Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
July 13, 2009

“My little creatures, your Mother is saying to the little one that She will speak today’s Message in a locution.  Remember that the little creature is delicate, she can only move because the Divine Spirit is with her at every moment, even though you don’t see it.  He is next to her.

“Today, your Mother wants to speak very simply so that each one of you will understand the Path that has to be walked so you could receive the Messages that your Mother transmits through the Well Beloved.

“Today, your Mother wants to question the creatures who are found in this place, She has a very important question.  Your Mother reads the hearts of each one of Her children.  Your Mother says today, do you know what it means when you say, Jesus is with you?  Do you want to make an intimate act of contrition in your hearts?  Respond within yourselves whether you understand what it means when you say Jesus is with you. 

“I believe that no one who is in this place truly understands the significance of that faith that God sows in each of the hearts of His children when they are baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Remember that baptism is an exorcism that the pastor performs, as Jesus says, the pastor I left to guide the flock through the Holy Spirit, to graft the Divine Spirit of God in each of you.  Jesus is God and God is Jesus with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  How do you know the Father exists and existed?  The Father was a Wind that moved through the clouds, the celestial clouds, the sky that you see.  That is where the Celestial Father moved.  He had no Face, no one ever saw the Face of the Father.  At that time, you had to believe in the existence of this marvelous Father who converted Himself in Spirit.  He was conceived in Mary, the most perfect of all creatures, Who received in Her Womb that marvelous God Who no one ever saw, not even Moses on Mount Horeb .  He only saw the flames of the Divine Spirit that were never extinguished.

“That Celestial Father Who was Wind, Who was Rain, conceived Himself in the most perfect of all creatures, in the most humble one, to convert the Womb of Mary into His first Sanctuary on earth, to make His first Tabernacle of Love.  Your Loving Mother carried that creature in Her Womb, Who later became Jesus of Nazareth , Jesus Who walked among you, with you, and at your side all the time, the One Who opens the faith in each one of you.  Faith is made by the Celestial Father, Who was conceived in Mary to bring you that true Face, Who is Jesus.

“God wants each of you to understand that He converted Himself into Flesh in the Womb of Mary in order to give Himself a Face.  Oh, don’t you remember what the Sacred Scriptures say, that whoever sees the Father sees the Son, and whoever sees the Son sees the Father?  You can’t go to the Father except through Jesus.  You can’t go to Jesus except through the Loving Mother, Who walked with the Word, She floated with the Eucharist in Her Womb because She could not place Her Feet on the ground.  The angels, which the others did not see, supported Her, they supported Her because She carried the Sacred Eucharist, Who was converted into Jesus when He was crucified for each of you.

“Today, men move many times through obedience, and your Celestial Father says to you today, faith is much greater than obedience.  It is the faith of each one of you that could allow you describe your Celestial Father through the Face of Jesus.  Remember that the Well Beloved, when He died on the Cross carrying all your sins, all your insults, all your offenses He fell and rose up and left His Skin in the sand, which Mary later picked up.  It was the Living Sacred Eucharist and She carried It in Her Mantle to suffer with Him all the pains of the Cross and of Calvary .

“Today, man moves without faith and without love.  He gave all through an agape of love so that your sins could be forgiven if you confess all your sins before the pastor that the Well Beloved left to you.  Your Mother is the One Who calls Her pastors.  That is why they are Oblates of Mary.  Do you truly understand the meaning of Jesus and the Father in each one of your hearts?  Because of that, when each one of you goes to the temples to pray, remember that Jesus is in the Sacrament of the Altar when the priest lifts the Eucharist; He is there, under the Divine Spirit. 

“Each one of you has to bend your knees to receive the Body and the Blood, that wine that is converted into the Blood of Jesus and you must bend your knees before the Father, before the Son and before the Holy Spirit, Who today is not placed at the center of the altar, except when the Mass is offered.  They have Him off to the side, forgotten in a small room by Himself, because in reality, man walks without faith.  That is why there is so much destruction in the homes, so many abortions, so many mothers who kill their own creatures in their wombs and don’t give them the right to be born without even giving them a choice, because today, men and women come together like animals.  They look for mates like the animals.  They look for mates, not for spouses to marry, only mates like the animals.  They have their creatures, who don’t ask to come into this world, and they murder them, they kill them, and they continue living happily without remembering the cries of the creatures in the wombs who are asking to live.  That is why man will receive the Divine Justice of the Celestial Father, Who is Love, but also Justice.

“God sheds His Blessings over His creatures, but He also sheds His Justice over man so that man will once again return to embracing the Cross of Jesus, with the Eucharist that Mary took in Her Womb when She said Yes; the Fiat of Mary.  Today not many women say yes to that gift of love that is sheltered in their wombs, My little ones.

“Today, I want to ask you to pray for all those countries that are sinking in mud and drowning in water.  Remember that I have always said that wind is the Divine Spirit that is poured out over man; that water purifies the earth, taking away all that is bad and that it sometimes takes away things that are good, and that fire purifies.  That is why God pours out His Justice with fire, wind and water, because it is the only way that God sends His Justice so that man will turn his face towards Him and not turn his back on the  Cross and on the love of Mary, Who appears all over the world, calling Her children so they will return once again to confession, matrimony, baptism, to the sacraments that are in the clouds, which we should not charge for, except for small donations, whatever human beings can give.

“Pray, My little ones.  Times of tribulation are coming for all of the Americas and for all those countries that are engulfed in the flag of the antichrist, but justice will arrive.  My little ones, what is written in the Sacred Scriptures will be fulfilled.  Remember always, what is written is written.

“I bless you, My little ones, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

July 10, 2009

                “My little ones, My little creatures, how does the Heart of your Loving Mother feel when She sees so many creatures in the small sanctuary of love waiting for your Loving Mother to bring them the Message that the Well Beloved has designed for each of you?  Don’t believe that it was easy.  The little one has a hard head for receiving your Mother.  It is hard for her to permit entrance, although she groans within her heart in order to be able to give you the Message that the Well Beloved has prepared for you. 

                “The little one doesn’t know what was said when the conception of Mary was mentioned.  Mary was conceived so She could bring to each of Her children the Message of Love of the Celestial Father and the Beloved Son, Who, in an agape of love, gave man a gift and died for him, for the man who has no faith, no love, no charity, and who is an apostate and disobedient.  Today, your Mother brings you a Message.

                “Pray, My little ones, pray for your sins in season and out of season, because there isn’t anyone who is innocent in the world; everyone is a sinner.  Pray so that your sins will be forgotten by the Well Beloved and that He will bring you a reservoir of peace in each of the hearts who open their doors to allow Him to enter. 

                “Your Loving Mother is happy because one of Her servants is at this small place.  Your Mother says and reminds you that the Message She gave you a while ago about what would happen in America, that a government leader would fall, is written and written it is, and that after that leader, others would tumble, and that you have to pray for that small country that knew how to free itself from the anti-Christianity that wanted to swallow it as it has swallowed other countries on this earthly orb.

                “Pray, My little ones, because great events are approaching for humanity and man is not paying attention.  Today I ask you to pray a lot for the children who are sexually abused and for those who are put to work in labors that don’t correspond to their ages, and for those who are exploited, for those who die from hunger and sexual abuse, while humanity closes their eyes so as not to see the crimes that are committed with the creatures who didn’t ask to come into the world. 

                “Each one of you must look around you; don’t only look ahead of you, you need to look at everyone on all sides so you can give an account of the misery in humanity while others fill their coffers with denarii’s they are not going to take with them when they close their eyes and leave this world.

                “Your Mother is content, My little ones, because today, the sanctuary has been built, but neither she [Rosa] nor I are satisfied yet.  There is still much to do, but everything will come in its own time.  I told you one day that this small place would be great in miracles, and so it has been.  My Son, My Beloved has glorified Himself in this place and will continue to glorify Himself, because He has asked the small creature to prepare the fountain, the fountain that will serve as a pool of salvation for those who are submerged in it.  They will be cleansed by the water that is purified and blessed by the Divine Spirit of God.

                “The little one has been delicate.  Remember that your Father tries His creatures.  She has been tried strongly during this time, but today she said, ‘Today, I can’t neglect the Rosary, Lord.  Allow me to live in order to serve you.’  And the small creature rose and obeyed Jesus, Who said to her, ‘Rise and go to the apparition room.  Exalt My Church, because My Church is here, magnified by the Divine Spirit of God.’  

                “My little ones, remember each word that your Mother has said to you in this place.  Man wants to form a global and universal government so the antichrist can divide all who walk with Jesus.  You must know that if that happens, it will be the beginning of the end and that will be when the Father returns to the earth.  It won’t be the end of the world, but the end of apostasy, the end of incredulous ones, the end of the bridegrooms who don’t prepare themselves with oils in order to receive their brides.  You have to pray for the Church, which is all of you.  You will see great leaders fall and be glossed over, just like the one from that small country has tumbled down.

                “Pray, My little ones, pray, meditate on those small beads.  You can ask your Mother for what you need.  Here in this place there are people who came to test their faith and to test whether your Mother is truly here.  Remember that your Mother sees the hearts of each of you, and those who come to test, leave tested.  Remember that the Nazarene doesn’t give proofs but signs to men so they will bend their knees before Him. 

                “Always remember that you can’t take the Eucharist in your hands; you must take It in your mouths, because faith is greater than obedience and faith is what tells you that if you don’t take It in the correct manner, you will be taking It for your own condemnation.

                “Remember that the columns [the priests] are swaying and that you are the ones who have to rescue them with your prayers, with contrite hearts and on your knees before the Holy Sacrament of the Altar, so that the shepherds I left to lead the flock will return once again to giving the Mass to all My children as it is written that they must give it so that the malignant ones disguised as sheep do not slip into the Church that the Well Beloved left to you.  

                “Remember that your Mother told you to place a small chapel in each of your homes so you can pray together with your families in order to remain united within the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Who appear everywhere to gather together the lost flock and bring it once again into the lap of Jesus.

                “America is in crisis because of the antichrist, but it will heal its wounds if it embraces the Cross of the Well Beloved, taking Communion and going to Confession in order to receive Him devoutly.     

                “Pray.  You can pray all the time in the silence of your hearts for those who don’t pray, for those who don’t ask for forgiveness, for the unconverted, for those who have lukewarm hearts.  Remember, My little ones, that in order to be blessed you must help the little one. 

                “I love you, My little ones.  Your Mother is always with you, you only have to invoke Her so that She goes to your hearts, and there you can ask for all your needs.  Amen.”

Open letter to the OAS and Mr. Insulza from Rosa Lopez

                Today, with this open letter, I’m addressing Mr. Insulza [José Miguel Insulza, Chilean secretary general of the Organization of American States] because I feel insulted by his behavior: he has betrayed the human rights of everyone; his indifference has delivered many to international communism.  Let us not forget that Mr. Insulza is a self-declared communist, an enemy of the freedom and democratic ways of those who, so cowardly, he has ceded to the pro-Soviet communist faction.  He’s a traitor to this country and to its democracy.  He betrayed Washington and the Constitution.  Never did George Washington accept gifts or money to be disloyal to the Constitution.  Mr. Insulza has become wealthy with petrodollars coming from [Hugo] Chavez and company.  He now forgets about the 50 years that Castro has been ruling Cuba .  He forgets about those who were executed by firing squads.  He forgets about those who died at sea.  He forgets about the criminal sinking of the boat called “13 de Marzo,” in which men, women and children fleeing communism died.  He forgets that more than 50,000 people have died at sea.  And he forgets about those who have died in prison.  

                What has Mr. Insulza done for Cuba ?  He wants to allow its tyrannical government to join the OAS, which has become a nest of vermin unresisting to Chavez, to Cuba and to world communism.  Now he condemns Honduras , without listening to its people, and kneeling before his accomplice, Chavez, who’ll stuff his pockets with money. 

                I, Rosa López, call him subservient and a traitor to the liberty of the peoples of America .  He conceded Ecuador to the communist [Rafael] Correa.  For 15 years, an insurgent, a rapist of his own adopted daughter, has ruled Nicaragua [Daniel Ortega].  With the assistance of Chavez , Bolivia was handed over to the coca grower Evo Morales, well known for chewing cocaine leaves on television together with Chavez.  Don’t you remember?  Chavez is an illegitimate head of state.  Why hasn’t he been expelled from the OAS?  Honduras was expelled with full knowledge that its president had betrayed the constitution of the country.

                He is a coward, a thousand times a coward, a traitor and a supportive hireling!  He should condemn Venezuela , where the leader of a coup took the presidency by force, killing many Venezuelans and then closed down the television and newspaper media outlets.

                Mr. Insulza, why don’t you condemn Cuba and the Castro brothers, who demand freedom for other countries, like Honduras , while they have forced Cubans to live without it, under a communist regime, for the past 50 years?  Mr. Insulza, work for the freedom of nations and stop meddling in the affairs of those who wish to live free of Cuba and Chavez.  History will remember you as a traitor to the liberty of all America .  Return to Chile and turn your own country over to international communism!  Also remember that Lula [President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva] is the president of the Foro de Sao Paulo, which is part of international communism.  Amen.”

August 2, 2009

                My little ones, I am your Celestial Father.  I have wanted to talk to My little one for many days now, but the disability that she has is making her blind, unable to hear or speak.  But today I want to take advantage of the little creature to write down what I am going to say: You will be convinced, along with those who read this Message, that everything that is written has been written and will be fulfilled.  This world in which you live will harvest all the wickedness that you has been sown.

                “Men are wallowing in their own mud.  They are not capable of resolving the problems that are happening to humanity.  They refuse to listen to everything I am warning you about through your Mother and through My messengers, the prophets.

                “Great events are waiting for humanity and especially for this country for turning its back on the needs of the poor, who are those with whom I definitely walk.  I walk with them, I suffer sickness and hunger with them, and you are not capable of fulfilling the needs of the children and the homeless.  But you foolishly continue to wander around, searching in space for new worlds that you believe do not exist, because for you, the only one that exists is the one on which you live, which I left to you.  You become involved in creating useless wars.  You know how to start them, but not how to end them.

                “The seven heads of the malignant one that governs the world has delivered Latin America up to international Communism.  That is the antichrist, who is governing everywhere today. 

                This country (the USA ) has become an accomplice of the antichrist.  America has been penetrated by the malignant one, who today is destroying governments and is seated on the thrones of these government leaders in order to destroy them and to submerge men in ignominy.  It is not enough to have given up the little island of Cuba , which is submerged in frightful misery.  Venezuela has been given over to a monster, one of the seven heads of the evil one.  They have given up Bolivia , which is being dominated by harsh cocaine drug trafficking that poisons the young people of the world.  Your leaders delight in using it in public, and you are blind.  They handed over Ecuador, which is being supported by the terrestrial mafia and the drug traffickers and is where the president wages war on his own border, thus defying them and fighting against that evil that is destroying men, young people, children and the elderly.

                “In Central America, Nicaragua is being governed by another guerrilla, just like your country, which is being governed by the OAS through another guerrilla who is receiving money from Venezuela and other countries to keep him as leader of that institution, thus taking the world into chaos.

                “Mark down this date, this day, because great events will occur, great disasters that will define the history of mankind.  Little ones, pray for that little country ( Honduras ) the only country in Central America that is fighting for its dignity and freedom so that it is not overcome by Communism.  Pray, little ones.  Difficult moments are at hand, not only for Latin America , but for the USA , which is governed by men who want to globalize the world.  He who has ears shall hear what I have said to you.

                “Pray, pray for this country so that the great catastrophe of which I have spoken does not occur.  I will not give you a date, but it what is going to happen has been written.  Amen.

                “I have spoken.  I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.”