Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
December 13, 2009

My little creatures, it has been so difficult for your Mother to speak to all of you on this marvelous day for your Loving Mother.  She is happy because of all the flowers that have been brought to the Sanctuary because of all the blessings that are brought through the Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, Mother of America , of all the Christian nations. 

“Today, your Mother brings a Message of love for each one of you through the Well Beloved, the Divine Spirit of God, Who causes your Loving Mother to appear to each of you.  She brings the Message of your Celestial Father through the little creature who puts herself at the service of your Loving Mother through the Well Beloved Jesus [ Rosa ].

“Remember that during this time of year you have to kneel before the Little One, the Divine Teacher, Who converted Himself into a small creature and Who came to bring the Light to man who was living in darkness and did not know the Word that was given by the greatest prophets.

“Apparitions of Mary all over the world are occurring in order to bring each one of you to the sheepfold so that everyone can go with a contrite heart to kneel before the manger, the manger where the Little one is, the One Who converted Himself into the Light.  He entered the Womb of your Loving Mother as a Divine Light that illuminated and entered Her Womb so She could conceive the King of kings.  That’s the reason you are in this time of Divine waiting for the Little One Who will be born to bring the Light to men who live in darkness and who don’t realize that the Little Jesus is in the hearts of each human being, in each pregnant woman who accepts and says yes to bring to the world the creature they conceived, many times without wanting them, and then they murder them in the wombs of their mothers.  This is why God, your Celestial Father, comes to bring the Justice to man that each has planted on their paths through life.

“Pray all of you, My children, so that during this Christmas when the birth of Jesus is celebrated, you can teach your children to kneel before the small manger that is illuminated by the Light of the Gospel that He brings to all men with the Light of the Holy Spirit so that each one of you can understand the truth of the Teachings of those apostles who preached the Word of Jesus, the Teachings He left when He walked among you.  

“Learn, each of you, because you forget that the Little One, Whose birth you are celebrating, comes to bring you the love, the peace, that is lacking all over the world.  In each of your homes, there is no peace, because the children you conceive have twisted their paths.  They don’t go to church, they don’t go to Communion, they don’t go to Confession, they don’t receive the Divine Spirit so It can take shelter in their hearts, and if they did take It [Communion] when they came of age, they have forgotten about Him, the One Who illuminated their hearts with the Divine Spirit so they could walk on a straight path and enter through the narrow door, not the wide one where the evil one walks beside them every day to take each human being towards that darkness that they would never be able to leave.  The Goodness of the Well Beloved is in the Little One in the manger.  Make yourselves small like children, says the Well Beloved, so you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven .

“Your Mother said yes to the angel and agreed to carry Little Jesus in Her Womb, the One Who would be born one day for the glory of all men.  Teach your children that true Christian life was born in that Little One Made Flesh.  Today, many deny this and separate themselves from the Light to embrace the darkness.  Pray, pray, even if you don’t go to the great sanctuaries where the Well Beloved is adored, where the Beautiful Lady, as My little one calls Her, is venerated.  Remember that Jesus also left Himself on the Cross, that He left His Body in the Holy Eucharist.  You must go to Communion, you must go to Confession, so that each of you can receive the Body and Blood of Christ, so that His death on the Cross was not in vain.

“Jesus loves you, My little ones.  He makes it possible for your Loving Mother to appear everywhere in the world so She can unite Her children once again to embrace the Cross that He left for you, the Cross that is not empty, because there is no Cross without a Christ; there is no Christ without a Cross.  Always remember this, and when you celebrate the Coming of the Little One, the Glorious Jesus of Nazareth, do it with love, with true reverence, leaving aside those presents that you rush to give to your children without telling them why you’re putting them in front of the manger, if you even have a manger.  Many don’t put one out because they don’t believe in it. 

“That is why I can assure you, My little ones, God says that the time is near when Divine Justice will come upon mankind when they least expect it.  He will come when you are not prepared, as it is written in the Sacred Scriptures.  He will surprise you like a thief who will not warn you.  He won’t tell you when He’s coming; He will surprise you.  That is when there will be the gnashing of teeth and the shedding of tears because you will not be prepared or anticipating that you will receive the Divine Lord Who brought the Light to the world so you wouldn’t have to live in darkness.  

“The Message will be short, My little ones, but you have to be prepared in prayer.  Always pray within your hearts, because you will find Him in humble prayer, without much noise, without much activity, without trying to look for God here, there and everywhere.  Remain in one place [the Catholic Church]; do not move away from there. 

“Pray, because great events are coming to the world where you live and they will surprise you when you least expect it.  I love you, My little ones.

“On this day there are many reasons for you to be happy, because one of the shepherds My Well Beloved left to guide the flock is with you without anyone knowing it, not even My little one.  But your Mother knew he was coming, because She knows all of them and it is She Who guides them on the Path of Love.

“I love you, My little ones, and I bless you.”

The Message continued through a locution:

“Pray for the priest who said the Holy Mass, he needs many of your prayers.  He needs many of your prayers, pray for him, My little ones.”

Our Mother says that there will be many disasters in different parts of the world, terrible disasters, and many people will not be able to find refuge.  They will try to run, without knowing where to go.  Embrace the Cross and don’t be afraid.

Many changes are coming for this great country, changes that will frighten you.  Prepare your hearts for those changes, but don’t be afraid. 

Another great scandal is coming to the Church, another great scandal is coming.  Many of the shepherds that My Beloved left are not celebrating the Holy Mass as it should be celebrated; they are embracing many changes, drastic changes.  They are invalidly celebrating the Holy Sacrifice that the Well Beloved left.  They are deviating from the path, they are celebrating in their own way, according to the New Age.

Many great things will occur in all the countries that deny God.  There will be great disasters, and man will tremble.  Chaves has already signed his death sentence.  He intends to attack Colombia , and the United States will intervene.

At this moment, Rosa had a vision.  She cried and said that she had seen what will happen.  It will happen like what happened to the President of Panama.  Chaves will fall into the hands of the American Army.

At 8:05 p.m. , while we were celebrating the birthday of one of the volunteers at the house of another of the volunteers, the Virgin Mary continued the Message in a locution, surprising all of us who were around Rosa .

“My little ones, something big is about to happen in the United States .  Be prepared, as no date, or day, or hour will be given, and it will occur in the country in which you are living.  Many people are attempting to attack the chief executive, because he is making decisions that are not good for this country.  He is agreeing with the enemy, because although he says the war is necessary, he would not be reelected if he did not say this.

“Pray, pray My little ones, so this will not occur, because the distress that this will cause will be great.  While you are enjoying this moment, there are people outside who are conspiring to destroy this great country. 

“Now, My little one, it is time for you to rest.  Amen.”

December 4, 2009

“My little ones, this time of waiting is marvelous.  You are in what you and your mother the Church calls Advent, which means waiting.  It is when the True Light visited mankind, the One Who came to illuminate humanity who was living in darkness, adoring manmade idols that had nothing to do with that Marvelous Light that would come into the world. 

“Imagine how it was for your Loving Mother was at that particular time, awaiting the grandeur of the moment in which the Little Creature would come to the world to illuminate humanity.  That is why this Mystery is venerated. 

“Yes, My little ones, you cannot say adore, instead you must venerate your always Immaculate Mother, your Mother Who is different from all the other women, She Who would bring to the world a creature without having relations with any man.  That is why She was assumed into Heaven, Immaculate, irreproachable, without any stain that could change the coming of that Little Creature at the appointed time.  Your Mother was assumed into Heaven, Pure and Virginal so that everyone could invoke Her as the Intercessor between the Son and the Father, that Child, My little ones, that men of today do not teach you to love.  They don’t teach your little ones that He is in the illuminated tree as the symbol of life, the Child Whose birthday no one remembers, and Who is the One you should teach your little creatures to adore in the manger where He was born humble, but Who brought His little Hands filled with love, gifts of sanctity and charity for each one of you who are waiting today to celebrate the Birth of the King of kings.  You are not teaching the little ones that whatever you ask for and whatever your parents are able to give you is through the Name of Jesus.

“How beautiful it would be if today everyone embraced the Teachings that Jesus left for humanity by preserving that marvelous Virginity.  Yes, My little ones, the Virginity that your Mother knew how to preserve in Herself.  How beautiful it would be before the Eyes of your Celestial Father if the creatures of this generation would remember that God sanctified that union [matrimony] in order to bring true, holy love to the family, where your children could grow up with a mother and a father [like the Holy Family] who would guide and protect them against the wickedness that exists in humanity today. 

“It is not God, little ones, who destroys what He made with so much love, it is man.  Men destroy it with their acts, with their moral degeneracy, with their wickedness, with envy, with ambition, with injustice, with corruption, the corruption that nests within the hearts of human beings and allows the malignant one to take over, the evil that My little one spoke about before your Mother came among you today to tell you not to allow your hearts to be filled by the evil that the adversary has spread around the world.

“Persevere in the faith.  God will not destroy what He created for men of goodwill who truly come to venerate the Body of the Well Beloved [in the Eucharist], where the men the Good Shepherd left are, those who guide the flock and take them to His Path, the Path of Jesus, Who is the True Path.  

“Sanctify yourselves, all of you who are around Me today, but do it alone in your rooms.  Talk with Jesus, bless your food, the water you drink, your homes.  Carry out the rules the Well Beloved left so everyone could walk toward his own encounter, which will be on a day they least expect.

“Jesus did not come to the earth in vain.  He came to guide the flock to the True Path.  Don't forget this; write down what I am going to say.  Many great things are approaching for humanity.  Pray that your government leaders will recover their lucidity and that they can govern their people away from corruption, from crime and away from the wars they did not provoke so that the innocent will not continue to die for a peace that men themselves do not know how to keep within each country, each town, each generation, each place where the land you enjoy must be protected, and so they don't have to spread wars they didn't provoke.  The youth were born to live happy lives, not to die in places they don’t know, where evil is multiplied every moment.

“There is a country that has signed its own destruction in bold letters; you will witness this.  Remember this moment when your Mother is telling you this; a great tyranny will collapse.  Remember that above, in space, there is no time; time is a fabrication of man.  You will see how a leader who governs as a criminal will be obliged to bend his knees in a country that he has tortured, that he has subjugated, that he has destroyed.  There are many tyrants, many tyrants, but when the first one falls, and you will see it, others will follow.

“I will bless you all before I ascend.  Amen.”