November 13, 2008
Special Message  

Today, Rosa received a locution from the Virgin Mary.

Rosa :  “As American citizens, as the Americans that you are, the entire world hates the United States and you can’t erase this from your minds, because it is the truth.  Good and evil exist and they were formed together.  Anti-Christians all over the world prepared everything so that an anti-Christian would govern this country.  The only way to destroy a society is to penetrate it from within.  There are many persons in the United States who made it possible for the idol of gold to be made in this country.  They have made an idol.

“If you look well at this celebrity, who is young and full of life, you should pray so that his mind and his thoughts will turn towards the values of this country.  You have to pray for this young man who is full of life and who has two daughters and a wife, so that he doesn’t change the economic structure of this country or the way this country thinks.  When something happens anywhere in the world, this country is the first to send donations and aid to all places. 

“Everyone who is here is Catholic, believes in Jesus, believes in life, believes in liberty; everyone believes in what God has planned for this world.  Then how is it possible that you have chosen a man who favors abortion, the assassination of children in the womb?

“The Womb of Mary is the sanctuary that the Holy Spirit chose to shelter Jesus.  All of you become the Church when you are baptized.  When you get married, you conceive a creature who is formed in your womb and who has the right to live.  How can you kill, take the life of that creature who did not ask to come into the world?  How can you be accomplices of everything that is happening now in this country and around the world?  The world has worked together to see that this would be carried out through a Machiavellian plan on the part of the Communist party around the entire world, which has taken part in this.  Now you have to pray so that what is written will not occur. 

“In the same way that it was fulfilled that he would become president, (Jesus had said that he would be elected), he will fulfill everything that is written to occur because of his being elected.

“How is it that you who are Catholic, Apostolic and Roman have elected a man who may be as good as he can be, but who accepts homosexual marriage?  Everyone is free to choose any partner they want, but you cannot be accomplices of a homosexual couple getting married as if they were a man and a woman. 

“Jesus preached 2,000 years ago in favor of life.  Mary appears here [at the apparition site] as being pregnant, because many here ask for the gift of becoming mothers.  Mary said yes.  The Fiat of Mary was the yes She said to having a child without being married.  She conceived through the Work and Grace of the Holy Spirit and she agreed to that conception in this way; that is why She is a Virgin.  She did not have sexual relations with Joseph.  God chose Mary to beget and conceive Jesus and also so women would conceive through marriages blessed by God.  Some of them are not blessed because many of them have children without being married.  How is it possible that you can be accomplices of these sexual aberrations?

“God says that this system will end – the system of apostasy, aberrations, incredulity, evil, vices, alcoholism, drug abuse and hunger in many places.  You don’t kill only with guns, you can also kill with hunger, you can also kill by not giving medical attention in a hospital to an unfortunate person who can’t pay.  Doctors are not complying with the oaths they took to cure and save lives.  This system has to end, and how will this system end?  By bringing forth idols that will destroy this society so that the new society of Jerusalem will come.

“In those times, Mary said yes and did not have relations with Joseph, but She conceived and exposed Herself to being stoned to death if the people found out.  The Jews are the ones who crucified Jesus.  There are two types of Jews: the Sephardic and the others, who are the ones who shared in the pain of having crucified the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Good Shepherd.  They crucified Him on the Cross for you.  He died on the Cross for your sins, for your aberrations and for your apostasies.  This is the reason why your bodies are in the form of a cross.  If you stand up, extend your arms and put your legs together, you form a cross.  You were born with the Cross and you will die with the Cross. 

“Everyone is guilty, since all you have to do is notice the advisors who are around the young man who was elected and you will see that the principal advisor is an enemy of Israel .  Israel thinks that he is a friend and that he will intervene so that the Palestinians, the Taliban and the terrorists will not destroy Israel , but this is the time that had to come.  This is the man who will make the Palestinians attack Israel , try to destroy it and start a war, because the one who is around him and who is a Jew is an anti-Christian.  All of his advisors are anti-Christians.  How can you believe in a leader who surrounds himself with anti-Christians?  But if there are any Christians among them, they won’t be able to do anything. 

“You are all guilty; you are all responsible for your government leaders, says Jesus, because you create the leaders that you have. 

“All of America is sinking; it is also collapsing and drowning its people in its own mud.  It is crumbling and choking the people in their own mud, dragging down humanity towards an anti-Christianism that will be guilty of unleashing the third world war.  You will soon see that those few advisors of your president will prevent the United States from having missiles for defense in many places around the world.  You will see this and you must remember that it is not Rosa who is speaking to you, She is receiving a locution.  You can be sure that it will not be long before there will be a terrorist attack in the United States .  A great attack will occur in the United States .  Engrave this in your minds so you don’t forget this date.

“So what should you do, cross your arms and do nothing?  No!  You should continue to pray that the prophecies for these times will not be fulfilled.  You should read The Book of the Apocalypse towards the end, in Chapter 12, Verses 10-15.  There, you will see what is to come for these times.  You will see all the countries involved in war, one against the other in one way or another. 

“You will see the hospitals allowing people to die because there’s no Hippocratic Oath to save lives.  Today, there is a Hippocratic Oath to take everything from the unfortunate patients and pocket it in a bank.  Today, whoever goes into the hospital with Pneumonia dies from double Pneumonia.  Today, they don’t take care of the sick with love, but with economic interests.  There is no patience for the sick; they don’t even touch them.  There is no charity, not even in the hospitals.  How do you ask a man to be charitable with others if you see that during these times he doesn’t even show charity among his own people?

“Terrible moments will come.  There will be 20 million unemployed people in the world.  People who said they would not withdraw their money from the banks because if they kept $50,000 in the bank, the bank would keep it safe, will lose it, because it will be used for the few banks that will still be functioning.  What does Jesus say?  That it will turn to dust in the bank and that you won’t be able to use it.  This is why He says that it is better for you to have riches in Heaven than fortunes on earth, because the moths will eat them.

“Men don’t want to listen to what the Virgin has been saying all over the world.  She has been warning Her children that Jesus is coming soon, but She doesn’t give a date or a time.  Don’t believe anyone who says they have a date or a time, because there is no date.  He will surprise you and you will have no time to repent. 

“If man continues to commit aberrations against the Sacred Eucharist, which is Jesus in the Church, and if the priests do not tell the Truth to their parishioners, difficult times will come to humanity.

“You’ve become accustomed to receiving the Eucharist in your hands and profaning His Body, instead of bending your knees.  Before Him, all knees should bend and all heads should bow.  You should receive the Sacred Eucharist from a priest, who is the only one who washes his hands before taking It and consecrating It (as a privilege of ordination).  No one else washes their hands.  Receive It only from a priest, not from a deacon or from a Eucharistic Minister, since some of them have sexual relations with their husbands/wives and don’t purify their hands in order to give the Eucharist to the people. 

“You are all guilty.  Today the youth kill for drugs or alcohol.  You will see that the time will come when people will look for Marian apparitions to search for God so that He may forgive everyone for the aberrations they have committed.  Fathers commit aberrations with young women and do not take care of their homes.  Women watch television programs that teach them to betray their husbands and consider them to be good programs, along with those that are about homosexuals, lesbians, prostitutes and naked women; no one covers their bodies.  Before, the actors would sell their art; today, they sell their bodies.  You can’t watch television with your children or grandchildren because all you see is prostitution and drug addiction.

“Straighten out your paths, says Jesus, because the times will come when you will not find anything to buy in the markets.  Nature is reclaiming everything that man has taken from it.  There won’t be many vegetables and those that are available will rot. 

“You did not listen to Mary when She said:  buy non-perishable food, stock up on water and take your money out of the banks; no one obeyed.  So then don’t complain if each one of you receives what you have sown and harvests what you have planted.  A good farmer will harvest good crops and a bad farmer will not harvest good crops.

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”