their cassocks, afraid that they will be asked for blessings or prayers.

                “You are ashamed to wear the Crucifix around your necks; you are afraid to offend others.  Many don’t believe and many deny the undeniable.  You depart from Jesus and you don’t approach your Loving Mother as your intercessor.  Others are cowards and refuse to show that they have faith and that they believe.  Men will be wallow in their own mud.

                “Your Mother is appearing in many places in the universe to bring you the love of the Well Beloved, of Jesus Who died on the Cross for each of the creatures who inhabit this planet where you live and which you don’t know how to take care of.  Come close to what God left for you to save bodies and souls; come close to the Sacred Eucharist in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Jesus is present there every time they celebrate the sacrifice.  Every time they celebrate a Mass, He is there. He is the Sacred Body that your Mother left to you in an agape of love, She brought Him to you so man could be saved.  Confess your sins, My little ones, and receive Communion on your knees.  Don’t take Him in your hands, which are contaminated by worldly things.

                “My little ones, when you deny food to the needy, your Mother cries and the Cross trembles because you are not capable of performing charitable works of mercy.  Remember, each of you, that Jesus is in the needy ones, the humble ones, in those who are barefoot and in rags.  Jesus is in each one of them.  Don’t search for Him where you can't see Him.  Even though He is at your side, you will not find Him there.  Search for Him in those who are sick, in those who are prisoners, in the humble, in those who are tortured, in those who are homeless, in the places where the elderly are abandoned by the children who should be taking good care of them because they brought them into the world.

                “Love one another, pray in silence, even though you are surrounded by many.  Pray intimately, heart to heart.  You can pray for those who are gone, for the sick and feeble, for the humble, for those who are exiled and for those who are scorned.  Pray, not only for those you love, but also for those you don’t know. 

                “I bless you, My little ones.  May the Divine Spirit of God be with each of you.”


October 23, 2009

                “My little one, God speaks through the Sacred Scriptures in Chapter 1, Verse 19 of the 1st Letter to the Corinthians:  ‘For it is written: I will destroy the wisdom of the wise, and the prudence of the prudent I will reject.’ 

                “In Isaiah, Chapter 29, Verses 14-16, continue with what I am going to say:  Therefore behold I will proceed to cause an admiration in this people, by a great and wonderful miracle: for wisdom shall perish from their wise men, and the understanding of their prudent men shall be hid. Woe to you that are deep of heart, to hide your counsel from the Lord: and their works are in the dark, and they say: Who seeth us, and who knoweth us? This thought of yours is perverse: as if the clay should think against the potter, and the work should say to the maker thereof: Thou madest me not: or the thing framed should say to him that fashioned it: Thou understandest not.’ 

                “The Lord knows His creatures from the moment they are conceived; no one can deceive the Lord.  Repent while there is time, because when you come to My Encounter, I, the Lord, will show you all the deeds and misbehaviors you committed while you walked on the earth, lying and hurting one another and ignoring the consequences of your acts, thinking that you will never have to account for them to your Celestial Father.  I left men that I, Myself prepared so that through them you could confess your sins and be prepared to enjoy life everlasting.  You have ignored them and refused to listen to the pastors I left.  Instead, they have also become contaminated and they forget what they learned from the Sacred Scriptures when they were in the seminary.  How many years have they searched the Sacred Scriptures while guided by the Divine Spirit in order to be sanctified and prepared to guide the flock?  And even they have allowed themselves to be contaminated by that corrupt, rotten and apostate society. 

               “Men are challenging God; they don't remember what happened in Sodom and Gomorrah , how fire consumed everything.  Nowadays, fire is destroying cities around the world, and much more will be consumed because of man's apostasy.  Don't you remember what happened when part of the earth disappeared in the flood and only Noah and his family survived with a pair of each type of animal? 

                “I, your Celestial Father, say, ‘Don't challenge the Lord of lords.  I am Just, but I also demand Justice when you defy Me.  In ancient times, I sent the great prophets throughout history.  The prophets retransmitted to the people each revelation that God communicated to them.  When men disobeyed, the righteous Hand of God fell in order to apply His Justice.  

                “Today, men continue to disobey, even though I send the Mother of Jesus to guide them with Her love and the Teachings of Jesus.  But no one obeys and they continue to commit sins, to wage wars, and to conduct the world towards anti-Christianity with hatred towards everything that represents God; the Virgin, your Loving Mother; and the Church. 

                “How long will men continue to disobey God and turn into apostates?  After they know the Light, which is Jesus, and Baptism, they renounce Him to embrace other cults that deny the existence of God made Man and Spirit in Mary’s Virginal Womb, and [they deny] Mary as the Tabernacle of Love where God was sheltered in order to become man and to die on the Cross for humanity, who now denies Him and abandons Him on the Cross.  Amen.”  


October 25, 2009

A Special Message from God to the World

                “Dear daughter, I want you to write about the word ‘Prophet’ through the Sacred Scriptures so My creatures who are coming to this sanctuary that is small, but great in miracles, will comprehend that what is happening in this place is not a joke.

                “My little one, write.  The word ‘Prophet’ is used exclusively as ‘one who foretells the future,’ but in the Bible, a prophet is one who speaks under Divine influence in the Name of God and as a messenger who represents Him.

                “The prediction of future events is only one part of his message, and sometimes it is from a locution.  In the Old Testament, the prophet was called Nabi, which is a term that possibly signifies ‘One who is called by God to proclaim His Message to others and is put in charge of telling others what God is saying.’  That means one who sees through Divine Revelation, sometimes through visions or dreams, a Message that God transmits, and that through His Voice is told to transmit it to others.  In this wide biblical sense you can say that every person who is called by God to communicate one of His Messages and who consciously announces them as such is called a 'prophet’, as those of the Old Testament are often referred to.  In other cases, especially in the Old Testament, those who have the gift of prophecy in the sense that we have explained, have sometimes been called prophets and in others a very descriptive phrase, for example, ‘One who speaks in the Name of God.’  Amen. 

                “My little ones, those who read or listen to this Message and don’t have doubts about it, will receive great blessings from God.  Amen.”   



Name:  Mabel Garnica


Description of Spiritual Revelation:


                My name is Mabel.  Last January, I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. When I was admitted to the hospital, my condition was very critical.  They performed a CAT Scan and the result was devastating.  The doctors gave me only a short time to live. 

                Rosa came to visit me at the hospital.  We prayed together with my family and for the first time in so many years of Rosa visiting the sick people in the hospitals, our Loving Mother manifested Herself there, through Rosa .  The Message was very encouraging for me and very wonderful.  Then Rosa cried and the Virgin said, “I don't cry for you, My little one, I cry for all who don’t believe.”

                Rosa anointed me, and although the prognosis of the doctors was very negative, Rosa continuously said, “They may say that, but it will not happen that way.  You will be healed.”

                When the surgery was over, Dr. Ricardo Estape said, “Miraculously, the surgery a success.  All malignant tissue was removed and it had not invaded other organs.  It vanished like gelatin.”  The words Our Lord, as foretold through Rosa , had come true.

                I also refer to the curative power of aloe vera in my chemotherapy treatment; it was marvelous. 

                Another miracle in my life happened was when I was going through the most aggressive chemotherapy treatment and my body reacted in a positive, miraculous way.  I never had any side effects, and every day my body stabilized very quickly.  

                Miraculously, all this was possible through the Powerful Hand of God and my Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.  The power of God’s medicine, like aloe vera, is for healing the entire body.

                Today, I report that Rosa ’s house is a blessed place; it is the sanctuary of Jesus and Mary.


(Signed) Mabel Garnica