Monthly Message from Our Loving Mother to All of Her Children
June 13, 2008

                (Rosa received a locution.)  “The Virgin wanted to talk to Rosa internally to make each of you understand that She chose this Mystery of the Coming of the Holy Spirit because that is where the Glory of the Well Beloved is manifested.  Jesus chose this Mystery because that is when He poured out the Holy Spirit on each of the apostles and it is when He gave them the power at that instant to anoint the sick and to go throughout the world to preach His Gospel and make miracles in His Name and for His Name.

                “Jesus wants you to know that if He had not shed His Blood on the Cross and if He had not gone through the Three Hours of Agony, the Resurrection would not have been possible.  If Jesus hadn’t died on the Cross, you would still have been slaves of the occult orgies that were celebrated in those times of the Messianic era.  Man would still be living in darkness, not knowing the Light that came when Jesus Resurrected.  When Jesus was born, the Light was born, and when He died, the Holy Spirit became the One who governed the apostles, Mary and all those He chooses to talk in His Name and to heal.

                “If Jesus had not been here at this moment in this place today, the gentleman who was not able to move his head would not have received the miracle of moving it and of walking without help.  The Holy Spirit was the One Who indicated that I [Rosa] should touch him before he left.  He Glorified Himself through him and He assures you that he will walk properly after he comes here the third time and that he will be completely healed.

                “This Mystery is important because it is the Mystery where the Holy Spirit works with man.  There can be no healing in a person if the Holy Spirit does not touch him.  No human being has the power to make a miracle; it is only done by God through His Spirit.

                “The small creature [ Rosa ] is not well; she is delicate.  This is why I have decided to use her and to talk to her internally to let each of you know that Jesus and His Divine Spirit rejoice in this place.  No one can do anything in the Name of Jesus if Jesus does not walks with his feet and touch with his hands.  No one can do it alone; miracles happen only through the Holy Spirit, governed by the Celestial Father, Who gave Jesus power over every human being, over every animal and over all of nature.

                “This is why, My little ones, I want to tell you and I want you to understand that God will manifest His Glory in every part of the world until man converts, until He can gather each of His children and reunite His tribe again through your Loving Mother.  Your Loving Mother calls each one of you when She wants you to serve Jesus.

                “If there had been no Baptism in the Holy Spirit, if Jesus had not died, the Holy Spirit would not have poured Himself over each one of you and He would not have said to you when He ascended:  ‘Be happy that I am leaving, because after I ascend, the Holy Spirit will fall over each of you and you will be able to make miracles in My Name.’

                “Your Loving Mother tells you that when She was on the earth, She didn’t need to walk, because the angels carried her.  The angels carried Her because She carried the Holy Eucharist in Her Virginal Womb; She walked with the Holy Eucharist in Her Womb.  Each of you is a temple of the Holy Spirit.  

                “Jesus, Who is God Himself, helps those He chooses on their walk through life, not for them to glorify themselves, but to glorify God.  God Glorifies Himself in each one He chooses to do the work of evangelization, the work of imposing the hands on those in need so they can receive the sacred mystery of salvation.  God chooses the moment when He will heal, when he will perform a miracle in each of His creatures.  The chosen creatures [visionaries] are not the ones who touch them, at that moment; it is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, along with your Loving Mother, who touches each one of them in order to perform the miracle.

                “You do not know how many times Jesus tests you in your faith so you can receive the miracle of healing.  Many people say, Why not me?  Why aren’t I healed?  Why doesn’t He finish healing me?  But they don’t realize that if their healing doesn’t manifest immediately, it’s because Jesus is healing the body and soul, renewing them internally with His Spirit, turning them into objects of His peace and love.  Your Mother rejoices in each of the creatures who invoke Her for the purpose of receiving a miracle, but those who come with true faith, the ones who ask with true love, are the ones who will receive the miracle at the moment when it is least expected.

                “I will talk to you about what is coming for humanity and what the Messages of the Virgin Mary on the 13th of the month mean for men.  People have a lot of fear of that number, but do you know why?  The number 13 is symbolic for humanity.  Through your Mother, Jesus brings Apocalyptic Messages on the 13th of the month about the great events that await humanity so that each of you can prepare yourselves for the times of anguish that are coming.  Don’t think that your Mother wants to scare you; men hide the Truth so you don’t become afraid.  Your Mother wants you to prepare yourselves in prayer.  You don’t need to knock on doors in order to pray; gather with your families.  The family that prays together keeps all those they love united.

                “Great events are approaching the entire world and the United States will not escape those events.  Make every effort to see that the anti-Christian is not one of the persons who are nominated to be president of this great country.  If the wrong person is elected, people will pay for this error.  I warn you that the candidate who is seeking the presidency – I say this with all clarity to My creatures, even though your Mother is not a politician – God wants to warn you about the danger to the candidate who is being prepared to receive the nomination to the presidency of this country.  If he wins, there will be a great homicide and they will blame this homicide on the United States of America .

                “If the candidate who is not a Christian is elected, there will be a homicide, and the people will riot in the streets.  There will be great disturbances is this country such as you have never seen before, because men will make an idol of the one who falls.  They will make an idol of him like they did to Martin Luther King.  The disturbances in this country will be greater if the anti-Christian candidate is assassinated.  What is written, is written.  You should pray; no one wants a person to be assassinated for thinking differently or for having their own political views.  Life is very important for God and in His Eyes, all are equal, but the malignant one is traveling around the world, entangling everyone with his tentacles and wanting to destroy this country.  This is why I insist My little ones, that you pray so that anti-Christianity does not triumph in the world.

                “As I have told you, Latin America will crumble.  The first government to fall will be the Bolivian government and then all the other anti-Christian heads of government will fall.  Remember well that I have spokes to you by using My little one [ Rosa ] through locution, so that you can understand.  Pray, so that anti-Christianity does not triumph during these End Times, so that men can repent of all the evil they have done.  

                “Nature will regain all that men have taken from it.  That is why you will see mudslides, earthquakes, tornadoes and rain that will flood many parts of the world.  Florida will not escape from floods and tornadoes that will threaten the tranquility of this place.  My little ones, rejoice in prayer.  Rejoice, because as rocks fall into the abyss, the anti-Christians who want to take over countries and humanity will also fall.  In the beginning, the little one told you that great events will occur in the small country that My little one visits and loves [ Ecuador ].  Great events will occur in that place and also in Colombia .   Venezuela will crumble, and as an idol falls, the malignant one who governs that place will also fall.

                “Remember this day, remember these Messages.  Record them in your minds as if they were brands like they put on cows with irons.  Remember this day, remember the warnings that your Mother brings, and pray.  Prepare yourselves with food, water.  Have enough money in your homes to buy food so that you can come out of the circle that will surround you, which is the recession that you will suffer and that will paralyze the world.

                “The workers are paralyzed, the crops have been contaminated, the food is damaged and there will be none left if you don’t prepare.  You have to prepare yourselves in prayer in order to know where to go, because of all the painful manifestations that God will allow to fall upon humanity.  Remember that God is punishing disobedience, apostasy, denying the Light of Baptism to embrace the darkness of other religious cults around the world.

                “Pray for the Church.  Pray for the priests, so they return to giving His children the true Gospel that is written in the Sacred Scriptures, not the one that has been changed, but the true one that is hidden and that they are afraid to preach to prepare the flock that Jesus left to them to guide to the Light.  

                “I bless you in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of Holy Spirit.  Amen.  Amen.  Amen.”