Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

June 13, 2009

                “My little ones, My tiny ones, your Loving Mother is joyful today in this little place which is small in size, but great in miracles and in the true love of your Celestial Father, Who rejoices all the time in the small creature [Rosa] so that she will bring you the Message of love of your Loving Mother.

                “Today, your Mother is happy; the dream has been consecrated.  The Church, even though it is silent, recognizes the place and is preparing it for when she’s gone.  It is under the order of the Vatican, and that means that the love of your Mother and Jesus will remain in Spirit and Truth so that it will continue to be a sanctuary that is dedicated to performing the miracles that today, the great pastors that My Well Beloved left, are not capable of performing – imposing the hands to heal all His children.

                “That is why your Loving Mother, Who was the first Pilgrim when She went to take care of Saint Elizabeth, rejoices in Heaven, crowned by the angels and the saints of the celestial court.  When She gave birth to Her Well Beloved, the Light was born into the world that lived in darkness.  She is able to bilocate and appear in all parts of the world to bring Her children into the Lap of Jesus and the Church, which is all of you, so you can be saved, not at the end of the world, but at the end of the apostates and the deniers who want to abandon the Path of Light to embrace religious cults that He did not form.

                “I bring you a Message of love today.  The saints have been relegated to the history of this time in the great sanctuaries where the Sacrament of the Well Beloved Jesus is exposed.  His Body and Blood are profaned when you receive It in your hands, ignoring the fact that only the mouth can touch Him.

                “Today, the saints, who are for man and for the pastors I left to you for these times, are being pushed off to the side so that neither We nor you can use them in petitions to come close to Jesus and your Loving Mother.  They were intercessors of the first Christians who walked in the world.  They were the ones who sacrificed their lives; they were burned, their tongues were cut out, they were cruelly assassinated for bringing the Word to all parts of the world.

                “Today I will give you an example of love.  You know that there is very great saint, Saint Anthony.  He was a man who died for Christianity at a young age.  He suffered from incredible diseases and he was disabled.  The evil one touched him so that he wouldn’t be able to preach the Word of the Well Beloved.  But Saint Anthony converted many rebels who didn’t believe in anything.  Saint Anthony, My little one, evangelized everywhere.  In his short life, he even evangelized fish.  He caused a donkey, whose owner was a denier of the faith, to kneel down.  The owner was converted because Saint Anthony made the donkey kneel down and adore the Holy Eucharist.

                “The saints must be returned to the sanctuaries, because they were the first to be sacrificed for Christianity.  After Saint Anthony slept the eternal sleep and was buried for thirty two years, it was found that his tongue was incorrupt.  It had been consecrated by the preaching that he gave to man, his speaking of the great truths, the great truths of Jesus on the Earth.  He embraced the Franciscans, those of Saint Francis of Assisi , the same as My small creature who also embraces the Franciscans, because they walk even when they cannot.  Your Celestial Father tests her to see whether she pays attention to her pains and remains prostrate in bed and doesn’t continue to walk like Saint Anthony did.  In spite of all his difficulties, he took the love of the Word to all places.

                “If you search in the Sacred Scriptures, open them to the Message that I will give you, because today man must go around the world, because great events are approaching.  Fire will rain down from Heaven, fire will come out of the earth, there will be great floods in the world, mudslides, and snow out of season that will not stop falling.  Great events will occur because the octopus of anti-Christianity is surrounding all of humanity in order to swallow the true Christianity that Jesus left you when He had the Last Supper and established His Apostles.

                “Each one of you can be apostles of Jesus, but not with the Bible in your hands or under your arms.  You must pray the Rosary within your families so you will remain united.  Remember that I have always warned you about the great concentrations of cults around the Rosary.  Your Mother has said to you that whenever where there is a group of people and you form such a group, the evil one slips in if it is not directed by a priest or a nun.  For that reason, little ones, I also tell you that the priests swear fidelity to the Good Shepherd, Who was Pure.  He was Pure and continues to be Pure.  Man cannot serve God and the world while being married and abandoning the true Path, which is the Light of Jesus when He was born into the world.

                “You have to pray for the Church because there will be great desertions within Her that will sow a scandal in all of humanity in order to destroy what Jesus formed.  There is one Church, which is all of you, left by Jesus.  The other cults were made by men, but there is only one Path, which is Him.  I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  He who follows Me, says Jesus, will have eternal life.  Defend, defend what is written in the true Sacred Scriptures, not in those of the new times that persecute the truth, but the ancient ones, Those that have been banished, Those that have been discarded so that you wouldn’t find the truth and so that you would continue to walk in the darkness and betray the true love that Jesus left on the Cross with His Blood and His Life.

                “Your Celestial Father uses the smallest ones, the ignorant ones, those who know nothing about the true history of what God formed on the Earth, to humiliate the powerful and the wise.  The little one [ Rosa ] did not even know how to read the Sacred Scriptures.  Your Father guides her, He reveals to her what is hidden, that which He does not give to the great pastors, so they will leave humiliated and so they will see that an ignorant creature can bring you the great Messages so you can rejoice and live in the Light.

                “On this day I bless all who are in this place through the eyes of My creature [ Rosa ], and I invite you to open the Sacred Scriptures to Saint Matthew, Chapter 12, Verses 33-37.  Your Mother cannot be mistaken; the Message that I give you at this moment through the little one will continue there.  I advise each of the creatures who are in this place not to leave the Path of Light to follow the darkness that has been sown by this apostate of the Church who left the Path of Light to embrace a cult:  ‘Either make the tree good and its fruit good: or make the tree evil, and its fruit evil. For by the fruit the tree is known. O generation of vipers, how can you speak good things, whereas you are evil? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. A good man out of a good treasure bringeth forth good things: and an evil man out of an evil treasure bringeth forth evil things. But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak, they shall render an account for it in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.’ 

                “Don’t abandon Jesus and Mary, either.  Continue the Rosary within the family in order to receive great blessings if you can find a moment when your children and spouses will pray a daily Rosary for a short time, the Rosary of that day.  It is not necessary to pray all three Rosaries every day. 

                “Take Communion in the mouth, even though the pastor that My Beloved left to you says that you have to obey the Office of the Archbishop.  Tell him, ‘My faith is what makes me take the Body and the Blood in my mouth.  If you don’t think the Spirit came down when you consecrated the Host, then I prefer to receive It in Spirit and Truth [Spiritual Communion].’  Don’t commit sacrilege by taking It in the hands, because it would be for your own condemnation.  Faith is greater than obedience.

                “I love you, little ones, I bless you.  Today, your Mother has brought a Message of love, of salvation for each of you, and of prayer for your true priests, although Jesus and Mary say that Their Franciscans make the true sacrifice of love for all Their children.  Remember Padre Pio, who will be anointing with My little one today.  She is not the one who touches the human beings; it will be Jesus, through Mary and Padre Pio.  He accompanies her wherever she goes.

                “Remember, pray that your countries will be free before a civil war occurs in each of those apostatized nations that renounce God in order to embrace anti-Christianity.

                “I love you and I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


June 6, 2009

               “My little ones, your mother is sad, She cries everywhere in the world, She cries tears of blood for humanity, for Her children. 

                “Little one, allow Me to speak.  I know you are sick, but your Mother has told you that you will be cured of the wounds that the evil one caused to prevent you from continuing on this Path of Love.  Your Loving Mother knows this.  Rejoice in your suffering so that My Beloved Jesus will be glorified in you, as He is glorified in all who have walked on this Path of Love.

                “I have advised you a long time ago, My little ones, that humanity is entangled in the tentacles of a gigantic octopus that is swallowing all who truly follow the Path of Jesus.  You have to understand that you have to be united in prayer; you have to trample on the head of the beast every time you deliver a Message from your Loving Mother through Jesus and the Divine Spirit, Who is sheltered in Him.  My little one, It is a warning for mankind not to be separated from the Light that has illuminated you for more than two thousand years.

                “Clearly, that Light that has illuminated the world has been extinguished by evil, by avarice, by abuse.  Man wants to be God and he wants to destroy the Image of Christ on the Cross.  Remind all the little creatures that when Jesus comes again to the world, He will come in Triumph, in Triumph to save a small remnant of this humanity that is a terrible thing of crimes, of drug murders, of riots in many places, of destroying what God has created, which is Divine nature.  They are inventing medicines not to heal, but to kill.

                “The evil one has taken over the little Caribbean island in order to send its fire with its mortars of death to all countries around the world.  It is being supplied by Russia , which refuses to convert even though it is becoming consecrated in many places.  The tentacle of the evil one will entangle all of humanity, and when they come to give an account, they will be submerged in the dreadful aberrations of the chosen ones that the Well Beloved left on earth to serve you all.  They are fleeing, terrified of doing shameful, lascivious iniquities, of wounding the Body of the Well Beloved, Who sacrifices Himself every day in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar through hands that are erotic, hands that are filthy, hands that are full of pain, hands that are full of rage for much of what, through cowardice, they keep silent about and are afraid to speak of.

                “The world is all tangled up in order to destroy the faith of all the children, all the children who follow that Path of Love that the Well Beloved left to you.  Of what value is the sacrifice of My Little Creature on Calvary when He gave a Banquet of Love to man to save him from all his sins, which today they deny in the Holy Eucharist?  They chew Him, they crucify Him again, they take Him in their hands, hands that are dirty and that have not been consecrated to Him.  That is the Tiny Body that your Mother gave to you so that you would rejoice in the blessings that She brought to humanity.

                “Pay attention; open your eyes.  This giant country will collapse if it doesn’t reconsider and return to the Path, not to the path of freedom, but to the Path of moral reflection, the Path of the family, the Path of charity, of feeding the hungry in all the nations of Latin America and the entire world. 

                “They will suffer wherever the evil one involves himself in order to subjugate the nations.  My little ones, the agreement they have with all the countries of the world is to sink them in misery and horror, in the most horrendous crimes against all My little creatures, those they kidnap, those they violate, those who are imprisoned like animals that cannot escape, so that the evil that is destroying the hearts of all My little ones today will triumph. 

                “What is the purpose of your Loving Mother advising you all the time to pray for true peace in the world, and not for reconciling with the criminals who are killing daily with bombs?  How could you believe that you can be involved with men or women who kill innocent creatures and then call them the chosen people of God?  Look at the Jews who defend themselves daily from attacks and crimes and if they are seized, men do not condemn it. They do not condemn the little Caribbean island that has sown the seeds of terror in all of Latin America .

                “America will go down and will reap fire and lava from volcanoes, earthquakes, mudslides and floods.  The snow storms that will fall in the world will be terrible day to day, but man continues along, asleep.  Your Mother appears everywhere in the world, calling all men to love and to conversion, to the True Path, like when My Beloved said to you, ‘I am the True Path, I am the Water that heals, I am the Wind that devastates and destroys evil.’

                “Men will continue to spread war.  The sanctuaries, the temples around the entire world will come down because the avarice of the evil one wants to destroy everyone who talks about Jesus, everyone who talks about your Mother.  No one wants to believe that terrible devastations are close at hand for humanity and that you won’t even have time to pray.  Remember, your Mother told you long time ago to set up an altar in your homes where you can rejoice with your family in prayer that is directed toward the Beloved, interceding for peace and reconciliation among all human beings.  Remember that wars will continue in those blind countries where the leaders are criminals of war who are waiting to strike at every country to unite them together.  The little Caribbean island is not the only one involved, Brazil is also involved.  The president of that country is a miserable man who forms part of the control of the communists in the world in order to engulf everyone and hand them over to the anti-Christians, to the masons who govern many parts of humanity in order to form a one world government, a one world culture, the culture of death, the culture of Stalinism, the culture of murderers who satiate their thirst for ambition and power in tyranny against the miserable peoples of the earth.

                “Pray.  This is the time to pray, to consecrate the pastors the Well Beloved left to guide the flock and who today defile the Sacred Eucharist and alter it with lasciviousness, luxury, sex and apostasy.  The apostasy will triumph for a time, but when the hills of Rome come together, the End Times will come for mankind.

                “I love you, My little ones.  Do not be separated from the Path of Jesus.  Follow His Footsteps, wear His Sandals, cover your bodies with the Armor of the Holy Spirit so you can endure everything that is coming for humanity.  I love you, My little ones.  Amen.

                “Tell My little creature that I am happy with the achievement of My sanctuary, as it will all be converted into the most precious dream of this place, where all who come will receive.  Although she will depart one day, My Son will be Glorified.  I will remain with you, to lead you to that Path of Love that He has prepared and that is written about in the Sacred Scriptures for all who follow Him, for all who love Him, so that everyone who has faith, believes. 

                “I will bless you.  Help My little one, who is feeble.  Amen.”


June 9, 2009

                “My little one, I know that you’re not well, but I want you to write what I tell you.  

                “As long as man continues to slumber in darkness, in the shadows of appeasement, sleeping in his own cowardice, he will not overcome the anti-Christian tyrants who today are devouring the world and throwing the best men into dark and humid dungeons to die without hope of living in a world of economic and moral freedom.  Tyrants are not removed from power only through prayer, marches and speeches.  Tyrants sink societies in material and spiritual misery, robbing people of all their rights, their right to practice the Christian faith for which Christ was crucified on the Cross. 

                “Communism is the entrance to hell.  In an anti-Christian world, people cannot freely work, eat, dress or have the freedom to raise their children in the love of God and the Virgin Mary.  They don’t have the right to healthcare, because the hospitals fail when they don’t have medicine to heal the sick.  Communism is divisive and makes enemies of one another.  The tyrants grab the wealth.  But what about those who live under them?  They passively pray and wait for Jesus or Mary to come down from Heaven to free them.

                “No, My little ones, you choose to live in disgrace, dying a little bit every day.  You and your nations either rise up in a just and necessary war or they sink hopelessly.  Freedom has a cost.  Freedom is not attained by begging for it, it must be attained in the same forceful manner that God liberated the Israelites when he removed them from Egypt and brought them to a land of milk and honey.  The unbelievers, the wicked, the disobedient and the traitors remained in the desert; only four persons arrived in the Promised Land.  God, through Moses and his followers, won their freedom.  All the nations of the world have gone to war to win their freedom.  There was no pacifism, because no one agreed with the enemy.  For instance, why don’t the men of the present time ask Spain to make a pact with ETA?  The human rights workers of today don’t work to defend the weak, but instead, they defend the anti-Christians who want to swallow up the world, and they are succeeding at it. 

                North Korea will make an attempt against the United States with a missile and that will bring about a confrontation.  Hugo Chavez will want to intervene and that will be his demise. 

                “My little one, everything that is written for these times will come to pass, and all of God’s enemies will be swept away.  Write without fear.  

                “I have spoken.  I am your Celestial Father.  Amen.”


June 21, 2009

            Jesus gave the Message to Rosa in a locution while one of the volunteers was helping her, because she was still sick with bronchitis. 

            “Little one, write down what I am going to say.  I have surprised My little one, because I know that she is sick. 

            “My little ones, great moments are approaching humanity; men will be tested greatly in their faith.  Don’t be afraid, My little ones.  Difficult moments are approaching for the United States and also for the entire world.  They will try to attack the United States with weapons of massive destruction (missiles), and they [the U.S. ] will respond.

            “All of Latin America will be convulsed and Venezuela will try to attack the United States in complicity with Iran .  My little ones, that will be the moment of truth, because God will make the head of the Venezuelan beast fall.  Some of the countries that have embraced anti-Christianity will have civil wars in their own lands.  As great as the tribulation will be, this will be the manifestation of the Light of God in the world.

            The Church is also suffering.  The scandal that men consecrated to God are causing will continue until they return to the true Rite that I left (the Latin Rite), until they return the Crucifix to the altar, until they place the Tabernacle once again in the center of the altar.  Write, My little one, don’t be afraid.  They will continue to suffer the consequences.

            “To that son of Mine who is an apostate, they are awaiting scandals from him that are greater and more serious, because he has used the cassock and the Cross to do improper things against the Church, which is all of you.  But he will pay for using them improperly, because the Divine Wrath will fall upon him and upon all those who have transgressed.  They transgress and trample upon the Law that I left to you.  Amen.

            “I love you and I bless you.  In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”