Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children  
March 13, 2008

“My little ones, today your Loving Mother is not only appearing in this small place, your Loving Mother appears all over the world.  During these days of tribulation for all mankind, your Mother comes as the Sorrowful Mother, as the Sorrowful Mother Who cries continuously for the loss of a child, for the torture of a child, for the incarceration of a child, for a kidnapped child in any part of the world and mainly in your Latin America, which rolls in the mud of evil, kidnapping creatures and using them as if they were products of a miserable and despicable sale. 

“Your Celestial Father, My Beloved Jesus, cannot hold back His Powerful Hand from falling over the world to annihilate the aberrations that man commits everywhere.  Your Mother has been announcing this since La Salette, since Fatima , since Guadalupe, since the Immaculate Conception.  In every place your Mother comes crying for the children that your Well Beloved left to Her for the delight of Her Heart and who today make It bleed everywhere.  Your Mother knows what each one of you brings in your hearts.  Your Mother cannot hold back the Hand of Her Beloved, because each time man commits an aberration against one of His children, he is killing the Divine creation that the Celestial Father made.

“My little ones, My little ones, your Mother announces to you each time She comes what your Father wants to tell you, but you don’t open your hearts, your ears or your intelligence so you can listen to Him in all places.  How your Loving Mother suffers for Her disobedient children, for the children that today do not have the least respect for their parents!  They roll in the mud, in lust, in drugs, in alcohol, drowning their feelings and then they go out to the streets to assassinate, to kill, to torture.  That is why your Celestial Father cannot stop mankind from receiving the justice they deserve for their actions.

“Your Mother comes to the world in all places, reminding the world that She brings the Message that Her Beloved Jesus gives you so you could be alert.  The evil one dresses in colorful shirts and ties, the evil one dresses in angel’s wings, the evil one dresses in the great horns that he has on his head, which are those people who currently govern your countries so they can take the antichrist to all humanity.  The people need, the nations need, to pull out the horns of the evil one so he cannot kidnap anymore, so he cannot assassinate any more innocent ones, so there won’t be any more wars in the world.  Remember all of you that there the evil one has seven heads and that each one of them has two horns so he could be identified.  The sign that Jesus uses to bless the world with is His two Fingers, which represents two roads, good and evil, light and darkness. 

“Your Mother suffers immensely in Her Heart when She has to warn you all the time, in time and out of time, about all the things that are coming for humanity.  Even the Church is staggering, even Jesus’ chosen ones bend their knees for not wanting to recognize that we are in the times when man will pay for his actions, when nature will make man pay for each of the offenses and injuries that he has done to that nature that He gave to man to be his delight and to serve as the food that nowadays is short in every part of the world. 

“Today there is a country that is beloved by this small creature and by your Loving Mother that tries to end those abuses to humanity by the antichrist, who is everywhere in the world.  Many people who are capable of killing a creature or kidnapping a person don’t feel pain or suffering because they lack any feelings of love.  There is a country that continuously fights to eradicate from the world the serpent that curls around men, starting at their feet and going up to their hearts until it reaches their brains, in order to lull then into falling for the domination of evil. 

“You know that the little one is in pain because of what is happening in the country that she visited, the one that she did not choose.  The Virgin chose it through the holy one [Narcisa de Jesus] who has to be made a saint very soon in that small country.  The holy one suffered from the scorn of her own companions, just like Padre Pio suffered from the humiliation and abuse of his jailers.  The pains that exist in that country that My little one visits to take the charities to, which their governments don’t give to the people, are provoked by aberrations and anti-Christianity.           

“My little one does not govern herself, but she told someone, ‘I will not go to that little country anymore.’  Tell her that the Virgin chose her to bring charitable works to that small place through Narcisa de Jesus, who will have to be beatified, because she really was a saint.  Nevertheless the little one does not want to return there, she only wants to make one last trip.  She does not want to continue to go to that place because the abomination of the evil one is there, but it will have to be removed by its people.  She says that she will return when this happens, but she does not know that she does not govern herself.  She cannot govern herself, because it is the Father who governs her, the Celestial Father is the One Who will take her there.  Each time the Father Wills it, He will take her to that place to fulfill the mission that He has entrusted to her and your Loving Mother will continue to accompany the little one until she closes her eyes forever.  She will have to serve the Celestial Father, because she does not govern herself. 

“Pray, My little ones, pray for the little one.  Pray so that your mothers no longer suffer the martyrdom that Mary suffered when She saw Her Son carrying the Cross of all and each one of you.  Pray, My little ones, because this is the cry of your Mother in Heaven Who does not need to cry.   This is the cry of your mothers on earth for every son who is killed, for every young one who is killed in the schools, for each child who is sexually abused. 

“Pray, pray for the Church, the Church is staggering.  You will see great events that will come in this century, in this year, for this country and for everywhere.  I warned you that a scandal will take place and that it will affect everyone in the whole world.  Today, I warned you again that the faces of all those who want the evil one to govern humanity and not God will be unveiled.  Look at the signs, search in the sky for the signs that God will send and so you will know that before and after each sign, catastrophes will take place and that death and blood will be around the world, the same Blood that He shed on the Cross and that He shed on Calvary, leaving each piece of His Flesh on the sand of the desert on the Way of the Cross, where only Mary collected with Her mantle the pieces of Flesh that would be the Eucharist that you feed on today. 

“Go to Church.  He is there, waiting for each one of you.  Confess, receive Communion, bend your knees.  Bend your knees before the Celestial Father, Who is there in the Sacrament of the Altar.  Go to Confession.  God left the priests so you could humiliate your pride and arrogance and so you would have to confess before them to be able to receive Communion.  Do not take the Body of the Beloved in your hands, which are contaminated by the world.  Receive Him in your mouths, It is the Body and Blood of Jesus, the Blood that is no longer given with the wine, because the pastors that My Beloved Son left, drink It and do not give It to His children.

“Obey, obey Jesus.  Taking His Body in your hands is crucifying Him anew, because it is a sign that you do not believe in that little piece of Bread.  Receive Him in your mouths; genuflect before Him, Who carried the Cross for all of you.  At the moment of your birth, you bear that Cross on your body.

“If you raise your heads, open your arms and put your feet together and look at yourselves in that mirror that reflects your image, in that action you will see the cross that you were born with and that you will carry until you meet Him. 

“Do not profane the Body of the Well Beloved.  Remember the cry of Mary, of Her stigmata, which no one was able to see; they were hidden, invisible, but they were there, burning Her Feet, Her Hands, Her Forehead.  Remember that Mary gave you that gift, that gift of Jesus, the Light Who came to the world that lived in the darkness of faith and love.  Remember that in the moment of the Consecration, it is the Celestial Father, with the Hands of Mary, Who offers you that Body, upon which the Holy Spirit Descends and converts into the Body of Jesus when the priest elevates It and presents It to God. 

“Do not celebrate the Sacrifice of the Cross for only one day; the Sacrifice of the Cross is every day.  Carry your own cross with love without renouncing it, fight for it, alongside Jesus with His Cross. 

“I bless you, My little ones, and before this wonderful moment of prayer that you have with the Rosary ends, the little one will use her body, but We, the Well Beloved and your Mother, will bless those who are sick.  We will use her body and We will use her hands. 

“I bless you all equally in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.”