Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
May 13, 2008

"My little creatures, this day should be a beautiful day for your Mother, a day of celebration, a day of jubilee, a day of satisfactions, My little ones.  Each time I come to visit you, I see new faces that come to this place.  You do not believe that although this place is small, it is great in your Celestial Father’s Eyes. 

“My little ones, My Heart suffers; It cries bitterly for all the creatures who have departed and who are definitely in the presence of the Celestial Father.  Your Mother suffers bitterly.  Even though there is no suffering above, your Mother suffers for each tear that you shed in this convulsed world in which you live that is full of ambition, evil, sexual aberrations and apostasy.  Many creatures who received Jesus in their hearts when they were baptized had repented, but then afterwards they separated themselves from the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus. 

“Your Mother suffers for you, She suffers for the world.  You do not know how much your Mother holds back Her Beloved Son’s Hand so that true Justice does not fall over anyone, the Justice that is shed over all the world.  But your Mother cannot hold back Jesus’ Hand any longer.  The cup is full; the chalice is full and overflowing. 

“The Sacred Heart of your Loving Mother cries when She sees the Eucharist Bleed, because each one of you do not repent for all the damage that you do to the world, the world that God gave you to rejoice in.

“All My children are wrapped up in parricidal wars where they kill each other for a power that no one can have, because those who embrace evil cannot have peace, cannot advance in their society or within their families because everything falls under the curse of those who are excommunicated. 

“Those who embrace the antichrist are excommunicated forever, because they will not have time to repent for all the damage they have done to their people, to their countries, to their citizens, who are the children that Jesus gave to your Loving Mother.

“I cannot hold back the Powerful Hand of the Well Beloved any longer.  It will continue to fall until the last antichrist falls in this world in which you live. 

“Pray, My little ones.  Great events are coming to the world and to mankind.  The eyes of all My creatures will be widened in astonishment at what these events will cause in the world.

“A beast is governing who is full of evil and full of the furious slobbering that falls from his mouth.  Every time he speaks a word to you, the chalice of evil spills over (not the one from the Heart of Jesus), and that evil will cover many nations.  But I promise you that My Immaculate Heart will triumph in each one of them.  The beast will be crushed, its head will be destroyed, and there will come a time of peace and a time of love where My children will return to the Sanctuaries to pray before the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar, which is where My Beloved Jesus is, confined in a small piece of Bread, the only Bread that Jesus left to save body and soul.

“Pray, so that those who adore the evil one will bend their knees and so the evil in their governments will be destroyed.  You know how the earth is swallowing up all the evil, but it is also swallowing up the food that man needs to survive.  I have warned you about this on many of the occasions when your Mother appeared to you, Whom not everyone can see because She is a spirit of light Who cannot be seen or touched by anyone, unless your Celestial Father gives you that gift of love.

“There will be shortages of food and milk will be contaminated.  Many of the milk products will be altered.  The great harvests of food that are destined to feed the people will be eaten by the plague that will destroy them [the harvests] in order to sink humanity into tears, misery and pain.

“You, My little ones, have faith; pray.  Rejoice in praying to the Eucharistic Heart of My Beloved Jesus, Who is here.  Even though you do not see Him, He is close to your Mother.  A day will come when Jesus will make Himself known to whoever invokes His Name.

“Many creatures were lifted up.  This is one of the first raptures that is occurring in humanity every time a disaster provoked by man takes place in nature.  There are shortages because of man’s mistreatment of the nature that God left for the delight of all and that man is destroying in many places.  This allows them to raise the prices of the foods that you eat.  When these things happen, God lets His Powerful Hand fall and He destroys it [nature] to take the power of destruction away from man.

“My little ones, be attentive to the signs in the sky.  The sky continues to give signs so you can repent and convert from the heart. These signs are for all those countries in which the preachers of today wallow in war, lasciviousness, drug addiction, crime and the killing of children and innocent women.  Pray, so God will look with mercy at those countries that do not want to walk in the Light. 

“You, all of you who are here today, will see what is coming for humanity.  Prepare yourselves in prayer.  Pray for your countries, for your rulers, for your government leaders, so that a time of peace will reign over this corrupt and apostate humanity.  Pray for the Church.  Not all of the pastors that I left to you believe in the meaning of the true Mystery of the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus; they do not believe in that Mystery where Jesus gave Himself up and shed His Blood for each one of you to forgive your sins. 

“Pray, pray in time and out of time.  Each prayer, each Rosary that you pray can stop the prophecies, if you pray with true faith and true love.

“Jesus and Mary, Mary and Jesus, are only One and they walk together, spreading mercy, destroying the places where the antichrist is venerated, and yes, they also take away innocent ones so they don’t see the worst.  Jesus is Spirit, My little ones, He is a Spirit Who moves and He takes on His Body whenever He wishes some of you to see Him.  It is the same thing with your Loving Mother.  She is Spirit, and not even the small creature [ Rosa ] can touch that Spirit because her hands sink into that Spiritual Body that manifests His glory when She appears.

“Embrace the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus.  Eucharist means thanksgiving and it is there where life is, where the Body, the Blood and the Water of Jesus is.  In each small piece of the Eucharist that you consume, the adoration of the Holy Sacrament of the Altar is celebrated and your Mother is venerated.

“I will not tire you any more.  The small creature distracted you for long enough and she explained many things that your Mother was whispering to her.  It is true that your Mother makes her go through different moments to test her, but I smile when she overcomes them.  For her [Rosa], sufferings are waiting at the small place where she is going [in Ecuador], but your Mother will be with her and you will be praying so that place will be consecrated to the Eucharistic Heart of My Well Beloved and to the Immaculate Heart of your Mother for the glory and honor of His Church and for His Name.

“Pray for the priests, because there are very few now who are not contaminated by evil.  They are the ones who are persecuted the most by the evil one, because they are close to the Eucharistic Heart, to the Eucharist, and they are continuously being tempted, making them disbelieve and doubt.  They are persecuted for truly believing in God and they are persecuted because God gives them the privilege of seeing Him; pray for them.

“The time will come when you will have nowhere to go in order to pray.  Make a small chapel in each of your homes that is dedicated to Him and to His Divine Spirit through your Mother.

“I bless you, My little ones, but before I leave completely and while the Rosary is being said, I will continue to bless you and to touch each of the small creatures, and I tell you, if you have faith, you will receive, because He says, ‘Come to Me because you have faith, because you want to be saved.’

“In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”