Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
October 13, 2008

                 “My little creatures, your Loving Mother is in this place today, but She is also in many parts of the world, accompanying all the creatures who approach the Well Beloved to receive the Messages that your Mother brings to each of you, My little one, My little one. 

                “My little ones, your little creature who is with you on this day, who is so important to your Mother, as is everyone in the world, multiplies all the blessings of your Loving Mother to each of the creatures who bring their hearts prepared to receive the Sacraments that the Well Beloved gives you through the chosen pastors He left to take the Word of the Sacred Scriptures to all of you.

                “My little one, today you are far from the sanctuary of your Mother.  There, far away in the other country, where She makes an effort in all Her work to bring you to this small place, are the blessings that your Mother has reserved for you through Jesus so that you will make chains of prayers with all the priests I left to create a great sanctuary of prayer in each human being, in each man, each woman, each child, a sanctuary where you will take the Message of the Rosary of your Mother.

            “Great events approach humanity.  There will be a lack of food and a lack faith, which is the most valuable thing for the Well Beloved.  The faith will be lost in many places.  The malignant one is drawing up a way to divide all who walk behind the Cross.

                “Remember, each of you, that in order to defend your homes, you have to do what they did in Israel in those first times when the Well Beloved, through the Father, removed all His people from Egypt.  They all had to put a wooden Cross on each door, in each window, a small Cross, so when the angel of the evil one, the angel of darkness, passed by, it could not touch those homes.  Your Mother has taught you about what the word Christian means.  Christians are all who are baptized in the Holy Spirit, where He enters, touching the doors of your hearts, and you open them to let Him in.  Those are the Christians your Mother calls to come together in prayer to help those pastors My Beloved left.  Many great resignations will appear in each of the churches of the pastors I left to you.  They will separate them and many will be persecuted.  But with the prayers of the Rosary of Mary, you can save them and you can save the churches, which are in so much danger.

                “Pray for the children who are murdered in the wombs of their mothers.  Make it possible with prayer for those children not to be pulled out of the wombs of their mothers in order to have their great cells used in orgies and in the healing of persons who don’t have any interest in Christ.

            “Remember that there is no Cross without Christ nor Christ without the Cross and that everyone who participates in the murder of a creature in the womb of the mother will be condemned.  They will be condemned forever; they will not be able to reach the Light.

            “Remember that governments will be divided in many places.  There will be fights, fights between brothers.  There will be wars, there will be hunger, shortages of food.  Floods will continue to devastate the planting of crops in each country so that food will be scarce and so man will recover his faith and approach God, praying and asking for mercy.  Each of you lost faith through each orgy that you celebrated antichristian meetings when you persecuted those who are truly dedicated to the Rosary, dedicated to the love of Jesus, dedicated to the priesthood, those men who truly make acts of sacrifice to serve God during Mass by offering the Sacred Eucharist.

                “Remember, My little ones, that today I am in this place, but I am in many places at the same time.  The little one doesn’t have to worry about what I left behind, because your Celestial Father will make true miracles in that place so they realize where the magnificent Divine Power reaches.

                “This moment when I speak to all of you is used by the little one to transmit the blessing of Jesus to you, to those who don’t infringe upon the Law, to those who walk in the Light.

                “Remember that Jesus and Mary do not take shelter in hearts that are full of hate, full of rancor, full of ambition, full of human miseries, full of egoism, full of jealousy of others.  Remember that when Jesus walked in the world with men, the same persecutions arose between brothers in the faith who were jealous of each other.  They persecuted those who wanted to occupy positions they did not have.  Your Mother says, as Jesus says, ‘The last will always be first; Jesus will reclaim those who leave Him; those who remain will receive.’  They will receive the trophy of glory, the trophy of the blessings of love, because Mary comes to bring love, to bring resignation, to bring reconciliation with everyone and to bring the Message of prayer, prayer in the family.  The family who prays together stays together before God.

                “Pray for all the homes, for the creatures who lose themselves outside by looking for the hero who is not inside their homes.  Pray for the virginity of women, pray for the virginity of men.  Remember that when Jesus was presented in the temple it was for His circumcision and that He was the last one to be circumcised.  He did away with circumcision.  Men will be circumcised by women and women will be circumcised by men when they surrender themselves to each other after marriage.  Don’t surrender yourselves to lust, sex, love, without being blessed by the Church, by the priests I left you to be Oblates of Mary.

                “Great events are approaching humanity and the antichrist is gaining ground because men move away from God.  Remember that the antichrist will win only if you let him enter your hearts.

                “Many, many messengers of God are on the earth, taking the Message of Love to each of His creatures.  There are no longer many Brothers of Charity, there are almost no nuns, there aren’t many priests; priests are scarce.  Man moves away from faith, he moves away from the Church, he moves away from the Eucharist.  This is why there will be war; it is why thrones will fall, why lagoons will be empty, why there will be floods and why the water will take back all the terrain that man has taken from nature.  Nature will continue to be punished and destroyed because man wants it that way.  Food will be scarce.  You must have food in your homes that will not spoil and also water, because water will be scarce.

                “God sends His Justice to the Earth through water, fire, wind.  The clean water takes away the impurities that are in the earth and in man.  Fire purifies and the wind, Who is the Holy Spirit, will feed the fire so that man learns to respect what God did for your salvation.

                “I assure you that you will remember this day and all the warnings that your Mother comes throughout the entire world to give you.  Everyone who invokes Her as Intercessor between the Divine Spirit, Who is Jesus, and the Celestial Father will be saved, along with everyone who calls Her Mediatrix, Co-Redemptrix and Intercessor between Jesus and man.

                “Try to pray in time and out of time for peace in the world, for the homes that are destroyed, for alcoholic children, for drug addicts, for consumers of all types of aberrations, because the seven plagues are in all the places where man looks for health and where he will instead find the plagues that destroy body and soul. 

            “I bless you, My little ones, I bless you, and I say that everyone who comes is looking for the love of Jesus through your Loving Mother.  He is the Eucharist that was sheltered in the Womb of your Mother.  She walked with Him within Her so She could offer Him to everyone in an act of love and give Jesus to us as a gift on a tray [paten].  He is the Eucharist, the One Who many men profane, taking Him in their impure hands which are full of sins, full of the dirt of the world, and every time you take Him in your hands you cause Jesus to bleed through the images of your Mother all around the world.

            “Go to Confession before you take Communion.  You do not have to live in concupiscence with your partners.  Sanctify yourselves in Matrimony through the priests, those shepherds the Well Beloved left to you to lead His flock which today is dispersed and that embraces other cults that have nothing to do with the Well Beloved.  

            “May God bless you, My little creatures, in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Prepare yourselves to receive the Divine Unction through the hands of the little one.  They are not the ones that make the miracles, but it is the Divine Spirit of God, through Jesus and Mary, your Mother, using those small hands of the creature who is the servant of the Lord.  Amen.”