Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
September 13, 2008

“My little ones, your Mother has been here for a while, reading the hearts of each of the creatures who have come to receive the blessings each of Her children are looking for from the Hands of the Well Beloved.  The little one always gets ahead of herself by saying, ‘I will talk to Her through a locution,’, but she knows that your Mother speaks through her mouth and her tongue.  I need her, because her mouth and tongue don’t belong to her, but to your Mother.

“Your Mother knows that the little creature is sick.  Through her strength of faith, she has passed through great pains, the likes of which none of you can imagine.  The Well Beloved chose that creature; it was not through her own will.  If you did not already know, she didn’t even know how to pray the Rosary.

“I ask Myself whether you know the significance of each Mystery of the Rosary of your Mother in these marvelous Mysteries that your Mother gives you under the image of the Conception of Jesus in the Womb of Mary.  The little one didn’t even know how to pray the Rosary.  Today I reveal her to you.  Although she is always honest when she says, ‘I didn’t know how to pray the Rosary,’ I tell you with the Truth of your Mother that she did not know how to pray.  But the Holy Spirit guided her through your Mother, alone in her room where your Mother appeared, and that is how she learned without anyone else teaching her.  There, she told your Mother, “I don’t know how to pray the Rosary, so why do you appear to me if I don’t even know You?’

“Following the impulses of her heart the little one continued to talk, and your Mother had to stop her by saying, ‘Your Mother reads your heart, My little one, because your Mother knew that not only didn’t you know how to pray the Rosary, but you also didn’t know how to read the Word of God in the Sacred Scriptures.’

“I tell you this today so that each of you who is here will understand that your Celestial Father is interested in what is in each of your hearts.  That is why He reads your hearts and knows your petitions and each of your actions.  He teaches you how to pray the Rosary at Marian apparitions and each of you will receive many blessings from your Celestial Father and especially from your Loving Mother.

“Your Mother knows that many persons, not only those who are here, but many who go to the great sanctuaries to ask for blessings, healings and miracles from your Mother, don’t know how to pray, and if they do know how to pray, they don’t know the meaning of the Rosary of your Mother.  Each Mystery of the Rosary has a meaning.  The one you are saying at this moment signifies the Mystery of the Birth of the Creature your Mother carried in Her Womb and Who would become the Sacred Eucharist.  When Jesus rose to Heaven, He left a blessing in that little piece of pure, unleavened bread.  It would become a piece of His Flesh and Blood so each of your could receive Him in the Eucharist.

“Those Mysteries represent the yes of your Mother, the yes of the acceptance of what God had prepared for Her.  In those times, women who conceived without being legally married to a man were punished under Jewish law.  They would be whipped and would die before giving birth to the creatures they carried in their wombs.

“Mary was conceived without Original Sin and said yes to God; yes to life and no to death.  This Rosary that you are praying with such fervor, but whose Mysteries you don’t truly know the meaning of, is the yes of Mary and that is the marvelous thing about it.  The angels danced in Heaven when Mary said yes to the advent of Her Creature in Her Virginal Womb.

“Another Mystery is the Visitation of Mary as a missionary to help Her cousin Elizabeth , who had also conceived and who needed Her help when she was ready to give birth.  She was the first missionary on earth who went to care for a sick person.  Saint Elizabeth wasn’t sick, but she was excited to be having a baby.  How blessed they were at knowing they carried the miracle of love and life in their wombs.  Today, women assassinate creatures in their wombs.  They don’t allow them to have life, they don’t allow them to be born.  Instead of singing, the angels cry while kneeling in front of the Father and constantly begging for the creature not to be aborted and that the mother would say yes to life and no to death.

“The Mystery of the Birth of the Divine Creature, Who is Jesus, is the Mystery of the Holy Family.  That is why you should say during this Mystery, ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’ – the Holy Family.  The advent of the Creature to the world is the joy of the Bread that would come in the Arms of Mary.  This Bread would become the Eucharist, the Sacred Bread by which you are vindicated when you take It after confessing each one of your sins.

“The family that prays together, stays together, My little ones.  Your Mother uses the tongue, the mouth and the senses of the little creature, but she is conscious of what is being said.  She is too weak to receive the Divine Spirit, but I will still continue to touch each of your hearts so you may understand the significance of the Divine Mysteries of your Mother.

“Mary gave the Rosary to man so that when you pray it, you will remember the life of Jesus, the stations of the cross, and all the joys of the Resurrection.

“When Mary gave the Rosary to St. Dominick of Guzman, She said they would be the Mysteries that would save the world and that those who pray them with love, true faith and surrender, would always walk in the Light and would not fear storms or floods, lightning or earthquakes, because they would be delivered in prayer by the Mysteries of the Holy Rosary.  That is why nothing of this Rosary can be changed.  It’s like the Bible, which can’t be changed.

“The Mystery of the Presentation of the Small, Divine Child in the Holy Sanctuary of the great teachers of the law of the Old Testament is the Mystery during which each one of you can pray for the great oblate priests of Mary who truly believe in these apparitions, which is where your Loving Mother wants to appear.

“When Jesus walked for three years with the apostles, He prepared the great pastors to guide His flock, His Church, to the true Path, which today they have twisted.  Each one walks on different paths, searching for God, but each one has Him in their heats.  They don’t feel Him, because they don’t open the doors of their hearts so He can come in and talk to them.

“Today your Mother needs everyone in general – men, women and children – to sit and pray the Rosary, because great catastrophes are coming to the world.  The convulsions in nature will continue.  Children will continue to be lost; there will be kidnappings, and criminals will continue to kill, because they allow the malignant one to take over their hearts and to plant hate, blood and terror – the abomination of countries in America and in nations all over the world.  There will be bloodshed, pain and death because of the great catastrophes that are occurring.

“God is calling His children.  Sometimes He will lift them up beforehand so they will not see the evil that will come upon the world.  Others will see how man is destroying himself and how nature will be lost.  There will be hunger, thirst and injustice because today, man wants to be God without remembering that there is only One God, the One Who gave His life on the Cross so each of His children would be saved.

“This world is convulsed in selfishness, evil and avarice.  No one likes to share what they have, not even with prayer, because they are ashamed to teach another person how to pray the Rosary, and those who don’t know how to pray it are ashamed to learn it because then others will know that they didn’t know it before.

“The little creature didn’t know how to pray the Rosary, but your Mother taught her.  Surrender yourselves to the trust of your Mother.  Pray, My little ones, pray in your rooms when you’re alone or when you’re driving those great apparatuses with infernal velocity to get to the places where you shouldn’t go.  Before, people used to walk, but today you travel in those large birds that fly.  Learn to pray.  If you don’t know how to pray, ask the Holy Spirit to guide your hearts to pray for the salvation of all souls who are lost, for the unconverted, for those who are lukewarm of heart, for all who die daily in accidents of every kind, for all who die in fratricidal wars, for those who are assassinated because of evil and for those who die of hunger.  There is so much misery and disgrace in the world today that you cannot imagine it.  While there are some who throw leftover food away, there are others who don’t even have water to drink.

“Meditate upon everything your Mother has told you.  Those who don’t share the little they have will not share the wealth they have, because if you are greedy with the least, you are also greedy with the most.  Share; cook only what you will eat.  Do not throw away the food that you will need later.  Pray for peace so that God will shed His Mercy upon men and so He will not look at the evil that exists in men and in the world.

“Your Mother will continue to appear all over the world, sometimes crying Blood, sometimes shedding oil for healing, or shedding water to alleviate your thirst with just a drop.

“Do not go around knocking on doors to pray.  Pray with Jesus in your hearts.  Pray with each one of your children in your homes.  Emphasize the Mystery of the Family.  Pray for the sick in the hospitals who don’t have anyone to pray for them.  Pray for everyone who comes to this place every day asking for Divine Mercy.

“Today your Mother’s Heart is filled with delight for the love of everyone who shares their time and their food with the little creatures, because your Mother will multiply everything they leave in this place.  She will multiply it three times and even four times more.

“Don’t be miserly with love.  Give love to the poor who have no one. Give them a word of consolation.  On this day, My little ones, I’m making you think.

“Pray for the pastors I left, the oblates, those who serve the Virgin Mary.  Pray for those who bring food all over the world, the missionaries, the true priests of Jesus and Mary – the Carmelites, the Franciscans.  Some of them still pray the Mysteries in the primitive language of Jesus, which human beings today have forgotten.  They pray for peace in the Church and in the world.  You have to put in a new foundation with the old roots of the antiquity.

“I bless you, My little ones.  I bless everyone, and all who have come to this place united with the creature who is asking you to forgive her for not being able to receive your Mother except through her ears and her tongue, because her body is weak and she cannot receive the Holy Spirit.  But the Holy Spirit is with her and will touch the sick persons today.

“Your Mother will help you to receive the healing that all of you are looking for.

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”