Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
March 13, 2009

                “Do everything, My little ones, with true faith, with true love, with the true wisdom of what Jesus tells you.  You have to do it in order to be able to fight the great diseases that will come to humanity, because everyone will be contaminated by great epidemics, by great viruses that man makes in the great laboratories that today don’t cure anyone.  They are diseases that are unknown by man; many will die. 

“Listen, My little ones, to what I say to you.  Great events are approaching the world, because man is going around in a giddy race towards a universal government.  When man succeed in making the seven heads of the malignant one govern humanity, that will be the time when Jesus will choose to manifest Himself to man throughout the entire world.

                “Today, your Loving Mother appears to you in all parts of the world, bringing you the Message of the Well Beloved so each of you can walk in the Light and not in the darkness.  Remember always that the evil one walks alongside each one of you.  The Light and the darkness walk along with each human being and you have the opportunity and the wisdom to be able to choose the Light or the darkness.

                “Every time man embraces cults that the Well Beloved has not formed, he turns into an apostate, because after knowing the Light through Baptism by a priest that He left to guide the flock, he turns against the Church that My Well Beloved formed and embraces religious cults that have nothing to do with the Law that Jesus left to you on the Cross and in the Ten Commandments, which is the Gift of Love that He left, written through His apostles and the great prophets.  Note: Father, Son and Holy Spirit are one and the same Person.

“God was the first one Who spoke to the great prophets of the antiquity.  How do you think God spoke to man during those times?  It was through revelations, dreams, wind and water, but today, man does not believe in the miracles that are spoken about in the Sacred Scriptures for the End Times.  The children will have dreams, the young people will have visions and the elderly will prophesize.  A person who is selected to do the work of God on earth will be persecuted, mistreated and expelled from many places, because when God manifests His Glory through an ignorant creature, even their dearest ones will leave them, mistreat them, hate them, persecute them, call them crazy, call them witches, call them schizophrenics.  Very few will believe in those beings whom God has chosen to take to them the Message of Love through Jesus and Mary in locutions, revelations or prophecies, speaking internally and revealing to them in prophecies what is going to occur.

“He will not come down to speak to each one of you.  He reveals Himself in the one He chooses, and like the angel said to your Mother, ‘Blessed are you, Mary, because the Lord has created a miracle in You and You will conceive a Creature without having known man.’  Mary said, ‘Yes,’ to the Divine Spirit, Who was manifested in an angel.  Thus, the chosen ones in the times of the prophets and in these times of today receive prophecies that the shepherds I left to you cannot explain, because God, through Jesus, manifests Himself in persons who are the least learned, those who don’t study theology, who don’t study or have the wisdom to explain the great miracles that were made, that are made and that will be made.

“Today, you were not given what you are used to receiving, which is the Rosary of your Mother at the beginning [of this gathering].  That is why I say rejoice, because your Mother, through the small creature [Rosa], has spoken to each of you, and I say that everything you have brought in your hearts, in the packages that each of you has brought in your hands, will be blessed in this place.  Today, the last thing you will do is to pray the Rosary, and your Mother will choose the moment when you will receive the Divine Unction that only God can give through the creature He has chosen to do that blessed work for each of you.  The Virgin Mary and Jesus are in each of your hearts, whether you want to wait or whether you want to leave this holy place.  You decide.  I love you, My little ones.

[Jesus and our Loving Mother continued to speak to Rosa through a locution.]

                “Baptism is an exorcism that priests perform on children who are going to be baptized.  It is a prayer that removes evil, which is the sin that was engendered through sexual intercourse between man and woman.  Upon being baptized, they are purified in their hearts.  That is where the Holy Spirit penetrates, and they are re-born into new creatures. 

                “The greatest of the four weeks of Lent are the forty days of Jesus’ walk in the desert, which means that this it is the time, according to Jesus, of great events for humanity, great events will occur in the world during this time, and they have already begun to occur.  In Germany , a boy was taken over by the wickedness within him and he killed 16 students and then committed suicide.  Also here, in Iowa , one boy killed another boy, companions from school.  This it is the time when the evil one is loose.  God gives freedom to the evil one to tempt man so he will know whom he is following – Him or the evil one.  Do you understand? 

                “This it is the time of tornados, of floods throughout the entire world, of earthquakes, mudslides.  This is the time of volcanoes that awaken in many places.

                “Look at what I say to you through Isaiah, Chapter 24, Verses 1-14:  Behold the Lord shall lay waste the earth, and shall strip it, and shall afflict the face thereof, and scatter abroad the inhabitants thereof.  And it shall be as with the people, so with the priest: and as with the servant, so with his master: as with the handmaid, so with her mistress: as with the buyer, so with the seller: as with the lender, so with the borrower: as with him that calleth for his money, so with him that oweth.  With desolation shall the earth be laid waste, and it shall be utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word.  The earth mourned, and faded away, and is weakened: the world faded away, the height of the people of the earth is weakened.  And the earth is infected by the inhabitants thereof: because they have transgressed the laws, they have changed the ordinance, they have broken the everlasting covenant.  Therefore shall a curse devour the earth, and the inhabitants thereof shall sin: and therefore they that dwell therein shall be mad, and few men shall be left.  The vintage hath mourned, the vine hath languished away, all the merryhearted have sighed.  The mirth of timbrels hath ceased, the noise of them that rejoice is ended, the melody of the harp is silent.  They shall not drink wine with a song: the drink shall be bitter to them that drink it.  The city of vanity is broken down, every house is shut up, no man cometh in.  There shall be a crying for wine in the streets: all mirth is forsaken: the joy of the earth is gone away.  Desolation is left in the city, and calamity shall oppress the gates.  For it shall be thus in the midst of the earth, in the midst of the people, as if a few olives, that remain, should be shaken out of the olive tree: or grapes, when the vintage is ended.  These shall lift up their voice, and shall give praise: when the Lord shall be glorified, they shall make a joyful noise from the sea.’

                Note:  “Everything that happened in the time of the great prophets, when they didn’t believe Noah, will occur to humanity during these times.

“When Jesus died on the Cross after suffering tremendously, the earth opened up, there was a gigantic earthquake, many of the dead left their tombs, and the great sanctuaries collapsed.  All of that will occur today, if man does not repent and turn his eyes to God.

This is written in the Holy Scriptures, when Jesus walked with you on the earth, when He walked on the Way of the Cross, and taught you through His suffering.  This is the Mystery of the Sorrowful Rosary; it is the complete month of Sorrows, of Mercy, of the Pieta, as you call it.  It is when Joseph of Arimathea placed the dead Jesus into the Arms of the Virgin Mary.  That was the fulfillment of the prophecy of Anna at the presentation of Jesus in the temple, that seven swords would pierce Her Heart because that child was born for the fall and rise of His people, or nation.  Mary pondered all of that in Her Heart.  She traveled the Way of the Cross with Jesus, and with Her Mantle, She gathered up the Flesh of Jesus when He left the Flesh from His shattered Knees on the sand each time He fell.  She gathered that Living Eucharist while Jesus was still alive.

                “This it is the time of Mary’s greatest suffering, because Mary, in an act of love, gave Her Son to the Father.  She suffered the Seven Daggers of Pain.  This is the time when each of you should pray the Holy Rosary.  It is not necessary to pray all the Mysteries every day, only those of that day with your family, since the family who prays together, stays together.

                “This is the time of withdrawal and fasting.  For Jesus, the most important type of fasting is to renounce what pleases you the most, like a pretty dress, a plate of food that you like best and taking it to a person who doesn’t have clothing or anything to eat.  Take it to those who live under a bridge, those who are in a hospital.  Pray a Rosary with them, especially for the persons who don’t know it.  Those are the best types of fasts and abstinences that God recognizes in each of us.  Give what you have in abundance, but give it with true love to those who need it the most, because if you don’t give it with love, it isn’t worth anything. 

                “Many say they are Catholic, but how do they demonstrate that they are true Catholics?  What does Catholic mean?  It means the Universal Church .  Everyone is the Church when you are baptized, but many don’t know that in fact, being Catholic means that everyone can be turned into missionaries of love, going to the hospitals and praying for those persons, going to the nursing homes or places of rehabilitation.  You need to have compassion for all the elderly.  If you say that you believe in God and that you are Catholic, you must learn what the word Catholic means, that you are universal, that you can go wherever you are to sow love, not hatred, envy or resentment.

“It is the obligation of all baptized Christians to receive the Eucharist only in their mouths while bending their knees, and not in their hands.  Mary says, ‘Every time a little creature puts out his hands to receive the Body of My Beloved Son, they are crucifying Him again.’  Have you thought about that?  Jesus bleeds all over the world because of the inappropriate ways you take His Body.  And now, they don’t give out the wine.  You must be aware of everything that is written in the Sacred Scriptures.

                “I have responded to the question, ‘Why did Jesus give the bread to the apostles in their hands at the Last Supper?’  It is because He had not yet died.

                “Man continues to make mistakes.  The Latin countries will be entangled by wars, because the tribulations that are for the United States and Europe will fall on those countries, which are much smaller, because instead of embracing the Cross, they have embraced evil, which is the angel of death.  They are following cults that My Beloved did not form.  They are following all their ambitions of trampling the destitute underfoot and removing everything those poor people have for their own pleasure and to keep their own people great.  That is why God, Who is Jesus Himself, My Well Beloved, will drop His Powerful Hand, and the world will feel the Justice that God will dispense over the earth and over disobedient men.

                “My sanctuaries are collapsing because their columns have become weak, since the shepherds I left to lead the flock don’t lead it on the Path of Love, but on the path of disobedience, because they don’t give the True Message that is written in the Sacred Scriptures.’

“The Sacred Scriptures have been changed, and if you read in the Book of the Apocalypse, it says that nothing that is written can be changed, not one dot, because He will make Justice fall on whoever has changed his most beloved things; He will spill the seven plagues over the entire world.

“All of you can see how the plagues have been manifested in the hospitals.  You can enter them with one disease and die from another one because of the bacteria that you acquire in the hospital.  Today, everyone should be afraid of entering a hospital because the doctors don’t fulfill the Hippocratic Oath of saving lives; they have a single license that enables them to cure and to kill.  In these times, man must turn to natural medicine.  Jesus says that natural medicine will save the world, because it is not contaminated.

“In great laboratories, they create diseases and destroy human beings with them.  You have to look for the truth in the Sacred Scriptures, not in those of the New Age.  Look in the Sacred Scriptures of older times, those that have not been changed, where not even one dot has been changed.  That is where you will find the Truth.  That is where you will find remedies for all the diseases, also in nature.  For example, the Well Beloved grew up on yogurt and pure bee honey from when He was born until He was twelve years old.  You can mix milk with lemon juice, and after cooking it, without disturbing the whey, mix in bee honey.  With this you can cure any serious disease.  This medicine is in the Bible.

“With faith, a human being can heal himself of blindness by putting the saliva from his own mouth in his eyes before he washes them [in the morning].

“You can take a large leaf of aloe and cut it with the rind into small pieces; only remove the thorns.  You can’t wash it.  Liquefy it with a pound of pure bee honey and two small cups of brandy from natural cane sugar without processing it.  Take a spoonful daily before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  With that, you will be able save a person from cancer in any place that he has it.

“You can make a tea of roses.  Boil the petals of Mary’s roses and throw in three drops of Holy Oil, a spoonful of honey and a teaspoonful of cinnamon.  Then drink it.  With this, it is possible to be healed of any disease.

“If you take one of those medicines that your Celestial Father gives you, and you don’t take them with true faith, they will do you no good.  You have to take everything with faith.  Faith saves.  You can use the oil that is made for auto transmissions and rub it on any place a person has a tumor, any type of tumor, any type of ailment that they have in their bodies, and you can be sure that the oil that you have put on them, which is hot and comes from the earth, is not contaminated in the great laboratories [the Virgin began to speak at this point], you are able to break it down by rubbing what I give to you on any person, wherever they have tumors.

“I have spoken.  I am your Celestial Father, through your Loving Mother, the Virgin Mary.”


March 6, 2009
Night of the Vigil

                “My little ones, My little creatures, as always, I surprise the little one, who does not give time to your Loving Mother so I can come close to you at the moment she least expects it.  Her heart is always like a bell that is full of joy for all the creatures who come close to this sanctuary, which is small, but great in miracles, because it is where the Eucharistic Heart of the Well Beloved is sheltered and where your Loving Mother rejoices in bringing you the Message.

                “On this day, you hope for great things for each one of you.  That is not how man expects your Mother to talk, but it is how the Well Beloved invites each of you at every single apparition site all over the world, where He brings blessings through the Immaculate Heart of your Loving Mother, sheltered in the smallest and most ignorant creatures in order to humiliate those who think they are wise and think they have in their hearts the true gift of transmitting the love that He sends to each one of you.

                “If you, My little ones, keep walking in the Light, remember that there are only two paths, the narrow one and the wide one.  Persevere, My little ones.  Chose the most tortuous one, the most difficult one, the one that gives you the most anguish, because there, on that sorrowful path, is where man travels as he tries to find the truth.  That is where the Well Beloved is glorified, in the pain of the small creatures.  It is in suffering where you glorify the Well Beloved.

                “Today, man rolls around in the mud of life wherever it is most convenient, without really being concerned about where he can find Jesus, Who is waiting for His children to raise their eyes to Him in true humility and to come close to the Well Beloved and remember how He died on the Cross for each one of you, not only for those who are in this small place, but for all who are in the world and are rolling around in their own mud without remembering that one day, Jesus will come back to ask us to render an account of our actions.  This is for everyone who has infringed upon the law.

                “Great things are approaching humanity.  The situation that humanity is currently experiencing was already planned, My little ones.  Remember well everything that your Loving Mother tells you:  ‘Everything has been prepared to make a worldwide government, one government that will dominate the world with one head.  That will be the moment when your Celestial Father will send His Son again, to save humanity from the anti-Christianity that currently embraces all corners of the earth and all human beings, because everyone wants to be anti-Christian.  They rejoice in the word anti-Christian; no one wants to be Christian, and it is at that moment when your Celestial Father will send His angels to the earth to blow the trumpet to reunite the lost flock, all of the dispersed flock, those who have abandoned the true faith to embrace religious cults that He did not form.

                “Remember My little ones, invoke your Most Loving Mother as intercessor before Jesus.  She pleads for all the children.  For those who do not recognize the Loving Mother, it is the same as if they do not recognize their own mothers who brought them into the world in an act of love.  What mother denies her child what he asks for?  Even if it hurts her, she is always attentive to the supplications of her children.  Such is the case with your Loving Mother.  She is prepared to receive the petitions of each of her creatures in the world, but when they truly come close to Jesus through the Path of Love and the Cross, they strive to hide it by living in the darkness of passions, crime, abuse, abandonment of their homes and family, of government leaders who dedicate themselves to oppressing their people instead of mitigating the hunger of the creatures who die every minute from lack of food, while others have more than enough.

                “Those who are here in this place today will see how each one of the prophecies that the Celestial Father has brought through your Loving Mother will be fulfilled.  Everything that has been written will be accomplished, because there, in the Book, is where the Celestial Father left his footprints through the prophets of the antiquity, those who brought the messages from the Celestial Father to loosen the chains of the oppressed and to feed the hungry, and afterwards through the Well Beloved’s Sacrifice on the Cross as the Lamb Who saves every human being who dwells on the earth and walks in it.  He surrendered Himself as a meek sheep, immolated to save each one of you who walks in darkness without being aware that the Light is so close and that each one of you don’t know it. 

                “I love you and I bless you, My little ones.  Amen.”



                Rosa saw the Virgin Mary in the Image of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.  She was descending from an altar and stood on top of the rose bouquets around the fountain inside the apparition room.  She blessed the roses and said, “Little one, tell My little ones that the rose petals contain the medicine that cures many diseases if they drink the rose tea with faith.”

                As Rosa wondered why the Virgin descended from an altar, the Virgin Mary answered her: “See how My children, human beings, treat Me.  They blaspheme and deny My Immaculate Conception.  They drag me down along the ground.  They do not believe, and they ignore the Messages of My Well Beloved.”

                In another vision, Rosa saw the Virgin dressed in white, pure and Immaculate, with Her Hair loose and falling graciously down like a cascade at Her back.  She was holding the Infant Jesus in Her Arms.  A few days after this vision, Rosa ’s husband, Armando, found a little statue of Our Blessed Mother in the Image of Our Lady of Providence on the outside fountain.  No one knows who left it there.


March 25, 2009

                “Dear daughter, stop watching what separates you from Me.  Pay attention to what I say.

                “Listen, My little one, do not be afraid.  When you go to your appointment with your earthly doctor, it will be different from what he said at your last appointment.  Do not be afraid.

                “Great and natural events will occur, not only in this country, but in many places around the world.  Something will come to light that has been hidden.  It will be exposed, and it is something that could cause great harm to the little apparatuses (computers) with which you pretend to substitute the intelligence of human beings.

                “Little one, do not be concerned about what you suffer with your infirmities.  Remember, I walk with your feet, and when My little creatures come seeking you, I touch them with My Hands in yours.

                “I love you.  I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.” 


March 31, 2009

            “Little one, write what the word Apocrypha means:  various Messianic and Christian writings that were composed between II B.C. and IV A.D and at some time were presented as Biblical books.  In the Catholic sense, they are books that by their title, intention, or content, aim to be compared with Biblical books.  In the meantime, the Church denied their Divinity.  Among them are Books III and IV of Maccabees, the Third Epistle to the Corinthians and the proto-Gospel of James, the Epistles of Barnabas, Clement, the Acts of Peter, and so on.  Some of those books were written for the purpose of defending certain heresies that were formed at the beginning of the Church and wanted to justify false doctrines with false names or corruptions of the true Bible.  The Apocrypha of the Old Testament were writings of visions, private revelations, messianic hopes, and teachings and proverbs.  Those of the New Testament could be classified as Gospels and Acts of the Apostles.  Some of them, like the Gospel of James, were held in high esteem in the early Church and were filled with extending knowledge of the details of the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ, His Infancy, His hidden life, and the lives of Mary and Joseph.  Joachim and Anne are presented as the parents of Mary in the Gospel of James.  The Protestants erroneously regarded as apocryphal a certain number of books that the Church considers to be Canonical, or pure knowledge: Tobias, Judith, Wisdom, Ecclesiastes, Baruch, Maccabees I and II, and parts of Esther and Daniel.

                “Note: My little one, I told you to write from the Sacred Scriptures in reference to the apocryphal Gospels that occurred before and after Christ, which were given to the ancient prophets and the apostles and that the church refused to recognize.  Some of them are included in the Sacred Scriptures and some were explicitly denied by the ancient Church, which is the Way, the True Path of Jesus, because I am and always will be the Path by which My children shall be guided towards the Light; guided by the Holy Spirit.  

                “Those apocryphal Gospels that were denied are being fulfilled today, and the foundation, the Church that I left, is denying the private revelations I give to My little creatures who don’t know anything to benefit those great scientists and writers of the Law so they don’t continue to deny Divine Wisdom, which is undeniable for them.  Divine Wisdom is denied to everyone who continues to deny the Truth, and is given to the humble ones who know nothing.  The day is coming when they will want to examine things and set them right but it will be too late, because the great sign will appear and the Son of Man will come to place at His right hand those who follow His Commandments, and will cast away into Gehenna (Hell) those who embrace the darkness and are deniers of the Truth.

                “I have spoken.  I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.

                “Note:  Thus says the Lord:  He who has ears shall listen, he who has eyes shall see, and those who have mouths shall give testimony of My Word.  Amen.”





                On May 25, 1998, while Rosa was with a group in Florence , Italy , she received a locution inside the Basilica of Santa Croce: “This is a beautiful country, but many of these places will disappear because they will be hit by great earthquakes that will change their earthly form.  The Wrath of My Beloved Jesus will fall with power, because the Chalice of His Cup is overflowing.”  [On Monday, April 6, 2009 at about 3:30 a.m. , a magnitude 6.3 earthquake struck the central Italian city of L’Aquila and twenty six surrounding villages, leveling buildings and reducing entire blocks to piles of rubble and dust.  Tens of thousands were left homeless and more than two hundred were killed.]


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Date:      1/29/00
Name:    Sharon Di Bello
Tamarac , FL

Description of Spiritual Revelation:

For over 3 years I have had a ruptured disk.  I went through several years of therapy and only surgery was left to be done.

I came to see Rosa in Hollywood , FL and she gave me a blessing.  Now I can bend, walk and move with no hurting, no problems left.  I can now clean my house and walk.  I truly received a blessing from Blessed Mary and Rosa.

I am so very grateful.

(Signed)  Sharon Di Bello