Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
May 13, 2009

“My little ones, My little ones, on this day when your Loving Mother wanted to touch you, She, with the Divine Spirit of the Well Beloved, was able to touch the many creatures who came forward to receive the marvelous touch of faith and love from your Loving Mother. 

“Your Loving Mother has been among you for awhile, searching the hearts of each of the creatures who are in this place today.  Many have received the Divine Blessing, which is to be touched by your Loving Mother.  It is usually the Well Beloved Who touches you along with Padre Pio, who is always with the little one [ Rosa ], but today, your Mother didn’t want that.  She intervened and came between them and said:  Allow Me to do it today for the glory of serving each of the little ones, because if you remember the little one [ Rosa ] says, this is the time of the Holy Family, when all the families, especially today, have to pray a Rosary that is dedicated to your Loving Mother and to all the families of the world.  At the time when your Loving Mother received the Light in an Agape of Love, She offered it to the Lord, the Father of all Fathers, as a gift, so that with a faith that truly comes from your hearts, you could receive that gift of love that your Mother offered to the Celestial Father in the Body of Jesus.  She gave the Well Beloved as a gift to all humanity so that through the Sacred Eucharist and the Holy Spirit, we would rejoice in the great love that God gave us with the cooperation of  our Loving Mother when She said Yes to the angel.  She accepted what the Celestial Father offered Her, which was to conceive Jesus through the Holy Spirit in Living Flesh in Her Virginal Body, so that when the Well Beloved later made the great sacrifice of giving His life for each one of you, He could offer you the resurrection so that each one who walks in the Light and asks for forgiveness could truly receive the Well Beloved in your hearts.

“Little ones, today your Loving Mother is dedicating more time to each of you.  The little one received the true teachings that are written in the Sacred Scriptures and she spoke to you, explaining the things that your Mother can’t reveal to you in person, except through the creature selected by God to bring you the truth of what happened many centuries ago and that today man, who is dragged down by much evil, some through vanity, others through stubbornness, denies the truth of what is written in the Sacred Scriptures that were made by the true wisdom, the true theologians gathering together all that the Celestial Father revealed through His Beloved Son, the Well Beloved Jesus of Nazareth, the Great Teacher, the Lamb of God Who came to the world to take away the sins from those who truly repent.  Very few, My little ones, repent in time to follow the charity of our Celestial Father.  Remember that there is only One Celestial Father – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit is only One, the Divine Trinity.

“Pray, each one of you, for your children, who are becoming lost through drugs and alcohol.  Pray for the family so that it will remain united, so man and humanity will reconcile themselves with God before the trumpets of the Well Beloved sound through His angels in the world in order for man to recognize the truth of the Divine Justice that does exist, even though man does not believe it. 

“Pray for the little one who will depart on her usual voyage to the little country where she does works of charity with love, that same love that she gives to each one of you.  She gives with true love what she receives in this place which is small, but great in miracles, conversions and love.  Pray for the other children who are waiting for her over there, those that the Well Beloved gave her when she was shown the Path of Love that is not easy for man, just as it wasn’t easy for your Mother when She said Yes to the Holy Spirit to conceive the Well Beloved  in Her Womb without knowing man. 

“Pray for the sanctuaries all over the world, for all the visionaries of this time, who are like the prophets of the antiquity.  Pray for peace among men, because difficult times are approaching, My little ones; you can’t even imagine them.  The columns of the sanctuary are crumbling.  Each time one of those columns falls and tumbles in the mud, in the dirt of the world, our Loving Mother cries.  She suffers for a child who becomes lost, and My Beloved Jesus suffers for a lamb who abandons the flock and decides to unite with others He does not know.  That lamb does not know what it truly means to abandon the Good Shepherd, Who is the Well Beloved, Who guides us to the true Light and the true Path.  But when they [the pastors] deviate from the Path, they don’t listen to His Voice and each one of them who allows the foundation of the columns to tremble and does not look for help to rebuild them, will be guilty before the Eyes of God.  You may not understand what your Mother has wanted to tell you.  Remember that each of you forms part of those columns, because you have been called to the true Path and you know the Truth and you know the Light.  Don’t move away from that Light, because when the moment of darkness comes, you won’t have time to light the candles to illuminate the Path.

“I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Little ones, help the Well Beloved to carry the Cross.  Don’t abandon the Path of Light, you will find your Mother at the end of it.  She will open Her Arms to receive you without condition, because you have believed.  Amen.”

                Ecclesiastical Celibacy:  The practice of abstaining from marriage when sacred ordination has been received and of not ordaining married men.  The excellence and advantages of celibacy are described by Saint Paul in 1 Corinthians 7:1-38.  In the Western Church , those who are sub deacons cannot marry.  A tradition at the beginning of Christianity prohibited the clergy from marrying after ordination; it was a general practice during the Third Century and at the beginning of the Fourth Century, the Spanish Synod of Elvira decreed that all the clergy, even if they were married, had to live in continence [chastity].  A series of Synods after the Twelfth Century (especially the Second Lateran Council in 1139) declared that   marriage of persons who had received sacred ordination was not only unlawful, but invalid.  Centuries afterwards, the minor clergy was permitted to serve in the Church, even if they were living in the state of marriage.  However it was stipulated, that if they married after taking their vows, they would lose the privileges of the clerical state.  As celibacy of the clergy is a law of the Church, the Church can dispense of this obligation.  Sometimes the Church dispenses deacons and sub deacons when they abandon their vows, but It practically never dispenses a priest (a priest is a priest forever).  In almost all the Eastern Catholic Churches, there are married priests.  Although the discipline differs among various groups, the general practice is to allow the ordination of married men, but not to allow deacons and priests to get married after they are ordained.  Similarly, the consecration of bishops must be only of men who are celibate or widowers.

                Why does the Church require priests to be celibate?  As another Christ, the priest must belong entirely to God and to Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Since he goes to the altar every day to offer the Divine Sacrifice of Love, he must offer his heart to God with a love that is undivided.  An additional reason is that the priest must be at the disposition of all souls, as the father and brother of all, which would not be possible if he had to take care of his own family.  A Catholic priest is the representative of Jesus Christ Who was not married either, and while He lived among mortals, He lived entirely in the Love of the Celestial Father.  As the first High Priest, He gave an example of poverty, chastity, and obedience.

                Poverty:  “If thou wilt be perfect, go, sell whatsoever thou hast and give to the poor: and thou shalt have treasure in heaven.  And come, follow me.” (Matthew 19:21).  The vow of poverty detaches the religious person from all material possessions that might be an obstacle to his service of God.

                Chastity:  “All men take not this word, but they to whom it is given (for) there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven.  He that can take, let him take it.” (Matthew 19:11-12).  The religious person who desires to give himself completely to God, gladly forgoes the joy of raising a family.

                Obedience:  If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.  For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.  For what doth it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his own soul? Or what exchange shall a man give for his soul?” (Matthew l6:24-26).  Through the vow of obedience, the religious person strives to imitate Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who for our salvation, was obedient unto death.  The religious person renounces his own will in order to be completely docile to the movements of the Holy Spirit in his soul and to the Will of God, expressed through his superiors.  In this is the beauty and greatness of the religious vocation.  There is no doubt that God readily inclines His Ear to the prayers of such generous souls.

May 8, 2009
Vigil Night

                “My little ones, My little creatures, today your Mother is sad, little ones very sad, not only because of the son who is moving far away from the Well Beloved, but also because of the things that are happening in that vertiginous [dizzying] world where you wallow in the mud, as the Well Beloved says, where today’s human beings stumble and forget the sacraments they received one day at the altar to follow the Well Beloved. 

                “You can scrutinize the Sacred Scriptures; you can see everything that has been prepared for these times, where men run in a vertiginous [dizzying] race toward their own labyrinth, where they will fall and not be able to get up, because they don’t look for help from your Celestial Father.  You do not know how bitterly your Loving Mother is suffering these days for everything that is happening.  In Heaven there is no hour, no time, no night; there is no darkness, only Light.

“We see the angels that surround every creature in the world who is trying to guide the flock to the True Path where the light will lead you to the Well Beloved.  But you deviate from it, you don’t obey the inner voice that wants to save you from that path that will take you disgracefully towards the abyss.  Men don’t want to save themselves, little ones.  They commit the same sins, the same errors, all the time.

“Today, your Loving Mother suffers for one of the little creatures who chose the path of embracing the Cross, of helping Jesus carry the Cross of all mankind, and who every day offends the Well Beloved and your Loving Mother.  But men today are also suffering the consequences of their own sins dragging them down in their lives, as My Well Beloved said on one occasion:  ‘Don’t cry for Me, Jerusalem.  I have sent the prophets to all of you to instruct you on the Path of Love, but you have not recognized them and you continue to commit the same errors; you don’t listen to the voices of your hearts and your consciences.’

 “Every day there are more death from nature, which is dragging down the good and the bad.  Remember that water purifies, but that it also takes away everything that obstructs the path towards love and peace, towards everything that causes men to love one another as the Well Beloved loves them.  My Beloved carried His Cross and said:  ‘Don’t cry for Me, Jerusalem , cry for yourselves and for your creatures.  The youth are lost in drugs and alcohol, in the vice of sexuality.  They don’t even respect the Body and Blood of the Well Beloved in the Eucharist, where He is present, and where He waits for you, where with love, He offers Himself every day on the altar of sacrifice so you can sanctify your souls and your hearts.

“Nature will continue to receive payment for all the damage that man does to it, the floods will continue to drag along everything in their path, wars will continue where men kill innocent persons, because you want to take man to an anti-Christianity that is worse that that of the old times.  But you know that everyone, each one of you, drags along your own fate, that fate that will lead you to the abyss or to the encounter with the Well Beloved, Who is the Good Shepherd.  He waits for you, for those of you who rectify yourselves.

 “Each one of you can become missionaries on the Path, preaching the Word of the Well Beloved without separating yourselves from the Light, which is Him.  He warns you in all your hearts, in time and out of time, to prepare yourselves for the event that is approaching humanity.

“Man wants to create a world, a globalize world, with one head to govern it, the head of the malignant one.  He has seven heads, but only one of them wants to govern.  The times are approaching when men will have to choose which path they want to follow, Christ on the Cross, or sinking in the dark and embracing the golden calf that is taking humanity towards destruction, hunger and misery.  

“My little ones, you don’t believe that the sickness that is in the world at this time and that is contaminating all human beings [the H1N1 virus; swine flu], is manufactured.  Your Father told you through the little creature [Rosa] that it does not come from animals, that it’s a product of man himself, made in those infernal little laboratories where they produce all kinds of bacteria and scatter them with birds that fly (airplanes), blowing them on humanity and contaminating them, because according to you men, the world is over-populated and you need to eliminate many creatures, because you have made yourselves into gods. 

“The more man vigorously denies the only God Who can command all things on the earth that He created with so much love for man to rejoice in, the more man continues to do evil, believing that he is more powerful than the One God.  My little creatures, he [man] continues to suffer the consequences of the aberrations he commits.

“Difficult times are approaching and you will have to be prepared with that marvelous liquid created by God [Holy Water], purifying the water that you drink, keeping non-perishable food.  Remember that there are monks who live among you, although you don’t see them; they harvest the marvelous herbs that will be your salvation during the critical moments that are approaching.  You can search, look, and ask, so you will be prepared for the great things that are approaching humanity.

“Always remember what I have said through the little creature [ Rosa ], that the pillars of the sanctuary are crumbling.  The pillars are the apostles that Jesus, My Well Beloved, trained to serve man at all times.  You will see the moment come when men will want to dismantle the sanctuaries with their bare hands, those sanctuaries where the Well Beloved rejoices in the wine and the bread.   That will be the moment when God will send the signs with His trumpets to awaken the hearts of those who are sleeping in the faith.

“To finish, be attentive, My little creatures, to what your Loving Mother says.  Remind the little creature not to be afraid of the mission in Ecuador that she needs to fulfill. 

“The Holy Spirit will always be with you and with those who have come to this place which is small, but great in miracles.  You will not regret having come, because you will take home with you the Mantle of your Loving Mother to guide you, and you will return like little lambs, searching for peace and the protection of the Well Beloved.

“I will bless you and touch you so that each one of you will receive within your hearts the warm Breath of the Divine Spirit, Who rests in this little place.  I bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


May 25, 2009


                “My little one, your Celestial Father knows how worried you are about everything that is happening today in all the nations of the world, but before I give you the Message through the Sacred Scriptures, I want you to know that I am aware of your worries.  I want you to record what I said to you in the Second Book of Timothy, Chapter 4, Verses 1-5:  ‘I charge thee, before God and Jesus Christ, who shall judge the living and the dead, by his coming, and his kingdom: Preach the word: be instant in season, out of season: reprove, entreat, rebuke in all patience and doctrine. For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables. But be thou vigilant, labour in all things, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill thy ministry. Be sober.’

                “Little one, continue to write what I said in the Letter of the Apostle Saint Jude, Verses 3-4:  ‘Dearly beloved, taking all care to write unto you concerning your common salvation, I was under a necessity to write unto you: to beseech you to contend earnestly for the faith once delivered to the saints. For certain men are secretly entered in, (who were written of long ago unto this judgment,) ungodly men, turning the grace of our Lord God into riotousness, and denying the only sovereign Ruler, and our Lord Jesus Christ.’

                “Continue to Verses 7-13:  ‘As Sodom and Gomorrha, and the neighboring cities, in like manner, having given themselves to fornication and going after other flesh, were made an example, suffering the punishment of eternal fire.  In like manner these men also defile the flesh, and despise dominion, and blaspheme majesty. When Michael the archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses, he durst not bring against him the judgment of railing speech, but said: The Lord command thee. But these men blaspheme whatever things they know not: and what things so ever they naturally know, like dumb beasts, in these they are corrupted.  Woe unto them, for they have gone in the way of Cain: and after the error of Balaam they have for reward poured out themselves, and have perished in the contradiction of Core. These are spots in their banquets, feasting together without fear, feeding themselves, clouds without water, which are carried about by winds, trees of the autumn, unfruitful, twice dead, plucked up by the roots, Raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own confusion; wandering stars, to whom the storm of darkness is reserved for ever.’  Amen.”