Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
January 13, 2009

“My little ones, my beautiful little ones, My little creatures blessed be My Well Beloved because on this occasion He takes Me into a body that is not strong enough to receive the Divine Spirit, but He, He will give strength to the little creature so she can continue and give you the Message that we are waiting for with so much happiness in our hearts.  Bless, bless the great Lord who gives the opportunity of entering a body that is not strong enough to receive Him, but the Holy Spirit, Who rejoices in this place, makes it possible for a small creature with a weak body to receive Him and can give you the Message.  You don’t know how much it costs your Loving Mother to come to this small place and to this small, mischievous and stubborn creature, as the well beloved Padre Pio calls her.  He calls her ‘my little “testadura”, my little one’.

“Today is a great day for your Loving Mother.  On this date you are celebrating the days when your Mother appeared in another Image, in another Image in another country.  My little one, your Loving Mother loves you in all the apparitions in the entire world.  All My children are waiting and are so happy when the Mother comes and gives the Messages from Her Beautiful Son.

“All of you, all of the men of today, have celebrated the birth of the Well Beloved with much enthusiasm.  I have told you all the time that your Loving Mother rejoices in Her Heart when Jesus is born every day in your hearts.  It is not for only one day that My Loving Son wants to rejoice in each of your hearts, but every day, all the days of your lives.  Jesus wants to walk with each one of you, but many of you crucify Him daily with your actions, your avarices, your evil instincts, and your aberrations, and the world convulses each time man commits an aggression against the Well Beloved and against My Immaculate Heart.

“You don’t know, you don’t understand the times that are coming, the times in which you are living.  They are times of suffering, tears, pain, and sacrifice.  Your Father asks you for sacrifice, your Father wants sacrifice, your Father wants all of you, each one of you, to feel in your hears the great sufferings that He suffered for each one of you.  In these days, man doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand the sacrifice of the Well Beloved.  This is why He makes the photos appear in all parts of the world that you rejoice in when you take them with those small gadgets so you can then show those gifts that your Celestial Father gives to other people.  This is so you can remember that Jesus truly has to live in each one of your hearts, not for only one day, not even for two, but all the time.

“Everyone who walks during this time in the Light of the Divine Lord will stay in the Light, but those who choose the darkness will sink in their own mud, in their own blood, in their own aberrations.  I told you long ago, a long time ago, that your Mother comes to warn you about the events that would occur for humanity.  You are seeing how the Holy Land is suffering, the land that God chose in order to select those of His children who would inherit it, those who would plant on it so it would give sacred fruit, the sweet honey that ran in all its fields through the small animal that the Father rejoices in. 

“You don’t know how much pain the Well Beloved suffers wherever your Mother appears.  That pain is caused by man every day, all the time.  Man doesn’t want to believe that the times of tribulation are approaching humanity and that you are witnesses each day of everything that is happening in the world.

“One day I said to you that everything would begin in God’s Promised Land and that everything would end there.  You must pray often, pray so that what is written for these times will not occur in the Holy Land of the Teacher, the Divine Teacher, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world, the Good Shepherd, the Beloved Jesus of Nazareth, in the place where they crucified Him, where each of those men rejoiced at seeing His suffering and His pain when He had to crawl and when He fell and then raised Himself up again.  Jesus suffered for each person who dwelled on the earth, but mankind nailed Him to the Cross.  One day he will rise with the promise of everyone who follows Him and believes and has faith in Him that he would not be lost and would one day see His Face.

“Today, the Celestial Father shows His Face to you in many places.  He gives you the privilege that many people see as written in the Scriptures in the Apocalypse: ‘In the End Times, each of you will see Me in the clouds.’  Always remember that your Mother comes standing on the moon and dancing in the sun.  That is why that sun, which reflects the Great Divine Power, manifests the Glory of God when it dances and He gives humanity the privilege of being able to see it.

“Remember that I told you that great, great governments would fall and that you would see it and be witnesses to it.  What the evil one has written for the world will not be fulfilled, that the antichrist would govern all of humanity.  When that happens, the Divine Power of Jesus would come again, but not for those who crucify Him, but to save those who truly walk behind His Sandals, following in his Footsteps.  Many will grovel when that moment arrives, because there will be no time to ask for pardon or to repent from all the great things they have done, all those leaders who offend their nations, mistreat them, kill them with hunger, lock them up, torture them and don’t allow their nations to decide which of their leaders they want to guide their countries towards the Light.  They want to bury them in disgrace, in aberration, in apostasy, but that will be the time when Jesus will reconstruct His Temple anew before the eyes of each of you and when He will make Justice in each town where they have denied it and continue to deny it.

“Today, My little ones, I bring this Message to you.  Pray so that the government that is set to emerge in this country will know how to lead it with Christianity, not the Christianity of those who call themselves Christians but have not been baptized, but of those true ones who believe in the Sacred Eucharist and in the Baptism that He left to you through His apostles.  The only ones who are specified to give Baptism to the creatures are not any of those who serve to help them [the deacons]; they are the priests, many of whom have separated themselves from what is written.  But each of them has already received his recompense, because not even one letter of what is written can be changed.

“Everything will be fulfilled, everything that is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  You will see how nations will free themselves of that chain that binds them as they are robbed of their freedoms and their mouths slander the true teachers of the Law and crush them with their words, those who today are in the great Sanctuaries, in what you call churches.  But the Churches are each one of you in which Jesus lives in your hearts. 

“When you receive Baptism, each one of you becomes the Church.  You are obliged to give testimony of the Well Beloved.  You can speak with the pastors that He left to guide the flock to return once more to the Ancient Rite, return once more to giving the Sacred Eucharist in the mouth and not in the hand.  Whenever you receive the Body and Blood of Jesus in your hands, you are crucifying Him anew.  That is why many times, the Images in the world cry Blood, because Jesus continues to be crucified by each one of you on the Cross, and your Mother continues to suffer the invisible stigmata.  She cries with Him because of the extreme apostasy in the world.

“Pray, My little ones.  Pray that this nation continues forward and takes freedom to the world, which all of you yearn for and that is near, very near.  When the idols fall and are rubbed in the sand, you will see Divine Justice fall over each of them and the world will rejoice when they see those false idols who walk in humanity speaking in the name of god, of a god your Loving Mother doesn’t know.  The true God is a God of love, a God of hope, a God of pardon for those who repent, a God Whom each one of you should venerate and give thanks to when your Loving Mother appears in any part of the world to bring you the Divine Word of the Divine Teacher, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world if each of you repents before the Holy Eucharist and takes It with veneration between your lips and demonstrates the true reverence that should be shown before His Body.

“Your Mother blesses you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Rejoice, rejoice.”

 January 4, 2009

                Jesus:  “My little ones, those who don’t proclaim the Name of Jesus before men will not be justified before the Father and will be swept away by the fire of His Justice. May he who has ears, hear.  Amen.

                “Mankind does not stop making weapons of mass destruction and does not realize that those same weapons will be the cause of their extermination.

                “The antichrist is governing the face of the earth.  His plan is to erase it from the Divine map.  Man has the evil one in his own homes because where there are two who believe, there are three who are against Christ, and that same division that is in the world will be the cause of a great part of humanity disappearing and suffocating in their own wickedness.  Amen.

                “My little ones, you are walking around without realizing that you are in the End Times.  This is not the end of the world, but the end of the times of apostasy, of the denial of everything regarding faith and of those who don’t believe that Jesus Christ came to humanity who was living in darkness because of a lack of faith and a belief in idols that are broken and do not signify the true Christian faith.  They lived in darkness of faith and love because they were promiscuous one with another, fathers with children, brothers with brothers, relatives with relatives, and when Jesus came He brought love to man, along with Justice and Pardon. 

                “But man did not agree that a Just Judge had come to the Earth to change what they had created with their fantasies, and they decided to eliminate Him in the vile death on the Cross.  But the King of kings made faith prevail, the love that today returns once again to try to effect change before He returns in the Second Coming.  They are trying to Crucify Him again, but if you proclaim that God is with you, who will be against those who love the Lord?  Amen.

                Palestine .  In the times of Jesus, the Earth was divided into four provinces: Galilee in the north, Samaria in the center, Judea in the south and Persia beyond the Jordan .  Politically, the empire was subject to the Roman Empire .  Go to St. Matthew, Chapter 2, Verse 1:  ‘When Jesus therefore was born in Bethlehem of Judea , in the days of king Herod, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem .’

                “In the Seventh Century, the first obstacles for traveling Christian pilgrims began because the holy places fell into the hands of Muslims.  The situation was made intolerable at the beginning of the Eleventh Century with the persecution by the Chaldeans and the Egyptians.  In 1935, thanks to the negotiations of the kings of Naples , the Franciscans settled down on Mount Zion and they had a place in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, founded by the dissident communities.  After a brief period of prosperity and the good political administration of four centuries, the country became a victim of the Ottoman Dynasty, who considered it to be a land of conquest and exploitation.  In 1517, as a result of World War I, Turkey had to renounce its hold on Palestine and in l920, its independence was realized under British mandate.  In 1947, England relinquished its hold on Palestine and when its troops left the country, the conflict between the Jews and the Arabs exploded.  In 1948, peace was established after arduous attempts by the United Nations, who divided the country into two zones.  One formed the new state of Israel and the other formed Jordan .  Through pressure by the United Nations, they concerned themselves with the arrangement of Palestine .  His Holiness Pius XII recommended in his October 1948 Encyclical ‘In Multiplicabus’ that Jerusalem and its surrounding areas should be declared an international zone, and in spite of the conflict of interests inside the assembly, they accepted his thesis for the protection of the holy places.  That decision was not accepted by the kingdom of Jordan .  They annexed the eastern part of Palestine that was not occupied by the Israelites.          

“Note the explanation of the situation of the nation of Israel , because, My little ones, everything began there and everything will end there.  Amen.”

January 9, 2009
Vigil Night

                “My little creatures, My little one, it is hard for Me to come to each one of you to give you the Well Beloved’s Message so this little creature can share it with all of you.

                “My little ones, one of the greatest Mysteries of the Holy Rosary is when the Holy Spirit came over the apostles and made them talk in their own language and each and every  person who was present in that small place who spoke different languages could understand them all when He rested on each of them as the Breath of Life that poured out over each of them.  At that moment, they could understand the words that the apostles were speaking in their own languages.  It is a wonderful Mystery, because the Holy Spirit, with an Infinite Power, poured Himself out over each of the creatures and the greatest miracles that could ever be seen took place through the Holy Spirit. 

                “Jesus told them, ‘Go and impose your hands on the sick.  Form the Church and cure people in My Name.  Remain wherever you are welcomed, but wherever you are not, shake the dust off your sandals and go forward.  Other doors will be opened to you and the Glory of the Lord will be poured out over every place you stay.

                “I know that each one of you are hungry for wisdom, hungry for the Word of God.  You do not understand what it means to follow the Well Beloved.  You have to renounce yourselves, renounce everything that you are in order to embrace the Cross and put on the Sandals of the Well Beloved.  You do not know what following Christ entails, My little ones.  Not everyone can follow Christ.  It is a Path of much anguish, much pain, much renunciation, and it is also a Path of embracing all the blessings that the Well Beloved still pours out over man in this convulsed world that is full of evil, hatred and anger.

                “You have to see how blood is being poured out all over the world.   Not a day goes by that blood isn’t poured out in the world, not only because of the incredible wars that currently exist, but also because of brothers being against brothers, man being against man.  Man has dedicated himself to building weapons of destruction and you have not realized that these same weapons will be your own destruction.  Man will repent, My little ones.  Before the Well Beloved returns, man will have to repent of all the evil he has committed, for all the hatred that he sows in human hearts by persecuting the innocent, by incarcerating the innocent. 

                “My Beloved Son is still Bleeding on the Cross.  He is still pouring out His Blood from the Chalice, because humanity does not want to live in peace, in harmony, with what I left through the saints, through your Loving Mother, so you could preach the Word all over the world.  Wherever a door is opened for you, you must preach the Word.  Always knock, in time and out of time, on the doors of the hearts of My children, who are so disobedient.

                “Your Mother still Cries and Bleeds for each of Her Son’s Wounds, because She had the same Wounds.  They were hidden, but She suffered bitterly.

                “My Beloved is being Crucified again in the Promised Land.  Man does not want to understand that it is sacred, that it belongs to all the men who are like Him, to all the Jews, like Jesus.  That desert was given to them many years ago, so the descendants of My Well Beloved could produce great amounts of food and all the necessary things for man to subsist on.  But voracious ambition was awakened by that small piece of land of milk and honey, which fed all His people and everyone who went there with love. 

                “Today, many want to destroy that piece of land that the descendants of the Well Beloved have developed through progress, but they will not succeed.  If this happens, everything will end there, because man does not want to respect what is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  That is where God began to manifest His Glory and it is also where He will manifest the death and destruction of all His enemies. 

                “Pray that what is coming to the world does not occur.  There will be more poor people on the earth; poverty will multiply.  There will be more men fleeing from their lands and looking for food in this great country, but food will be exhausted here, too.  Man must start saving money.  He also must start saving food for the crises that are coming for humanity. 

                “This will be a time when man will have to learn to pray so that what is written will not be fulfilled.  You have to pray so that man does not begin to crucify people [again], like My Well Beloved was crucified.  Diseases are being multiplied in those great hospitals where man, with his wisdom, has caused the destruction of bodies.  You will see how during this time man will try to flee from his destiny through infernal drugs.  You will see how man nowadays will try to save everything he has in order to survive.  The earth has begun to tremble.  These are the signs of this time – that it will be a time of pain, a time of hope that with prayer, what is written to occur will not happen.  Pray for this leader so he can accomplish what he promised and so the assassination that is written for him does not occur.

                “Pray, pray without ceasing.   Go to the temples, where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed.  Do not be afraid; embrace the Cross that belongs to each of you and bless It every day.  It is the Cross where the great Calvary of the Well Beloved started, the Cross that you also have to carry, the Cross of suffering, of renouncing ambition and the desire to give praise to false gods.  Remember that the Body of the Well Beloved is exposed in the sanctuaries so you can begin to honor Him again.

                “In the Old Rite (Tridentine) no one takes, no one is permitted to take the Body of the Well Beloved in their hands so they don’t profane Him.  But nowadays, many aberrations take place at the altars.  Pray for the Church, which is all of you.  Pray, each one of you, for the priests I left to guide the flock.  They have not known how to do it and they have scattered them out of fear of the Truth.

                “Close your eyes, My little ones, and pray so that the Holy Spirit descends over you and so you can rest in Him.  Pray so that the Holy and Divine Spirit descends through your Mother so that all who are sick will be healed today for the Glory and Honor of His Holy Name.  Pray so that, through the cave in Bethlehem , Jesus is born in every single human being.  Pray so that children can return to being children.  

                “I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”

 January 16, 2009

                “Little ones, I do not punish, I administer Justice wherever you hide; I will find you.  Whatever your eyes have seen so far is nothing; you will see more.

                “Little one, My daughter, write about the wisdom that I will give to you, so you can share it with My little creatures.  

                “I, your Celestial Father, Am the only One Who could clone a woman, Eve, from Adam's rib.  I am the only One Who can do it, because I wanted to create man in My Own Image and Likeness.  They were the first two human beings, who inhabited the Garden of Eden.

                “I told them, go and procreate (man and woman).  That is why I did not clone man from man, or woman from woman.  Man's genitals are made to procreate inside a woman – a human being conceived with love.  At that time, there was no Church, no priests.  Today, man is promiscuous with the same sex, and women, too.  This is an abomination!  Why is man cloning human beings with animals nowadays?  Why is man also cloning human beings?  Because man wants to be God.

                “Little ones, there is only one God, I, Yahweh of Hosts.  That is why Atlantis was submerged, because men used science to clone human beings with animals.  They put the heads of sheep onto the bodies of humans and they used science to become gods.  That is why Yahweh of Hosts allowed His Powerful Hand to fall and it [Atlantis] was engulfed.  Today, man has dedicated science to making man into woman and woman into man.  He has dedicated himself to cloning fruit trees and has destroyed the fauna and flora, even changing their natural colors, because they do not believe in the creation that God left for you to feed humanity.

                “Today, man has dedicated himself to the large enterprises of research where they invent all types of medicines that do not save lives, but contaminate them.  Today, people enter hospitals with acute colds (bronchitis) and they die of pneumonia or tuberculosis.  The seven plagues are in the hospitals, where the bacteria multiply and where they cannot be contained.  How has the wisdom that I gave you been of service to you?  Was it not to find the medicines that can cure you in the plants that I left you?  God made man to die of old age, not of catastrophic illnesses from which you cannot be saved.  How did the prophets of old feed themselves?  With nature, because they knew what types of plants would cure them.  Everything your Celestial Father gave you is good, if you become used to blessing all your meals and all your food.  

                “As I have told you, love one another as I love you.  Amen.”

 January 25, 2009

                Jesus speaks: “My little ones, today I want to talk about the intentions of the pastors I left to guide the flock, who today have scattered it and who continue to scatter it.  I will talk about the intentions that My pastors have communicated to you about closing those places of teaching the Catholic faith (schools).  The Catholic faith is universal.  It is where small Christians are being taught to walk in the faith and where they are being guided on the paths and careers they want to choose.  I ask you, when did your Celestial Father, Who is Jesus Himself, tell you that those places where the small creatures are taught how to conduct themselves in life had to charge exaggerated prices, with denarii that is multiplied, so that your children could be educated?  Your Celestial Father did not put a price on teaching and he did not put a price on wisdom, which is given by God.  Those who do not have money (the less privileged) cannot be educated in the Christian faith.  

                        “The priests, the pastors I left, are competent in theology and can teach the creatures without having to close the schools.  They are the teachers of the Law, inspired by the Holy Spirit.  Little ones, the situation humanity is currently going through does not give them the right to charge in order to teach those who attend those learning places.  My little creatures are not guilty of man’s corruption, which is in the extreme situation of penetrating even the foundation of My True Temple , not only through education, but by those who wear the cassock.

                “When Jesus left the apostles for you, who were the first priests, He did not give them orders to have insurance to cover the indignities that they commit.  My little ones, priests authorized by God have the obligation of choosing seminarians who do not have sexual deviations, of not covering them with a priestly cassock and then paying the price later on for their actions.  You must become used to earning less on earth and to focus on saving treasures in Heaven and not in great corporations.  Those are the tithes that you collect and use for your own convenience, to cover up your own weaknesses.

                “Little one, your Celestial Father is the One Who has spoken to you.  Don’t be afraid to say and write the Truth, because you are neither a priest nor a religious.  You are a missionary and you do God’s Will with what you receive.  Amen.  Continue in the example of the great saints, such as St. John Bosco, St. Francis de Sales and St. Francis of Assisi , who went overboard to take care of My creatures.  Amen, amen.

                Jesus continued speaking: “During this time, men of today are sinking in the greatest ignominy, because instead of guiding his people into the faith of Christ, their leader is embracing crime by allowing the assassination of innocent creatures and giving loans to countries that embrace the killing of innocents.  The place where they should be the safest is in the wombs of their mothers.  The crime of killing the unborn cannot be justified; it will not be forgiven by God.

                “Little ones, do not praise Jesus with noisy music, adore Him in silence and with vocal choirs (Gregorian chants).  Return to what was previously instructed and written for My Holy Sacrifice by St. Gregory the Great.  When have you seen, or where is it written, that Jesus and His apostles would jump or dance in the Lord’s Sanctuary?  Jesus, your Celestial Father, is not an actor to be applauded in the Temple, neither are the priests I left for you.  There are no priests without a cassock and no Christ without a Cross.  Neither is there a Cross without Christ or a religious without the habit.  How then, My little ones, would you be able to identify them?  

                “I have spoken.  I am your Celestial Father.  Amen.”  

January 31, 2009

                “My dear little one, when Jesus died on the Cross for all of you, He gave the opportunity to you that through His Blood, the clean path was opened up to you.  Although it is painful because of His sacrifice, by His Blood spilled on the Cross, He gave Himself to you as your Priest, your Great Shepherd, because He is the Door to the Great Sanctuary that is the House of God.  This is why you must approach God with a humble heart and plenty of true faith, with a clean heart, with no lies, with no hypocrisy, with a soul that is cleansed of evil and envy.  Always be firm in saying ‘Jesus is my Shepherd, there is nothing more I want.’  If you live firm in His love and the faith, He will always supplement your necessities and He will always be there in your hearts.

                “If you try to help everyone who needs you, if you watch over the rest and do charitable works for My little ones who are the most needy and do good for all the rest, Jesus will be there, reminding you always, ‘Love one other as I love you.’ ”

                “Little one, remind everyone, everyone you can, that the day of the Lord is near, very near, and I will not notify you beforehand; I will take you by surprise!

                “If man does not approach God and repent, and if he continues to sin, knowing that he is acting against God, while knowing the Truth, then God will pour out the Fire of His Justice and will destroy evil and the enemies of the Creator.  Amen.

                “My daughter, continue to write about Divine Justice, so man will understand that there is only God in Heaven and on the Earth.  Look in Hebrews, Chapter 10, Verse 30.  That is where I say to you: ‘For we know him that hath said: Vengeance belongeth to me, and I will repay. And again: The Lord shall judge his people.’  It is also written in Verse 31:  It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.’

                “In Chapter 11, Verse 1:  ‘Now faith is the substance of things to be hoped for, the evidence of things that appear not.’

                “In Chapter 12, Verse 5:  ‘And you have forgotten the consolation, which speaketh to you, as unto children…’

                “I also say to you in the Scriptures in Verses 5-6:  ‘… My son, neglect not the discipline of the Lord; neither be thou wearied whilst thou art rebuked by him. For whom the Lord loveth, he chastiseth; and he scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.’

                “Consider carefully what I say to you in Job, Chapter 5, Verses 17-18:  ‘Blessed is the man whom God correcteth: refuse not therefore the chastising of the Lord: For he woundeth, and cureth: he striketh, and his hands shall heal.’  Amen.

                “I love you and I bless you.  I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.”