November 7, 2008 - Night of the Vigil

                In a locution during the Glorious Mysteries, our Mother said: “My little ones, when My Beloved Jesus said to your Mother: ‘Leave Me, Mother, You will guide the shepherds I have left to you so that each one of you could do everything I have given you to do during this time when I have been with each one of you.’ 

                “My little ones, your Loving Mother suffered bitterly from not being able to leave with Her Son.  Three roses sprang forth from Her Heart as a symbol of love, purity, the Blood of Jesus and the Divine Sprit Who would reign in the world to Glorify Himself in the Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Every time they elevate His Body, they glorify Jesus, Who resurrected. 

                “Mary, as the one you venerate, is called the Mystical Rose, but remember that your Loving Mother has many invocations in the world, many, many forms in which She appears and changes Her personality and image.  Mary was a mystical rose in each of the hearts of those children She loved so She could unite them to the pain of seeing Her Beloved leave and to the joy of seeing Him resurrect and so God  could complete what He foretold for the Life and Path of Jesus in the world with each of you.

                “Always remember these Mysteries, which are the Glorious Mysteries of your Beloved Jesus.  Remember that whenever you pray a Rosary, you come close to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your Loving Mother, the girl God chose to take that Eucharist in Her Womb.  He was the Eucharist made Flesh in Her Womb so that later He would be the Word and would speak in the Name of the Father to all the small creatures of the world. 

                “Men do not know the meaning of your Loving Mother’s Gift of Love for each of My children.  It was the greatest Gift that a Virgin Woman could give, Who was conceived in the purest womb of Saint Anne so She could later be consecrated in the Sanctuary, in that precious and beautiful Sanctuary of the great Divine Power of God.  

                “Mary was consecrated to give Light to a creature without having had relations with any man.  This is a marvelous mystery that is full of goodness, full of love, full of justice, full of Jesus when He died on the Cross.  When He told them that He would raise that temple, He was referring to the Temple that was His Body.

                “Today, your Mother is proud of each of these creatures who are in this place.  All, all of these creatures were handed over to the Immaculate Heart of your Mother to be guided, guided on this Path of pain, sacrifice, love, surrender.  She is the Mother of those who exist today who are able to present a child to suffer the Calvary that your Mother and Her Beloved Son, Who was given to you in an Agape of Love, suffered.

                “Your Mother is proud of each of you.  Please, My little ones, don’t make your Mother suffer if some of you who are here leave this small place where your Mother and the Divine Spirit of the Well Beloved rejoices upon choosing this ignorant creature, the little one who doesn’t know anything about the things she says to the world.  Up above, your Celestial Father has infinite, infinite lodgings so when you depart, you will find yourself shielded by the protection of the Lord.

                “Today, your Mother brings a Message of Love, a Message of Reconciliation for you and the shepherds My Well Beloved left to lead the flock, that dispersed, lost flock that is drunk on the daily things of the world that those blind persons don’t want to see.  They don’t want to listen to what your Mother brings to you every time so that you are prepared, prepared for what will come for humanity, My little ones.  Today you are relaxed and calm, but you must prepare your hearts and your feelings for what is waiting for you to suffer.  You don’t believe that what is happening in the world was announced: the great recession, as men call it, and that We, the Elevated Beings, call misery, shortages and pain.

                “There will be many disasters in humanity; disasters will continue to occur.  Man will continue to suffer the consequences of his lack of love towards his own brothers, the economy of this country and the entire world will continue to suffer, it will continue to suffer from the shortages of food and money that so many times your Mother told you to keep all your money in your homes so that it does not turn into dust, so that those who did not work for it won’t be able to enjoy it.  It is for that reason and no other thing that your Mother comes to advise you all the time to pray for humanity, because God will surprise you with His Powerful Hand.  When you don’t expect it, it will be here.  It will be on all sides; it will not be in a single blow but in many parts.  You will live through many nights of darkness. 

                “The nights of darkness are not for only one day, nor for three; there will be many nights of darkness.  Pray so that this man who you yourselves chose to govern does it with the straight hand of honesty, discipline, resignation, sacrifice and love towards men.  Many of you who were mistaken, but not all, will undergo the great deception.  Little ones, this man will be one of the unfortunate creatures who will bring the storms, because he himself will twist the Path.

                “The world on the other side of the sea needed to make an idol that would destroy the quality of life of this country, the greatness that no one forgives you for.  No one forgives you for the abundance that the entire world has always lived with, having worked together so that the golden calf would be made by you yourselves, not by those who walked in the desert when Moses spoke with the Celestial Father and when Core was poisoning the hearts of the Israelites and they took the gold from everyone to make the calf.  That was why God punished him by leaving him without a tribe or anyone to feed.  This happened in the world because man makes his idols and follows them blindly, without realizing that nothing made by the hand of man is perfect, there is only one Who is Perfect – your Celestial Father.

                “You, My little ones, have to button yourselves up, fasten your clothing and tighten your belts so you can survive in this world that is full of cruel ones who want to destroy themselves along with others.  Remember that your Celestial Father and the Beloved Son have come to you saying, ‘Protect what you have because many will lose everything and afterwards, you will not know how you can recover it.’  Pray, My little ones, so that what is written changes and that what is coming for the world and the church that man has made, which is full of luxuries and full of gold, is not so painful.  The truth is that for them everything is finished, but God wants those fabulous sanctuaries and temples that man makes to rejoice in but that they don’t know how to share with others.  Everyone turns away from the Path that your Celestial Father designed for you to pay for your injustices and your aberrations, for the pain that you cause to the families of destroyed homes, for the separated, aborted and abandoned children.

                “My little ones, pray so that what is written changes and so it won’t be as painful what is coming.  Your Mother wanted to speak to you more, much more.  When your Mother speaks to the little creatures, She does not want to shut Herself up, She wants to continue speaking for an eternity, a long, long time, like My Well Beloved, Who has been in the world for a while, conducting His flock, His sheep, looking for the ones who are lost. 

                “My Beloved Jesus looked for His lost sheep.  The sheep were men who were separated from the Path of God and He went looking for each of the lost sheep.  Remember this and engrave it in your minds.  Your Celestial Father does not come to gather the pure, healthy, good sheep.  He comes to gather the lost sheep, the corrupt ones, the reviled ones.  He lifts them up and raises them up.

                “Jesus does not come down to gather his flock, but he raises them up, He elevates them and he makes them, molds them like a potter.  He purifies them with fire; His Hands caress them, those sheep who are lost and rebellious.  He makes them new with His Hands, with His Love, to recover the Path they have left.  My Beloved has been here all the time and still today He is looking around like the woman who lost her money, her drachma, and who struck a light to find it and later rejoiced upon having it again.

                “My little ones, don’t make your Mother become a shepherd like Her Son, Who comes to gather everyone to this very small place.  It is very small, but it is great in miracles, great in love, great in charity.  With as much love as I have found My sheep, I have brought to the Son those who are not watered, who don’t continuously disperse the flock that I prepared for you, who do not disappoint your Celestial Father, who don’t hurt your Mother.  She cries enough in the world to save each of Her creatures, one by one.  Your Mother continues to cry in the world because of the pain of seeing Her dispersed children, those who belong to the flock of Jesus.

                “I bless you, My little ones.  Before I rise, I will bless you with the blessing that your Celestial Father sends to you with the most Infinite Love.  Amen.”


Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2008

                Your Mother gave the following Message to Rosa .  She wants it to be placed before the Message of the thirteenth of the month:

                “My dear, My little one, Jesus is Merciful, but He is Just.  He knows who serves Him with love and who doesn’t.  Little ones, following Jesus is not easy.  Wherever a messenger of God goes there are disturbances, envy, separation.  The isolation of many is inevitable.  Remember that the husband and children of the little one [ Rosa ] do not believe in what is happening to her; they are never seen to be at her side.  This is what happens to those who accompany you and are next to you; in time they become tired.  No one thinks about what they have to leave behind in order to follow Jesus, what they can’t do or take care of in order to follow Him.  He takes care of you.  What they fail to win because they serve Him, He will multiply.  Little one, your Loving Mother takes care of the little creatures who accompany you on this path of love and suffering.  Your Loving Mother loves you.


Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children

November 13, 2008

                “My little creatures, God created everyone in His Image and Likeness.  Today, man dares not to believe in that Divine creation.  God made you so you would serve him on the earth and so everyone would walk in the Light and in Faith.  My little creature always believes that she controls herself and that she can control the language of the Celestial Father and your Mother.  She, a defenseless creature before the Divine Spirit of God, must then realize that it is not she who speaks to you, who points things out to you, who directs you, who speaks with love to each of you who you are left in this small place today.  Your Mother knows that many have moved away in spite of all the miracles that the Well Beloved has done in this small place for all His children.

                “If they would give the testimonies they have, not from everyone, but from all who have been saved, from all who have been healed of great destructive diseases to their living bodies, many more people would come to this place and the testimonies that they would give would be much greater.  On this day, your Mother, through the Well Beloved Jesus, speaks to you about everything that is written that has to come for humanity.

                “The Well Beloved has Patience.  The Well Beloved has much Charity and it is through that charity that your Mother comes to you, warning man for a long time about what would come for this world that has not converted, that is incredulous and perverse.

                “Your Mother is not tired of crying Blood everywhere in the world because of the blood that will spill in this universe, not only in this country, but in many parts of the world.  All of this has been said before.  Through an internal locution, your Mother gave to you everything that will occur because of the disobedience of man towards God and the disobedience of many pastors, those who were left to lead the flock, which they have dispersed.  They are dispersed in many places, far from the Sacred Eucharist, which is Him.

                “Today, your Mother wants to recognize each one of you and is thankful to each of the creatures who shares the Path of Love that Jesus has designed for each one of you.  The little creatures who accompany Her on this Path of Love are creatures who are predestined to suffer, to cry, to often lose the faith and to say that they don’t want to continue on this Path.  But you must remember that the Path of Jesus was long and tortuous.  It was where He left each piece of His Skin and where your Mother also walked, together with Him.  But that was also a day when the Well Beloved Resurrected and Ascended into Heaven where the great sanctuaries are and where the great residences are for all those saints who set off before you knew the Truth, the Truth that is written in the Sacred Scriptures and that today you don’t believe.  You don’t believe that anything that is written will happen.

                “Today I recognize those little creatures who walk around doing good everywhere where they are called and who are trying to carry out the Work of Jesus, which is impossible, but little by little, they try to alleviate the pain of many people.  Jesus Ascended into Heaven, but He left the apostles so that one day they would receive the Divine Spirit, Who would pour Himself out over each one of them so that they would go throughout the world with that Divine Spirit to distribute the blessings that the Celestial Father left to you on the Cross.  There are few pastors today who walk around wearing the sandals of Jesus.  For that reason, the Celestial Father sends disabled creatures to you.  Many of them are totally disabled, but they make the effort to go forward and to carry out the work that God has entrusted to them.

                “Jesus is a wonderful God Who left you an immense garden so man could reap and obtain a good harvest. The harvest is great, but the workers are few.  Many of the flock walks around lost in the world and the Well Beloved, as the Good Shepherd, gathers you and collects you to bring you once again to the Path of Light.  Pray for that lost flock. 

                “Today, more than ever, where man has the power to kill innocent creatures in the wombs of their mothers, those little creatures who are assassinated in the wombs of their mothers are also sons and daughters of your Loving Mother.  At times, She gathers little ones, very little ones who can hardly be identified, and at other times they are full of life with a desire to shout and to cry ‘Save me, I want to live; I am not guilty of being created in a womb that does not know how to love what God created and who was only conceived in a moment of lust and passion by creatures who conceive but who are not capable of being mothers to those who are in the womb or outside of it.’

                “You don’t know that in Heaven there are palaces that are true refuges for those creatures who arrive in the Arms of your Loving Mother and My Beloved Jesus, Who as the Good Shepherd on earth, collects his sheep in Heaven, the innocent creatures who ask for the right to be born one day.

                “Jesus is Patient and Jesus is Love but Jesus is also Justice, and Justice draws near to those who don’t choose the Light of the Resurrection, Love and Faith.  They don’t have the right to the tree of the life; they will never have the privilege of seeing the Face of the Well Beloved, Who hides from those who don’t know how to respect life.  He gave life to each of you so you could walk in the Light and not in the darkness.

                “I know that your Mother speaks to you a lot, but She must speak to you much more to wake you up and to touch you like Jesus in the hearts of men so they will open their doors to Him and let Him enter.  Your Loving Mother has to walk behind the Good Shepherd a lot to help Him save the creatures so they can repent, so they can look for the Path of Light and one day resurrect like Jesus, Who Resurrected in Love, in Faith, in Hope, in Charity.  Remember that if hope and faith don’t have charity, there is no reason for them.

                “Moments of celebration and rejoicing for humanity are approaching, but you enjoy those celebrations without remembering what they signify.  Give honor to the poor manger where Jesus was born and He hopes you all will remember that what you celebrate there is His Birthday.  It is the place where you should bring together the small creatures and teach them that Jesus of Nazareth , the Divine Child, the Little Jesus, the Infant of Prague , is there.

                “Jesus is the Light that came to the world to illuminate man, who still remains in the dark and embraces cults that Jesus did not come to bring.  He came to bring the Light for the Church and for the priests by means of the Holy Spirit.  He came to bring the Holy Family so that the homes would remain united to that Love that your Mother gave to you on the Cross, and so that each one rejoices and gives praise to the Divine Child, Who came to bring the Light to each of the little angels He brings to the world so that they will live and not die, sacrificed and assassinated. 

                “Your Mother cries, My little ones, and will continue crying in the world because man doesn’t return to regaining the Path that Jesus came to the world to bring with His Birth.  His Small Hands embrace this great world that has lost love, that does not have humanness in any place, that does not have pity on the unfortunate ones.  They are not capable of renouncing anything in order to serve Jesus in a hospital, in a home for the aged, in a home for abandoned children, or with the hungry ones.

                “In many places, tens of creatures die every day because they don’t have any food to eat and many of the people who today live in humanity fast because they don’t want to gain weight.  Your Mother asks, how many are there who suffer from fasting because they don’t have anything to eat?

                “Embrace the Cross of the Well Beloved.  Follow the Good Shepherd, Who calls to you touching the doors of your hearts, touching the doors of your homes so you will be concerned about being better people for humanity, and so when Jesus calls you, you can present your hands to Him full of love and charitable works for those who need it at a moment in time.

                “In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


November 13, 2008 - Special Message

Today, Rosa received a locution from the Virgin Mary.

Rosa :  “As American citizens, as the American citizens that you are, you must know that the entire world hates the United States and that you can’t erase this from your minds because it is the truth.  Good and evil exist and they were formed together.  Antichristians all over the world prepared everything so that an antichristian would govern this country.  The only way to destroy a society is to penetrate it from within.  There are many persons in the United States who made it possible for the idol of gold to be made in this country.  They have made an idol.

“If you look well at this celebrity who is young and full of life, you should pray so that his mind, his thoughts, will turn towards the values of this country.  You have to pray for this young man who is full of life and who has two daughters and a wife, so that he doesn’t change the economic structure of this country or the way this country thinks.  When something happens anywhere in the world, this country is the first to send donations and aid to all places. 

“Everyone who is here is Catholic, believes in Jesus, believes in life, believes in liberty, everyone believes in what God has planned for this world.  Then how is it possible that you have chosen a man who favors abortion, the assassination of children in the womb?

“The womb is the sanctuary where Mary sheltered Jesus.  It was a sanctuary and that is why you all become the Church when you are baptized.  When you get married, you conceive a creature who is formed in your womb and who has the right to live.  How can you kill or take the life of that creature who did not ask to come into the world?  How is it that you are accomplices of everything that is happening now in this country and around the world?  The world has worked together to make this happen through a Machiavellian plan that the Communist party around the world set into motion.  Now you have to pray so that what is written will not occur.  In the same way that it was fulfilled that he would become president, (Jesus had said that he would be elected), He will fulfill everything that is written to occur because of his election.

“How is it that you who are Catholic, Apostolic and Roman have elected a man who may be as good as he can be, but who accepts homosexual marriage?  Everyone is free to choose any partner they want, but you cannot be accomplices of a homosexual couple getting married as if they were a man and a woman. 

“Jesus preached 2,000 years ago in favor of life.  Mary appears here [at the apparition site] as being pregnant, because many ask for the gift of becoming mothers.  Mary said yes.  Her fiat was the yes She said to having a child without being married.  The Holy Spirit was conceived in Her and She agreed to conceived it this way.  This is why She is a Virgin; She didn’t have any sexual relations with Joseph.  God chose Mary to be conceived in Her and so women would conceive through marriages blessed by God.  Some are not blessed, because many have children without being married.  How is it possible that you can be accomplices of these sexual aberrations?

“God says that this system will end – the system of apostasy, aberrations, incredulity, evil, vices, alcoholism, drug abuse and hunger in many places.  You don’t only kill with guns; you can also kill with hunger.  You can also kill by not giving medical attention in a hospital to an unfortunate person who can’t pay.  Doctors are not complying with their Hippocratic Oaths for curing and saving lives.  This system has to end, and it will end by bringing forth idols that will destroy this society so the new society of Jerusalem will come.

“In those times Mary said yes and did not have relations with Joseph, but She conceived and exposed Herself to being stoned to death if the people found out.  The Jews are the ones who crucified Jesus.  There are two types of Jews: the Sephardic and the others, who are the ones who shared in the pain of having crucified the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Good Shepherd.  They crucified Him on the Cross for you.  He died on the Cross for your sins, for your aberrations and for your apostasies.  This is the reason why your bodies are in the form of a cross.  If you stand up, extend your arms and put your legs together, you form a cross.  You were born with the Cross and you will die with the Cross. 

“Everyone is guilty.  All you have to do is to notice the advisors who are around the young man who was elected and you will see that the principal advisor is an enemy of Israel .  Israel thinks that he is a friend and that he will intervene so that the Palestinians, the Taliban and the terrorists will not destroy Israel , but this is the time that had to come.  This is the man who will make the Palestinians attack Israel , try to destroy it and start a war, because the one who is around him and who is a Jew is an antichristian.  Christians are all who are baptized in the Holy Spirit.  All of his advisors are antichristians.  How can you believe in a leader who surrounds himself with antichristians?  If any one of them is a Christian, he won’t be able to do anything. 

“You are all guilty; you are all responsible for your governmental leaders, says Jesus, because you create the leaders that you have.  All of America is sinking in its own mud.  It is crumbling and choking the people in their own mud, dragging down humanity towards an anti-christianism that will be the cause of unleashing the third world war.  You will soon see that those few advisors of your president will prevent the United States from having missiles for defense in many places around the world.  You will see this and you must remember that it is not me [Rosa] who is saying this; I am receiving a locution. 

“You can be sure it will not be long before there will be a terrorist attack in the United States .  A great attack will occur in the United States .  Engrave this in your minds so you don’t forget this date.

“So what should you do, cross your arms and do nothing?  No, you should continue to pray so the prophecies for these times will not be fulfilled.  If you open the Book of Revelations towards the end, in Chapter 22, Verses 10-15, you can see what is to come for these times.  You will see all the countries involved in war, one against the other in one way or another.  You will see the hospitals allowing people to die because there’s no Hippocratic Oath to save lives, but a Hippocratic Oath to take the money from the unfortunate sick and to put it in their own banks.  Today, whoever goes into the hospital with Pneumonia dies from double Pneumonia.  Today, they don’t take care of the sick with love, but with economic interests.  There is no patience for the sick; they don’t even touch them.  There is no charity, not even in the hospitals.  How do you ask a man to be charitable with others if you see that during these times he doesn’t even show charity among his own people?

“Terrible moments will come.  There will be 20 million unemployed people in the world.  People who said they would not withdraw their money from the banks because if they kept $50,000 in the bank, the bank would keep it safe, will lose it, because it will be used for the few banks that will still be functioning.  What does Jesus say?  That it will turn to dust in the bank and that you won’t be able to use it.  This is why He says that it is better for you to have treasure in Heaven than to have treasure on earth, because on the earth, the moths will eat it.

“Men don’t want to listen to what the Virgin has been saying all over the world.  She has been warning Her children that Jesus would come soon, but She doesn’t give a date or time.  Don’t believe anyone who says they have a date or time, because they don’t.  He will surprise you and you will have no time to repent.  If man continues to be mistaken about the Sacred Eucharist, which is Jesus in the Church, and if the priests do not tell the truth to their parishioners, difficult times will come to humanity.

“You’ve become accustomed to taking the Eucharist in your hands and profaning His Body, instead of bending your knees and taking Him in your mouth.  Before Him, all knees should bend and all heads should bow.  You should take the Eucharist from a priest, who is the only one who washes his hands before taking It and consecrating It.  No one else washes his hands like this before receiving It, only the priest, not the deacons or the Eucharistic ministers.  They all have sexual relations with their spouses and later, they take Him in their hands and give the Eucharist to the people. 

“You are all guilty.  Today the youth kill for drugs or alcohol.  You will see that the time will come when people will look for Marian apparitions to search for God so that He may forgive everyone for the aberrations they have committed.  Fathers commit aberrations with young women and do not take care of their homes.  Women watch television programs that teach them to betray their husbands and consider them to be good programs, along with those that are about homosexuals, lesbians, prostitutes and naked women; no one covers their bodies.  Before, the actors would sell their art; today, they sell their bodies.  You can’t watch television with your children or grandchildren because all you see is prostitution and drug addiction.

“Straighten out your paths, says Jesus, because the times will come when you will not find anything to buy in the markets.  Nature is reclaiming everything that man has taken from it.  There won’t be many vegetables and those that are available will rot. 

“You did not listen to Mary when She told you to buy non-perishable food, to keep water that would not go bad and to take your money out of the banks.  You did not obey; no one obeyed.  So don’t complain if each one of you receives what you have sown and harvests what you have planted.  A good farmer will harvest good crops and a bad farmer will not harvest good crops.  [Monsanto Corporation of St. Louis, MO, has become the world’s largest supplier of seed for staple crops (corn, soybeans, potatoes).  It dominates the U.S. seed business with genetically modified seeds that are patented, making it illegal for a farmer to retain seed from this year's crop to plant next year.  To use these patented seeds, farmers must buy new seed from Monsanto every year.  Thus, a farmer who plants genetically modified seeds and fails to keep a supply of natural seeds, could become dependent upon the whim of a transnational corporation.  The genetically modified crops produced by these seeds are increasingly accused of causing infertility, cancer and other health problems.  They are also posing a threat to the environment, polluting the fertile soils of the world with unnatural genetic material that may have unknown long-term consequences.]

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”


November 18, 2008 - Vision, 2:00 p.m.

                Rosa :  “While I was at the doctor’s with Valentina, I had a vision.  The doctor had given me acupuncture and I could not move.  I said to Valentina, please don’t speak to me, I am receiving a vision.  She stopped talking and I began to narrate the vision to her.  I saw two great explosions.  It seemed as if it was happening in New York or Washington . 

                “Afterwards, I received a locution from the Virgin Mary and She told me to write it.  I thought to myself, I cannot write it because I have these needles in me, and our Mother said to me, ‘Narrate it to Valentina; you will write it down later.'

                Virgin Mary:  Little one, tell the president of Colombia that he cannot abandon the desire that his people have of his being the president one more time, to be elected again so that he will continue there, because if he does not want it, his country will sink in the terrorism of the antichrist.  The guerrillas will continue to prevail and America will sink.  That is what the antichrist wants, to turn the world into a total disaster.  Remember that he is protected by your Loving Mother and that he has a plan to fulfill before the world and before God.  Amen.

                “Your Loving Mother blesses you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

                “Pray, pray, because the world approaches a total confrontation.  Man will be the protagonist of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary and the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, or he will sink in an unpredictable war that will destroy many parts of humanity.  Amen.

                “Note:  The shepherds I left to lead the flock will also be protagonists in the fight against the evil one.  They will have to teach My little creatures, those who go to His temples, about what is approaching the world.   They cannot continue to hide the truth, they cannot be quiet, because what is written, is written.  They have to warn you that justifying abortions and keeping your mouths shut is contributing to the crimes, and that allowing a man to marry another man and a woman to marry another woman is contributing to the return of what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah .  The world will catch fire and the fire will destroy the evil that has been created by humanity.  Amen.”


November 22, 2008

                “My daughter, everyone who loves Jesus will always be guided by God Himself.  It is very good to walk with the Hand of Jesus.  Your Loving Mother will always take you to Him. 

                “My little one, you will be tempted many times, but you will continue to perform charitable works.  This is how you will stay active and how the evil one will not be able to drag you down with his wickedness.

                “Always remember that faith is greater than obedience.  Do you remember the priest, the gentile, and the Samaritan?  One went to Mass, the other to his meeting and they could not help a wretched person who was attacked by bandits.  They left him in the desert; they left him to die, because of obedience.  However, a Samaritan passed by, one of those who were despised, and he cured the wounded person by taking him to an inn so that they could heal him.  They took care of him there and he returned to pay for what the wretched person had consumed.  Because of obedience, they did not do what pleased your Celestial Father and what He wanted them to do.  So as you examine your conscience, you will see which of your brothers do the same things as the priest who had to go to say Mass, the gentile who went to his meeting or the Samaritan that the Jews detested.  I will leave the question to you:  Who did what pleased God?  Amen.”  

November 23, 2008

                “Little one, tell My little creatures not to go to the places where there are great crowds (stadiums, clubs, theaters, etc.) where many people meet, because those places are in the eyes of the terrorists, who are looking to take advantage of places where they can attack and cause many deaths.  Remember the vision that I gave you when you were with the little one, Valentina (explosions in certain cities). [

                “My little ones, remember that what is written is written.  Everything will happen as I have revealed it to you.  Also remember that the time of God is not like the time of man.

                “Pray, My little ones, pray in time and out of time.  I bless you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

                “Note:  My little creatures, remember that the holiday that you celebrate during these times is not a holiday for drunkenness, for drug abuse or for gluttony.  It is for celebrating the Coming of the Light Who came into the world to save man.  And the one that you are celebrate now (Thanksgiving) is for thanking mother nature that in critical times, the foods brought forth from her were shared with those who occupied the place where they arrived as pilgrims.  The Earth is for everyone, not for just a few, without barriers and without borders.  It does not belong to anyone. 

                “I love you and I bless you.  I am your Celestial Father, your Divine Mercy.  Amen.”